New Video: Jessie J – ‘Price Tag (Ft. B.o.B)’

Published: Sunday 30th Jan 2011 by Trent

Jessie J’s video for ‘Price Tag’ has finally been released. The song, which features B.o.B, serves as the 2nd official single from her upcoming album, ‘Who You Are’. Check out the video below:

This was a unique and enjoyable video. Jessie clearly had a small budget to work with yet she was able to create a production was didn’t reflect any such constraints. Good stuff.

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  1. Harvey January 30, 2011

    Amazing go Jessie Jessie j lol.small budget it’s supposed to be like it cause it’s not about the money.

  2. 2bad2bme January 30, 2011

    im rooting for her go girl

  3. MichelleWFan January 30, 2011

    That was shady as hell…. Cuz that video is awesome and it doesn’t look any kind of cheap or low budget, AT ALL.
    But anyway, I see this girl succeed in the futur US And UK And Worldwide !

  4. Kyle January 30, 2011

    Wicked!!!! Jessie Jizzle!!

  5. Calum January 30, 2011

    Love it, it’s really cute.

  6. annie! :] January 30, 2011

    ugh, it doesn’t play in America :/ is there another link?

  7. DION-ISH January 30, 2011

    Why is this snow white on crack looking b**** name in my face everyday??

    i just dont get the hype, her music is not my cup of tea AT ALL.

    Do it like a dude was HORRIBLE.

  8. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue January 30, 2011

    @ Dion-ish:

    Then how about you don’t click on her posts and read them? She can’t be in your face everyday if you’re checking for her. No one is forcing you to pay attention to her, you CAN ignore her.

  9. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue January 30, 2011

    And f*** Vevo trying to take over EVERYTHING. God, I hate them.

  10. Traci Summers January 30, 2011

    i will f**** the shitt outta B.O.B with his s*** asss MMMM!! he is FINEEEEE gurl!

  11. DION-ISH January 30, 2011

    @TRUE Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BLUE

    Im just saying, ive gotten TOO many post and comments on this video on twitter and now this post….and i will skip what i want on my own terms. *Flips Bang* Anyway…..

  12. HOLY DAME GODTINA THE QUEEN January 30, 2011


  13. Insatiable January 30, 2011

    Good song.

  14. GARAGON January 30, 2011

    I know she likes that crusty h***** lip look but damn lol, it looks like crystal wonderland up in here

  15. Ron January 30, 2011

    its a cute video! its a good song and has a good meaning. its good.

  16. DION-ISH January 30, 2011

    @TRUE Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BLUE

    Its not that serious, obviously the artist and labels are trying a new marketing scheme by using VEVO and they had that huge launch party were everybody from Mariah, to Rihanna and Gaga attended.

    I See nothing wrong with Vevo <_<

  17. ICON January 30, 2011

    I love this gurlllllllllllllllllllllll. The vid is so cute and meaningful. Fail shade Trent that’s the meaning of the video.


  18. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue January 30, 2011

    @ Dion-ish:

    Most videos that I used to watch on YouTube with no problem have now been been blocked in my region on account of some stupid copyright b*******, thanks to Vevo. I don’t know if this is happening on your end, being that you’re in the UK and all, but I can’t watch this video because of Vevo. Even artists that are American and are signed to American labels have videos that are blocked on my end due to where I live. I’d say Vevo is a curse more than anything else.

  19. HOLY DAME GODTINA THE QUEEN January 30, 2011



  20. DION-ISH January 30, 2011

    @TRUE Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BLUE

    OIC….But im not in the UK. Im American….I Saw the video on someone’s tumblr.

  21. KAT DELUNA FAN January 30, 2011

    You talk about “SMALL BUDGET” when the song purpose is clearly to not focus on money and the price tag?




  22. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue January 30, 2011

    ^^^ Oh, I always assumed that you were English. My bad.

  23. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue January 30, 2011

    ^^ @ Dion-ish.

  24. Xavi January 30, 2011

    Great song with a good message and the video was on point….however I don’t get Trent’s comment about her being on a small budget lol….it was quite unnecessary to be honest. He must be smoking something.

  25. salz January 30, 2011

    I LOVE HER!!!
    this is wat we need, creativity and talent!!

  26. Iat January 30, 2011

    The song was ok it kinda reminds me of Natasha Bedingfield but i realy like the video i hope she gets sucessful cause her voice is amazing… this is so much better than that do it like a dude video!

