New Song: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Take Care’

Published: Thursday 27th Jan 2011 by Trent

A new song from Jennifer Lopez has surfaced. ‘Take Care’ will reportedly appear on the entertainer’s new album, ‘Love?’, which is set to hit stores later this year. Listen to the song below:

This is the type of record that reminds us of Lopez’s limited vocal ability. The simple production actually worked against her as the thin and almost monotone qualities of her voice were blatantly apparent without the blaring horns and synths she normally uses to distract listeners.

If Lopez was hoping to include this on ‘Love?’ then it would by wise to use it as a bonus track. The last thing she needs is this song disrupting the flow of what is likely to be an impressive project similar to to the way ‘Girls Get Your Money’ negatively affected Ciara’s ‘Basic Instinct’.

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  1. James_9481 January 27, 2011

    WTF!! I loved “girls get your money” her vocals were fine on that song! Lol!

    And has anyone noticed.. In the photo, J-Ho is wearing the dress Beyonce wore in Dangerously in love.. In her first tour.

  2. JLO LOVER January 27, 2011


    That dress was done by Roberto Cavalli and it was designed for his 2010 collection. It’s similar to Beyonce’s but not the same. Besides Tina Turner wore something almost identical during her tour in the 1980s so what is your point?

  3. Music Lover January 27, 2011

    this s*** sounds so elementary and ABC’ish.. WTF?

  4. Ciara Stan 21 January 27, 2011

    Ok first Trent this song is terrible! Girls Get Your Money is on a whole another level! This song is just dumb, Jennifer shouldn’t even being messing with these types of songs anymore. She needs to be singing something more appropriate to where she is right now.

  5. FORREAL! January 27, 2011

    Jennifer Lopez was the first celebrity to really start wearing Roberto Cavilli, when everyone was still rocking Versace in the late nineties, early noughties and made him famous in the US, then like usual everyone followed by wearing Cavilli too, Robero has said this him self, if not, then why is she featured in his book and not Bey.

    I don’t see Jlo complaining when Bey wore her mermaid dress in the DIVA video all the countless times she straight jacked her look, I don’t see Jlo fans calling out Bey for using Jlos personal photographer Tony Duran for her photoshoots and artwork, I don’t see her getting upset when Bey signed to Coty to develop her own fragrance line, Bey STANS need to grow up, because whether you like it or not Bey is heavily infleunced by Jlo

    side note this song aint good!

  6. нoɴey-в˙·٠•●♥ January 27, 2011

    compared to ´get on the floor´ this is s#cks !!

  7. Tia January 27, 2011

    @FORREAL! Jlo was NOT the first woman to wear Cavali. Technically it was Geri, from the Spice Girls, along with Madonna, and then Jlo came along. Lets not forget that Jlo was still wearing Versace ( Grammys the infamous dress) in the late ninetys as well. And that “Mermaid” dress doesn’t belong to Jlo, so whats the point? She didnt make it. And as for Tony Duran; many people such as Chris Evans, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Beyonce, etc. have alll done a photo shoot with him.

  8. нoɴey-в˙·٠•●♥ January 27, 2011

    J.lo is so marc jacobs

  9. FORREAL! January 27, 2011

    @ Tia –
    Watch this, you don’t KNOW nothing about Tony Duran

    Roberto Cavilli was dressing Jlo since the On 6 era, the dress she wear in the dance break is by Cavilli, in If You Had My Love. He was only known in Europe, JLO is a known fashion icon, and made him more popualar in the US, you should watch his bio/documentry on CNN and yes she rocked Versace too, she even won the Versace award back in 2000

    But everyone knows that Cavilli and Versace is her Trademark diva style

  10. Who’s Cedric? January 27, 2011

    Really Jennifer? S*** sucks!

  11. ghhfg January 27, 2011

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  12. modjo January 27, 2011

    she is amazin in this photo ..omg the queen is back

  13. Late January 27, 2011

    Isn’t it quite interesting that there is a bigger debate going on about who rocked what first than if the JLO song is good?? That should tell you something right off the bat…
    The song is mediocre at best. Sounds lackluster and bland. I’m actually really liking “On The Floor”, and I think she should stick with that same formula. Heavy bass lines, light vocals, huge dance/pop/Euro songs. She will never get back to the success she had in ’99-’07, but she will still stay relevant if she comes out with that formula.

  14. Beystanbish January 27, 2011

    Dead. This chick is doing everything Beyonce. Roberto Cavilli give Bey that dress as a gift during the DIL tour era and she donated it to charity right after. First Bey creative team, now this. Gurlllllllllllllll 8 yes too late. *sips tea* and the si g is garbage. Still love me some J-lo.

