Behind The Scenes: Monica – ‘Anything To Find You’ Video

Published: Saturday 27th Aug 2011 by David

In support of her upcoming LP ‘New Life‘, R&B veteran Monica has taken fans behind the scenes of her latest video for the single  ‘Anything To Find You‘.

Discussing everything from her recent controversy with rapper  Lil Kim to her hopes for the new album, the ‘Sideline Ho’ performer also takes the time out to address the difficulties she has faced in the past, both personally and professionally.

Watch below…

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  1. BEYONCE fan August 27, 2011


  2. Teairra August 27, 2011

    if that’s the cover of her new album “new life” imma need her to get it togethaa!! HOT ASS MESS.. And the Hair?? NO MA’AM!!

  3. Rachie August 27, 2011

    Luv monica she is an amazing vocalist and always been 1 of the prettier faces in the game..check out that fierce walk Lol..we ready 4 monica to take the rb world by storm again cant wait to see the video.

  4. Rachie August 27, 2011

    Nope not her album pics and album cover soon.. And at least monica has the guts 2 show her REAL HAIR..too many weaves lacefronts floating around 4 my taste..u couldnt pay some of these no edges heffas to pull the horse hair NOT EVEN 4 A WEEK..imao

  5. RICHANDBLACK11 August 27, 2011


  6. Taylor August 27, 2011

    The ‘Sideline Ho’ performer…I mean REALLY?

    Out of all the songs…Angel of Mine, The First Night, So Gone, Knock Knock, Everything to Me, A Dozen Roses, Love All Over Me (and more)…you had to pick the one with the most ratchet titles…

    the writing here gets worse and worse I swear.

  7. The G-List Society August 27, 2011

    very good, Monica!!! Keep the real R&B coming.

  8. antertain August 27, 2011

    Mo got those Royal R&B/Hip-Hop “I GOT MONEY” clothes on.
    Ghetto chic stylings.

    Monica is the REAL MISS THANG!!

  9. Nirvana August 27, 2011

    Monica’s music has become so stale, another Missy sample huh. She doesnt take risks musically at all. I don’t sense much creativity either. That short hair and blonde color makes her appear much older than she is. Shes only 30 if I’m not mistaken. Long black hair suits her best. But I hope she gets it together because nobody wants to support a boring artist…she can easily be forgotten if she continues on this boring artistry path.

  10. careerender August 27, 2011

    She better make it fast before Brandy drops an album and snatch that weave

  11. RICHANDBLACK11 August 27, 2011


  12. RICHANDBLACK11 August 27, 2011


  13. jamir21:bey,rihanna,brit,gaga,nicki >>>>> KERI ! August 27, 2011


  14. leslie August 27, 2011

    i agree with nirvana she singin for too long and show little growth, she don’t evolve.

  15. Nichole August 27, 2011


  16. Monica = Vocal Bible August 27, 2011

    Can’t wait to support you my QUEEN!!! You s*** on Beyonce, Brandy & Kelly Rowland.

  17. King David August 27, 2011

    #dead at the clown saying Monica was bigger than Brandy #rotfl Mo never was and never will be bigger than Brandy on any platform other than street credibility. Check the overall album sales, endorsements, movies (not MTV Fillms), and TV shows!!! Have several seats RichandBlack11!! By the way I am a Monica fan but I always knew and so she her place among the Glorious Three ( Brandy, Aaliyah, Monica) number 3!!! #thatisall

  18. jamir21:bey,rihanna,brit,gaga,nicki >>>>> KERI ! August 27, 2011

    @ Monic=Vocal Bible yeah right !

  19. RosaRubbel August 27, 2011

    Why is everyone talking about ‘evolving’, ‘boring’ etc.? Monica is staying true to her genre, that’s what you are calling boring. How should she show creativity? Creating dance-pop songs like everyone else huh? Tell me, what about singers like Brandy, Tamia, Faith Evans, Keyshia Cole, Kelly Price, Deborah C**? They’ve all been R&B over the years. And if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to listen to R&B.

  20. MALE MADONNA August 27, 2011


  21. Nirvana August 27, 2011

    Yes, Monica can sing very well…but she doesn’t utilize all colors of her voice. She needs to stop trying to sing so HEAVY all the time. She needs to tone it down a bit and calculate her notes because sometimes they just sound bad. Listen to Down 4 Whatever for a perfect vocal delivery from Monica. Too bad she doesn’t use her voice that way anymore.

