Drake Eyes Rick Ross Collabo Album?

With Cash Money CEO Birdman recently confirming a Lil’ Wayne/Drake joint project after the release of their respective albums ‘Tha Carter IV’ (August 29th) and ‘Take Care’ (October 24) albums, the ‘Successful’ rapper may already have his eyes set on his next joint venture.

Although pal Trey Songz has already expressed a desire to do a joint release with him, the Canadian rapper took time to chat with EW to reveal another Urban heavyweight he wouldn’t mind collaborating with, reveal details about Take Care, and share thoughts on ‘Watch the Throne’:

Via EW:

Rap has become like fast food. Fans want it quickly and a lot of it. It’s only been a year since Thank Me Later and your fans seem to be starving for Take Care. Do you think they’ve forgotten that artists need life experiences to craft their art?
Yeah! You’ve got to live, man. Exactly. I remember when artist used to take, like, four years to make an album. Usher used to disappear for three years. It took Justin Timberlake a really long time to craft Justified. Even Beyoncé’s albums are spanned three years apart. You’ve got to live, man. And now we’ve sort of birthed and encouraged this generation of instant gratification.

I really hope that there’s people who sit with the music and drive to it and just really soak it in—not just run back to the computer and demand more. It’s important for our generation to know that it’s okay to take some time. It’s okay if an album takes a year or two to make.  That just means it’s probably going to be better than if they took two months and released it.

What do you think of how Jay-Z and Kanye West released Watch the Throne? They did a couple of exclusive sessions.  And they kept the album from leaking by going straight to iTunes.
With Jay and with Watch the Throne, I’m so glad that it came out. As artists, we all need extra motivation. And I feel like in these last 30 days, that album is going to make me go 10 times harder from just, you know, hearing all the bars and all the sounds.

Have you thought of adopting their release approach?
I think with the Jay and ‘Ye thing, that was their approach—releasing it exclusively to digital, and doing the listening parties, and getting everybody involved and excited. I think that it was a brilliant approach. Do I necessarily think that Jay or ‘Ye would do that for a solo project? No. Do I think that Jay would release exclusively to digital and, like, play all of his music off a solo album to be dissected by critics? No. I’ve discussed doing projects with is obviously Lil Wayne. And one of the people of the people I enjoy rapping with most in this business is Rozay [Rick Ross]. Me and him have talked about potentially doing something after our albums comes out. I just love making songs with him. Every time we make a song it just seems to be something I love listening to after the fact when I’m in my car.

Thank Me Later had quite a bit of features on it. Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Jay, Jeezy, Wayne, Nicki, The-Dream, T.I…. Think you’re going to relax on the guest appearances this time?
I think that was the deal with Thank Me Later. It was my first album. It was a bit rushed. And I think I found solitude in having features from people I love. It was a heavy feature album. And this album is the complete opposite.

You’ve leaked a few “singles” this summer. What of the bunch is actually on Take Care?
Headlines” and “Marvin’s Room” are on the album. But “Dreams Money Can Buy” and “Trust Issues,” those joints are on that birthday edition. That birthday edition might be a stupid amount of songs. I’m just forewarning everybody. [Laughs] I want to service people a lot of music to get you through fall, winter, spring, and into the next summer. I want this music to last. That’s not to say I won’t be working on new things. But I just want to create something that has a long shelf life than the average album these days.

Read the interview in its entirety here.

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  1. IS†ANN4GAGA August 30, 2011


    I’m not Saying “The Throne” invented this but ever since Jay & Ye did a duet album,the people over at Young Money wanna try and throw ideas out there…..SMH

  2. Beyonce dated, got married, and THEN got pregnant. That’s how you do it lolol(IS†ANN4GAGA) August 30, 2011

    Beysus still spans her albums 2-4 years apart though…… 2003-06 BDay – DIL
    2006-08 DIL – IASF
    2008-11 IASF-4

  3. kayla August 30, 2011

    Two fake rappers

  4. Justathought August 30, 2011

    Umm not interested. Their music has no depth so it’s boring to me.

  5. LTM August 30, 2011

    hell NO!! nobody likes Rick Ross, his album sales prove that. Hip-Hop needs a doctor, but hes too busy trying to revive The Game

  6. Jane Doe August 30, 2011

    #SIT. Just keep being “b*** buddies” with Baby & Wayne & your career will be alright.

  7. ann August 30, 2011

    My Best friend told me ~~ Affl·uent·Sin·gle.C óM ~~. If you have worked hard for your Milli onaire status and want to meet people of the same class, if you want to enjoy a mil lionaire lifestyle, you may try it. Hope you will end your single life there. Good luck!

  8. Umm… August 30, 2011

    Umm… No. I get enough of Rick Ross sounding like he’s about to cough from his asthma…. -_-

  9. Kisses August 31, 2011

    I wouldn’t care if I never heard albums from all of them ever again, TBH. All of their music sounds the same as of late.

    “So Far Gone” Drake>>>>>>>>>>The Drake you see now

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