The Making Of JLS’ ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Video

Published: Friday 24th Dec 2010 by Sam

Pop phenoms JLS treated their fans to an early Christmas gift today, sharing with them behind the scenes footage from the set of the video for their new single ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. The Tinie Tempah-assisted release is the third to be lifted from their Platinum selling sophmore effort ‘Outta This World’ (UK certification: 300,000).

Check out Aston, Marvin, Oritse, and JB in action below…

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is released on February 13th via Epic/Sony Music UK.

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  1. arfa December 24, 2010


  2. TIMMI December 24, 2010

    I CAN’T

  3. Scott December 24, 2010

    Flaming all over the place-ladies

  4. Anonymous December 24, 2010

    What I don’t understand is that you obviously don’t like what JLS are doing…fair enough…i was expecting more from the boys anyway but why do you still post on them? Why don’t you post on tinie instead? hes had an amazing 2010 and has been literally one of the better MCs to come out in years in England yet you only mention him in passing or when hes done something with kelly rowland. SO much of this blog is devoted to what people are doing wrong…why don’t you mention the people who have had great years?

  5. John December 24, 2010

    I don´t care but I want to say one thing: I have been noting that sales in the uk are not that bad compared to the rest of the world. Even in the USA most artists strugle reaching 300,000-500,000 and the population is like 4 times bigger than UK´s population. It´s a shame Britains have worse taste for music (at least nowadays)

  6. Mickjoe18 December 24, 2010

    John. Worst taste in music? Look at the American music scene at the minute. Britain has got a diverse range of talent across all genres of music. American megastars are pumping out the same old auto-tuned rubbish talking about being ‘in the club’. If anything the U.K are front runners of the music scene at the minute, you just haven’t got round to OUR style yet.

  7. neelam December 25, 2010

    i love jls but this song is not original as they’ve sampled off other artists, listen to calvis harris – i’m not alone and chris brown – yeah 3x.

  8. Hop-Scotch December 25, 2010


    PREACH!!!!!!! I agree with you on so many levels here *SMH*

    @JOHN = ‘Britain has the worst taste for music’- DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! Your comment does arouse a few musical logics nonetheless because, sometimes, when I look at the charts (UKTOP40) I do see the top 15 compiled of artists who I’ve personally never heard of before (but recently, American and British musicians dominate our charts) but to say that we have the worst taste in music… ERRRRRRR… NO! If thats the case then the entire continent of Europe has the worst taste in music because most countries such as russia, poland and france etc have their charts made up of mostly artists from THEIR countries, as for the same with Oceania (Australia, NZ)

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