  22. Kisses August 27, 2011


    Thank you. When I read the “‘boring” comments, I was like, What the hell? Monica is an amazing singer and has showed growth through out her career, IMO. Just because she’s staying true to who she is doesn’t make her “boring” at all. It means she’s real.

    Anyways, I can’t wait for this video and album. “Still Standing” is still in heavy rotation 🙂

  23. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    Y’all are clowns.. Even tho in 98 Brandy was popular … She has no place in the industry anymore except fond memories! Monica is thee only person from Her time that is still dancing upon charts! Monicas music is far from boring! ::sighs;: I feel so bad for u brainwashed people who believe that if it ain’t pop it ain’t growth or ain’t interesting.. Child please!! STILL STANDING ALBUM >>>>>>>> any R&B album that has dropped in the last 4 years! Monica is legendary! you dont have to dance around with multiple Lacefronts, clothe-less, and walk around with a portable auto-tune kit to be great (see:Rihanna,Gaga, and even beyonce! I love Monica and Brandy! The both can sang.. But Brandys last albums were worst than those Los Angeles Beauty Supply discounted Lacefronts that she keep buying! I’m OUT

  24. careerender August 27, 2011

    @RichAnd0black11 last time I checked Human was >>>> monica’s not so famous album \_

  25. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    Monica >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  26. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @careerRender lmao had to be the funniest s*** I’ve EVER heard.. U know ur album sucks when the artist goes on national tv (see:Family Business) embarrassed an crying to a producer(who has saved her ass countless times) blaming him for her wack ass album… I love Brandy but that album didn’t cut it… It didn’t even fCkn go wood…

  27. King David August 27, 2011

    Um Jasmine Brandy’s last albums combined still outsold what “Makings Of Me ” did in the 4 plus years since it’s been released ok? Have several seats!!!

  28. Those That Cannot Do, Stan August 27, 2011

    Meh…while some ladies have it and can come back after a minute and snatch a wig I don’t think Monica has that. She’s tried to do ‘comeback’ singles and albums for years now and it’s never done too well. Also her last album was just boring, I love that girl off her first album when she was a real voice in R n B and had those amazing songs but eh…remains to be seen if she and Brandi can come back and do the damn thing. (Singers/rappers from the early 90’s have had real trouble transitioning)

    Wish her the best though, she seems like a smart strong lady, she just needs to be smart and really appeal to a new audience.

  29. BitchPlease August 27, 2011

    w/ this record and records like Beyonce’s Party and Teairra Mari’s That’s All’s good to see hiphop/RNB come back together.. for so long it has electrodance/pop, rnb/pop, hiphop/rock and hiphop/pop..we need hiphop/rnb, rnb, and soul music to really take it’s place sick of the legacy of music being messed over. I remember how Badboy records, Mary J and Swv did it back in the days..say what you want but Diddy was the reason for that. with Total and records like Swv “Someone” .

  30. Nirvana August 27, 2011

    Nobody’s asking her to switch her genre up, but Missy sample after Missy sample, the Chris Robinson director that she’s used for her last 3 videos, the same producers she used for Still Standing are basically the same ones she is using for the new album…that’s what people mean by boring and such. She needs to switch things up. She just seems not to have a real passion for what she does, it seems like it’s just a job that supports her lifestyle…I’m sure that’s not the case but that is what can be easily perceived from the outside looking in.

  31. Mo’sDove August 27, 2011

    @King David Actually boo Brandy only sold more albums then Mo,because she had a big fan base from doing Moesha which had millions of viewers which was more promo! But talking about impact on RnB Mo slays Bran period! Check the records boo boo Monica has had more number #1’s(billboard) then bran and overall top t0 hits also! She also has more hot 100 #1’s then bran also(including TBIM) Last year billboard name Monica the #24th RnB artist of the last 25yrs! Where was bran?? Num 48!…Riaa has awarded Monica with more gold and platinum singles then Bran also! Albums sells are only part of what shows succes(i.e.susan boyle) so what point did u prove?!? #Currentrelevanceisallthatmattersatthispoint..Brandy#DEAD

  32. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @jamir sit down!! She is a vocal bible!! And so I brandy.. U don’t have to bash vocalist just to make one look better becuz they are both completely different.Monica could never match brandys technique just Brandy could never match Monicas Power!!!!

  33. Mo’sDove August 27, 2011

    @Jasmine What You Said! Haters! Watch Mos fan get her another top selling album of the year,like we did last year!#Numbersdntlie

  34. Nirvana August 27, 2011

    Oh and if Monica wants to be a legend…all this heavily sampling other artist music won’t get her there. Originality is KEY.

