Cover Star: Shanice Sings Beyonce’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’

Published: Saturday 21st May 2011 by Sam

This week’s That Grape Juice Cover Star is Shanice Smith. The young Londoner tracks a crack at Beyonce‘s new controversial single ‘Run The World (Girls)’.

Peep her performance below:

Great showing; once which further serves as evidence that it’s not always a powerful vocal which makes for an interesting voice. Rather, as Shanice show, it’s about interpreting the music and making it one’s own – something the BRIT school student does so here to great effect. .

For more on Shanice, check out her Youtube page


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  1. Niko Ramos May 21, 2011

    Nice…love the vocals and her energy….sound so interesting…maybe more interesting the the original… 🙂

  2. Kelly May 21, 2011

    Sounds so much better then the orginal!! Beyonce may need to try this arrangement!

  3. queenbey May 21, 2011

    controversial??sam u are such a drama queen

  4. MIMI IM FIRST May 21, 2011


  5. Trucie May 21, 2011

    Whats controversial about it? I hope u’re not referring to the debate of how sophmoric the track is. or the fact its a huge flop that may have only just been saved solely because of the music video. whomever wrote the track should retire from ever writing music again. Lol how does she get to RTW from Independent woman? She was supposed to get better not worse. no doubt she’ll probably be singing her ass off at 50 but she wont be able to shake it wo breaking a hip, so we’ll see then just how timeless her weak ass, though extremely catchy in that they follow nursery ryhme formula, are. Ppl need to stop comparing her to greats like Tina Turner and MJ because when you strip it down bare, Beyonce’s just a good performer. Her music on the other hand leaves little to be desired. I thought she had finally gotten it on the “i am” side of Sasha Fierce but how sadly mistaken I was.  On the bright side, as long as we have a need to shake our ass fat and damage our vocal cords by singing off beat trying to reach the notes that only she can sing, she’ll always have her place and stage in music. No evolution whatsoever. Either way u just experienced the rantings of a dissapointed ex stan now demoted to just an album supporter with harsh critisms (popularly referred to as hating) of a once shining star who stepped off the pedistal. Not taken off but stepped off cuz clearly B doesnt care what she puts out in order to stay relevant. When in a music world that makes sense, whats she puts out after 30 is going to either maintain or diminish her relevance all together.  willow smith Is serving up more quality music than this “15 year vet” these days. Maybe the girl should have done a cover of a song with a tad bit of substance like Willow’s  “21st century girl” or even Selena Gomez’s “who says” instead. 

  6. Trucie May 21, 2011

    I sure did write an essay! Lol ” f*** u, pay me” lol she cant be serious. sorry Sams brainwashing techniques dont work on me folks cuz “i run this mutha!” oh shucks i did it again. Have a blessed day ppl.

  7. Trucie May 21, 2011

    Oh i didnt watch the lil girls cuz without actual video iy doesnt make sense to willing listen to crap music but can someone tell me if she sang the curse words to.

  8. Stoney-Brie May 21, 2011

    this amazing.. this gurl is talented…

  9. KAT DELUNA FAN May 21, 2011

    You wrote all that w/o listening to the video , 0.O ???

    Amazing she is mad talented

  10. bey’knight May 21, 2011

    i think the brilliance of run the world will be appreciated in about 10 years from now

    i love what shanice has done with the song, i hope beyonce sees this

  11. Kyle May 21, 2011

    Shaniceeeeeeeee 🙂 x

  12. trucie May 21, 2011

    I really didn’t. Is that bad? lol I don’t care much for youtube artists. Besides we already have WIllow Smith. LOL I only wrote in response to something Sam wrote. I could care less about the video.

  13. junkyardsoul May 21, 2011

    OMG that was banging!!! She needs a record deal. The vocal arrangement was just out of thus world. She sounds like what Rihanna would sound like of she could actually sing. A+

  14. KAT DELUNA FAN May 21, 2011

    OK OK

    Yeah I agree just like get me bodied ie Move your body
    RTW is amazing fo real

  15. MaZ May 21, 2011

    Love it! Great job Shanice! She’s talented!

