Adele Performs ‘Someone Like You’ At BRITS 2011

Published: Wednesday 16th Feb 2011 by Trent

Vocal powerhouse Adele hit the stage at the 2011 Brit Awards earlier this evening. The Soul singer delivered a moving rendition of ‘Someone Like You’ from her ’21’ album which has already be certified double platinum in the UK. Look below for the performance footage:

Somebody needs to strap Rihanna down with those whips and chains and force her to watch this performance. This is what a true vocalist sounds like. Excellent performance Adele!

Sidebar: It seems that the host of the show agrees. Pay attention to his comments at the end.


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  1. Kisses February 16, 2011

    Amazing 🙂

  2. Kisses February 16, 2011

    And let me add that she looks adorable!

  3. MUSIC LOVER February 16, 2011


  4. Kahari February 16, 2011

    Adele’s voice is just awe inspiring. The way she interjects a bluesy soul into every word she sings is just breathtaking.

  5. bianca February 16, 2011

    but she aint got the looks. so bad

  6. FUTURESTARdelux February 16, 2011

    She was so amazing (as usual) i just listened to it againa and let me tell you, if you’re feeling down about anything this song will tip you over the edge… i literally cried.
    She looked so pretty and i’m so happy she’s getting more success she deserves it so much, I think she’ll be getting more Brits and Grammys next year 🙂

  7. TIMMI February 16, 2011

    ADELE F****** SLAYED..

    I don’t know why she got so nervous at the end she was amazing.


    That’s exactly the point of everyones comments. Real MUSIC isn’t about looks. It’s about the MUSIC. How is music real if it cannot stand by itself and needs “perfect” “model” looking people to “sing” it? What bit of that don’t you understand?


  8. DionLuis February 16, 2011

    @Bianca She may not have the “Looks” but she is no. 1 in 17 countries with her new album that isn’t even out in the U.S. Real talent sells record… Adele is EPIC!!!


  9. F*CK A 5HEAD H** February 16, 2011





  10. FUTURESTARdelux February 16, 2011

    @Bianca, STFU h**! Adele is really pretty and if i was straight i would love to go out with a girl like her, not all girls have to be size 0 FFS.

  11. Vegas girl February 16, 2011

    Beautiful Adele!

  12. Lovelarah February 16, 2011

    How could anyone have anything but praise for this talented, beautiful young woman?! Keep featuring her please!!

  13. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue February 16, 2011

    Trent, in the words of a YouTube commenter, how can you compare this vocal masterpiece to Rihanna?

    And what the host said at the end of the video is true, when you have a voice like that, you don’t need any props or gimmicks to distract an audience. All you have to do is wow them with your talent. Damn, that voice…

    @ FutureStarDelux:

    You’re not the only one, this song makes EVERYONE cry, including me! But most of her performances make me cry, for that matter.

    @ Bianca:

    What do her looks have to do with anything? She is a singer, not a model. Take your ass over to the non-singing, minimally talented lessers who performed on the same show if you place physical appearance as a high priority for an artist.

    I don’t know how anyone can criticize her looks, though. She’s gorgeous.

  14. TIMMI February 16, 2011

    And also… Adele has a BEAUTIFUL personality.

    Some of you people are in for a SHOCK when you see how your life plans out. I’d love to find out how beautiful and perfect your spouses turn out to be, when your current effort to find them appears to be slating rather average looking people online.

    Where do you think you’re going to find your Trey Songz? On a ad at the side of TGJ? PMSL.

  15. SMH February 16, 2011

    I love Adele because she’ an amazing singer and songwriter who is able to convey so many things through her incredible talent. I also happen to think that she is a lovely woman and just because she’s not a size 0 doesn’t mean she’s not attractive. Here is hoping that her success will herald a new era in music where it’s about talent and not about spectacle and superficiality (hint, Bianca).

  16. the kiddz February 16, 2011

    The amount of soul in her voice is gut-wrenching . Truly beautiful, can’t wait to get her album. And wow, he just threw some major shade at Rihanna. *Runs and puts this on Ipod*

  17. Royalkev February 16, 2011

    Wow, this girl is pure talent. It feels so good to be reminded that this still exist in the music industry these days. Adele is truly an artist in every sense of the word. That was awesome!

