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Published: Tuesday 28th Dec 2010 by Sam

{Image Removed As Requested}

Hip-Pop star Nicki Minaj strips down to her bare-essentials on the cover of the January 2011 issue of King Magazine. The Young Money Mrs is set to keep her momentum going into the new year with the release of ‘Moment 4 Life’ – the latest single to be lifted from her smash ‘Pink Friday’ LP.

More pics below (spotted over at Necole Bitchie):

{Image Removed As Requested}

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  1. Alex December 28, 2010

    Nicki is a bad b****! #Thatisall

  2. Danielle December 28, 2010


  3. Prince December 28, 2010

    Yeess The QUEEN OF RAP right here! That HAS BEEN lil kim dont want none.

  4. fukyou! December 28, 2010

    Why didn’t she release “fly” that would have been a #1 for sure (because of rihanna tho)

  5. VA STAND UP!!! December 28, 2010

    Well…can’t deny it she looks absolutely amazing! She looks pretty when she is not making all of those ridiculous ass faces! I don’t know why she does that. Ugh!

    I also can’t deny that she is doing her thing and is the leading lady in rap (right now) but she is FAR from the Queen. I was really disappointed with Pink Friday. I really only like a solid 4 songs. Everything else was just blah to me. She went to pop and was trying to sing to much. It was annoying. She still has a long way to go before she can get the title of Queen of anything, let alone rap. Kim is STILL the Queen Bee! *side eye*

    I wonder if they asked her in the interview if her ass is real! *chuckles*

  6. rj(; December 28, 2010

    shes just beyond beautiful:)

  7. u-jealous December 28, 2010

    Good day everybody.No hate -but Niki going little overboard with the shove myself down ur throat promo.Make u tired of seeing her so much.She seems to be a nice person,but her music and act is too gimmiky for me. Pictures look okay except the black bikin bottom makes her look like she have a!

  8. STill DA Baddest December 28, 2010

    you knw i never disliked nicki minaj but this king magizine really only reminds me of trina becasue trina did king like more then any female rapper & i feel like nicki minaj is just trying to take spotlight from all the other rappers this gimic s*** gotta stop she is wearing almost same thing trina wore …her album pink friday had like 4 good songs ..i dont see her being around as long as TRINA but we all knw she will see more …albums that is

  9. I HATE C-ERROR HAHA FLOP STINKK December 28, 2010


  10. vegasgirl December 28, 2010

    Pretty girl. Why are her drawers so big though? That is very distracting, that’s like the first thing you notice about the picture.

  11. AREIS December 28, 2010

    She’s looking really good

  12. ~BeySoBreezy~ December 28, 2010

    Queen of Rap? I hate that my generation throws around titles so loosely…

    Anyways, she looks great! Good Luck Nicki..

  13. im jus sayinnn”’ December 28, 2010

    @I HATE C-ERROR HAHA FLOP STINKK ur post was completely unnecessary and stupid. The things that happen in your head should not be posted because your makebelieve world will never happen

    @VA STAND UP!!! i agree with you 100 percent because most ppl on TGJ choose Kim or Nicki and completely hate on the other like that s*** is so ignorant and naive

    As much as i like nicki and this pic it looks like they photoshopped the hell outta this picture
    Her b****** are not that big and her nose doesnt look right

  14. TTTT December 28, 2010


  15. BREEZYTHEBEST December 28, 2010

    Nicki is that B**** believe that. One of the top King covers of all time. Free from 106 and park, Stacey Dash ,Trina, Melyssa Ford, Vida Guerra ,Mya and Nicki Minaj.

  16. OKAYY December 28, 2010

    Isn’t she the same women who was barking about how she wanted to be a big mogul????? Oh.

  17. OKAYY December 28, 2010

    @BeySoBreezy right. Queen of what? Her album was bad. Yes, it may be selling but what the point when you can’t even listen to it after a month? She’s pushing 30 and JUST put out an album, a weak one at that.

