Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland Continues To Show Her ‘X Factor’

Published: Thursday 2nd Jun 2011 by Sam

Pop diva Kelly Rowland continued to shine as she arrived for day 2 of auditions for the X Factor UK in Birmingham, England today.

As earlier reported, the ‘Motivation’ singer was paid $1 million to become a judge on the hit show.

More pics below…

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  1. Giovanni Dayevid June 2, 2011

    FLAWLESS! She is just serving up all kind of fab left and right! Congrats Ms. Rowland! <4

  2. polliboy June 2, 2011

    Shoulda been on US Xfactor tho

  3. Bianca June 2, 2011

    Kelly is NOT playing. Let’s get to this second single though mami! LOVE THE LOOK!

  4. Giovanni Dayevid June 2, 2011

    @polliboy – From what I’ve heard she has a larger presence in Europe than in the US I believe that’s why they gave her that spot. . . I thought so too though. ^_^

  5. CURLY SUE June 2, 2011


  6. Diane June 2, 2011


  7. MISHKA June 2, 2011

    $ 1 million ? Overall? Okay.

    Anyway, I wish everything works out for her.

  8. Diane June 2, 2011

    The anticipation for the UK X Factor is more exciting than the US X Factor. Paula is old news and L.A. Reid lacks personality. His arrogance is going to be tiring. Kelly is making the UK X Factor exciting. Shame on Simon for not choosing her for the US X Factor.

  9. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-Bahamas♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ June 2, 2011


    I completely agree.

  10. kitty June 2, 2011

    I was not lookin forward to uk xfactor at all, and lookin forward to the us one but it has changed since they got kelly and tulisa on the uk one… I can’t wait, espically with tulisa cos she will speak her mind n keep it real like she always does, she’s a big step up from cheryl.. She may not be as glam as cheryl cole but she’s a lot more real and doesn’t care what ppl think of what she says, iv spoke to her before on twitter, she followed me and dms me and doesn’t act like a celebrtiy who looks down on people.. Iv also spoke to her on ustream a few times, and if someone is rude to her or disrwspects her she will let rip at them and put them in there place so deff lookin forward to it.. The us judges are dull compaired to kelly and tulisa 🙂

  11. edwardponton June 2, 2011

    She looks great asusual

  12. YOUR Queen! June 2, 2011

    Wait $1 million? Is that it? That doesn’t even equal £1 million and we all know £>>>$. Surely they could have paid her more than that? The eventual winner will get more than her! Smh, she looks gorgeous tho, too gorgeous for that wig! I wonder where her location will be for “the judges’ home” part of the show. Miami?

  13. JR June 2, 2011

    Damn look at my baby shinning. Congrats to her s*** ass!

  14. GREG June 2, 2011

    Damn!!….she can get it!!

  15. JR June 2, 2011

    People trippin about a million dollars….raise your hand if you even have half of that in your account??? She is happy so stop with all the hating LOL

  16. YOUR Queen! June 2, 2011

    *raises hand*

  17. SWEETHE♥RT (A.K.A. ICON) June 2, 2011


    $1 million equates to like to around £750,000. She’s definitely deserves a lot more than that.

    Anyway, Kelly looks beautiful. The make up, dress and THAT BAG. I want it! But those shoes are just hideous.

  18. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) June 2, 2011

    there goes my baby …….

  19. RIHANNA/ BEYONCE STAN June 2, 2011

    i am so loving this. she is doing the damn thing. go kelly

  20. kp douglas June 2, 2011

    It’s good to see that she’s finally getting her props. People tend to compare her 2 her DC sister Queen B, but Kelly is her own woman now. She’s as s*** and talented as they come

  21. S*** June 2, 2011

    Shes certainly cut out for the job but $1 sounds kinda Cheap 2 me… 😕

  22. Trina June 2, 2011

    I’m so happy for Smelly’s current success !! She works hard and deserves it !! GO KELLY !!

