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Published: Monday 11th Jul 2011 by TGJ Staff

Far removed is the R&B world from the ear splitting fangirl screams at the sight of new millennium boy band, B2K. Now, the mention of the one time heartthrobs induces jokes about member Raz-B‘s boy-who-cried-rape internet antics. The rest of the guys are still releasing music, albeit to no specific hurrah. But there are still a few artist from the old T.U.G. Entertainment roster making legitimate noise on the current music scene. The all girl response to B2K, collective TG4, was ultimately shelved by the label, but produced Amber Streeter, now known as Seven of fledgling female quartet Richgirl. The 24-year-old is a frequent collaborator, and apparent muse of R&B singer Chris Brown (see ‘She Ain’t You’, F.A.M.E, In My Zone series, etc.). 2011 also saw the reappearance of B2K’s resident rhymer Lil’ Fizz’s younger cousin Jhene.

July (feat. Drake)’

Previously signed to Epic Records, Jhene Aiko was being cross-promoted during the guy’s heyday, as the next big thing out of the T.U.G. camp – that never was. the rosy-cheek singer was featured on B2K’s sophomore effort, Pandemonium!, their Christmas and two remix EPs, opened on The Scream Tour III, officially released a single and music video, and given countless release dates. Yet, nothing ever came of the deal – apart from a handful of unreleased teen R&B/Pop cuts, that you can find somewhere on the internet. After about five years of the ongoing teasing, Jhene decided to finally severe ties with Epic Records and T.U.G. Entertainment to finish her education.


Now all grown up, the 23 -year-old mother of one is back and making music her way. Her 2011 mixtape, Sailing Soul(s), has generated a lot of buzz on the West Coast and across the internet. The moody collection of songs features guest appearances by Drake (‘July’) and Miguel (‘Hoe’), and displays Aiko’s warm vocals perfectly amidst the atmospheric production – mostly done by beat-making team Fisticuffs. The singer has specified vocal influence by Brandy, Beyonce and Sade, and cites John Mayer as major inspiration for her new role as a songwriter. Throughout the mixtape we find the singer imbue her bass heavy confections with her real life as a young woman, living in L.A., with a goal. “I got a baby to feed, barely can eat, and I’m chasing a dream,” she confesses to a foreign lover on the introspective ‘Space Jam’. Today, the B2K craze is but a teenage memory, and Jhene is fittingly in the wings singing the songs of the now broken in, adult fangirls of the last decade.

Click here to download Jhene’s free mixtape Sailing Soul(s).

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  1. crunkpoet July 11, 2011

    i love her! even back when b2k was big i liked her and hoped she would do some big things!

  2. MuzikJunkie July 11, 2011

    This girl is super talented, I LOVE her mixtape and her voice is just beautiful. I hope she keeps making great music!

  3. Harvey July 11, 2011

    I love Me some Jhene Aiko…her mixtape is hella dope.And she such a talented person.

  4. Ms idarebebold July 11, 2011

    i love her mixtape! i can’t wait to hear more from her.

  5. Erbodyhatechris July 11, 2011

    Ahhhh I’m so happy Jhene is finally getting some exposure! Her last mixtape was so dope!

  6. Erbodyhatechris July 11, 2011

    You Vs Them and My Mine is my favs from the mixtape!


  7. Malibu Barbie July 11, 2011

    JHENE over CHER LLOYD. Jhene is a bad bish!! yass!

  8. TRP July 11, 2011

    Seriously, her mixtape is like an underground album deserving of a Grammy. The s*** is so classical, and well put together that I would be willing to purchase a couple copies. A label needs to snatch her up and let her put out an official version of Sailing Souls. I just can’t wait to hear more from her, she’s incredible.

  9. LTM July 11, 2011

    Its always nice to hear new music from a new artist

  10. bettyboopbbw69 July 11, 2011


  11. Pucci July 11, 2011

    IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!! I mean really, i’ve been waiting on you Jhene! Funny thing is this the first i’ve heard of her since her days with B2K.

  12. GO BEY July 11, 2011

    she sounds like MYA nothing special, yet another wannabe

  13. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare July 11, 2011

    I like her!!!!!! Good lookin out!

  14. nice_gurl July 11, 2011

    She’s got a nice voice.

  15. Jazmine July 11, 2011

    Omarion’s little brother is Jhene’s baby daddy right .?

  16. max_ciara July 11, 2011

    YESSSSSSS Finally yall post about her!!! She is amazing; never in my 19 years of living have i enjoyed somebody’s mixtape in my life!! Imeen you would think its an official album! Her voice is sooo smooth and calming; dont get me started on fav from the mixtape>>>My mine, stranger, you vs them, h**, sailing not selling, real now, growing apart!!! AHHH i love it! Also i love the video for stranger>>it captures the true feeling of the beat. She is amazing and may god bless her with more success!!

