Whitney Readying New LP

Published: Sunday 16th Jan 2011 by Sam

Following the Platinum success of Whitney Houston‘s comeback effort ‘I Look To You’, reliable word has it that the legendary diva is soon set to return to the studio to record its follow-up.

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According to our good friends over at Middle Child Promotions, the singer has earmarked June this year to return to the studio to lay down vocals for what will serve as her 8th studio album.

As well as a return to recording, Houston 46, is said to have US television special still ‘on the table’, and has also apparently  signed  on for two movies. Although, the much hyped ‘Waiting To Exhale’ sequel ‘Getting To Happy’ is interestingly neither of them. The ‘Million Dollar Bill’ singer and her team are still in negations with the movie’s producers – despite the rest of the cast (including Angela Bassett) having already signed on.

In any case, it appears the masses will be seeing a lot of Ms. Houston this year through to next.


Granted such news is welcome, it serves as somewhat bitter-sweet for yours truly; as ‘I Look To You’ still boasts (potential) hit singles in abundance (‘For The Lovers’, ‘I Got You’, ‘Worth It’). Still, with the campaign clearly over months ago, I guess it’s simply a case of “on to the next one”; which may in actuality bode better for Whitney in the long run.

After all, despite the success of the aforementioned, one cannot shy away from the drama which went down in tandem (see: tour, questionable vocal showings etc).

Yet, with many close to camp Houston attesting to her now being in better vocal and physical shape than she has been in a long while, this new project may be  what she needs to silence the naysayers and regain some of the steam lost towards the end of the last round. Time will tell…

Randomness: Now Whitney has got through the perfunctory ‘I have overcome’ angle with the last LP (industry politics), raise your hand if you’re hoping for gutsier, more diva-esque material (ala ‘It’s Not Right, But It’s Ok’) on this new album? I sure know I am…

Your thoughts?

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  1. UGh January 16, 2011

    Good for her for trying again . I this new album is better than the last one. Maybe she do another movie, make a perfume etc..

  2. carl January 16, 2011

    If this is true I’m gonna need for her to come MUCH harder than she did last round.

  3. McLean January 16, 2011

    Ms Whitney will definitely put out a better album this year. Her tour was more of a vocal bootcamp and therefore shes likely to belt more and sing better on this album.

  4. Obi Texas January 16, 2011

    Exciting news!!

  5. Jazlene January 16, 2011

    I’m so excited for this…Whitney is in hot demand…and believe that she is ready to slay…The INCONQUERABLE Miss Whitney Houston #1DIVA

  6. Tom January 16, 2011

    This next LP has ‘Emancipation of Nippy’ written all over it – with the right promo and commitment from Whitney, it could be huge (yes please to the uber-diva anthems of yore!)

    I’d settle for ‘My Love is Your Love’ Part II…. ! ! !

  7. Dave January 16, 2011

    If she has the voice & better material this time around I will be excited

  8. tonblanco1 January 16, 2011


  9. GangsterA January 16, 2011

    can’t wait i love i look to you but yes she need to come harder

  10. Warren January 16, 2011

    I am happy for Whitney. Whitney is the best singer in the world and no one can out do her or outshine. She has faced the trials and tribulations head on. We all have had struggles in our life and I think the struggles in our lfie make us better people because we come out Survivors. I am looking forward to seeing her in the BET Celebration of Gospel this month. I hope she does a US Televison Special and I really want to see her acti again. It has been almost 15 years since her last acting role. Whitney, I want to say take your time, you know what your doing. I wish you and also your family a Blessed Happy New Year and may you continue to shine with your beauty and vocals. You are truly the best.

  11. Diane January 16, 2011

    Whitney Houston anytime, any day, anywhere! Let’s gooooooooo!

  12. gfhfgh January 16, 2011

    Happy 2011 !!! Want a new life this year?

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  13. Roab January 16, 2011

    I’m not a big Houston fan, but credit is due. To face your demons in the public, struggle through a rough comeback and to keep it moving. Let’s be honest we haven’t heard about any drama concerning Whitney’s behavior etc. I’m so glad we are discussing her voice, talent, and her profession and not her personal life.

    In god honest truth, maybe her voice is hit or miss but if you watch the tapes. Hell, Whitney’s rough patches are better than most artists best vocals. It’s time for her to get into the studio and do music that really showcases her current vocal range. G’luck to her.

  14. b**** please January 16, 2011

    Let go get those b******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Taylor swifts number 1 fan January 16, 2011


  16. Steve January 16, 2011

    Hyped for a new album however i hope to god she isnt planning another tour.

