Jennifer Hudson Shines On ‘Live On Letterman’

Published: Tuesday 14th Jun 2011 by David

Last night, Jennifer Hudson dazzled the audience on ‘Live On Letterman’ with a mind blowing performance in further support of LP  ‘I Remember Me’. The record debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 upon its release earlier this year.

Watch Ms. Hudson do what she does best below…

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  1. Ms Indie June 14, 2011

    Jennifer is the “New Whitney” Go J-Hud!!!

  2. Kranua June 14, 2011

    she looks so pretty after losing all that weight..
    …Didn’t even have to go shopping 4 Father’s Day…Walmart been giving back becuz a lawsuit they just got…lol i got 2 of em ..

  3. mobwife (i’m still a nasty billy goat….baa) June 14, 2011

    How many more times will these shows continue to feature the same ppl?

    Anyway, I LOVE “Feeling Good” (R.I.P. NINA SIMONE)! She did a wonderful job of course! This girl can SING!! Wait did she introduce herself though? WTH?? I can’t stand Letterman!

  4. loumorgan June 14, 2011

    it feels like it’s someone else
    nowwwwwww that’s what i’m alking about :::!! Go jen

  5. Jason June 14, 2011

    Possibly the best singer ever that has no good songs.

  6. NOTNEWS June 14, 2011

    Dear Jennifer,

    Moving forward please don’t put your hands on your hip again, I’m so tired of the same old move, work on a new one immediately!
    Next: Take some dance lessons, work on your stage presence ,you have to keep my damn attention, a little,more hip swing, move your shoulders, jump around so I know you feelin it.
    Your stylist needs to upgrade your look, a lttile black dress, come on ma, jazz it up a little.
    Next: Your voice, make-up on point, but you need to cut that damn weave…. s***
    Next” practice walking in heels ma, come on now, you gonna fall flat one day.
    Next: Big-ups to giving everyone props on writing your songs, I really like that.
    Next: I like your album, I could have used more up tempo but I like it.
    I love your voice, but your style needs work.
    Go Jennifer!

  7. Mr. T June 14, 2011

    Sounds good. But how many times is she gonna be on Letterman?? Or maybe Im thinking about something else

  8. JUDAS666 June 14, 2011

    Still a flop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has she sold past 500k soundscan yet??? NOPE!! Next. The best sounding flop ever…

  9. Coockie June 14, 2011

    Her attitude makes me sick to my stomach, thats how I feel!

  10. aisha June 14, 2011

    Really hope all this promo pays off. otherwise she has a nice voice. nice performance.

  11. BeyondGossip.Com June 14, 2011

    She has a nice voice and def a good performace

  12. can’tbelieveit June 14, 2011

    She still promoting her album? How many album has she sold so far. Yes she introduce herself to the show.

  13. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout June 14, 2011

    JHud is NOT da new Whitney!!!!! Whitney SOLD albums. JHud on da other hand……..

  14. TheMan4u June 14, 2011

    great performance

  15. Christian June 14, 2011

    She promoting her ass off but she’s NOT selling. 🙁

  16. SWEETY NATALIE (A.K.A. ICON) June 14, 2011


    Talent will never considered as a flop. Shame on you wishing other people to fail. What an evil person you are.

    Anyway, effortless great, high energy performance from J Hud, I wouldn’t expect anything less than her. She is a true insipration to young women everywhere about be strong no matter how setbacks life may give you. If you have a passion always pursue it.

  17. killa kam June 14, 2011

    Amazing job!!! Continue doing your thing and be yourself…the album sales will come!

  18. loves1embrace June 15, 2011

    Cute! She had fun and sounded great! That’s all you can ask for!

  19. JUDAS666 June 15, 2011



  20. VFB June 15, 2011

    Ummm Interesting, Clive Davis just told the world several days ago that Whitney Houston needs to getting together before she returns to the music industry. NOW YOU SEE HIM IN THE AUDIENCE SMILING EAR TO EAR AT JHUD. HMMMMMM I really think Mr. Davis is about to take it to a whole new level with JHUD…THE NEW WHITNEY HOUSTON WITH THE DRUGS AND DRAMA.

  21. cee June 15, 2011

    Yes whitney sold album but that was the 80’s and 90’s..Now we have internet were u can get cd for free

  22. MelyB June 15, 2011

    Luv her – this performance is really good. And to all the haters – JHud is on her grind and will only get better the more opportunities she has to perform. I love her voice so she doesn’t have to strut around half naked with 50 million dancers on stage for me to pay attention to her.

  23. nubianlegalmind June 16, 2011

    Go Sigourney!!! That is my girl on the left singing background! I thought this performance was great! Her energy was really great, voice was flawless and she looks amazing. Stop being so critical, it’s harder than it looks.

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