  17. WhimsicalFire July 11, 2011

    Its like Cassie meets an even lesser talented version of Rihanna. Kinda like Mya, if see wasn’t trying…
    Not good… watery vocals, played-out style…
    Maybe this would have worked when Ashanti, Ciara, and even Aaliyah were running the R&B/Pop game. But in this dawn of Beyonce, Alicia Keys.. Adele, Lady Gaga, way more is needed than lack-luster vocals accompanied by a pretty face.
    Britney and Rihanna already have a hold on the vocally challenged department.
    Goodbye Jhene.

  18. MahoganyMars July 11, 2011

    <– As you can tell from my gravatar pic, I love this woman!! Her mixtape has been on repeat since she released it back in March!! #teamaiko 🙂

  19. MahoganyMars July 11, 2011

    Oh yeah…to the people saying that she can’t sing: Jhene is definitely NOT trying to compete with the superstars & sell millions of records. Plus, she has never claimed to be a powerhouse vocalist. She knows how to work within her limits.

  20. Mr-DeBonair2U July 11, 2011

    Jhene is hott u posted 3of my fav songs off the mixtape

  21. RHI RHI IS QUEEN July 11, 2011


  22. CheerfuL Cynic XD July 11, 2011

    I’ve been listening to her mix tape non stop since it was released
    my fav songs are

    sailing not selling
    my mine

    s*** I love em all

  23. Selestial July 11, 2011

    I have always loved since back in tha day…..she sounds just like her sister Mila J. Especially back when ol’ Myspace was revelant…..used 2 rinse those beats out…!

  24. S July 11, 2011


  25. VVO July 11, 2011

    I love her! She’s so dope!

  26. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN July 11, 2011

    Pretty looking girl.

  27. smokey July 11, 2011

    Finally!! Her mixtape is dope. Great Great vocals I love her

  28. Kellymotivation July 11, 2011

    She looks and sounds like Cassie


  29. lola July 11, 2011

    This b**** needs to give it up. She’s a mother and has been for like 4 years. She can’t sing and sounds a lot like Cassie! People only support her because she’s pretty. I’m tired of this washed up singers or people who never made it trying to come back in the game when it clearly wasn’t meant to be. GrapeJuice, y’all will post about anybody now-a-days!

  30. perhaps July 11, 2011

    Cassie? No not at all. Give this girl a chance and until you see you sing live you shouldn’t put her in the Cassie category. I dig the mix tape its heartfelt and personal regardless of the caliber of her voice.

  31. Alvaro Moreira July 11, 2011

    Good mixtape! I’m glad I could get it for free. Hope she breaks through.

  32. that_lala July 11, 2011

    i remember her but,its been years.can’t wait to see what she’s gonna do now 🙂

  33. that_lala July 11, 2011

    btw she’s beautiful 🙂

  34. David July 11, 2011

    Her mixtape been out for a minute now……but thanks for putting some spotlight on her. Sailing Souls is dope…

  35. Yellow Gorillah July 11, 2011

    YAAAS Eeveryone needs to get into Jhene

    STRANGER + MY MINE —————–>

    Her mixtape been on repeat for a while now. She has potential

  36. I don’t give a f*** July 11, 2011

    Introducing? Damn Sam, you late. LOL but I love Jhene. She’s really talented. Hopefully she’ll make an album and get more street buzz….she reminds me of a female drake to me….

  37. VA STAND UP!! July 11, 2011

    Dang, I forgot all about her. I remember from her association with B2k, but that’s about it. She pretty much fell off the radar since then & I’ve never It sucks that she has to be associated with that group & all their drama.

    The songs are cute. She has a really soft voice like Mya & Cassie, & she obviously has the look but I don’t think there is anything to spectacular or ‘stand out’ about her. I don’t mean to be negative but I don’t see why everyone is gushing all over her. Her songs don’t sound like anything we haven’t heard before. I guess having Drake on your record is a good look though. *shrugs*

    Kudos to TGJ for giving a new (well not really) some shine. Good luck to her.

  38. Mashonda Fan July 11, 2011

    This mixtape is the best CD that came out in 2011 so far!

    Jhene is talented. Both her and her sister Mila J. Love them!
    Jhene’s debut album is good also.. fav songs are: DEJA VU & STUCK LIKE THIS.

    She has that special vibe in her songs. Some call her a female Drake. I can see why, she’s doing the same type of music.. moody, vibey, atmospheric hiphop RnB.

    I hate people who say that R&B is dead. It’s soooo not! BYE.

  39. JUSTbeinHONEST July 12, 2011

    I’ve always loved this girl and ive listen to almost every song from her …. now hey sister MILA J needs to come back out and make a album … one song you guys should listen to is “Right Here” it was featured in the Proud Family movie a few years back

  40. Keesha July 12, 2011

    I really like the Stranger song. I actually first heard it on Tumblr some months ago. And I remember her from the Tease song on B2K’s Pandemonium album, at least I think that was her on the song. I have to hear her live though.

  41. Keesha July 12, 2011

    Oh and I like the July song too. Heard that one on Tumblr as well. And I don’t know why my comment is being held for moderation. *shrugs shoulders*

  42. WOW July 12, 2011

    She is amazing and the freshest thing I have heard in a really long time. Pray she blows. She deserves it.

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