    Is she a Queen? HELL NO! But is she AVAILABLE? Yes. There’s a difference. You people are just mixing the two up.

  18. Aryo December 28, 2010

    Rihanna & matt kemp reportedly broke up

  19. Diane December 28, 2010

    There are many Queens in the music industry:

    Aretha Franklin – Queen of Soul
    Mary J. Blige – Queen of Hip Hop Soul
    Teena Marie – Ivory Queen of Soul
    Lil Kim – Queen Bee of Rap
    Nicki Minaj – Queen of Hip Hop
    Queen Latifah – Self-Proclaimed Queen
    Madonna – Queen of Pop
    Janet Jackson – Queen of Dance

    I’m sure there’s more so stop it with thinking there could only be one Queen. At least Nicki’s title was given to her by the Industry, so why blame her? If you’re going to hate, then hate on the magazine. Shiz, mostly every female rapper has used the term Queen in their lyrics.

    Biggie nicknamed Kim Queen Bee. That’s very different than the industry titling her The Queen. However, since I like her music and she’s held it down strong, I think she deserves the street title – Queen Bee of Rap. I ain’t gonna hate.

  20. Blue Kid December 28, 2010


    December 28, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Rihanna & matt kemp reportedly broke up
    You know you are late right, they broke up when Matt got caught out with that Latino girl, and she was very pretty, but not has pretty has the big booty chocolate girl on his web page.

  21. AUTHENTIC-NICKY December 28, 2010

    Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole, Keri Hilson Debut In Year-End Tally

    December 28, 2010

    With no new complete chart this week, HITS nevertheless plows forward with its Top 15, which will once again be headed by Big Machine’s Taylor Swift, whose Speak Now should do between 275-300k to remain at #1. That will top her total of 255k last week and bring her cumulative sales to a warming 2.9 million.

    Columbia’s Susan Boyle will remain at #2 with The Gift logging in another 250-275k, bringing her total to 1.9 million and counting.

    The Top 5 will be rounded out by a trio of Sony Music acts, giving Rob Stringer’s team a whopping four of them (and Steve Barnett’s Columbia three), including Epic’s posthumous Michael Jackson album and a pair of Columbia releases in Glee Cast Christmas and Jackie Evancho, with all three in the 140-160k range.

    The week’s top debut goes to yet another Sony act, this one from outgoing chief Barry Weiss’ RCA/Jive Label Group team in Jamie Foxx’s J/RMG release, Best Night of My Life, bowing at #6.

    Geffen’s Keyshia Cole album, Calling All Hearts, notches the only other Top 10 debut at #9 sporting an estimated total of 120-140k, with Def Jam/IDJ’s Rihanna at #7 (130-150k), Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown’s Nicki Minaj at #8 (120-140k) and Shady/Aftermath/Interscope multiple Grammy nominee Eminem’s resurgent Recovery rounding out the Top 10 (120-140k).

    Interscope’s Keri Hilson debuts just outside at #11 with 90-110k, followed by Reprise’s Josh Groban, Jive/JLG’s R. Kelly, Atlantic’s Kid Rock and Capitol/EMI’s Katy Perry completing the Top 15, all slated to sell between 90-100k apiece.

  22. OOOOOO December 28, 2010

    lookin like a p*** star as usual….sad generation.

  23. MUSIC LOVER December 28, 2010

    She’s looks s***! “Moment 4 Life” is a great song!

  24. ej December 28, 2010

    Look at all the young Nicki fans they left some many nice and non-disrespectful comments! But if this was QUEEN B it would be so many negative comments all down this page!!

    So for now on you Nicki fans stay off of Queen B posts since yall hate on her so much there should be No reason for yall to even click on only you her post why waste you time on somebody that you dislike! I GUSS THAT WHAT YOU GET FORM GRADE SCHOOLERS!!!

