New Song: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Hypnotico’

Published: Wednesday 27th Apr 2011 by Trent

Jennifer Lopez obviously has a RedOne fetish. Yet another song produced by the hit-maker has surfaced from the entertainer’s upcoming ‘Love?’ LP, this time entitled ‘Hypnotico’.

The record was actually written by Lady GaGa and will appear on the collection which hits stores on May 3rd. Give the song a listen below:

Surprisingly, this record did not have the impact that the names on the bill implied. Be it Lopez’s weak vocal delivery or the predictable synths, ‘Hypnotico’ did little to impress.

Either way, judging by the other tracks that have been released, ‘Love?’ seems to be a general winner. Let’s see how it fares on the charts.

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  1. Kerry Johnson April 27, 2011


  2. mc April 27, 2011


  3. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 27, 2011

    Sounds alright to me

  4. sokmidyk April 27, 2011


  5. Misty Jean April 27, 2011

    It’s okay. Then again I joke woke up from a nap. I’ll give it another listen later.

  6. are YOU serious? April 27, 2011





    PUT PAWS UP!!!

  7. F*** YOU April 27, 2011


  8. YOUR Queen! April 27, 2011

    Would have been a smash if it was sung by someone else I think. JLo’s voice is so one dimensional.

  9. Kyria April 27, 2011

    Gaga could have given more originality J-Low is so …. not bad , not good either.

  10. mobwife (i’m a dirty s&m lovin’ billy goat) April 27, 2011

    DAMN HER FACE LOOKS HORRIBLE! This sounds generic and common!! She has her niche so she will be fine regardless of how bad this is!

  11. dante April 27, 2011

    OMGAGA..i feel so proud of mommy monster…
    4 years in the game and she’s writing for veterans like J.LO….i love my mom…TALENT….

  12. Kerry Johnson April 27, 2011

    She’s slaying beyonce and gaga thou LMAO!!!!!

  13. KoreanDream April 27, 2011

    I KNEW Gaga didn’t actually write these songs for Jennifer! This was previously by Tami Chynn!

    Where is the promo?

  14. VOLKAN April 27, 2011

    amazıng hıt agaın jlo go 2011 JLOS YEAR THE REAL DIVA COME BACK

  15. Tassy April 28, 2011

    WoooooW!!! super hit 😀

  16. ImgunnacheckUboo April 28, 2011

    Uninspired, tbh

  17. MC_BFLY April 28, 2011

    This does sound like a gaga song, not very impressive, but if gaga released this all you people would eat it up, but i love Jlo, i cant wait for the album!!!!!

  18. Mr. T April 28, 2011

    I haven’t liked any of her singles…. ehhhhh. And with her being 40 and a mother of 2 and a wife, I wonder she doesn’t get the same criticism as someone else??

    And this does seem like something Gaga would have out 2 yrs ago.

    And I dont think she will slay anyone when she has to sing this live. But with her hosting a singing competition show, she might sing live ever again.

    One thing I will say, Jlo is looking damn good.

  19. 3xtras April 28, 2011


  20. 3xtras April 28, 2011


  21. Big Ro April 28, 2011

    Love the song J Lo! Definitely a hit…especially for the clubs!

  22. dante April 28, 2011

    Gaga wrote it. YAY

  23. deman April 28, 2011

    this is a str8 banger. LOVE? LOVE? LOVE?

  24. Harvey April 28, 2011

    Love but it makes me miss tami chynn:/

  25. IamWhoIAm April 28, 2011

    This song was written by Gaga for Jamaican singer Tami Chynn’s debut American release. But it got scrapped for whatever reason so it was given to JLO. Shame on Akon and Universal for dropping the ball on Tami Chynn. She is an amazing artist that deserved MUCH MORE!

  26. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ April 28, 2011

    Tami did it better and Red One didn’t do much different with this.

  27. D.Strock April 28, 2011

    I like it, just some variety would be good…

  28. WildChild April 28, 2011

    Dead @ Carrie still mentioning Gaga’s name. She has you flustered doesn’t she?

  29. WildChild April 28, 2011

    Jenny needs to give it up. Your only tolerable song was Waiting For Tonight.

