Kreayshawn Calling It Quits?

Published: Tuesday 30th Aug 2011 by Rashad

Glam rapstress Kreayshawn hasn’t been exactly feeling the love since her recent debut.  Even though the ‘Gucci Gucci’ starlet was honored with a ‘Best New Artist’ nomination at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, her favor in the industry appears to have stopped there given the growing number of altercations the rapstress is racking up.  Rick Ross, Da Brat, and The Game are just a few hip-hop stars that probably won’t appear atop her fanclub mailing list.

To voice her frustration, the starlet recently took to Tumblr to reveal:

“All I wanted to do is create and have a good time. But, this is quickly forming into something I never would have signed up for from being accused of being racist to getting my pre-teen nudes leaked everywhere. I feel like this shit ain’t my cup of tea. Someone else want my job right about now? Im just gotta sip lean and disappear. THIS GAME IS FAKE AS ALL HELL! “

Maybe our prayers really have been answered.

Your thoughts?

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  1. IS†ANN4GAGA August 30, 2011

    And yet you BLOCK us from saying the word TUUUUUMBLR. SMFH SAM!

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN August 30, 2011

    sorry to hear it,lf she is passionnated why stop now

    but l wont miss her

  3. Madonnalover August 30, 2011

    F*** YEAH! The industry dont need you b****, BYE!

  4. carl August 30, 2011

    ‘It ain’t fo everybody’ *Jay voice*

  5. jamir21:bey,rihanna,brit,gaga,nicki >>>>> KERI ! August 30, 2011

    Yes thank god she is going away from the industry for good thank god her song was wack !

  6. IS†ANN4GAGA August 30, 2011

    And as for these altercations:

    No I do NOT like KREAYTURE’s work and she needs to get used to it…(People diss some stars who sall be unnamed and they don’t even think twice about it.)

    Anyway,DaBrat’s barely relevant as it is and Game needs to sit his Beyonce shadin’ ass ALL THE WAY DOWN!

  7. IS†ANN4GAGA August 30, 2011

    But THANK GAWD she’s going……All we need now is for SKERI & JUSTINE BEAVER to follow this route.

  8. Chile Please!! August 30, 2011

    Awwww Boo F****** Hoooo! Somebody give this b**** a Kleenex….I don’t feel sorry for this soft White C*** at all. She really needs to watch what she say about people, because s*** will leak out to the world… your stunt you pulled with you & the other piece of White Trash w**** & your 2 homo’s in the back ground co-signing. Ya’ll was goin IN on R. Ross & when you got approached by him & his team , Honey Onion Tits You GAGGED! Looking all stupid on T.V. about to get that ass whooped. Ms. Thing you need to NOT try again….you’ve FAIL!! Especially with this sob sorry ass excuse! ANYWAY!!!

  9. IS†ANN4GAGA August 30, 2011

  10. THEMAN August 30, 2011

    Wasn’t Kreyshaawn and Da Brat cool? Kreyshawn seems to be cool. She seems to be an easy target for some reason. She should just stay focused and focus on her music.

  11. Tolu Realist August 30, 2011

    Bout damn time

  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 30, 2011

    I’m going to say it; I respect her for that.She wanted to keep it real.However, there’s no way she’s going to quit.The label hasn’t milked her yet, but they have invented in her, so they won’t let her go unless she can pay for all the promo they booked her.I don’t like her “music” either, but I won’t hate on her on a post about her quitting.Anyway, the industry needs people with dedication, so if she can’t handle it, then…Whatever, she won’t be allowed to quit.

  13. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 30, 2011

    Now that Justin Bieber was mentioned (I agree @ISTANN4GAGA, he has to go and take his magazine girlfriend with him) has there been any Twitter buzz about him not clapping, looking rude and having a non-commital attitude throughout the entire VMA’s night (well, almost)

  14. YEABEY LOVES AALIYAH! August 30, 2011

    As much as I hate her music, I’m a little disappointed that she gave up (idk why). I guess she never had the passion in the first place (obviously seeing that her freestyles often suck!)

    It ain’t for everybody…..