    She may be able to deliver a good ‘digitally enhanced ‘album but after seeing her live last year, most of her album was just computer wizardary. She seriously can’t sing a note. When she was performing “I look to you” she spent most of the song apologizing and just standing there not even trying to sing. Was REALLY embarrasing to watch.

    How i see it, if she can’t sing anymore – she’s really in the wrong career. Just give it up already and don’t damage your legacy any more than your last tour did.

  17. Wake up Six January 16, 2011

    This is GREAT NEWS!!!

    Whitney is in the Lengendary Lane!

  18. TheDimplePuppet January 16, 2011

    The real Divas 40’s plus are coming hard this year so I welcome Whitney Houston.

  19. BREEZYTHEBEST January 16, 2011

    Respect to Ms. Houston,You still a Legend.

  20. quanberg January 16, 2011

    Can’t wait, Whitney is the voice

  21. lax January 16, 2011

    shes the best, theres going to be a lot of new music this year and this is
    getting to be very interesting. it just goes to show us all that theres more than one super star in this world theres legends, iconc, pop, r&b, and many different geners
    of music for all to hear and enjoy.

    and not to mention allof the new artist whos coming out and those iconic artist
    who has just taken a break and they too are back in the studio during their thangs.
    no single man/woman owns the patent for all of the talent thats out there in the music industry.

  22. ~BeySoBreezy~ January 16, 2011

    Legendary. Bow down 😀

  23. sugarwalls January 16, 2011


  24. BENJAMIN January 16, 2011

    Whitney is 47, not 46.

  25. CHECKMATE January 16, 2011

    Her lack of commitment to “Getting to Happy” maybe the script itself. I heard snippets of the Terry McMillan GTH book involves Whitney’s character Savannah going through a drug/dark phase. That would stop Houston in her tracks since that mimic’s her real life struggles. Dont know if she wants to go thru that again, even though it’s just a script. It would put her thru more ridicule as all the stupid blogs and s*** will mirror the character to her real life. I think that’s making her hesitant.

  26. Stoney-Brie January 16, 2011

    I’m excited this some great news, get 2011 Whitney! I’m lookin 4ward to the movies, album and all!

  27. TIMMI January 16, 2011

    For those Whitney stans talking about “The Voice”, if you loved Whitney so much you would KNOW this is a bad move. What Whitney needs most is a LONG break resting her voice, then getting a PROPER vocal coach to teach her how to sing properly. Perhaps then she might be able to gain a FRACTION of her voice back. Because being a naturally gifted singer doesn’t always lead to longevity and an amazing voice for the rest of your life, as evident in Whitney’s case, where her voice has been torn to shreds.

    This is coming from a Whitney fan, who finds it hard and frustrating to see her wearing her voice away more and more each day. The damage is even evident on her records, which isn’t good. I would expect her to be in the studio singing the same line 100 times over to make it perfect, and it seems she can’t do that.

    A darn shame.

  28. MaZ January 16, 2011

    “I look to you” was a solid album! Can’t wait for the next album, so excited!

  29. MaZ January 16, 2011

    This is the news I was waiting for! ;-D

  30. JohnVidal January 16, 2011

    I´d loved it. She is among my 3 favorite ever. I don´t want to get excited though cos probably this new album will take her another 3 years to be completed. But I am so glad she has that many plans. Also it is really like a miracle that after she put together her personal issues like 3 or 4 years ago, she didn´t make news for anything a little bit dark or something. It ´s really unbelievable after what her life become, we almost lost her people. This really proves Bobby was an absolutely cancer.
    Vocal trinity forever. Nowadays lessers can eat s*** or at least learn which ones are the best

  31. Prince January 16, 2011

    In not that excited 4 another Whitney album she kept it soo Safe with that I Look To You album. She need 2 come Harder and 2 Belt like she did on her 1st album Whitney and Body Guard soundtrack. If she can bring that voice back from those albums. Omg i would probably cry with joy LOL. Some of Whitneys Best Songs 2 me are Queen Of The Night , I Have Nothing, You GIve Good Love and I Will Always Love You. Now that she dumped that Piece of s*** boyfriend Bobby she might can focus on trying 2 bring the Powerfull vioice she once had. Uugh i 4got she kinda married 2 drugs so i might have to 4get about her Powerfull voice coming back.

    The New Voice/Vocal Trinity: Beyonce, Mariah, Christina and Leona Lewis

    We 4got about Leona Lewis. Leona has a Pure Powerfull voice thats out of this world.