  30. The New Girl April 28, 2011

    This old b**** looks good in that photo

  31. David April 28, 2011

    Hot song

  32. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ April 28, 2011



  33. …. April 28, 2011

    WHOOWHO!! thats what im talking about!!!
    LOVE? MAY 3 rd!!!!!!!

  34. Rican-kid April 28, 2011

    Loves it!

  35. Rican-kid April 28, 2011

    I don’t think album sales are gonna be big but this is a very strong album sooo much better then brave I love every track on this album! But I really want her to preform and dance baby dance. I’m into you feat lil Wayne video out next week baby!

  36. Corey April 28, 2011

    it’s one of my fave songs on the album, but i doubt it will be released as a single since its a bonus track.

  37. Ash April 28, 2011


    GO JLO!!!!

  38. TAMI CHYNN IS THE BESTEST April 28, 2011


  39. sEAN April 28, 2011

    I like J.Lo’s version waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Tami whatshername.

    THIS SONG IS A SMASH! The beat is hot but I wish they would revamp the lyrics so it doesn’t sound so lame. STILL A HOT HOT!

  40. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout April 28, 2011

    No wonder this song sound a F***** MESS, she doesnt have a rapper featured on it!!!!!!!

  41. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout April 28, 2011

    No wonder this song sounds a F***** MESS, she doesnt have a rapper featured on it!!!!!!

  42. LOL!! April 28, 2011

    @queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout

    maybe on the remix baby… don’t be jealous


  43. Y’all are too fake April 28, 2011

    @Kerry Johnson

    She’s slaying Gaga? Ok Delusional F**. She’s slaying the person who wrote the song for her, your smart.
    Nobody cares who’s slaying who’s slaying, The Black Eye Peas are on the Top! And they SUCK now. So charts don’t matter, Stfu and enjoy good music. Not everything has to be competition. Gaga, Britney, Katy, Beyonce, & Rihanna make music becuz it makes them happy through expression. What’s the point of starting a Stan War?

    Messy Ass B****. Get that d*** out ya mouth and suck on these balls of wisdom

  44. Y’all are too fake April 28, 2011


    Gaga did write it Idiot. She wrote it for Tami , but it was also given to J.Lo. I CAN’T AT ALL THIS CHILDISH HATE towards Gaga, she sings live, editor-in-cheif of a magazine, Model, Producer, Writer, & Choreographer. And you b****** still call out names. Let it Go. You Lose, She Win.

    THE FAME is Certified Diamond. A diamond album is epic . Triple Platinum wasn’t even met by Your fav’s. When you sell over a 200 million records then hate on Gaga.

  45. pau April 28, 2011

    gagavision 44 on youtube, highway unicorn instrumental!!!!

  46. Perrylicious April 28, 2011

    her fans need to clear with one thing!…

    only ‘On The Floor’ gonna do well on charts.
    the rest?
    just average and flopppppp.

    THE VOICE is taking over AMERICAN IDOL.
    So lets flop being flop!

  47. Perrylicious April 28, 2011

    @Kerry Johnson

    You are the men who slaying these f******!
    xoxo 😀

  48. dionita April 28, 2011

    this song is 100 times better and better for new song beyonces and britney
    jlo slayin everyone this year because this year is for DIVA J LO

  49. m April 28, 2011


  50. andrei April 28, 2011

    All the girls that know that they’re s***
    Come on!

    [Verse 1]
    Flip it, slap it down
    It’s gonna get nasty
    Hypnoti-notico, Hypnoti-notico
    Shake me, shake those earthquakes,
    Cause I’m in the ci-ity
    Hypnoti-notico, Hypnoti-notico.
    Love me for my body
    I’m original s***
    Hypnoti-notico, Hypnoti-notico

    [Chorus] X2
    All the boys, all love it when we do our thing.
    We’re just some silly heartbreakers tonight (tonight)
    All the boys, all want it, but it don’t mean a thing
    We got tonight (tonight)
    We’re just some silly heartbreakers tonight

    Read the full lyrics for this song here :

  51. That FLOP Juice April 28, 2011

    SMASH HIT!!!

  52. UGh April 28, 2011

    i like it

  53. Perrylicious April 28, 2011

    Mad+Pressed at me?