  15. Live, Love, Party August 30, 2011

    this is the same thing waka flocka said 2 months ago that he was gonna stop doing music but it looks like he’s lied to himself and kept going. The truth is I’m not a fan of this b**** at all. I think she’s wack. But as many haters as nicki minaj has if she woulda given up she’d be no where near where she is right now. And lets so how many folks have got their naked pics leaked and didn’t give a f*** what haters though? Miley cyrus, vanessa hudgens, jamie fox, chris brown, rihanna, amber rose, kim K, ……the list goes on. U gonna let something petty like that keep u from ur dreams u r rly a sourpuss!!!

  16. IS†ANN4GAGA August 30, 2011

    @ASAP nope

  17. Lalala August 30, 2011

    With all the hype surrounding Kreayshawn it’s no wonder these barely non-existent celebrities would try & criticise her, it’s gets them a little bit of publicity. Rick Ross & Da Brat are so irrelavent.

    But in all honesty, the nude photos? Anybody in the world who takes a nude photo should think about the consequences of it leaking before they take it

  18. IS†ANN4GAGA August 30, 2011

    as a matter of fact,Twitter’s too busy trying to trend pornstars SMH 😕

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 30, 2011

    @ISTANN4GAGA Pornstars trending???So glad I’m not on Twitter…

  20. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 30, 2011

    WAIT…Wasn’t TGJ all about Kreyashawn some months ago.They made an “Introducing…” post about her, then they started posting all her small-venue performances and whenever there was something about her they would post the ‘Gucci Gucci’ video with the same line “You still don’t see what the fuss is about?”.Either it was all sponsored or you just dramatically changed your stance after her freestyle failure…

  21. Beyonce dated, got married, and THEN got pregnant. That’s how you do it lolol(IS†ANN4GAGA) August 30, 2011

    @Asap yes….

    [it’s the sixth one from the top]

    and yes,there was that post as well.

  22. Randy August 30, 2011

    she’s s*** anyway who cares?? haha preteen pics.. no preteens should pose like that n she looks exacta the same, probs taken last week

  23. Haiku August 30, 2011

    Not every fish was made to swim mainstream!

  24. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 30, 2011

    @ISTANN4GAGA Brian Pumper??He is trending on Twitter??And he isn’t even a pornstar with a funny or epic name…The world needs a reality check.

  25. Those That Cannot Do, Stan August 30, 2011

    Meh, she ain’t my homegirl but f*** the haters Kreayshawn.

    You should be getting out of the game strictly because you suck, not because you have folks not liking what you’re doing.



  27. X,Y,”and Z” August 30, 2011

    And as you walk out the door, you can collect that steaming, heaving, “mound of talking human fecal matter” known as “Officer Rick Ross”!

    And continuing on, with the theme of THE useless, faded, feckless and warmed-over, 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland just-now moved 7K-U.S. OTC Retail Units.

    The “Here I Flop” “retail scorecard”.. 77K-First Week, 22k-Second Week, 16K-Third Week, 11K-Fourth Week, and now 7K-Fifth Week — an (approx) 133K- U.S. OTC Retail Units moved!

    @Chris Brown/Staff — Is THIS the “DEAD-WEIGHT LAME” you want to drag-about on your tour?

    ..So, with these pity-full numbers, what’s she to be paid; if at all? I mean it’s now painfully evident that she WILL NOT sell tickets. So how’s she getting paid? Is she getting Chris’ share of the money?

    I mean, isn’t the idea/notion of having someone on your tour is to draw additional fans/sell tickets you’d not sell by yourself? And she IS getting paid from “tickets sold”, yes? But if she can’t “MOTIVATE” “Here I Am” CD sales, unlike Chris, and others, on the tour – WHO DO SELL CDs – and thus are “selling tickets”, then she’s getting paid for doing absolutely NOTHING, no?

    30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland is taking money from the pockets from those who are on that tour: Chris, Big Sean and whoever-else..

    Long-story short: Chris, dump 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland from your tour before she further “Buzz-Kills ‘Tour-F.A.M.E’ ticket sales”..!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  28. SCHEIßE,SCHEIßE(IS†ANN4GAGA) August 30, 2011



  29. Madonnalover August 30, 2011

    Why do you bring chris brown into everything?? Can you please go somewhere with that bull s***?

