Hot Shots: Fergie Launches ‘Fergie Footwear’ At Macy’s

Published: Friday 22nd Apr 2011 by Sam

Following the celebrity trend, Fergie has launched her own line of footwear. The Black Eyed Peas front-woman celebrated her foray into the fashion arena with a promotional event at Macy‘s in Herland Square, New York last night (April 21st)

More pics below…

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  1. UGh April 22, 2011


  2. KaVion April 22, 2011

    Tell me why I thought this was Kirstie Alley…


  3. Blanco Family April 22, 2011

    @Kavion you just slayed my life.

  4. JohnVidal April 22, 2011

    She and BEP need to retire! The crap they have been releasing is too much. Plus even with all the surgery she has years and years ago she has always been so ugly, even when she was young. Plus she can´t sing on key. A mess. Thankfully they have flopped really hard with this last album

  5. lax April 22, 2011

    that is good fergie, go on keep the charts hot and
    work your business side, good for you

  6. lax April 22, 2011

    regardless if its hair products are your shoe line
    it’s all about making a living just like any 8-5 job

  7. blairV April 22, 2011

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  8. Mr. T April 22, 2011

    Ohhh I thought that was Kristie Alley….smh. Fergie looks a mess

  9. Mr. T April 22, 2011

    @KAVION LMFAOOOOOO me too n****. I was Kristie Alley looks good. LOL…. But fergie looks a damn mess

  10. royalkev April 22, 2011

    @ Kavion – Your so wrong for that! … but you’re so right! She could be Kirstie’s twin here. I still like Fergie, I wish she continued her solo career instead of making spacey, futuristic flops with the BEP’s!


  11. zxcv April 22, 2011

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  12. KaVion April 22, 2011

    @MR T
    LOL..Exactly, good for Kirstie, bad for Fergie!

  13. My_Opinion_Matters April 22, 2011

    I would have loved if Fergie released another solo album. I LOVED her debut! She needs to do more solo stuff!!!!

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