  23. JUDAS666 June 2, 2011

    KELLY IS STARTIN TO GET FULL OF HERSELF WITH THAT ANNOYING WINK AND ANNOYING POUTY KISS. 1 MIL??? HAHAHAHAHHAA. Dont forget to take off taxes b****!! She’s left with 500k net or less (she will need to take off foreign withholding taxes cuz she’s being paid by a Brit). She needs to remind herself not to spend all the cash on stupid outfits. The biggest drainer of cash around. Stay humble b**** or we gonna call you out in 2 sec. Next.

  24. Kingtmo June 2, 2011

    This chick right here #staywinning. Ladies take note!

  25. Dilla (DC3’s Pimp) Get My Money Slore June 3, 2011

    Kelly looks amazing. Loves her.

  26. i’m a S&m lovin billy goat…. baa beat me June 3, 2011

    Wait, what just happened to the Chris Brown post?

    Anyway, TGJ I love Kelly’s dress and lace front! 🙂

  27. Angela Wesley June 3, 2011

    I like the whole outfits and she does look good. I am happy fro Kelly success its about
    time she got some media attention! Like someone said she go head an release
    that next single.

  28. Roab June 3, 2011

    Why doesn’t get have more commerical gigs. Hello Coverr Girl…Ambi, she could do any sports item! Damn people! Kelly is gorgeous and fit as fck. Why can’t she get a piece of change every now and then:(

  29. LARRY June 3, 2011

    Why does Sam keep on reminding us that Kells got paid one milli for Judging Xfactor, seriously? What a joke LMAO

  30. 16 inches of my own hair June 3, 2011

    You kno what i really cant get tired of seeing Kelly i love her… And she rockin tha hell out of that dress… 3 times as s*** 2 times as beatuiful, give it to her, Do it B**** Do it… Im so glad Kelly is finaaly gettin shine on her own… She deserves everything that she is gettin right now… That dress wit that hair get it Kel… I love u mamas

  31. NikkiIsChillin June 3, 2011

    Kelly got her swagg on! Go girl! Get that paper. I really want to see her promote the album. Motivation went #1 with little promotion and no live performances (that I know of) imagine if she did….Keep up the good work Kelly.

  32. msindie June 3, 2011

    She looks rudiculous with all that fake “flowing” hair….

  33. ERIC June 3, 2011

    I love her! Hot as hell fine woman!
    I bet she’ll be a great judge!

  34. mk June 3, 2011

    She probably would have done it for £500,000. The should have haggled.

  35. BeyFan June 3, 2011

    WERK B****! The Shoes are wrong but you are giving us fashion! You better represent the black girls!

  36. MUCHO GUSTO June 3, 2011

    She only has occasional successful singles in the UK so thats why she isnt getting megabucks and btw the winner wont get more money because most of it goes on promo/marketing etc etc so know what your saying before you make un-educated statements.

  37. YOOSONDALOOSE June 3, 2011

    She looks better than yesterday!

  38. YOOSONDALOOSE June 3, 2011

    And the shoes ain’t that bad!

  39. DChildOfDestiny June 3, 2011


  40. lola June 3, 2011

    Kelly is so beautiful. She’s one of the best looking women in entertainment. She has such a beautiful complexion and a gorgeous smile. 1 million dollars is a nice chunk of change, but damn, they couldn’t cut her at least 2.5 million? I mean, she did have multiple Top 10 and # 1 hits in Europe throughout her career. I guess maybe because she’s really only had moderate success, not major. Anyway, I love the whole outfit and I am so happy that’s she’s finally getting that promo going. SHE BETTER PERFORM AT THE BET AWARDS ! It actually got over 8 million views last time it occured.

  41. jesse lopez June 4, 2011

    Now this b**** knows how to dress! and she don’t even have a “fashion”? line. and that girl skin be flawless as those crescendos she be hitting!

  42. jesse lopez June 4, 2011

    but the shoes kelly babe i don’t know they make your feet look huge. they’re just a outdated huge gladiator mess! but ain’t nobody too concerned with that when her outfit hair and make-up is so flawless as always!

  43. nice_girl June 4, 2011

    I always love what Kelly wears.

  44. Eric Ego January 3, 2012

    Well at least she’s getting paid! I would love to have $1 million in my bank account 🙂 Idk maybe she could have been p0ayed a little bit mor

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