Nicki Minaj Talks About Rihanna & Drake With Tim Westwood

Published: Thursday 27th Jan 2011 by Trent

Nicki Minaj recently sat down with Tim Westwood in the UK to promote her new album, ‘Pink Friday’. During the interview the ‘I’m The Best’ performer spoke about her relationship with Rihanna as well as her labelmate Drake. See what Minaj had to say below:


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  1. T January 27, 2011

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! Tim is hilarious too.

  2. James_9481 January 27, 2011

    HAHAHA!!! “You want roman? I’ll give you roman…. *deep breath* …. YO what’s up!!”

  3. Who’s Cedric? January 27, 2011

    Tim is such an embarrassment, what’s he like 50? I can’t take him!

  4. нoɴey-в˙·٠•●♥ January 27, 2011

    damn nicki is startin to get really famous !! ♥ u

  5. Who’s Cedric? January 27, 2011

    LOL YESSSS “Whip my hair is the white version of the dutty whine!” Ain’t that the damn truth!

    And is it me or did she shade Drake? Dead at her making a snoring noise when TRYING to think of good things to say about him! Bwahahahahaha!! Loves Drake though.

  6. Blue Kid January 27, 2011

    She interviews well, Nicki is a smart girl, love to hear her talk.

  7. kelly January 27, 2011

    Tim looks sick and pale and out of his mind. Nicki Minaj is her usual self and out of her mind. SB looks sane but comes off as Nicki’s puppet and always seems jealous when she’s with another guy or talking about another guy.

  8. ghhfg January 27, 2011

    Happy 2011 !!! Want a new life this year?

    😛 ____ Bla c kw h it eF li rts. C” 0- M _____ 😛

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  9. MISHKA January 27, 2011

    I give NICKI props for her international success but she better run as fast as she can from Rihanna . I’m sorry but the girl is no good to anybody, she’s always trying to attach herself to the next best thing : Chris Brown, Katy Perry and now Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s management was smart enough to avoid the ‘Last Girls on Earth Tour’, let’s keep it that way.

    And before the Rihstans come for me , opinion ain’t facts people. I know I’m right though.

  10. DanielATL January 27, 2011

    What an annoying show and anchor, Allahdamn… what’s par for COL?

  11. Becca January 27, 2011


    who is SB and why is he always with her? are they together or something??

  12. KAT DELUNA FAN January 27, 2011

    I think Nicki is doing really good because if she want the teen european market,Rihanna is a good choice.Rihanna is truly an opportunist but I think it’s her label because rihanna loves Rock/pop music (instead or rap) and artists like Slash but look what happened with her last LP.

    Nicki is “really really” smart believe me .
    Nicki is here to conquer,belive me …Ririh is th easiest pop artist a rapper can have on his song nowsadays.

  13. Sublime00 January 27, 2011

    LMAO! The white version of the dutty whine! That was really funny! HAHA

  14. life January 27, 2011

    I’m still waiting to hear some REAL HIPHOP from this girl…..

  15. GangsterA January 27, 2011

    you want roman i will give u roman *deep breath* yo what’s up <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< lmao lmao lmao and sb was so mad when she talked about having babies with drake lol great interview

  16. jammy January 27, 2011

    and you EASILY CAN FOOL @life

  17. Traci Summers January 27, 2011

    great… another rising no-talent gimmick. THE STATE OF MUSIC IS GREAT!!! not.

  18. Mavvericks66 January 27, 2011

    SB is so her man he looked like he wanted to go Bananas over that “Drake and Babies”

  19. antertain January 27, 2011

    Crazy BUT great personality….

    She’s repping FEMALE hip-hop in a excellent versatile manner.
    NEXT LEVEL S***!!

  20. Jdog January 27, 2011

    Oh, Nicki shut your trap girl, check out for more gossip, gossip and talk s*** is what we do.

  21. Jer January 27, 2011

    lovin me some Nicki Minaj

  22. Lulu January 27, 2011

    Yes! She is too funny.
    Go ahead Nicki – take the world by storm like you’re supposed to.

    She came to conquer <3

  23. zzzzzzzzzzz January 27, 2011

    wow………she actually looks HOT without the blonde wig,love the black hair on her.

  24. DC_Diva January 27, 2011

    Hey Nicki Hey Nicki…Asthma

  25. lola January 27, 2011

    She has a great personality and is really down to earth. Nicki is a smart business woman. She always has been. I think what makes her smart is that one, she actually took courses in college, two, she has so much ambition, and three, she pays attention to what her fans and music listeners think of her and observes the people around her such as music producers, music artists, marketers, managers ect.

  26. DION-ISH January 28, 2011


    DEAD DEAD DEAD…Girl SIT DOWN…WTF Are you even talking about!!

    Like Nicki said..I Cant, PAUSE!

    Some PPL are soooo delusionally TEW r**** up in “celebrity”. Are you a CB Stan?! Because that comment made not even the LEAST amount of since.

  27. carmen January 29, 2011

    love tim westwood loveeee the nicksta ,brill interveiw ..sooo funny ,boom
    love ya nicki london babu xxx:)))

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