Ne-Yo To Debut ‘Bad Boy Side’ On Next Album

Published: Saturday 25th Jun 2011 by Rashad

Following the commercial disappointment that was 2010’s ‘Libra Scale‘, Ne-Yo is hoping to change the approach to his next release due this fall.  The singer recently sat down with VIBE magazine to discuss exactly what those changes would be.

See what songwriter had to say after the jump:

“Putting together this new album has definitely been a journey. With my last album not doing as well as the previous three, it gave me time to sit back and look at the image I portray and what I put out there. I felt like people were looking at me like he’s too f-cking nice, it has to be fake. Nobody’s that damn nice all the time.

I call myself protecting my fans [by] not showing that side, because it’s not a pretty side. You’ll definitely see a side of me on this album no one has seen before. People are either going to love it, hate it or not going to be ready for it. I’ll be back in September.”

The ‘Sexy Love’ singer also shared his thoughts on Euro-pop, R&B’s current status, and Beyonce being labeled as the next Michael Jackson.  You can read the interview in its entirety here.

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  1. Kathy June 25, 2011

    Just go back to r&b…

  2. ChrisJ June 25, 2011

    he better do something..i was disappointed with “libra scale”..he can recover

  3. Jayla June 25, 2011

    AGREE^^^^^^ R&B PLEASE!

  4. Legendtina4life June 25, 2011

    He needs to stay R&B. Dont pull an Usher

  5. Strange4sumchange June 25, 2011

    so i guess im the only one who thinks that album wasnt that bad huh.. ive herd far worse s*** than the songs on libra scale from other wack artists you guys say are good. three of my favorite songs from ne-yo came from that album so i really dont understand why everyone thinks this is his worst. well wateever. roll on september….

  6. AyYiYi June 25, 2011

    Bad boy, bad side? Ne-Yo, YOU ARE 30! Make grown folk music, and speaking of Usher he’s going a** backwards. Y’all rich enough, bring r&b back, i cant get jiggy to this over-popped electro dance music ALL OF THE TIME. Give me meaning and substance, where is Boyz II Men [Wayan?]…when you need ’em. Miguel come show these ‘Im rich so I fell off ‘ coons R&B in 2011!

  7. Jayla June 25, 2011



  8. mark ginnnis June 26, 2011

    His problem is that Libra Scale was too grandiose what with the concept and all. Dont be gangsta it dont fit- what with him being all Tangy .

  9. King B June 26, 2011


  10. wateva June 26, 2011

    SHOW YOUR BAD BOY SIDE?? MISS SUGAR COOKIE, GIRL HOW YOU GONNA DO THAT, HUH?? What are you gonna name your next album, VERSATILE???

  11. bey’knight June 26, 2011

    wat the hell is getting drunk on? who says he’s too nice, there’s a reason he’s caled neyosha, cus he’s always bitchin bou other artists in his interviews n gettin smack from it. besides we’ve seen thsi happen before, inevitable stage in the metanorphosis of an ambitious songbird. funny enough what i found repulsive in his last era was the triviality and corniness in his videos and i see corny written all over these as well. am sure his “bad side” bals down to a throwing f-bombs here and there on the record, maybe get a few tats oh wait he already has thos. i’ll be watchin ….. from a distance

  12. Reader June 26, 2011

    This is quite tragic, he’s spent his entire career in the spotlight portrayed as the R&B gentleman and now because hes scared of the alleged gay rumours he wants people to know he’s the “bad” guy – oooffftt!!!! why would anyone be so eager to show the bad side of themselves anyway?!?! its obvious he has masculinity issues… he shouldnt though – did anyone see that photo of him rocking the inside out baby blue tee posing like an americas next top model contestant at a Z-list movie premiere, pretty bad ass right? ne yo is like the sylvester stallone of R&B you just didnt know it yet!!

  13. Jasmine June 26, 2011

    I guess he wants to channel his Sasha Fierce side. I think he is a better songwriter than singer/performer. He should not give up on songwriting for other artists in persuit of being a more commercial artist. He should do both or just focus more on songwriting.


    “Ne-Yo To Debut ‘Bad Boy Side’ On Next Album”



  15. -_- June 26, 2011

    LOL bad boy side…not with that nutt sqeezin voice

    more boy bye

  16. Vegas girl June 26, 2011

    I HATE when someone calls themselves a bad boy/girl…it’s lame!
    I’ve never heard anyone speak about Neyo’s “too nice” side so I don’t know exactly where he’s receiving his info. Very calculated image change but really stupid to announce it because it looks even more calculated. Stick to what you are good at Neyo, not sure if you fit a bad boy of r n b title but I guess he’s going to do what he’s going to do.

    I agree with jasmine, maybe Neyo should Do more songwriting.

  17. number1k9 June 26, 2011

    Sounds stupid.