  25. BLACK FRIDAY December 29, 2010


  26. if you have h*****, blame beyonce December 29, 2010

    She looks FLAWLESS

  27. Bustaaaa December 29, 2010

    Rihanna to infect Simon Cowell with h***** in Barbados
    part of her illuminati initiation
    Then infect Cheryl Cole in the Studio
    stocks of penicillan running low
    stocks of extra double strength wig snatch concealer running low
    Trina to bust caps in Nikki’s bleach head marketing gimmick not a real rapper fake tig bittie b***
    Nikki musta syphoned the collagen outa mariahs ass and pumped it into her bitties
    Rihanna stans buying 65million thousand billion copies of fail cd before vat increase

  28. Bustaaaa December 29, 2010

    Nikki and Rihanna The T-1000S of Music “Must replicate and copy Must replicate and copy must assimilate others identitiy as i have none of my own”
    Rihanna “originality does not compute
    A MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  29. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 29, 2010

    Nicki’s best talent.

  30. daisy December 29, 2010

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  31. MS.JACKSON December 29, 2010


  32. womp womp December 29, 2010

    she’s so wack*********

  33. p**** December 29, 2010

    she’s a w**** n really looks like one. nasty ass. nasty face.

  34. Traci Summers December 29, 2010

    @TRUE BLUE LMFAOOOO!!!! DEAD!! why dont u show ur ass nicki??? hmmmmm.. perhaps CUZ IT AINT REAL!!!

  35. kody3x December 29, 2010


  36. GangsterA December 29, 2010

    dman nicki looks hot keep slaying nick

  37. White people kick rocks December 29, 2010

    This is a nice s*** cover but still tastefull. White people cant stand to see somebody else shine big especially a black female whos about her paper and business. Get that Money Nicki. U brininging female rap back and showing these h*** u can touch more than the slums and hoods with the genre. The black people that hate on it are just uncle tom coons fuming with self hate like that lil kim character. Black people dont fall into the salve mentality. I see a lot of it spreading around these boards and online websites.

  38. S*** December 29, 2010

    This is just something I posted on another Blog about Nikki:

    “It took me a while myself to come to grip with Nikki just like It took me a while to accept Rihanna for what she was. But after a while I did accept them for what they are worth. These are recording artist that have something special to offer (well literally they do not but technically speaking they do have something to offer). These artist will do WHATEVER it takes to appeal to the masses & if its through S** or Generic POP then so be it.

    But thakfully we have some artist today talented enough to appeal to the masses while also putting out SUBSTANCE at the same time: Beyonce, Usher, Xtina.

    But anyway, I thought Nikki was Talent-less at 1ST but after listening to more of her work, she is a halfway Genius. well shes not that bad, some of her verses are really good & its all her work. I kinda like her delivery. Shes not all Gimmicks like Gaga IMO, I can atleast get pass some of Nikki’s Gimmicks. I can defend Rihanna & Nikki but Gaga is a totally different story.”

    Didnt want it to go to waste 🙂

  39. carl December 29, 2010


  40. RosaRubbel December 29, 2010

    Wow Nicki! Get it girl!

  41. BREEZYTHEBEST December 29, 2010

    @ TRACI SUMMERS Kim is a LEGEND nobody can’t take that away from her. Kim been in the game a good 15 years and still a bad b**** but Nicki is that b**** right now.Kim is definitely Nicki’s mother she started that s*** but Nicki ran with it and made it her own and you can’t deny Nicki right now.FYI Kim King cover is FIRE.

  42. gfhfgh December 29, 2010

    “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect match like “black & white” people

    😛 ____ Bla c kw h it eF li rts. C” 0- M _____ :p

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  43. Teflon Boy December 29, 2010

    @BesoBreezy…, I have to agree with you on that one. It seems anyone with a hit is the Queen or King of something these days. I’ve been thinking about Nicki Minaj’s success recently and what it signifies and my conclusion is this…, while Lil’ Kim, Foxxy, Lauryn Hill, Faith, Aaliyah and all the other Singers/MC’s of the 90’s defined the genre and are to Rap and Hiphop/Urban Music what Aretha and co are to Soul Music, they were stars at a time when image was a secondary bonus (i.e. like with Aaliyah) but the quality and authenticity of the music was the essential ingredient to the success of the genre…, in those days there was money in the industry, no-one’s talent was reigned in in anyway and everyone could be different because while Urban music’s defining watermark’s were talent, skill and music that satisfied beyone the superficial, the culture itself was nondescript and unbranded unlike it is today…, it’s only now 15 years later that you can pinpoint these differences.

