Estelle Speaks On New Album, Adele

Published: Monday 11th Jul 2011 by Rashad

‘Break My Heart’ singer Estelle has been making her promo rounds in preparation for her soon-to-be released new album ‘All of Me’.  The singer recently chatted it up with and shared information about the record as well as thoughts on fellow U.K. songstresses Adele and Marsha Ambrosius.

See what the ‘American Boy’ emcee/singer had to say after the jump:


…the structure of her entire album; an emotionally-charged LP that Estelle said fans can expect to be “acute” and authentic. “Every song has emotional attachments to it—whether happy or sad, melancholy or joyful.”

Besides being excited about the release of  All of Me, the “American Boy” singer took the time to express her sentiments about the current success of fellow British songstresses Adele and Marsha Ambrosius. “We’ve [Brit girls] been winning across the world for a number of years now, so I’m happy to be able to do a third album and still be in the game.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

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  1. Kellymotivation July 11, 2011

    She needs to get rid of that FUGLY hairstyle

  2. The Man July 11, 2011

    Estelle looks very good in that pic. She’s nice down to earth and very humble. I want for her to do well. She’s talented.

  3. Harvey July 11, 2011

    Come on Estelle she needs to start prepping everything cause break my heart is climbing on Urban and Urban AC!!!

  4. Bobby Bulgaria July 11, 2011

    Who are these…???
    Estelle, Adele, Marsha Ambrosius…

    I don’t listen to UK singers…They’re all too wacky for me…

  5. Rosie July 11, 2011

    estelle keep doing your thing, but you should get your name and song out their, I haven’t even heard it on radio yet,

  6. MONROE July 12, 2011

    lawd…them knees……

  7. G July 12, 2011

    EEWWWW her knees look ashy!!

  8. Davy July 12, 2011

    LOL – The last two comments. I’m sorry, i don’t think Estelle can sing as she always sounds slightly off key. She clearly is a one hit wonder and will be surprised if she makes an impact this time around

  9. nice_gurl July 12, 2011

    She’s a good singer. English singers usually have talent, except they are usually unheard of outside the UK, except Adele. Shame really.

  10. WayTooFly! July 12, 2011

    What game is she in?

    She’s a non-motherfucking factor, b****!

  11. lola July 12, 2011

    I like Estelle’s voice. I think she can SING, but she just needs more vocal lessons. It’s like, her vocals aren’t strong enough, but her tone is beautiful and she does House music justice. I think that with the right hair, and better skin treatment, Estelle can be decent looking. Many people make fun of her looks, but she looks a million times better now that she got her teeth fixed with braces. She just needs a more toned better, clearer and smoother skin on her body and face, a new hair style, and a nice ass fashion style. She should take tips from the beautiful Miss Kelly Rowland.

  12. Bouncy Baby! July 12, 2011

    I really like Estelle and i think she is very talented…………….just don’t like how she reacted when she was compared to Lauryn Hill.

    Ms Hill is a legend and you should take it as a compliment.

  13. Infamous Doll July 12, 2011

    Man who in the world cares about Estelle anymore. The last song I really liked of hers was American Boy and she will forever be remembered for just that song. Even though a one hit wonder is better than no hit but GOD her relevancy is lower than Rick Ross tum tum.

  14. Jonathan Gardner July 13, 2011


    She is just a singer on the side – like what Nicki Minaj does (except Estelle came before)…

  15. chalupa eater July 15, 2011

    adelle, estelle…doesnt matter they both suck

  16. Tera September 4, 2011

    I love adele I hate estelle. It’s sad because when I heard american boy I thought it was adele. Now that I see it wasnt I’m disappointed. I think estelle is too damn full of herself which is why I can’t stand her. She could do more than take tips from kelly rowland, she needs tips from all of destiny s child. Ughhh, this woman is hideous inside and out

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