    *All New*Check out: (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  18. Rihgoat taught me how to deep-throat a banana February 16, 2011

    Wonderful ^_^

  19. Dan February 16, 2011

    @ Timmi: She does not get nervous at the end — she is overcome by emotion and starts to tear up.

  20. DION-ISH February 16, 2011

    Is That why Adele is a Rihanna Stan??


    Rihanna hardly had any Gimmicks or Props on The Stage…and if that appeals to Rihanna then it appeals to 99% of Pop Artist.

    And i Agree…Adele is AMAZING and Doesnt need props!

  21. Nico February 16, 2011

    I’m disappointed.

    I loooooooved her performances on Rolling in the deep but this time i don’t like her voice so much. She’s a great singer but for this song, it doesn’t fit so well

  22. Dryana February 16, 2011

    Soul? Are you f****** kidding me? I listened to that song, the words, the vibes, and felt nothing. I’m recently single and I’ve heard better break up song sang by better singers. Yeah, good on her for singing live and not using gimmicks, but please, I’ve heard better than that. Better singers who sing and the emotion through their voice, broke my heart. All she does is screaming and hurting my ears. Not as bad as Rihanna though. Another white woman trying to be a soul singer. Soul?? She ain’t got soul. Please stop saying she’s a soul singer. Maybe a ballad singer but soul, hell nah.

  23. WonderLand19 February 16, 2011

    EPic, this song brings me to tears. Her emotive lyrics and vocals are stunning.
    In 10 years time we will STILL be hearing and talking about Adele.
    If i was white, i wish i could look like her. Real talk.

    Woop Woop for Real Music 🙂

  24. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue February 16, 2011

    @ Dion-ish:

    Merely liking someone’s music doesn’t make them a stan, Dion-ish. Or otherwise, I would also qualify as a Rihanna stan.

  25. Diamond One February 16, 2011

    Adele is the most beautiful artist of our generation…..she really does sing it better than really feel her emotion and sincerity!! i love the fact that she can even write her own material really puts the ART back into ARTIST!! please God may the industry gravitate towards real artists again and allow those to shine..The gimmicks or need for them has to be over now..please..our hearts and souls need to be enriched by music which touches the heart again, and speaks to the soul..we need to reflect again not just bop our heads…THUMBS UP IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE COME BACK OF REAL ART!! look out for N’yasha Dame..a new African-British artist…2011

  26. Independent Thinker February 16, 2011

    She gives me hope for the future of music yet. She has MORE than “the looks” she has REAL beauty and RAW talent and a REAL voice; as well as maturity, dignity, elegance and poise. She makes me proud. I shall add her to my list of timeless, classic gems in the music industry. A list reserved for PURE soul singers, PURE inspirations and PURE musical geniuses. NONE of these current pop acts need apply.

  27. DION-ISH February 16, 2011

    @TRUE Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BLUE

    It was JUST as joke…Considering her reaction to Rihanna’s performance! Saying Rihanna was her favorite ever and she was off to watch Rihanna youtube videos.

  28. the kiddz February 16, 2011


    What does her being white have anything to do with soul singing? Soul goes beyonce race, gender, and orientation. It can’t be labeled. Screaming? All her notes were effortless with an amazing vibrato.

  29. Woow February 16, 2011

    @Bianca If you put a photo of her face alone next to RiRi you’d see the difference between what is actually a STUNNING FACE and just a S*** looking woman.

    Adele has a BEAUTIFUL face, but it’s really not about that. Adele gets a standing O almost every time she opens her mouth the only time RiRi gets a standing ovation is if it’s a room full of lusty men (and women).

  30. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue February 16, 2011

    @ Dion-ish:

    To be honest, even I was impressed by that X-Factor performance. But if she had caught Rihanna any other time….

  31. the kiddz February 16, 2011

    @True Blue

    Adele is such a sweetheart, if we want to be technical; she did say she cried when she met Beyonce.

  32. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue February 16, 2011

    ^^^ I’d cry if I met Bey, too!

  33. W.E. February 16, 2011

    She sounds like an angel…U cnt help bt be moved by her voice..

  34. DION-ISH February 16, 2011

    @TRUE Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BLUE

    *Rolls Eyes* OK.