  15. Beystanbish January 27, 2011


  16. Beystanbish January 27, 2011

    years* damn it.

  17. KAT DELUNA FAN January 27, 2011

    DEAD …..


  18. Sublime00 January 27, 2011

    This song is SO corny, lol…OMG who wrote this crap? #ICANT and..she singing like 5 other peoples songs on this. I already her Rude Boy and I LIke by El Debarge…and i’m only on the second verse.

    Why is she repeating everything? “I need ya I need ya….everything i need evertying i need…i love u i love u i love u….i need air i need air i need air…take me there take me there take me there”

    OMG JLO, by girl fly girl. And she is singing the SAME note throughout the song, lol..

    Too early for this fuckery. Isn’t she a semi-respected actress? Stop

    Shout out to Autotune doe!

  19. ArmoniGio January 27, 2011

    Alright people. Saying this song sucks is definitely not right. This song is indeed simple, but it’s her. Everyone complains about how she can’t sing…obviously she can’t since the ‘blaring horns and synths’ aren’t muting her. Hell, even if you don’t think she can sing, who’s been in the entertainment industry since the 80s? Not you…quit throwing shade and let Jennifer Lopez do what she wants. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. Her bank isn’t going to shrink because of the $9.88 you threaten to not spend on her. Furthermore, if you have listened to her discography, she has a lot of songs where she sounds really good, but of course she isn’t recognized for the good…purely the bad, so let’s stop being as$holes and haters and give people credit when they deserve it…damn!!

    Again, this isn’t her best song, but is it the worst? NO!!! Hell, Kesha snuck in the industry with her dirty, slutty looking self…Give Jlo a break!!

    That’s it..

  20. GangsterA January 27, 2011

    the ish sucks

  21. SparkD January 27, 2011


  22. ricanprince January 27, 2011

    damn she look fly as hell!!!

  23. gabs January 27, 2011

    The song is mediocre. On the floor is definitely better. Im not a huge J-Lo fan but even I gotta admit shes influenced Beyonce in some ways. Come on people grow up and give people their dues. Jennifer was one of the first to start marketing herself with the perfumes and the clothes and the fashion icon stuff and also doing the acting. All these people are inspired by others. JLo copied Mariah in a lot of ways too and Beyonce also copied Shakira and many more and its okay because they do that until they develop their own diva style. I don’t like when people cry “oh she copied her” why not “she was inspired by”. Why is that so wrong? Anyways, the movie “Out of Sight” was playing on tv the other day with george clooney and jlo and i’ll say it again, this b**** needs to focus on getting her movie career back on track and stop the music. Its pretty much over for her in music. She won’t be a total failure but she won’t be HOT anymore (I dont mean that physically).

  24. Alex Parrode January 27, 2011


    The song is O.K. LOL
    I love Jennifer Lopez, so couldn’t be any more excited for Love?
    Was it me, or anyone else noticed that the ‘I love you, I really really love you’ sounds exactly like Mariah Carey’s Obesessed ‘You love me, you really really love’ beat (at the end of the track, fading) ???!!!


  25. ricanprince January 27, 2011

    hot pic s for the song i am a huge fan of Jennifer would take a bullet for the woman but i do not like this song give me good hit give me on the floor but not this it doesn’t even sound finished like its missing so much and i could care less for the beat ppl saying the beat is hot no its to slow i could use this song to fall asleep to hopefully this doesn’t make it on the cd not even as a bonus track.

  26. lax January 27, 2011

    the song is jlo, she looks good and her booty is always tight and right. and just
    think beyonce ,,,,stated once that she wished that she would have been born
    LATINA HUH,,,, jlo is latino and she represents her country well .shes a mom of twins, wife, and can shake her fine ass til the cows come home. AND I KNOW THAT NONE OF YOUR NO-SINGING ASSES are making any comments about how she sounds. when you dogs the hellout of one CERTAIN S*** TALENTED SISTA therefore jlo is telling you that do not like how she sounds and she needs to stay in herplace she says shes in her place,,,,,remember in living colors,,,huh do you

  27. Royalkev January 27, 2011

    Don’t like it! I usually don’t know what people mean when they say this song is not age appropriate for certain artist and it’s still something that works for an artist with a certain flair or edge. In this case, it’s so fitting because this is so childish. There’s no way that Jlo should still be at this point in her career. This song is for the “J.lo” ablum or “This is me then”. I hope that there’s more to “Love?”, than what we’re hearing. I actually didn’t like Ciara’s “Girls get your money”, but as annoying as that song was I think this one has it beat. You’re right on this one, Trent!

    *ThePagewithRoyalKev / January 31, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place).

