Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland At Christmas Gala

Published: Friday 24th Dec 2010 by Sam

Pop star Kelly Rowland was spotted at her manager Devyne Stephens‘ Christmas Gala in Atlanta earlier this week. The 29 year old stunner has reportedly wrapped up the re-recording of her 3rd studio album, which is due next year.

Peep Kelly posing it up with Keri Hilson and more at the event below…

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  1. lala December 24, 2010

    WOW…i don’t know what it is…but Kelly is looking more stunning as the day goes by….what a beauty!!!!!

  2. Lisa December 24, 2010

    How can you stand with someone, arm around, after she dissed your girl? SMH!!

  3. aaron December 24, 2010


  4. ICON December 24, 2010

    Ewwwwwwwwwww Skeri looks hideous. Kelly’s new haircut really suits her. Good luck on her album.

  5. daisy December 24, 2010

    What do you want most for Chirstmas ?
    Nothing can be better than meeting the special one at this spcial time

    ❤ ______B lack w hite F lirts. C” 0- M_____ ❤

    ==Free to jion== It is the most successful interracial da ting c lub !
    Come to get rid of your lonely single life.You need her/his warm in this coldest winter !!

  6. quanberg December 24, 2010

    Kelly looks stunning !!!

  7. Irvine December 24, 2010

    I’m speechless @ Kelly’s Beauty mayne!!!!!…….this is indeed a hot shot

  8. S*** bucket! December 24, 2010

    Kelly is sooo pretty!

  9. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 24, 2010

    Damn, for a brief second I thought Keri was a white woman.

  10. Anthony The Great December 24, 2010

    @True Blue

    No she doesn’t look white because only Beyonce is the only who wants to be white.

  11. Anthony The Great December 24, 2010


    *No she doesn’t because only Beyonce wants to be white.

  12. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 24, 2010

    ^^^ Sarcasm???

  13. Anthony The Great December 24, 2010



  14. Redbonechick22 December 24, 2010

    Kelly’s very beautiful ! no comment..but where’s her album..i feel like she aint really into music any+, i guess with all the money she got she dont wanna work hard anymore..feel like beyonce is the only one who still wanna dance n sing….keri looks good as well

  15. TheDimplePuppet December 24, 2010


  16. Dave December 24, 2010

    Kelly looks Amazing! Dead @ Red bone when they said that she had just got done RE-RECORD her album for next year. Clearly you don’t read, or read well. Keri did look white though.

  17. GREG December 24, 2010

    Kelly is on point….i still dont like the short cut though….its boring….love my women with hair….but thats just my two cents

  18. DUMMIES December 24, 2010

    ….The haters will HATE I see…Im not going to HATE on Kelly…She is Beautiful…Keri looks great as always…

    Keri does not look like a white woman….Kelly is much Darker Skinned than Keri…..Not to mention the FLASH is hella BRIGHT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Ya’ll stay hating on Keri…Tsk Tsk Tsk….

    ….Now lets hate 🙂

    Keri is more RELEVANT than Kelly…Clearly….Kelly has not won a Grammy by herself so don’t give me the “Keri hasn’t won a Grammy speech”……Kelly has won Grammy’s BUT AS A FEATURED ARTIST 🙂

    Secondly….I could care less how GREAT Kelly’s “1st” Album did going on 9 Years Ago…..

    Ms[.Kelly=Flop…(53k first week from a Popular Female Group, 2nd Album) In A Perfect World (94k First week new Artist, First Album)

    *Drops Mic and walks off Stage*

  19. Princess December 24, 2010

    Kelly looks great. You guys always find something negative to say. That is what is wrong with the world today. Both of the women are beautiful whether they are dark or light. @ Dummies Kelly actually sold 86K the 1st week of her 2nd album.

  20. MAIN I GO December 24, 2010

    LMAO @ Necole Bitchie getting Keri Hilson a D**** for her birthday.