    Nowadays the ‘culture’ of Hiphop is booming and has all but eclipsed the actual music behind it. It is big business in a way that it never was 15 years ago, this is in part due to the crumbling of the Recording Industry and also the Mogul nature of a select group of Hiphop pioneers such as Russell Simmons, P Diddy and perhaps even Damon Dash/Jay Z who saw the potential in patenting some of the genre’s staples i.e. what the artists were wearing in the videos and what the kid’s listening to the music were wearing on the streets…, This Mogul era of Hiphop though came through on the back of the music, it wouldn’t have existed on it’s own so to be a real contender for the title of ‘KIng/Queen of Hiphop’ you need to understand what came before that Mogul phase and ensure your output not only pays homage but matches or succeeds the quality…, if you’ve tried and it doesn’t then fair enough but if you’ve (to quote) ‘poured every inch of your being’, it doesn’t and you still pick battles with artists who’ve done everything you’ve done but better then you need to take a seat.

    Drake understands this which is why I praise him, to me though an act like Nicki only ‘appears’ Hiphop because culturally it’s only the Mogul era of Hiphop she’s studied, ‘Hiphop TM’ is how she dresses and appropriates herself, however because her music is as pop as what S Club used to get away with I’m from the generation that simply does not acknowledge her as Hiphop because Hiphop was forged through music and clothes, not just clothes. The quality music that defined the culture, the lyrical content etc…, to me that’s integral and with her it’s only there in bullet point form…. one poster said it best when replying to someone talking about Teena Marie in comparison with someone like Fergie on the basis of them both being white and involved in Black Music. They explained comparing Fergie to Teena was like comparing a microwaved meal with a hot roast dinner that took all night to marinate and all day to cook.

    With this is mind I can accept Nicki Minaj as ‘Queen of Hiphop TM’, as the benchmark is way lower on talent and artistic depth and much higher on the superficial aspects of Hiphop culture such as looks, body, image and business, which she seems to have nailed. Someone like Nicki is welcome to the crown as it stands albeit only culturally because nowadays it’s no different to electing Gaga ‘Queen of Expressionist Art Fashion’, the music is a distant second that even her supporters seem happy to excuse…, Nicki Minaj is ‘Queen of Microwaved Hiphop’ and that’s it.

  44. Traci Summers December 29, 2010


  45. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 29, 2010

    Great pics, terrible fake ass! Love the black hair best on her, though.

    Nicki is NOT the Queen of Hip Hop, maybe Hip-POP, but there’s is NOTHING solely HIP-HOP about her! NOTHING!

  46. Traci Summers December 29, 2010

    @AMAZING LEE. nicki isnt doing anything for hip hop. nor is she changing the game. she only has BUZZ .how is that putting her up on queen status beyonce. is QUEEN status cuz she has been here for 13+ years and has WORKED for it. NICKI has swagger jacked somebody else. dissed rappers before her. added silicone to her b******,hips and ass. has a little following and now shes queen??? WTF?

  47. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 29, 2010

    @Traci Summers

    Child, take a seat! I’m not claiming her to be a Queen of anything. Had you read my comment correctly, I said she’s NOT the Queen of Hip-hop, but if someone were to pin a title on her, Hip-POP would be more fitting! Again, read my comment and you would see that I said there is NOTHING Hip-Hop about her! Damn, you are really pressed over Nicki. I’m not a fan, but damn, you always pop up in her posts commenting 100 times more than her actual fans do. Sit the f*** down.