  16. Jay May 21, 2011

    it’s not always a powerful vocal which makes for an interesting voice”

    – so why is so much shade always thrown at Rihanna? Bunch of hypocrites

  17. b**** please May 21, 2011

    Shanice, you just put Beyonic to shame…lmdao

  18. Colleen May 21, 2011

    Well Done Shanice!….Keep doing your thing you’re destined to be a successful artist, who will bring something new to Pop music, and make a fashion in wiping out the “s** sells” culture, simply by BEING YOURSELF! Love ya xxx

  19. WHYtheHate May 21, 2011

    People saying this is better than original are really delusional haters Get help cause yall are talent blind and deaf #booyah Beyonce rocks South African moves We are so thrilled its like a world domination everyone in the country/Continent is AMAZED no other singer has this power #BeyRunsThis Act like u know @vusimbele

  20. Shanice Smith May 21, 2011

    Hey Sam!!
    Wow, Thanks sooo much for posting this!! I really appreciate it!!
    I’m reading everyones comments, it’s great to know what people are thinking about it (not only my video but the song itself). So Thank you for your comments people! God Bless 🙂 x

    I never knew about this site before! But im loving the stuff your posting! I will defo continue supporting n checking your stuff out!

    Shanice x

  21. Chriss May 21, 2011

    I am expecting 1000 comments come on guys the power of Beyonce’s name. I am loving it.
    Queen B !!!!!!!!!!!!!lol Most talked about celeb, more credit to her.

  22. kimberly May 21, 2011

    lol @ Chriss…. yes Sam keep these post coming so many things about Beyonce coming up soon. don’t miss it. Please we need to keep the haters informed, amazing and chatting.

    Yesssssssss Sam pls post BBM awards on sunday this is a special moment for our history.

  23. k May 21, 2011

    This is 100 times better than the original. Beyonce better steal this arrangement like she steals everything else.

  24. NICK May 21, 2011

    haha @ K…..BUT ANYWAY BEYONCE HAS MADE ME LOVE THE SONG WITH THE VIDEO, it is AMAZIING!!!! THIS GIRL killed it tho, LOVED IT HONEY YES GIRL she has such a nice voice & playing that guitar GET IT BOO!!!!!

  25. Cuzer May 21, 2011 was i been eating subs all week..LOL…i got this $100 card for Any restaurant just 4 giving them a damn email

  26. leslie arnelle May 21, 2011

    Sam you all are becoming one of my everyday blogs that I visit. Really good look in finding this amazing talent. I posted her vid on my twitter and facebook I hope she gets discovered.

  27. Diva May 21, 2011

    This is actually better then the Original song!!! Beyonce u betta jump on this!

  28. Brettingsworth May 21, 2011

    100X’s better than the original…fresh, unique, talented…great showing Shanice! God Bless you!

  29. can’tbelieveit May 21, 2011

    Yes the girl did a nice cover but in no way was she better, are you haters that much in love with to hate Beyonce as though you life depends on it. Beyonce is more than a perfessional/performer, she is one of the most talented singers out right now. To have this much hate is so un cause for and really it’s a sin to hate as such. Now the young lady sounded good but by far Beyonce outdid her own self, especially with the video, true talk. What I most admire about Beyonce and about this song is that yes, she took some really hard risks and totally went outside the box and for that I love it because not only she can puled it off so effortly as she did. RTW(GIRLS) BEYONCE she’s a”ICONIC LEGEND” before the age of 30 years old. Show them how it is done.

  30. Mahogany May 21, 2011

    Yea, she sounds like what Rihanna would be if the b**** could actually sing. I like her rendition. She makes it sound Mexicana with a touch of indian punjabi music thrown in, haha.

  31. lee May 22, 2011

    Wow!! amazing! u should duet with Bey!!! love the acoustic version. very touching! keep the good work!

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