  30. Kisses August 30, 2011

    One thing she said I agree with “The industry is fake as all hell”! Damn straight!

  31. Malibu Barbie August 30, 2011

    sis. u shdnt have thrown shade to rick ross.. i understand nicki minaj dissed lil kim on the come up.. but that route seemed to work for her it wont work for everyone… even tho ur a gimmick and ur just flavor of the month. i can tolerate you… but in the words of Omarion ” fame isnt for everybody”
    but rick ross is a p**** for coming for Kreashawn like that…

  32. miss humble August 30, 2011


  33. Malibu Barbie August 30, 2011

    OH and grapejuice HAVE A SEAT. were u not the same website nominating Kreashawn for the Queen Of Hip Hop title????? so why are u throwing her shade?? #icant

  34. Word August 30, 2011

    She gotta be strong if she gonna be a rapper, why quit over s*** Female Rappers have been subjected to since the 70s??? come on , have some balls, People hated Lil Kim, now she’s a rap legend. People hated Nicki, now she’s the highest paid female rapper to date. The rap game aint for weak b******. You need to be proud that you showed yo p**** and dont let nobody take your dream away from you.

  35. > August 30, 2011

    Grinch you don’t have no heart……what you think this was going to be a fairytale….you think this is never never land were you was going to roll with peter pan and tinker bell…..were everything you want come through smooth sailing…….well if so this game isn’t for you…..if you cant take criticism you would never survive in this game……alot of people i see in the game people hate on tear down lie fling dirt on there names every chance they..they still Persevere and push on…the fact of the matter is not everyone is going to like you…thats a fact even in normal life someone will just randomly hate you for no reason vicversa someone will see you and just love you for no reason…..equilibrium that,s the way it is…on another note you and that V nasty are whatever she is name need to stop using that N word.

  36. Yellow Gorillah August 30, 2011

    I dont like this girl

    she needs to GO!

  37. goodmusic-man August 30, 2011


  38. goodmusic-man August 30, 2011

    Tha Boss beefing with females now. LOL. WTF?

  39. Jay Jay August 30, 2011

    Thats why you gotta have TOUGH SKIN to be in the entertainment business. Hell you gotta have tough skin to survive in this world

  40. Justathought August 30, 2011

    Funny how MALE rappers can say all type of s*** to Ross with no repercussion but a FEMALE pokes fun and he’s tryna confront her backstage….= /

  41. 407- 491-5476 August 30, 2011

    You b****** are always trying to put someone down…Hateful ass idiots on TGJ!!!!!!! Who are yall to say if someone is talented or not?? The only talent b****** have on TGJ is hating on someone! Too bad you can’t make money off of it!

  42. Carlitos August 30, 2011

    I think she meant to say, “THIS GAME JUST GOT REAL AS HELL,” therefore there isn’t room for her. Good riddance!

  43. LTM August 30, 2011

    she never made an impression on me. all of the rappers who hate her are either irrelevant or rapidly becoming irrelevant. IDK why this phases her. she just needs support from other respected rappers. and i think the whole racist thing was crap.

  44. LTM August 30, 2011

    she needs to make a diss song about Ross. I cant stand him

  45. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare August 30, 2011

    @X,Y,”AND Z”, You HATE Kelly Rowland. I mean, seriously, we got it.

    As far as Kreayshawn goes, I would love to see her disappear but like @ASAP said, she can’t quit. Columbia will get their million dollars + worth- believe that.

  46. King B August 30, 2011

    I hope so, but this sounds too good to be true. I’m sure once she’s reminded how much money she stands to make from her career, she’ll change her mind about quitting. It’s not like anyone’s pressuring her to work on her skills to earn success, since mediocrity is so easily rewarded these days.

  47. Vegas girl August 30, 2011

    If she does leave she won’t be missed I’m sure. I feel bad that she feels attacked but there are many other artists who have received much worse backlash, media attention, etc and are still in the game.’She either needs to put her big girl pants on or….