  54. Kingofleon April 28, 2011

    generic, forgettable song….NEXT!

  55. JohnVidal April 28, 2011

    Girl can´t sing!!! Plus this is generic and unispired again! She is a true flop musically. I think only On the floor will do good, no other single nor the album.

  56. jlolove April 28, 2011

    jlo is doing it all again

  57. lola April 28, 2011

    SHE IS SO OLD AND STRONG LOOKING! Ew, she looks like a damn drag queen and sick in that pic. JNO does not look good for her age and I’m tired of delusional stans saying that she does! She looks 45 and her body is off point. Her weight is right, but she’s untoned and doesn’t have a big ass anymore.

    This single is so boring. JNO is going to flop hard as hell. If Britney’s album is flopping, especially harder overseas, WTH makes y’all think JNO’s going to do good? “On The Floor” only did good because of hype and because it’s techno-pop, but I haven’t even seen “I’m Into You” on the damn charts! That single is flopping, and “Papi” will flop too! I can’t wait until she hurries up and releases this album, and then be done with American Idol. What a b****? She used AI to try to get back on top. This old hag needs to sit down already and worry about being a mother. How come she is hardly ever seen with her kids?

  58. Junior in Jamaica April 28, 2011

    Tami Chynn OWNED this song…JLo this was not made for you.

    Too bad Akon failed to make Tami a star, same as he did with other Jamaican act Brick & Lace. Do we see a trend here? Hmm.

    Anyway…this was to be on Tami’s 2nd U.S. album release titled Primadonna. If you google you can find leaks of it somewhere…shame I tell ya.

  59. momo April 28, 2011


  60. Asdf April 28, 2011

    @ lola
    dont hold your breath the album is gettin good reviews and Papi charted on Billboard is just came out soo you can say its a flop Dummy! Birtney album did not flop! over 200,000 copies first week wheres the flop? have you even heard Jennifer new album Nope! it leaked.. go listen then talk… the album has bangers that can become hit singles Love? is awsome will be buying my coppies may 3rd!

  61. ShaynA April 28, 2011

    @ LOLA.
    Peoples magazine must have a different opinion since they named JLO ” worlds most beautiful woman”. Hmmm you must have woken up on the wrong side of your cardboard box you raggedy fat b****. You and everybody knows that it’s jlodomination this year. She making every female artist out there look like hags and snatching wigs left and right. Bye girl!

  62. Dan April 28, 2011

    Tami Chynn sang it far better years ago. Sorry JLo

  63. cindycrv April 28, 2011

    Another Rihanna can’t f***** sing

  64. Cheers (Drink to That) April 29, 2011

    I haven’t liked ANY of JNo’s songs this era! YUCK!

  65. mikee25 April 29, 2011

    This song is soo hot!!! Jlo is doing her thing….People counted her out and now has one of the biggest hits of the year…..#1 song in over 19 countries…..Officially #1 in World Chart and still top 10 in over 20 countries……..There is room for everyone, so I am not sure why there is so much hate……you can support your artist without talking trash about the others……To me Jlo will always be #1!!!!

  66. Greg April 29, 2011

    The song is catchy but it was already released YEARS ago by Tami Chyn!!

  67. suzzette April 29, 2011

    who or wtf is a tami chynn yay jlo!

  68. sammy April 29, 2011

    on the floor is still my jam…
    OMG…. i just saw Beyonce falling on stage while performing single ladies ….. check it out at

  69. VFB April 29, 2011

    I LIKE IT!

  70. J April 30, 2011

    This song is f****** DOPE! It should be the 3rd single because it will be a HIT without a doubt!

    And wtf is a Tammy Chang? LMFAO! Is this being famous? Jw..

  71. jlover April 30, 2011

    the best song of this yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    it so hot …………… s*** …………………i v proud of u jen~

  72. girl_honey May 1, 2011

    ok i’l bite, it does sound waay better than tami chynns, but jlo seriously give us a break, shes brought out like about 5 diff tracks now sheesh are the bailiffs cuming or sumthin?!

  73. royalkev May 1, 2011

    This is really growing on me!

  74. Phillip May 3, 2011

    I do prefer Tami Chynn’s version. She was robbed. She is VERY talented!

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