  27. Legendtina January 30, 2011

    yall notice that the ppl talkin bout her are the same 1 person commenting under different names. lmfaooo its ashame.

    anyway good stuff i love jessie j. congrats on do it like a dude becoming a top 5 hit on the charts in the UK

  28. dboy January 30, 2011

    i like the message the song conveys but i don’t find it as catchy as her debut

    as for the video, well unfortunately i couldnt wait for it to end

    i see someone else noticed she semed to be dliberately trying to draw illuminati accusations to herself, it just looks contrived when she does it , i bet she was jus like every tother websurfer this time last year and knows what gets the blogosphere talking

  29. Auntie Jackie January 30, 2011

    This was great. The more I see her, the more she kind of gives me P!nk and a little Fergie. Love her!!!

  30. Taylor swifts number 1 fan January 30, 2011

    I didnt like the song, but i think shes good.

  31. TIMMI January 30, 2011


    I was actually going to sigh, shrug my shoulders and ignore your comment because I felt TB dealt with it, but then I go into the other post about Jessie J and alas, who do I find…

    Ye’ Ol’ Check-For-Jessie-J-Even-Though-I-Dislike-Her

    @TRUE Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BLUE is right. In the politest way possible, your response to him/her is implausible, to say the least.

    YOU’VE gotten too many posts and comments? What are you? An A&R person scouting talent? If I was to be naïve and believe your argument, then it still doesn’t make sense because you still chose to OPEN this post in order to get to the comment box. Furthermore, you also chose to do this in other posts about her.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is after all the comment section so you have every right to post your comment, positive or negative. “On your own terms”, just like these bloggers and people on Twitter can post about Jessie J on their own terms. I just think your hate and insults are a bit OTT for someone who simply produces music that “isn’t your cup of tea”. Considering it’s clear you’re also checking for her.

  32. CHECKEDSHIRTCHRIS January 30, 2011

    I agree so much with Timmi and True blue!

    I can’t watch the video yet as Im on my phone…shall watch it in a few hours.

  33. Jer January 30, 2011

    ……who he f*** is Jesse Jay?

  34. Beysbetter January 30, 2011


  35. F January 30, 2011

    trent, you don’t get the message: we don’t need money, forget about the price tag, so what do you want more???
    anyway love you jessie great song you look so niiice!!!

  36. Chris January 30, 2011

    This girl is a f****** star! she is the next GAGA!!! F****** awesome music!

  37. LEGENNDTINA4LIFE January 30, 2011

    i wonder how she’ll do in america

  38. LEGENNDTINA4LIFE January 30, 2011

    thats an insult to her. how could you?

  39. Y’all are too fake January 30, 2011

    ^^^ Not at all

  40. CHECKEDSHIRTCHRIS January 30, 2011

    Okay watched the video and I really REALLY like it! Go Jessie!

  41. Dan January 30, 2011

    God, there are some annoying people on this blog.

    First of all, why do you have to immediately jump on this Illuminati bullsh*t?? Why are you even looking for that in music videos? Could it maybe be ya’ll have too much time on your hands to sit here and overanalyze a video? You are paranoid and delusional.

    And as far as Dion-ish goes… you are pathetic! Every post on this blog about Jessie J you have commented on with the same lame putdown. I even stumbled across another comment bashing Jessie J on a different blog. Why are checking for her so much if you dislike her? Don’t click into her posts!! You are just deliberately trying to stir up sh*t so SIT DOWN.

  42. Dunster January 30, 2011

    Fergie is gonna be pissed…..

  43. moneyhuni January 30, 2011

    Soundz similar 2 pink’s ‘f**ckin Perfect’ song which is better than this.

  44. s January 30, 2011


  45. ROUND IV January 30, 2011


  46. Who’s Cedric? January 30, 2011


    I love it! I’m loving this girl more and more man

  47. Shouw January 30, 2011

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!

  48. Prince Barbie January 31, 2011

    i love jessie j!!!!!

  49. Nathalie January 31, 2011

    I like the song, but i don’t like her voice, also that music video sucked.

  50. vegasgirl January 31, 2011

    Cute video

  51. wateva January 31, 2011

    Yes Jessie the song is sitting honey! We need some of this! & Trent, lord have mercy on this child, you are the forerunner for the dumbest lady ever. The song is about minimalism, and that’s what the video was. You should be embarrassed. What did you want her to do, ride around in a solid gold Maybach? Go insert your tampon and pipe down.

  52. observer January 31, 2011

    Am I the only one that sees a nicki minaj- pink friday influence wit this video? Y’all slow as hell!

  53. wise February 1, 2011

    You know what, I like this woman !
    I’m so glad I pressed play and gave it a chance.
    By the title and today’s music, I thought she was going to talk about money like every other song, but I actually like the message in this one.
    Good job 🙂

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