New Song: Dawn Richard – ‘Me, Myself & Y’

Published: Tuesday 1st Feb 2011 by Trent

A new song from Dawn Richard was released today. ‘Me, Myself & Y’ will be included on the singer’s upcoming mixtape, ‘A Prelude To #ATELLTALEHEART’, which is set for release on Dawn Richard Blog on February 7th. Listen to the track below via Global Grind:

Dawn found a solid balance between Dance/Pop and R&B on this record. Her writing skills aided Danity Kane to have a a successful run on the Pop charts. Hopefully, she can channel this energy into a full studio album and remove herself from the shadow of Diddy’s monumental ego.

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  1. Ashley W. February 1, 2011

    Dawn sounds AMAZING on this song. There will always be haters out there but there is no doubt in my mind that this girl is talented. Even down to her being in Dirty Money along w/ Kalenna, she always delivers. This girl is the example of RAW TALENT … sad part is most people aren’t willing to accept different. Before people comment and act out of ignornce, go to her blog .. … watch her singing live and uncut in the studio and then proceed to talk s***. She is amazing! A Tell Tale Heart! Can’t wait!

  2. meOnThefloor February 1, 2011

    its a snoozer! I Prefer Aubrey over her ugh! She makes me gag!

  3. Hello February 1, 2011

    1st can I say Dawn looks beatiful in that photo and of course I love the song. It sounds like something you can listen to outside on your front porch.

  4. Beystanbish February 1, 2011

    Aubrey plastic ass face and them crossed bug eye make me gag too. But hey everybody have their preference right.. Anyways I like.

  5. Unknown February 1, 2011

    Is it me but Dawn look so much like Kelly Rowland formerly of Destiney’s Child?

  6. stan February 1, 2011

    i like

  7. Simon Says Stop February 1, 2011

    Dawn really need to hurry up and make that solo artist debut cause I like her lil swagger

  8. Jizz February 1, 2011

    It’s okay; nice voice, nice beat, and nice writing.

  9. ATELLTALEHEART February 1, 2011

    Love Dawn. Love this song. I’ve been waiting so long for some solo material from Dawn and she has finally delivered. I hate I have to wait until Monday to download her mixtape. Guess I’ll just be rocking to “Me, Myself, & I” until then.

    BTW, that pic is F-I-E-R-C-E.

  10. Erin Chenault February 1, 2011

    honestly….i feel like Dawn just cant do a record on her own. she is a hitmaker. plain & simple. ma has vocals and some ‘umph’ but a solo venture just isnt goin to gain her the mainstream success she needs.

  11. Mr.Q February 1, 2011

    WATCH OUT!!!

    Since someone drop a bottle on Monica foot last night she is out for a minute…lmao.

    I always thought Dawn was the most talented!

  12. ……… February 1, 2011

    DAWN I FREAKING LOVE YOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!! i love the song cant wait till her mixtape and i def cant wait till her album. im proud to say im a Dawn Stan im not the first either dawn has alot of fans and i cant wait till she has more. Aubrey fans please go some where if you support aubrey do that but dont hate and dawn fans should do the same yall heard what dawn said move on from DK support who you are going to support and move on

  13. 2bad2bme February 1, 2011


  14. Meme February 1, 2011

    I am kind of in SHOCK that Trent posted this about Dawn. No negativity at all!!

    Anyways, initially I liked the song, but after replaying it a few times I love it. Dawn always brings it. Cant wait to hear all of her mixtape A Tell Tale Heart!!

  15. MissImpartial February 1, 2011

    Diddy wont let her be successful. He destroys artist the minute they start to make hit singles or grow a fan base.

    Thats is why I don’t like him anymore.

    P.S Ripping Beyonce off.

    Me Myself and I to Me Myself and you

  16. Can you hear me now? February 1, 2011

    What I love about Dawn is she stays true to herself and what she likes. As her official first single Dawn could have went with a club song or more radio friendly, but this introduction speaks as to why she is so talented. The song writing to this song is beautiful and every guy or female can relate to.

    It’s sad how much music has change to the point if it’s not poppy or club friendly it’s not good.

    In conclusion, Dawn I love you and I believe in your talents and your ear and respect you for putting out real music, once again.

  17. Stoney-Brie February 1, 2011

    Trus me i don like Rihanna .. but i know if she was on Diddy dirty money or something like that TGJ >> Sam and Trent woulda been licking her ass like this.. !