  35. Siul1 February 16, 2011

    AMAZING! And she looked so shy at the end. Adorable!

  36. Taylor swifts number 1 fan February 16, 2011

    On youtube 311 likes 0 dislikes

  37. hghjhjnbv February 16, 2011

    😛 😛 “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect matc h like “black & white” people

    ~~~~~~~B lac k Wh it e Fl i rts* C”0m ~ ~~~~~~~~

    The most s uccessful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babie s wait too lon g for you !!

  38. BIANCA February 16, 2011

    i aint hating but i just think that if she had the looks she’d sell more, she’d be more famous. i didnt even know her until today. her voice is okay but that aint all.i liked it today, i liked it once but i dont think i’ll like it tomorow. her team needs to work on her looks. i dont know how old she is but damn “her looks”, her clothes. her hair, her makeup. they all need to be improved n that’s part of her job. LOOKING GOOD n tastefull.

  39. Kisses February 16, 2011

    OMG! This is the first post where only 1 comment is negative and the rest are positive 🙂

    And Adele is very beautiful, thank you very much 😀

  40. bianca February 16, 2011

    dead at those hypocrites people. it aint about pity its about sayin the truth. truth is she aint got the looks. im curious to see her top the us charts. british charts are joke. i wanna see her perform in arenas in us..especially with those outfits LMAO

  41. bluenails February 16, 2011


    February 16, 2011 at 6:21 am

    Is obviously bitter and SOULLESS! …and maybe even deaf…

  42. jamesa February 16, 2011

    I just googled the song and I love it! She’s sooo talented and we shouldn’t even mention adele and rihanna in the same sentence there too different artists

  43. stan February 16, 2011

    she sounds great, but i really wish she would update her look. not flash t&a, mind you… but less boring, please.

  44. DD February 16, 2011

    Love Adele!!!!

  45. Teflon Boy February 16, 2011

    Hmmm I love the Jools Holand performance of this song…, that one truly was breathtaking. This one wasn’t all that special IMO, which was likely down to the cigarettes she alarmingly continues to smoke and nerves at being over-awed at the scale of the show.., I’m fully aware that she is a damn good singer at most other times (before people start laying into me) but this one for me sounded more shouted than sang which was a shame in light of the fawning intro the host gave her before and after. Anyway, check this performance below to hear the true diamond performance of this song…,

  46. Tha Phoenix February 16, 2011

    I’ve loved Adele for years and this is why. She is one of the best singers in the game right now and this performance was the best of the night.

    And, yes, I caught the Rih shade at the end. I’ve got love for her, but after her performance, it was well deserved.

    And I also love that Adele is a DC and B stan.

    *waves pom poms*

  47. Geronimo Deuces-Champion February 16, 2011

    this girl is talented………… very talented WoW I never saw her perform before

  48. ole skool February 16, 2011

    she is ok…I prefer Rihanna

  49. ole skool February 16, 2011

    Jessye Norman is amazing as a singer but I still prefer Rihanna. Sma and trent are Nazis

  50. ole skool February 16, 2011

    you cannot and should not tell people what to like especially as homosexal men who like dyck

  51. Honeygirluk February 16, 2011

    Why did he have to be throwing shade at rihanna? Didn’t take that perform before adele with a whole army of dancers. Plan b even had a man running round on fire when he was performing.

  52. W.E. February 16, 2011

    WTF are u guys talkin bout? Adele is beautiful.. 21 has shown that she dont need the U.S. support to sell records. She is a beautiful talented elegant woman that shouldnt change her look or shed clothes unless she wants. I personally think Adele is one those s*** full figured women. She has success, fame (yes ppl no her in the U.S.), great personality, amazing voice, great confidence, and money ( not that money is a factor in wat im bout to say) so any guy would f*** her. Adele is one of my new favorites :)….. She won me with this performance. Its perfection, her voice is flawless, it moves u, nd leaves u speechless. She is proof that angels do in fact exist 😀

  53. JohnVidal February 16, 2011

    Dead at the host comments after the preformance…. YES Rihanna that was for you sweetie!
    Anyway I have finally discovered Adele´s album this past week and it´s really great. Of course her voice is but without good material it doesn´t work. But she defenitely has great material on that album.
    I´m really enjoting music this week! Leaving on a side Rihanna and a few others efforts….