  28. KAT DELUNA FAN January 27, 2011




  29. spunkypoop January 27, 2011

    ##FLOP GWOP!

  30. Gilberto January 27, 2011

    Who’s JLo?

  31. Queen Beyonce Stann January 27, 2011

    Wow Why Is She Releasing All These RETARDED SONGS?


  32. D January 27, 2011

    dam willow sound older than this and better vocals, Paula Abdul has a better voice.

  33. Tristo07 January 27, 2011

    This should do well on urban! They play anything…. Im really groovin to this!

  34. That FLOP Juice January 27, 2011

    I think this is just a demo or a leftover track. 😉

  35. the kiddz January 27, 2011

    You guys realize Trent used that picture for a reason? Ya’ll sound just like @Dion-Ish with the whole dress foolishness. Anyway, the song sucks…just saying.

  36. Sugaranice January 27, 2011

    This song belongs on a teens album.

  37. spunkypoop January 27, 2011

    this song belongs to the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB SOUNDTRACK!

  38. Jer January 27, 2011

    It’s ok. Why are people worried the public is somewhow gonna “discover” that J.Lo can’t sing lol. People like J.Lo because she’s a fierce diva b****, she doens’t have to prove anything, she’s already done it all really. It would be niceot see her in the spotlight for her music again though

  39. Slick January 27, 2011

    This song is Nice ,very coo!

    Trent if it were a Mariah track youd like it…cut it out bud

  40. vegasgirl January 27, 2011

    I don’t really like it. I blame the Dream for all this repetition in songs. This song was pretty elementary and basic. I think J-Lo is a star but she just hasn’t improved in her vocals as far as I can see which is sad. After all she is married to Marc Anthony who is a fantastic singer and I was hoping maybe he gave her some tips.

  41. liljokerrr January 27, 2011

    wow funny how people are sayign shes ripping off beyonce when she had this look in 99′ when she first started her career.. if anything ive noticed that beyonce copied jlo from the singing to acting to perfume to marrying a musician… Beyonce’ is basically a mimic of jlo except beyonce can hit high notes.. but overall i like jlo WAAAAAAAY better. So sue me ?

  42. Be Patient, Love January 27, 2011


    JLo’s entire career has been that of a Latin Aaliyah. Beyonce’s image is that of Tina Turner, Diana Ross, and Donna Summer. “except beyonce can hit high notes”: You mean Beyonce can sing and Jlo can’t.

  43. VFB January 27, 2011


  44. tata January 27, 2011

    @ FORREAL: LOL!! Bey wore that mermaid dress first for the diva video!
    and that dress looks really similar to the one Bey wore on her 2003 tour,but it’s not J.LO’s fault,it’s the designers 😉
    as for the song……idk J.LO,this is just not cute! im 18 and i don’t even listen to such songs! even willow would pass on this one! #next

  45. Blasian January 27, 2011

    Beyonce wore that dress first in 2003.

  46. lola January 27, 2011

    LMMAO wtf? Why is she singing a song that is clearly written for Willow Smith??? Is she f**king serious? This woman is a joke! She’s 42 years old and is singing this childish song about loving her babbay? Did she get inspiration from Justin Beiber? JHO has always been untalented, but back then, she has some good ass, well written, relatable, and mature songs! I hate when old artists try to come back and follow what’s hot right now examples are Usher and Enrique Igelsias. Wow, that was just embarrassing. The beat is good, but the melodies and lyrics are so bad. And all of that auto tune is a mess. She sounds like a 3 year old.

  47. Trosto07 January 27, 2011

    @LOLA Well what the hell she gon sing about? Retirement? LOL The average listeners are young dumb teens! they dont kno anybetter

  48. Dabbyy January 28, 2011

    LOVE JLO to DEATH !! She is the best and looks so HOT

  49. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 28, 2011

    Song sucks MAJOR ASS!

  50. tumay January 28, 2011

    Total album filler!!!

  51. J January 28, 2011

    Who said this was for her album? This song was supposed to be part of a viral campaign from Def Jam with an accompanying music video along with “Good Hit”. These songs are not going to make the cut ladies and gents they were just going to be VIRALS! I agree this song is mediocre at best. The Dream’s production for Jen has been straight garbage and yea perhaps the lyrics are a little cheesy, but relax people it’s not going to be on the album.

  52. modjo January 28, 2011

    @J 100% approval , this song is supposed to be in the LOVE? and the new website promotion. but it’s good

  53. Laura January 31, 2011

    Don’t u guys have something better to do than fighting about who wore something 1st damn get a life seriously.

    the song is so not jennifer, i miss the on the 6 area

  54. hate February 10, 2011

    trust me this is a hot song its a hit every 1 loves it here in guyana south america

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