  18. Bubbles February 1, 2011

    What does her master, Diddy think about this? Sorry but Dawn will never make it on her own (however talented she is), she should just stick with Dirty Money, even if her role is just to act as a glorified hype woman/dancer; atleast she be getting some coins…

  19. CURLY SUE February 1, 2011

    I LIKE IT!

  20. DJ February 1, 2011

    Everybody needs to stop comparing Dawn and Rihanna cause they are nothing alike. Dawn sings, write, produce, dance better then Rihanna and don’t miss out on Dirty Money concert tour coming this March and which Dawn Richard will be the choreographer.

  21. DMAC143 February 1, 2011

    The sound and the song reminds me of Kelly Rowland all the way…”Better Without You”…yea….but anyways….like “Better Without You” it would work as a decent filler track but it’s not “single” material.

    While I’m a huuuuge fan of Kelly Rowland…I can’t shake the feeling that some songs as far as vocal arrangement goes can flow in either the direction of Kelly, Keri or Dawn and garner similar response. I agree that they can all sing and have some strengths all their own and but the atmosphere feels so samey…idk…I want them to step out and just shine in their own lane almost…but I don’t really know…how. Hmm

  22. tia February 1, 2011

    The hook gives me life, the rest is ok but i love that hook. I think she needs to stick with the producers of the Last train to paris album because she sounds awesome on every single one of those songs and they just play off her vocals wonderfully. I like this though….a lot

  23. imo February 1, 2011

    I don’t know about this. I love dawn’s voice in a group, it shines, but I never can get into her solo songs, except that song call Do It.

  24. CRAMPED February 1, 2011

    Luv it, Luv Dawn. she’s so talented

  25. imo February 1, 2011


    February 1, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    The hook gives me life, the rest is ok but i love that hook. I think she needs to stick with the producers of the Last train to paris album because she sounds awesome on every single one of those songs and they just play off her vocals wonderfully. I like this though….a lot
    Yeah, it like other people can write songs that are better suited for her voice.

  26. ……… February 1, 2011

    @imo @tia she said she wanted to do a mixtape where she express how she feels and that she was going to sing the notes how she felt it should be without some one tellling her how it should be the mixtape is how her heart is feeling and that it would not be made the same like other songs

  27. magdalena February 1, 2011


  28. Traci Summers February 1, 2011

    we can sit here and praise dawn till the cows come home.. but nobody wants talent.. so unlesss she has a good gimmick ready no1s checking.. and its sad because she is DOPE. this song is RAW r&b… music with a message.. but with the plummet of music standards dawn wont be checked on… why do you think shes keeping her mouth SHUT around diddy im sure shes pissed that shes a backup singer but if it gets her close to her dream.. dawn cnt complain.. so let dawn live.. ill be getting this mixtape..

  29. MISHKA February 1, 2011

    She has always been my favorite from Danity Kane.

    Go get’em , Dawn !

  30. Royalkev February 1, 2011

    Be careful Dawn, that “Me, myself and I” …is kind of pushing it. Glad she fitted some extra words in that chorus. You can’t bite Beyonce’s Me, myself and I… she kills that one live to this day! It is nice though. Dawn is talented and I always wanted her in a trio with Aubrey and Shannon(or Andrea, she does sing better). I’m so glad she’s a hustler and that her grind hasn’t stop because of Dirty Money. I wish her enough success to go solo and ditch the Diddy curse!

    Check out my blog: (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  31. propertyof February 1, 2011

    I love Dawns voice, I hope she focuses on a true R&b album and leave this auto-tune pop music to artist like Ciara & Keri.. Her voice is so rich and soulful.

  32. WonderLand19 February 1, 2011

    Great track Dawn. Love dawn and i think she did the right thing by joining Dirty Money. Now more people know her outside of america. which gives her a great chance of being international.
    Her wriiting skills shine in this song and i hope she eventually makes a AMAZING album with some of the links she has been making through dirty money. However, i would love another album from dirty money as Last Train to Paris is EPIC!!!!!

    PLus, if you Really are dawn supports, SUPPORT her now. stop bringing up Danity kane and Diddy. Move on.

  33. She is EVERYTHING!!!!!!! February 1, 2011


    I Thought the same about Trent. I’m in shock. 1. because I still have not even bothered to press play and 2. because shes not Aubrey . Way to go Trent. Now can we get an interviews with Kalenna? Maybe a piece on how she feels about being the real talent on LTTP yet being overlooked because she’s the only female around Diddy with enough self esteem not to fall to her knees in one way or another?

