Exclusive: JoJo Previews New Single ‘Disaster’

Published: Sunday 28th Aug 2011 by Sam

That Grape Juice caught up with Pop belter JoJo at Perez Hilon‘s Pre-VMA bash hosted by Carrera and Cut The Rope in Los Angeles last night.

There the 20 year old chatted it up with us about many a topic including her new album, its release date, and its lead single ‘Disaster’ – which she gave us an impromptu taster of on the red carpet.

The track, which she describes as a not-too-distant cousin of 2006’s ‘Too Little Too Late’, hits US radio this week coming.

Your thoughts?

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  1. savethedreams August 28, 2011

    Not bad

  2. savethedreams August 28, 2011

    I do have respect for her..

  3. Marcus August 28, 2011

    YES JOJO!!

  4. August 28, 2011

    I’ve heard the demo of song. I thought it sounded okay.

  5. hot ice August 28, 2011


  6. MissImpartial August 28, 2011

    She needs to change the hair colour reminds me of Lindsay Lohan. She needs to go a bit lighter.

  7. Jennifer August 28, 2011

    AHHHHHHH! I love how she is always willing to sing, no warm up necessary! I think it will be great, just based on the preview!

  8. Starin August 28, 2011

    Lol. You can hear that her throat is IN DESPERATE NEED of some water, and yet she still sounds so good.

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 28, 2011

    YAAASSS!I so love to see JoJo on the move!I am glad that she’s after all gearing up for the album!!Exciting times.The description makes me eager to hear it.The melody of ‘Disaster’ was great; I’m going to be checking for it tomorrow as well.And she’s so sweet and has a great sense of humour!I can’t wait to listen to her “blood, sweat and tears”…

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 28, 2011

    And of course the vocals were amazing!

    Thank you @TGJ for getting the exclusive!

  11. timotha August 28, 2011

    love jojo…such a hip hop…pop feel to her..
    ..Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. http://goo.gl/3DjHM 4 next 24 hours only..s*** i got 2..lol

  12. #TeamJoJo August 28, 2011

    I can’t wait to hear it in full. Please request this song to your radio stations tomorrow

  13. Nichole August 28, 2011


  14. QUEEN MARIAH >>> YOUR FAVE August 28, 2011





  15. delroy August 28, 2011

    That’s was great, that was some that i rarely see now a days artists that sing live on the spot without auto tune. I hate the fact that she is slept on while lesser artist are there ruining what i use to love so much with there pole dancing videos, IN THE DARK was one of my fave tracks, i loved her mixtape and i can’t wait for her new LP.

  16. MK August 28, 2011

    Maaaan, I love her

  17. nice_gurl August 28, 2011

    She did a great job without the music and singing on the spot. Sounds like it will be a good song and album.

  18. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 28, 2011

    flop album

  19. keri hilson jamir21: rih,brit,gaga,nicki # 1 FAN !!!! August 28, 2011

    flop b**** sold 77,000

  20. #TeamJoJo August 28, 2011

    You b****** some haters! She had platinum and Gold albums. So learn your facts

  21. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 28, 2011

    Oops…I have a troll again *smooches
    The real ASAP is me; pink gravatar

  22. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 28, 2011

    Btw, it is kind of weird that people want to discredit her.Someone goes for 4 years and suddenly his/her reputation is erased.JoJo was very successful and she never flopped, she just vanished for a while (2007-2009).

  23. OsO August 29, 2011

    support her poeple, buy her single, this girl deserves it.

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