Cover Star: Brian Sings Whitney Houston’s ‘I Look To You’

Published: Saturday 22nd Jan 2011 by Sam

This week’s That Grape Juice Cover Star is Brian Davis. The Seattle resident serves up a sound redition of Whitney Houston‘s ‘I Look To You’.

Check it out below:

Great performance! Powerful, emotive, and controlled, Brian importantly made the song his own – opting not to simply rehash the adlibs and isms present on the song or in Whitney’s live renditions of it. Instead he garnished the track with his own runs and such, resulting in a really refreshing take on solid song. {Hits ‘play’ again}

For more on Brian Davis, check out his Youtube page


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  1. urias Davis January 22, 2011

    Wrong video

  2. urias Davis January 22, 2011

    Nvm. glitch lol

  3. ncvfg January 22, 2011

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  4. TIMMI January 22, 2011

    I like.. could have been a bit more erm. Ya’ll know the word.

  5. Mike January 22, 2011

    These queens are killin me thinking they can sing everybody s***! sam & trent stay trying to promote these d**** booty queens.

  6. Leo January 22, 2011

    ahahhhaaa, Mike )))

  7. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 22, 2011

    Dis is how you sypposed to sing it. Dis guys version shytted all over WEEDneys. Listen Weedney heres how you sing it. You SING it. Your not supoosed to talk thru it neither powder your nose betwwen each recording take. Truth!

    Support Ms Kelly Rowland, the QUEEN of DANCERNB

  8. Brandon33 January 22, 2011

    I know this guy. He lives in Seattle, but used to go to school in Philadelphia, and was a mainstay at the karaoke night at a bar I went to all the time.

    Let me tell you, this boy could sing pretty much ANY Whitney song convincingly. Incredibly talented.

  9. CHECKMATE January 22, 2011

    OH PULEEEEZ. This is what u hear at a t***** festival. The only thing missing is the dress and xtreme makeover. Totally sucks ass. For the male version, the only right to sing it is R. Kelly on the MTV demo like 10yrs ago. SMH.

  10. CHECKMATE January 22, 2011

    OH PULEEEEZ. This is what u hear at a t***** festival. The only thing missing is the dress and xtreme makeover. Totally sucks ass. For the male version, the only right way to sing it is R. Kelly on the MTV demo like 10yrs ago. SMH.

  11. TIMMI January 22, 2011


    I seen that. R.Kelly definitely done a better job of it and yes this guy can sing, but R.Kelly sung it like a man.

    This is why nobody can tell me no s*** when they comparing Mariah and Whitney. Mariah writes her own s*** and Whitney doesn’t, but even putting that aside, to be honest, Whitney doesn’t even SWITCH IT UP with her vocals. She just re-sings the damn song exactly like the demo. Where Mariah has COVERED songs (a whole different thing) she always changes it up. Whether you prefer Whitney’s voice over Mariah’s, it’s OBVIOUS who the better artist is. Damn, didn’t even change the harmonies or adlibs or anything.

  12. TheMan4U January 23, 2011

    Whitney still inspiring the next generation

    @timmi, why would Whitney switch it up from the demo? thats the purpose of the demo to show how the song should be sang. and if you ever saw whitney live you would notice how she NEVER sings any song the same twice, unlike mariah who sings it exactly the way it was recorded. Whitney gives you a different song every performance. Please do your research next time before you start hating.

  13. CHECKMATE January 23, 2011

    Besides FAT-riah uses a backing track and lip syncs. Cant exactly do different renditions live, lol.

  14. TIMMI January 23, 2011


    Please do not try to educate me about how the music industry works because you will fail. The purpose of a demo IS NOT to teach you where you sing a high or low note and when in the song you do it. The purpose of a demo is to give a rough idea what the song sounds like, MOST IMPORTANTLY, production wise. In Whitney’s case, the demo is also important for her to decide whether to actually record the song, since she doesn’t write her own s*** and basically needs to know whether it is even relevent to her life to record at the moment.

    There have been several times on the internet where the demo has leaked before the artist’s actual version. And most times, the artist has enough ARTISTry to change the vocals of the song, even slightly.

    Please do your research before you change my COMPARISON into “HATING” and come here posting lies.

  15. Dilla January 23, 2011

    This didn’t do anything for me.

  16. TheMan4U January 23, 2011

    you obviously dont know much, the purpose of the Demo is to show how the song is suppose to be sang, the key your suppose to be in. go listen to Ne-Yo’s demo of cant be good for Janet, or Floetry Butterfly for MJ and you’ll see they sang it exactly as the demo.

    the demo is how producers and writers present there songs to artist. go and listen to a demo Chris brown presented to the pussycat dolls and you will notice he sang it as they should as a female to a male.

  17. TIMMI January 23, 2011


    Oh yeah I’m glad you responded my previous post was meant to be to you not Checkmate, for some reason I thought he wrote both comments.

    Anyway, sorry, but you are talking the real sh*t right there.

    You fail when you said the purpose of a demo is to show the key you’re supposed to be in. That’s dumb as hell, are you trying to tell me a male base singer who wants to write, produce and create a demo in hopes of having a female soprano singer recording it would not be able to, because he could not record it in the same key as how she would sing it?

    This is a demo The-Dream recorded for Mariah Carey:

    And this is how Mariah recorded it:

    Notice how she switched up the harmonies, sang different notes, changed adlibs, added adlibs, etc. etc.

    The demo is supposed to show the vocal arrangement of the song to a certain degree yes, so that you can see how it works with the production and such, but that’s not to say you are supposed to stick exactly to every note, adlib, etc. Which was exactly my point in the first place about ARTISTRY. Where is the ARTISTRY in hearing a song, deciding you like it, the record label buying it and you recording it exactly the same? ESPECIALLY when you didn’t even write the lyrics for the demo in the first place?

  18. TheMan4U January 24, 2011

    the big difference is that Mariah and Dream were collaborating on a track and producing it together, he wasn’t selling her a song

    and if the write/producer couldn’t sing it in the key its sup[pose to be in hey would get a session singer to do it

    we’ve established whitney is not a song writer so when she is submitted songs(demo) thats when she and clive decide whether or not she will record it

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