  21. Independent Thinker December 24, 2010

    @ Dummies

    You are misinformed. Ms. Kelly pulled 87K first week. While that is still not impressive,considering Kelly’s history with DC it is far better than 53K. I don’t know where you got those numbers from. It is important to mention however, that Ms. Kelly is now certified platinum. It was a slow burn album that managed to sell despite poor promo and multiple single mishaps.

    Perhaps because Kelly Rowland is an established artist; a veteran in the game. Wether she has yet to win a Grammy on her own or not, longevity is still on her side. She’s made it. Keri Hilson is hot right now but let’s wait and see where she is five to ten years from now before we delude ourselves into thinking she has any real relevance as anything other than a crafty song writer.

  22. Jamie December 24, 2010


    You have absolutely the perfect name. You know nothing–Nothing at all.

    Kelly’s first album sold 79k in it’s first week, and went on to sell over 600K in the states and 2 MIllion worldwide. Ms. Kelly sold 89K in it’s first week of release, not 53K so do some research before you come for Kelly okay?

    Kelly’s going to snatch that blond mess right out of Keri’s head with this new album just like she did with the flash of a smile in the pictures above. Keri’s a slutty bore fest–looking like somebody’s grandmother at a parent teacher’s conference. Kelly on the other hand looks like a classy princess. After this era nobody will have respect for Keri Hilson. I mean, who really respects her now. Nobody really takes her seriously as an artist especially after this Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad formula fails. You may try to discredit Kelly as a solo artist, but there’s no taking away the success she received in Destiny’s Child. Keri will never have a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Oh, and show me Keri’s grammys ***Wait for it*** We’re gonna be here for a while…..

  23. dakkylove December 24, 2010

    wow…skin check, makeup check, dress check ..Kelly Rowland is one of the most beautiful women out there period..glad to see her out and about, cant wait for that album .

  24. RatedXxX(aka ratedX) December 24, 2010

    I like the dress, her body is on point..

    but I’m not feeling the hair..

    I was wondering the same thing too..she released all those singles..than poof shes gone..

    I hope her peoples got something up their sleeves…but kelly is very famous in the U.k and other parts of the world..

    the broad is gonna make paper reguardless..

  25. RatedXxX(aka ratedX) December 24, 2010

    @Anthony The Great
    December 24, 2010 at 3:36 am

    *No she doesn’t because only Beyonce wants to be white.


    I dont think I ever laugh this hard in my life, after reading this s***…….

    but u aint lying though…

  26. Beystanbish December 24, 2010

    Gross. Kelly needs to stay away from that thing. Or who cares their flop stools both awaits them on Ciara lane.

  27. lola December 24, 2010

    EWWWWW at Miss Skeri Babaay! Keri Hilson is one ugly ass chick. I am sick and tired of people acting like she’s pretty just because she’s light skinned. She looks sick, boney, old, and like a damn parrot! She looks like a grandmother right here. Kelly Rowland is so pretty! I love her skin tone and her body is nicely toned. It’s a shame that she can’t get it right when it comes to promo and releasing the right singles. And why is she hanging with that Z list star? Kelly you’re a dance/pop artist, hang around more people of that genre.

  28. Estah December 24, 2010

    Kelly looks amazing here 😀

  29. Lostonez December 24, 2010

    kelly is breath takin in this pic..she’s one of the most beautiful woman in the industry..keri hilson looks cooll

  30. Yessir December 25, 2010

    Kelly is breathtaking. Keri em well…

  31. Angela Wesley December 25, 2010

    If though Kelly won Grammy for being a member of Destiny Child. She also won grammys
    for Dilemma and When love takes over, and had nothing to do with DC. Some people
    like gimmick artist but I don’t. RiRi is an ok dancer but not a good singer. I think that is why
    Cira didn’t do as well on this album. I just hope that Kelly album does well.

  32. all good December 27, 2010

    keri is just not a star. sorry

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