  54. KaVion February 16, 2011

    Awww everyone’s all sentimental on this post 🙁

  55. BreakFree February 16, 2011


    What the hell?? All that elegance is not enough for u guys … Her face is to-die- for …

  56. hunni2nice February 16, 2011

    @ bianca…im guessing you like “singers” that like to s*** out there am betting….Adele is what u call an ARTIST!

  57. cHA-cHA February 16, 2011

    @ Bianca…h** shut the f*** up. Her album has been #1 in 17 countries and she sold 900,000 copies of her first album in the US in 2009 with just ONE single. Rihanna has to have atleast 3 singles to come even close to that number so know ya facts, b****

  58. antertain February 16, 2011



  59. serge ci February 16, 2011

    OMG its amazing i m speechless i see the performances again all the day GOD bless htis artist she’s so wonderful

  60. ham head February 16, 2011

    For all those idiots who’re saying the hosts comments were aimed at Rihanna,FYI RIhanna hadn’t even performed by that point!

    As for adele, you r a goddess.

  61. TIMMI February 16, 2011


    Stop being so damn ignorant and open your mind. There are plenty of artists who are average looking to say the least, and still achieve high success (Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Bob Dylan… I could go on).

    Real talent sells, as Adele has proved, being #1 in 17 countries. You have no argument, whatever you say about her appearance has already been proven wrong. Looks are only important where they need to makeup for lack of talent. What are you still not getting?

  62. matt February 16, 2011

    Adele one word – EPIC. Her voice is just spine-tingling, when she sings Make you feel my love, it just makes you shut up and listen. Yes its true, if she had looks, she would be 10x better, that’s just shows how terrible today’s music industry. Where would Rihanna be if she didn’t have her s** appeal and good looks. She would a nobody. True talent is what Adele is, and just goes to show if you have talent alone, you can top the charts in 17 countries. Long live Adele

  63. Pam February 16, 2011

    BRAVO, Adele, Can’t wait 4 the CD next week :0 .

  64. Luke February 16, 2011

    She is an amazing singer…I luv her voice….this performance was too stunning..

  65. Robier February 17, 2011


  66. zee February 17, 2011

    i don’t think adele would care what bianca or dryana has to say about her… she got a grammy for best new artist in 2009. and by the way, the american charts only have trash now… kesha? rihanna? katy? britney? oh… and what about the rap genre with topics like hos and b****** stinking up the charts? truly disappointed with what american charts has become… what happened to the the bona fide singers who don’t rely on auto tune and can actually carry a tune? kanye west / eminem singing? no thanks… that’s how bad the charts are in the states. thanks. 🙂 i think the brits have a longer history of great music… from the beatles, rolling stones, cliff richard, culture club, depeche mode, duran duran, spandau ballet, omd, china crisis, aztec camera, new order, oasis, blur, eternal, all saints, elton john, george michael, duffy, estelle, adele, leona lewis, take that… the list goes on… and if america continuously rejects them, its ok cos america is not the centre of the world…. just saying… 🙂

  67. Broms February 18, 2011

    so amazing!!!! can’t wait to see the results of the album once it’s released 2/22. Love watching 21 days of adele on and listened to a full stream of the album on!! So obsessed with her music!

  68. Dave May 11, 2011


    I really feel the disappointment here is far from Adele it’s in fact your depressing outlook on life. It is such a refreshing change to have real talent on stage for once instead of someone with mediocre talent making it big because they have a nice bum or good b****** with a s*** smile.

    Singers should be recognised for their singing and not their looks. Besides have you never seen how much magazines touch up photos of celebs it’s practically not even them in the end just to satisfy shallow people such as your self.

    Personally I think Adele should be exactly who she is, walts and all, and be proud of how talented she is. One thing though, if you opened your heart and was a little less of a cold person you would quite clearly see her beauty which shines right through her entire body.

    Peace out

  69. Karin Caro May 29, 2011

    She is just an incredible artist! I love her songs…her voice…her attitude! Keep it coming, Adele!

  70. ryan August 3, 2011

    Her voice cut me in half. I am not sure that she looks the same as other artists who rely on their looks to sell, but I couldnt look away. Mesmerising.

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