    Dawn has no clue! She better start using her crotch or a crutch to get some attention because mediocrity and no angle is getting her nowhere. Kalenna’s the one to watch. Her stock is going up and there’s more chance of her building on her “who’s the other chick” status than Dawn ever would.

  34. She is EVERYTHING!!!!!!! February 1, 2011

    “Dirty Money concert tour coming this March and which Dawn Richard will be the choreographer.”


    That’s about to be a MESS! Lord don’t even waste a ticket for that s***. Every performance sans LAG choreographer has been a steaming pile of s***….what does Dawn know? Please!

  35. MuzikJunkie! February 1, 2011

    I LOVE it! Dawn has always been my favorite from DK, so I’m sooo happy she’s finally making music as a solo artist! I can’t wait til next week when the mixtape drop!

  36. WHOAREYOUKIDDING? February 1, 2011

    @SHE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

    Aren’t you @ArchitectOne on twitter? Always throwing MAJOR SHADE at Dawn from your private twitter account. You’re nothing but a bitter, delusional Danity Kane stan whose yet to get over the demise of the group. You have nothing but negative things to say about Dawn YET you keep up with EVERY move she makes. Whenever I click on your twitter page, you’re ALWAYS going on and on about Dawn and what you believe to be her shortcomings. If you truly believe that Kalenna is the star of Dirty Money, then support her. Instead of tweeting ALL DAY about Dawn, why don’t you contact some of the blogs to do interviews with Kalenna and post her solo music. By your tweets, it’s obvious where your TRUE allegiance lies. Try being honest with yourself sweetie. I promise you’ll sleep better at night 🙂

  37. CHUA February 1, 2011

    I think its funny how people are so quick to shun true talent but they’ll soak up anything Rihanna dresses up in pumps, or PINK vinyl. GREAT TRACK! TEAM DAWN!

  38. Dev February 1, 2011

    It doesn’t really go anywhere, its just there

  39. JonathanGardnerTV February 1, 2011

    I love this!
    Dawn is so gifted and talented!

    She needs to step out on her own. I’m still mourning the loss of DK but I’d rather see them all do solo projects than have Dawn sit under the shadow of Diddy

  40. Traci Summers February 1, 2011

    @CHUA exactly.. rihanna is the QUEEN of all GIMMICKS

  41. Dave February 1, 2011

    People hate, but this woman is really talented. & her voice is golden. Get it Dawn! I will be awaiting the mixtape

  42. TC ;D February 1, 2011



  43. ~RiCiBey(Breezy)~ February 1, 2011

    I LUBSSS me some Dawn 😀 She will always have a fan in me! And the song is HAWT…

  44. vegasgirl February 1, 2011

    I like the vibe on the song.

  45. Reina February 1, 2011

    anybody have an mp3 of this song?

  46. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ February 2, 2011

    YESSSSSSSSS! It’s about time, Dawn! LOVES it! >>>>>>>>>Everybody else in DK

    The end.

  47. Kingtmo February 2, 2011

    Does anyone else notice her boobs are off key in that pic. ONe of way lower?

  48. PINK FRIDAY H** February 2, 2011


  49. cindy February 2, 2011

    Dont listen to any negative comments.
    I love it!! its a great song!!
    i have it on repeat! <3

  50. chanika February 2, 2011

    I’ve always been a fan of Dawn since Danity Kane and I’ve always thought she should become a solo artist. However the song sounds great lyricly but I would prefer no auto tune at all and she does great with more RnB than pop. Not knocking the song just dont care for the auto tune at all.

  51. lola February 3, 2011

    Besides her being braless, she looks nice in that photo. Her face has improved drastically. This song is iight. It has nice lyrics, but the beat is missing a big something. It is very different than what’s on the radio now. Truth be told, she will never make it. Dawn has a nice voice, but if she’s going to be doing urban crossover and pop music, she will fail horribly because 1, she’s dark skinned (it’s a shame but the mainstream is prejudice when it comes to dark skinned black women, that’s why all the mainstream ones are light) 2, she doesn’t have a raunchy, nasty, sexual image, 3, she doesn’t have a gimmick, and 4, her songs won’t be immature, annoying, meaningless, and trendy. I like the fact that Dawn is still trying to get her shine on, but she will be better off being a songwriter, especially since Diddy’s cruel ass won’t let her get any exposure on her own.

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