  32. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ THE BAHAMAS★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ January 16, 2011


  33. nippyfan January 16, 2011

    Whitney is in the legendary role that few drive in! I love and rever her and I’m so proud of her for keeping on the path of sobriety. can’t wait to see her on BET Celebration of g/ospel Jan 30 when she sings I look to you with Kim Burrell.

    I really believe that she will bring it this year. I’ve seen pics of her recently and she looks gorgeous! Cant wait to see what she has to offer.

    Getting to happy
    The character on drugs is not Whtineys charachter Savannah. It’s angela bassett’s bernadine and it’s prescription drugs.

    Bring it NIPPY!!

  34. TIMMI January 16, 2011


    HANG IT UP! Stop trying to make it work for yourself. Beyonce IS NOT and will NEVER BE part of the vocal trinity. Do you know what a trinity is?



    THAT’s the three, the vocal TRINITY. As it’s a TRINITY, there is no room for anyone else.

    Yes, we got Leona and Christina, LOVE both of them. But the vocal trinity was made and completed years ago and remains untouched, because fact is, all the other singers after them are merely influenced by what the vocal trinity do and therefore cannot threaten their place in the trinity.

    BTW, if that’s Marcus Patrick in your pic, gorl you better stop dreaming. Errybody know that’s MY meat.

  35. Nichole January 16, 2011

    @ Prince. Are you dreaming? LOL. Whitney will NEVER AGAIN in this lifetime be able to pull off the voice she had on debut album, and The Bodyguard soundtrack. She can’t even sing I Will Always Love You live, and every time she tries, the results are always AWFUL.

    Whitney needs to stop embarrassing herself live.

    I think once Whitney’s voice rested, she can sound pretty decent. However, putting out albums is fine, but she should NEVER tour again.

  36. Prince January 16, 2011

    @Timmi that was Very interesting 2 look at. Sorry Marcus Patrick will 4ever be mine lol.
    @ Nichole i was kinda dreaming alil bit lol but still hoping lol.

  37. Gucci January 16, 2011

    This sounds like a disaster. I hope she learned something from those horrible ass live show reviews this time around girl because her these days Ke$ha has more vocal range.

    All of these older artists really need to step it up or sit down.

  38. Shane January 16, 2011

    vocal nodules ppl, she has vocal nodules! damn
    she definitely can still sing
    i can’t wait for a new album & movie
    i want her to have some great material tho
    & work with great producers and songwriters

  39. ESPENO January 16, 2011

    Bring it Nip! This makes me excited!

  40. CHECKMATE January 16, 2011

    She had upper respiratory illness during the tour just like Usher did in Germany. Usher couldnt get thru 20 minutes without sounding like he’s on crack or weed or drunk. So the fact whitney did an entire tour with that illness is a testament to her strength and perseverance. Not saying the tour was a success (far from it) but she didnt cancel an entire leg and call it day. And she’s had vocal rest. She hasnt done anything since mid-june when the tour was over. BET’s COG jan 30 will be her first professional gig since the tour. Let’s see how that goes…

  41. Nige January 16, 2011

    I saw her in april last year.. then again in july.. her vocals were much more intact and consistant the second time around, so i believe the people who are saying shes returning to form

    cannot wait!!

  42. datruth January 16, 2011

    This sounds promising. I think she will be doing bigger things this year and with her singing more freeer ie she has some sick riffs/runs and jazz licks her new cd sound should be promising. Whitney back in movies, can’t wait. None of the movies that she starred in or produce has flopped NONE!

    yes, she had an upper respiratory infection similar to Usher and was hospitalized for it on tour. We should hear how she sounds on BET Gospel show this month.

  43. Leo January 16, 2011

    Oh no…

  44. Chimier January 16, 2011

    The Voice

  45. Cheryl January 16, 2011

    She’ll do even better. I’ll be first in line ot cop her new cd and see her in a movie cuz she only brings quality. Luv Whitney! I love her belts and ad libs and I can’t wait to get something new from her

