Adele Performs On ‘Kimmel’

Published: Friday 25th Feb 2011 by Sam

The Adele promotional train pulled into the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio last night; where the Brit Soul singer served up rousing renditions of ‘Rolling In The Deep’ and ‘Someone Like You’. Both are lifted from the 21 year old’s aptly titled sophomore effort ’21’.

Wonder what the hype is about? Find out after the jump…

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  1. jahlal February 25, 2011

    WHO THE F*** IS THIS C***!!!

  2. Stacey February 25, 2011

    I think she has some great songs and it is nice to see an artist that is just relying on good old music and not their looks and gimmicks. However, because music standards in the mainstream have become so low, the hype around this girl is ridiculous as if she is musical’s second coming. That One Republic Ryan Tedder guy (who happened to product her whole album) was like she is the best female singer on the planet period. She is good and can sing without a doubt, but the best singer on the planet comment is a joke.

    Don’t even get me started on how in the UK she is hailed as the best “soul” singer.

  3. SMH February 25, 2011

    She’s got an amazing voice and sounds better live than she does on the album. In an age where most artists are relying on skimpy costumes and nudity to sell, she’s using her talent. What a concept!! A singer that actually sings. Not only is she an amazing singer but she’s also an incredible songwriter and she’s on her way. People, like me, appreciate real talent and not some pr manufactured s*** that is bland and mediocre. She may not be the second coming but she sounds better than 99% of the people on the radio and that’s worth something. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I guarantee that she’ll be around in ten years when most others are out to pasture or on the casino circuit.

  4. dakkylove February 25, 2011

    pure beautiful talent, no gimmicks, no unnecessary high notes , powerful lyrics i am happy about music this days, with acts like Adele, Janelle Monae and melanie fiona coming into the scene music is beautiful again

  5. Siul1 February 25, 2011

    So amazing!!!! :’D

  6. Trucie February 25, 2011

    @ jahlal ur bald headed toothless mama w three tits is the C***. for godsakes u ppl really can’t be that ignorant. Being young is no longer an excuse. does it makes sense to even comment if u r are not into her music? u pea size brained moron. Don’t mean to pop off but some of u bloggers really aren’t that bright.

  7. jahlal February 25, 2011


  8. Muni February 25, 2011

    I love Adele!!

  9. True Blue February 25, 2011

    I can’t handle all this slaying in such a short amount of time.

  10. Racci February 25, 2011


  11. MissUnderStood February 25, 2011

    She just snatched more wigs after these 2 performances. Your favs could never 😀

  12. JohnVidal February 25, 2011

    @True Blue
    haha I know, I´m enjoying these performances of hers like a fool!
    The album is amazing and she delivers live. I can´t ask for more. I´m so happy she is making it really big. She is surprising me.

    I discovered her with just this new album. Can anybody tell me if the first one was this GOOD?

  13. trucie February 25, 2011

    lol really? my point proven. have a blessed one!

  14. SLick February 25, 2011

    Boring and Lame

  15. IKEFIERCE February 25, 2011

    I’d definitely recommend the first album as well, some of the themes are quite similar but it’s a really beautiful album combining so many different music styles. I’m sure you’ll love it

  16. JohnVidal February 25, 2011

    Great! Thanks. I´ll check it then

    I just saw Rolling in the deep in #3 on itunes USA. She is really slaying, specially for being from the UK, with this type of music (not pop or electro or autotune mess) and you know, not what superficial people consider beautiful body. I´m so happy

  17. Jamie February 25, 2011

    Thank you all for saying everything I wanted to say.LOL!!!! Adele is the present and the future. Her voice is timeless. I love her and her talent. She is by far one of the best vocalist I’ve heard in a long time.Get that number one album Adele!!!!! She had me at Chasing Pavements (first listen).

  18. Joelle Joseph February 25, 2011

    @ JAHLAL your moms a c***!

  19. AuntieJackie February 25, 2011

    Her Live> Her Album, which is a compliment.

    But I agree with the poster above, she’s good but she isn’t the second coming. The best “SOUL” singer? LOL! Amy Winehouse is better, but Amy is a drunk crackhead. She gets all of this attention because of her skin color–which people will deny but we all know it’s true. Janelle Monae> Her.

    I hope she sells 300,000+ and shits on other pop artists–because she can actually sing and she covers up.

  20. stan February 25, 2011

    overrated. she’s a good singer, but her album is not all that.

  21. FUTURESTARdelux February 25, 2011

    “Rolling in the deep” is probably my fave Adelle single ever and she looked like she was havng fun during that performance.
    Did anybody elses eyes pop out when they saw she was wearing a skirt that wasn’t black? O_O
    LOL she’s a really beautiful girl i wish she had more confidence and wouldn’t stick to black so much, seriously if i was straight i’d go for her ;D

  22. Ariana February 25, 2011

    I’m not fascinated by her voice but her music. It’s so relaxing and pure, the lyrics aren’t too original but the way she express them thru her singing and melodies is great.
    Keep it up, girl!

  23. NattyHeron February 26, 2011


    @trueblue LMAO!!! So much slaying in such a short period of time.

  24. stacey February 28, 2011

    Totally agree with Aunt Jackie, Janelle Monae is one of the best artists around and she is killing it in the UK at the moment, every single reviewer in the UK papers is like you have to see Janelle Monae. Adele gets more hype because of her skin colour and that is a FACT, it’s been going on for years.

  25. matreiya April 1, 2011

    @ Ariana, what lyrics are better? “oh nah nah, what’s my name? She actually has lyrics that aren’t repetivive nonsense and it isn’t s**, s**, s**. She stands on talent. Like Amy Whinehouse or a young Sade even, it’s refreshing to actually hear something other than s**, chains, whips, and other b.s.

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