  48. Tisha December 29, 2010

    take the times

  49. RIHANNA NAVY December 30, 2010

    her p**** look like it stank :/

  50. ~BeySoBreezy~ December 30, 2010

    @Teflon Boy

    Well said.



  51. LTM December 30, 2010

    @Diane lil kim was named the queen of rap AND hip hop by the industry. the only people who call nicki the queen are her retarded greasy teenage fans. pink friday can sell 10million copies, but it wont improve the quality of it. that album was straight up generic pop with way too much auto tune. shes a talentless w**** with a fake fat ass.
    btw; those pictures look photo shopped and fake

  52. LTM December 30, 2010

    and like everything nicki does, kim has done better

  53. lola December 30, 2010

    I’m a Nicki fan, but I wish she wouldn’t sell s** like many female rappers and singers! She’s a beautiful woman with a nice shape, but this is not the way to go. With that said, these pics were very tasteful. Lady Gaga and Rihanna’s pictures are always so raunchy and look like dirty s**.

    Anyone who says “Pink Friday” was a pop album is just f****** lying and didn’t listen and buy the f****** album! Stop making up s***. So many people are being judgmental but didn’t even take the time to listen to her entire album over and over again. Nicki has only a few songs (3-4) that have a pop influence and wtf is wrong with that? Many rappers have that s***. Everything else is straight hip-hop and have her singing. Did you listen to dope ass songs like “Here I Am,” “Moment 4 Life,” Blow Ya Mind,” Did it on Em,” “Roman’s Revenge,” “I’m Da Best,” and “Blazing?” Nicki is very talented. It seems like more and more people are realizing that especially since her f****** album is still selling well over 100,000 copies every damn week! If you don’t like her music or her image, that’s fine, but don’t try to convince everyone that she’s not talented and is pop when she’s not.

    If you stan for Lil Kim, okay fine, but don’t try to bring Nicki down because of this wackass, immature feud that Kim has with Nicki. Nicki is hot right now and is a smart business woman. Thank goodness she has a brain because now she will last in the industry and I do believe her “wacky” style will subside over time and she will become a legend.

  54. carlos January 9, 2011

    Yea iight say what u want bout nikki but she is da shitn will always be seriously y’all bummy ass h*** needs to stop all yallz hating forreal juss cuz y’all ant being big n makin dat money like she do y’all start hating on da b**** she iz shittin on lil kim lil kim who I dnt hear that fat h** on the radio no moe she juss a old h** tawlking s***. The only reason why ne one iz saying nething bout lil b**** kim iz cuz dat h** had to run her dum ass mouth bout who dats rite NIKKI bout motha f***** time we get some fresh fine ass meat in the game n she killin it no matter wat the f*** she do she IS DA QUEEN so before y’all wanna hate cuz y’all b livin on planet bum twn look how much dis b**** iz making thee top charts she iz killin it more then lil kim ever did in her 50 cent carrer she a one hit wonder b**** shii all lil kim was doing iz how she was going to kill nikki for wat b**** for what juss cuz dis “rookie” took the f****** spot yea she came in as a pro n will always b a pro n yea lil b**** ass kim saying she took my look she took my look yea maby she did h** but its funny cuz she took it n rocked it 10000000000000000000 times betta den u did n put her own twist on it @so wats up lol so middle fingers to da sky for all y’all hating ass h*** like nikki says haters r my motivaters and lemme get dis str8 wait I’m the rookie when my future n shows ten times ur pay 50k 4th verse no album out my money so tall dat my barbies gotta climb it hotter then the middle eastern climate violent cuz really she dnt give a f u c k forget barbie f*** nikki she fake she on a diet but her pocket eaing cheezze cake n ill sayy bride of chucky iz childs play juss killed a another carrer its a mild day besides ye they can’t stand besides meh she a motha f***** monster n she all up all up all up in the bank with a fun.y face cuz if she is fake she a.t notice cuz her money ant dayyyme niiki she kills it no matter wat much love yung money :))))

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