  46. KAT DELUNA FAN January 16, 2011

    YEAH THAT’S MY SONG ‘It’s Not Right, But It’s Ok’

    love mama whit

  47. djkimya January 16, 2011

    Yes…Whitney Houston is a “SINGER”…she sangs…PLEASE do not ever get it twisted. Whitney Houston is a bonefide singer of LOVE…it does not matter the genre..be it Pop…RNB…GOSPEL..DANCE..JAZZ…SOUL..REGGAE. CLASSICAL.POPROCK…check her 25 year record…ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE…Its unjust to try to track her hits to hits, because everything she does is out of LOVE…check for yourselves…Google it…You Tube it…Wiki pedia It…..This woman is a singer..she sings..and the record company and bizzness distributes it to the masses…Its about time that listners simply appreciates every effort in our music idols and artist…learn your artist..appreciate them..after all..they are doing what they do best in the now…and that is spreading LOVE!….LOVE ONE ANOTHER and appreciate everything…we are only here for a capsule of time…dont criticize..just grow!
    I am a Whitney Fan…25 years strong…and there is not one performance or recorded record that I couldnt appreciate or grow from…as with Aretha..Sade..Erykah, Lauryn, Mary J, Diiana Ross, Gladys, Minnie, Rhianna, Beyonce, Billie Holiday, Sarah, Ella, Etta, Cissy, I mean the list goes on and on…in the SPIRIT of LOVE…lets try not to miss the blessing!!..CONGRATULATIONS WHITNEY on keepin on and showing us what GOD CAN DO!

  48. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 16, 2011

    Letz wait and c. I know she wyll most probbazly FLOP like her saggy tataz but we’ll see.

    Supoort THE QUEEN of DanceRNb Ms Kelly Rowland

  49. RLS January 16, 2011

    Checkmate, that’s not true. In getting to happy, Bernadine goes through drug issues, not Savannah. Savannah’s problems are more relationship oriented and don’t mirror Whitney’s problems AT ALL. I’m sure the delay in signing on has to do with money (doesn’t it always?).

  50. Tanner January 16, 2011

    KelendriaRoland fan sit your a** down. Whitney ‘s debut has sold more in the US not even WW than Kelly’s entire catalog. Whitney’s i look to you has sold more than Kelly and Whitney has been in the game since 1982 when she first sang on wax with the Great Teddy Pendergrass on ‘Hold Me’

    Whit’s sang back up at age 15 for the likes of Lou Rawls and Chaka Khan and her new cd will probably sell more than Kelly’s long awaited cd. Can’t wait for new stuff from Queen Whit!!!

    Love Kelly but you r ri di cu lous!

  51. JAZLENE January 16, 2011

    @ Kelendria Rowland …How Ironic of you labelling Whitney a flop when that IS Kelly’s forte.

  52. ScouseBaby January 16, 2011

    Wooo Cant wait i love whitney, i want her to do a other bodyguard with an amazing sountrack omg i cant wait mwah x

  53. Musiq January 16, 2011

    I don’t see Kelly Roland’s name anywhere on this list. When singers can get to 55 mil cds sold in the US based on the number of limited cds she has put out then you can have a say otherwise don’t come for ‘The Voice’!


    Top Selling Artists


    First 1 2 3 Next Last
    Artist Certified Units in Millions
    BEATLES, THE 177
    PRESLEY, ELVIS 129.5
    LED ZEPPELIN 111.5
    EAGLES 100
    JOEL, BILLY 79.5
    PINK FLOYD 74.5
    AC/DC 71
    JOHN, ELTON 70
    AEROSMITH 66.5
    MADONNA 64
    CAREY, MARIAH 63.5
    VAN HALEN 56.5
    U2 51.5
    DIAMOND, NEIL 48.5
    KENNY G 48
    JOURNEY 47
    ALABAMA 46
    SANTANA 43.5
    GUNS ‘N ROSES 43.5
    CLAPTON, ERIC 42.5
    PRINCE 39.5
    CHICAGO 38.5
    2 PAC 37.5
    FOREIGNER 37.5
    DYLAN, BOB 37
    MC GRAW, TIM 35.5
    BON JOVI 34.5
    COLLINS, PHIL 33.5
    KELLY, R. 33
    DOORS, THE 32.5
    QUEEN 32.5
    DENVER, JOHN 32.5

  54. sierra January 16, 2011

    i think our diva will come back. i really do. im rooting for you whit!

  55. FRAN January 16, 2011

    WOW CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!! I Want it NOW!!! Really can’t wait 4 this!!! I’m sure this will be something HUGE to shut up the media!!! GO NIPPY!!

  56. Midas January 16, 2011

    Got lots of love for my Girl Whitney really happy she’s getting her modjo back. Huge fan and will support this woman in everything she does. Get em’ Whit!

  57. Tru Voice January 16, 2011

    Bring back the real comeback. ILTY was a reintroduction now she needs to really do it. No more talk about how she made it through and no more touring for a the next album. I say only do prom stuff where she does a wuick interview and sings a song. And a tv special? Go head DIVA! I’m positive this go around, and movie too? I guess she’s really trying to restore her rep. Good for her.