    He better hope this doesn’t flop as hard as that nonsense known as ‘Libra Scale’

    Why doesn’t he release the music that made him famous and loved, for at least one more album, and then try to experiment sound wise-like you already had one musical sound experimentation which failed, do you really want, need or can afford another!


  18. Yall Are Too Fake June 26, 2011

    NeYo- Baddest B**** in the Game. The Queen NeYo slays your favs.

  19. VA STAND UP!! June 26, 2011

    Lol! It’s funny cause I remember when he was doing inteviews for his last album he kept saying how he was the ‘gentlemen’ and Trey Songz was the ‘s*** guy’ and so forth and so forth. Guess that didn’t work so now it’s out the window! Lol!

    Actually, he’s kinda built his whole career and image on being the ‘gentlemen’ I don’t really know if people are gonna buy the ‘bad guy’ image from. I mean,I guess he can’t help the way he looks but he is one of the softest looking dudes in the industry. For him to try and be ‘bad’ will just look forced. IMO.

    I cant judge anything until I’ve heard & Ne Yo is talented so who knows what he can come up with. Maybe he means his music will be a bit edgier, maybe his sound but I can’t see him cursin and all that in his music. That would just be too much. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

    He can definitely make a comeback after his last album, just look at Chris! : D

  20. TeamBreezy_Takeover June 26, 2011

    Ne-Yo is an amazing singer/songwriter, but ‘Libra Scale’ wasn’t great at all. I would love for him to go back to the music that made him famous in the first place. In My Own Words….is a classic in my book 🙂

  21. Kathy June 26, 2011

    Yeah, why does keep strayin’ away from your roots. I mean, you can a little to experiment, but remember what you sold that the fans loved you for..

  22. IfierceMonster June 26, 2011

    Go back to R&B??? Are ya’ll f****** nuts! NOBODY is buying R&B these days!

    And don’t nobody want to see Ne-Yosha go bad boy, no thanks!

    It will NOT fit him!

  23. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 26, 2011

    I think he’s just talking about the lyrics.Maybe instead of a “how much I love you, you’re the best “, he’ll pull a “b****, you destroyed my life” kind of song.And it’s true that he’s been quite reluctant, so change is good.I appreciate his honesty, btw

  24. aisha June 26, 2011

    LOL! I have nothing against B but she is FAR from being MJ! Ne-yo said it best- BLAH!

  25. Del June 26, 2011

    Damn right he wants to channel his sasha fierce
    Neyo is such a damn a** b****
    With his grapefruit head when the hats not on.
    Ok so neyo wants to get ghetto fabulous on the
    Rnb world please!!!!! Neyo get a lace front weave
    Preferably blonde some boots and work it like
    Queen bee cuz u no u wanna !!!!!
    Neyo wants to show his bad side that vibe interview
    Was helirous
    Neyo just stick to songwriting cuz libria was a
    Major fail!!!!!!! Lol

  26. Remey June 26, 2011

    And this sounds like nothing other than a gimmick to sell. Libra Scales wasn’t terrible, but there comes a price and risk to change up your sound. Neyo had some decent songs, especially Champagne Life, but the album was everywhere like Aguilera’s Bionic.

    “Bad Boy?” This should be interesting. I hate when artists think they have to have a gimmick to promote music. Some artists’ fans don’t have a clue what the singer’s personal life is like. A good example is John Legend….However, he continues to provide quality music. Neyo reminded me of this. I love Neyo, but I don’t know much about him which is fine. It was his music that attracted me….

    But now…this Bad Boy image? Please


  27. mobwife….darn this goat hair, cough…baa June 26, 2011

    I’m not really sure how to take his comments? O__0

    I don’t see him as being “TOO NICE” of GUY! I have always seen him a tad jealous of Usher and Chris Brown while trying to cozy up next to Tray Songz (for whatever reason?)! I don’t know if ppl realistically saw him as all that positive or nice. I just remember he couldn’t stop publiclly bashing certain R&B artists which turns ppl off very quickly! Ne-Yoshe is actually a good talent who could stand on his own against anyone and have success, if he would learn to control his obvious jealousy of other artists!!

    on a positive note: I can’t wait to hear it!!

  28. mobwife….darn this goat hair, cough…baa June 26, 2011



    Lastly, chime in on this debate: Is Beyoncé is the Michael Jackson of our generation?

    Anybody trying to be the Michael Jackson of any period, it’s a losing battle. It’s not going to happen. There will only be one Michael Jackson. However, Beyoncé is definitely carving out her own place in history. So as opposed to her being the Michael Jackson of our generation, I feel like she’s trying to be the Beyoncé of our generation—whatever that may mean. “Michael Jackson of our Generation,” blah, forget that. We’re trying to carve out new spots in history. Michael Jackson was trying to be Michael Jackson. I feel like Beyoncé is trying to be Beyoncé, so that at some point in time somebody will put her name up next to Michael Jackson’s. I ain’t mad at her for that.

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