  48. JERMAINE August 30, 2011

    @X,Y, AND Z…. Yo, I said IT B4 AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN!!!! this lame, uneducated, ugly, faggit. Is In the hospital knowing its “lights out” for the crazies yet he still on his macbook

    Yo, we don’t give 2 shits about “Fist F** Brown” and his lame as tour… Let him take Kelly if he wants too. The only people checkin for that tour is “Crazy Brown’s” stan’s… Ooops… My bad.. Thats you. LOL!!!

    You really do need to close your laptop, climb back into bed, and let the meds take effect… Before I call the nurse’s station and have you restrained for the rest of the night.



    AALIYAH was simply “THE GREATEST TO EVER LIVE IN OUR GENERATION”. If she was still here Beyonce would still be with DC3… You know why because know one wouldve ever looked at Beyonce as an all around star! AALIYAH made it on her own she didn’t need to stand on 3 to 5 other girls backs in order to get noticed. Nor would AALIYAH have gotten pregnant and paraded her big belly around the MTV VMA’s in order to get ppl to go out and buy her not selling so well LP named, “4”.

  49. whoever August 30, 2011

    its as fake as she is but unfortunately she’s going nowhere.

  50. ann August 31, 2011

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  51. xxx August 31, 2011

    there’s the door

  52. Misfit August 31, 2011

    I’m sorry but I find it a bit suspicious, that her topless pics leaked a few hours, after she lost best new artist. She is just as fake as the industry, she complains about.

    This is just attention hoaring at it’s worst. This tramp isn’t going anywhere( unfortunate for our ears). What else would she do? Work @ Wendy’s in Oakland?

    Gurl please!
    Boo b****, boo…..

    @True Blue/KB and @Malibu Barbie

    1000% co-sign on both of your comments!!!

  53. YOOSONDALOOSE August 31, 2011

    Never listened to any of her music. She looked wack.

  54. aisha aguilera keys August 31, 2011

    She won’t b missed. But if she was motivated enough she wouldn’t let that stop her. Lots of artists had a hard time getting accepted by the industry in their beginnings, whether they were talented or not, yet they didn’t let that stop them.

  55. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN August 31, 2011

    I don’t like her music and nor do i think she’s all that good. She’ll be back though…

  56. SCHEIßE,SCHEIßE(IS†ANN4GAGA) August 31, 2011

    SMH at the Aaliyah Stan….

    Beyonce would have still done well,and Aaliyah would have held her own lane too…IDK whys people feel the need to discredit both…..If there was anyone wou wouldn’t be in the industry without Aaliyah,it would most likely be Ciara….No shade,just tea

  57. B. Hill August 31, 2011

    JERMAINE, this article had nothing to do with Aaliyah or Beyonce. If only you knew how stupid you look. Kill yourself you off-topic, illiterate son of a w**** you. So ridiculous.

  58. X,Y,”and Z” August 31, 2011

    (Meh.. Up to my knees in midgets..)

    @JERMAINE re: August 30, 2011 at 11:28 pm —

    You were probably too busy admiring the sound of your own voice, and your “knock-head attempts” at humor, to notice that THIS thread/post has NOTHING-whatsoever to do with Aaliyah! The last AAliyah post was some 6-PAGES AGO – Last Friday, Aug 26th. (

    *Sits Jermaine down* ..Son, If you’re going to “go-in-on” someone ’bout their education, or lack-thereof, you-yourself had better be “Shakespearean in your wordage”, and “beyond reproach” in the execution of diction, grammar and penmanship.. Long-story short? You didn’t look BEFORE you jumped! You’re WAAAAYY over your head. And what’s worse? Well, “what’s worse” is that if you just extend your feet, you’d notice you’re in the “Kiddie pool/Shallow end”.

    Now, run along, Jermain. Run along, the adults are talking..

    X,Y,”and Z”

  59. Steffon August 31, 2011

    WHO ?

  60. wise August 31, 2011

    These bubble gum b*tches need to stop thinking rap is “a good time, being creative, having fun” etc. You’re killing hip-hop just because you’re rich and can contaminate the genre or whatever with your urge to make music. You don’t know sh*t about hip-hop !

  61. znayzsha April 12, 2012

    you guys are still taking about this

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