  58. WHDiva78 January 16, 2011

    I am so ready for the queen. Word is, she was in such good voice at BET’s 11th annual ‘Celebration Of Gospel’ airing Jan 30th, and so many postive reviews to co-sign that. Whitney knows she is ready, and I cannot wait. The movies are a bonus, for we know there will be a soundtrack or a couple songs from them.

    2011 will be a good year for Whitney, and I hope she attends and performs at Clive’s Pre-Grammy Gala

  59. Srom January 16, 2011

    Whit has been working overtime, not on the alblum but on having girls perform between her legs.

    This story on Grape must have been written by a record company PR person it is so full of praise.

  60. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 17, 2011

    Relax hataz. Ms Kelly has only ONE underpferofmng album not evan a flop.
    Whitney will probsalby FLOP. She haz no voice not even on record, she shoud duet wit Ms Kelly so she kan at least have a hit at da Dance charts.

    Support Ms Kelly Rowland!

  61. Musiq January 17, 2011

    Kelendria Roland:

    Whitney had 3 #1 dance hits of ‘Just Whitney’ and

    Million Dollar Bill was #1 on the dance charts

    gurl bye!

    Whitney has more #1 dance songs than Kelly and along with Mariah are KNOWN for her dance tracks.

  62. Taylor swifts number 1 fan January 17, 2011

    I love this girl!!! One of my fav singer of all time!! keep going whitney!!

  63. GetReal January 17, 2011

    “I Look To You” was a classic.

  64. NJay Maldito January 17, 2011

    Oh yes! My Queen is coming back, even more grand, elegant and divalicious. She’ll gotta show how to sing REAL to those auto-tune diva wannabes.

  65. Royalkev January 17, 2011

    Sam, you wrote the hell out of this post. I love the randomness. I want Whitney to get back to have some attitude. The I made it through the storm phase is over! Now, I want edge! This is very exciting news. I love Whitney, she possess the greatest voice I ever heard! I’m excited about 2011, some of my artist are going to be a problem this year. I can feel it!

  66. Royalkev January 17, 2011

    *having some attitude…

  67. Nanci January 17, 2011

    Yass Nippy! Cant waittttttt

  68. John January 17, 2011

    Sorry but I’m still pissed with her concert – ok she might have been ill (whatever?) I still want my 4 x £100 back!

    She should have cancelled the shows and performed when she was able to at least put on a semi-decent show.

    Watching her basically just stand there getting her backing singers to sing EVERYTHING left me feeling conned and disgruntled.

    Why would anyone want to pay £100 a ticket to watch someone just stand there on stage doing s*** all apart from apologize for 90 minutes?! I don’t see why people are commending her for continuing with the tour, f*** the fans – she just wanted the money.

  69. Stephen W. January 17, 2011

    I am with you all the way Whitney. Everything is unfolding in your life according to schedule. That is, God’s schedule! You are being prepared for something. Something
    big, something very special. I love you.

    Stephen W.
    Atlanta, GA.

  70. Rochelle January 18, 2011

    I hope it’s true! When she’s at the top of her game, she’s the best.

  71. chiefodude January 18, 2011

    I hope this is true!! I’ve got MAD love for Whitney and can’t wait to hear new material.

  72. Strom January 18, 2011

    That picture of Whit is what…30 years old? Lots of drugs under the bridge since then. If there is a new alblum, there wont be another tour after the disaster and its only so Sony can recoup the large money its owed by Whit.

    All stories point toward her resuming her lesbainism in a big way recently and daughter seems to be following. Whew!

  73. tim January 21, 2011


    what an a**! That pic was taken in 2009 and is in her i look to you cd. her cd sold 2.5mil copies worldwide and Sony stated that it’s sales help it increase it’s revenue for fourth quarter 2009

  74. Andrew January 21, 2011

    This is great! I can’t wait for her to silence the haters.

  75. Strom January 21, 2011

    There are no haters but there are plenty of enablers. The entire point is that Whit is washed up but owes Sony big bucks and they have to prop her frog voice up until she pays it back.

    Unfortunately Whit is back to heavy duty lesbianism and it seems to have rubbed off on daughter!

    There should have been an intervention but that would look bad so they let her go on her goofy way.

  76. Jord January 22, 2011


  77. joe April 24, 2011

    i think whitney is still da best no matter what call me 336 995 5632 joe

  78. joe April 24, 2011

    shes the bobmb

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