  35. King David August 27, 2011

    Umm @MosDove what did you prove? That Mo is a singles artists? That’s fine she can keep that! Albums as a whole are where the money is! Bran had shows before Moesha and still to this day? Where was Mo? Was she getting Cover Girl contracts, her own doll, big screen films, Candies endorsements ummm negative! Brandy was more popular because she was and always will be more appealing to mainstream! Umm did Mo get offered 90210 or Drop Dead Diva ? ?? Exactly!!! Have several seats! I like Mo but facts are facts #thatisalll

  36. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @kingDavid child please.. Two flop albums.. B**** u take several seats ::hands you a LaZBoy:: …. Aphrodisiac did nothing and Human didn’t happen according to brandy.. Monica “the makings of me” ghetto album still slays Brandys 2 albums.. Sales or not.. MONICA is relevant sweet.. brandy wouldn’t know relevance If it f***** her in the ass with no lub! BOY BOOM

  37. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @kingDavid Monica didn’t need all of that ! she came to be a singer.. Nothing else.. And all of those great things Brandy was blessed with in the past.. Where does she stand today?? Somewhere rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars???? Oops! Your membership on this blOg needs to be revoked like Brandys license honey! monica has never just been a single artist.. She has been an ARTIST!!!!! who has stood the test of time! stop now

  38. King David August 27, 2011

    Didnt Afrodisiac go Gold? What did Makings of Me do? How is Brandy not relevant when she just got off Dancing With The Stars, A successful reality show , she’s doing Drop Dead Diva and 90210? Mo could never!! gives u back the lazyboy u delusional Stan!!!

  39. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @MosDoves yes!!
    Straight to the top with more #1s.. And Grammys (or atleast nominations) !! This post is about Monica … Everybody can scram tryna bring my girl down!! Especially this Trandy fans!! Shoo Flies!!!

  40. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @QueenDavid Makings of me went gold too honey!! Sweety lmao this is a music post! MUSIC.. Dancing with the stars, drop dead diva nor 90210 will get her a successful album.. Didn’t she just drop another FLOP album (See:Family Business soundtrack) … A f****** clan of Flops! I love how Trandys stans try to talk about her past success! longevity counts honey.. If Monica wanted Hollywood.. Shed get that ;)!!! She’s a family woman.. A Singer.. Who Is still pumping out the hits!!! THE last time brandy saw a chart she was looking at the back of a McDonalds bag … Checking Nutritional facts!! girl please! *rolls LaZBoy back to you* … have a good seat and be a good boy/girl for Mama(Monica)!!

  41. CURLY SUE August 27, 2011


  42. Leek August 27, 2011

    As far as for Monica not taking risk or switching it up a bit, she did with Makings of Me and we all know the outcome. Being a traditional R&B singer has been Monica’s best gift and her worst curse. While Brandy and her producers and writers had the benefit of making music that went along with her Moesha character, Monica did’nt. Monica was’nt really a dance either so there was’nt many uptempo records. Monica is a ballad singer who knew her performance limitation. Also Monica has been hinting that after this and a Christmas album she going to do Gospel.

  43. King David August 27, 2011

    #dead at Makings Of Me going gold lol Still Standing did indeed but MOM lol where’s the receipts? A music post huh? Brandy is Music #imdone

  44. YEABEY LOVES AALIYAH! August 27, 2011

    After the Storm is The perfect MONICA album for me right now! Let me make a Hurricane Irene playlist! After The Hurricame – Jazmine Sullivan. No.1 on my list!

  45. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @queenDavid Girl check the receipts *pulls out Carfax*… Human was a flop… afro was a flop .. Makings of me was a flop… But again I ask… Where does Brandy stand today in music?? no where!!!! Girl… Lmao Man.. This debate is the best.. Especially since this isn’t 98 anymore and the proof is in the pudding! Monica is still relevant.. Her and Usher are the other thee only girls still making music!!!



    Gurrl,Hurricane Irene missed me by a few counties….Where I am,we didn’t get much of anything.

  47. honeydip August 27, 2011


  48. MO August 27, 2011

    Monica>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.., She was a successful t*** star and now a successful adult star. Brandy is pure flopertry. Brandy is so yesterday.

  49. Steffon August 27, 2011

    She is soooo boring. I really wish she will take some risk. The video should be interesting though with her dancing and all

  50. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @mo yes!!!Brandy is Floptastic and I don’t believe that shell be able to arrive again!! NEW LIFE IN STORES OCT 2011!! Monica Brown saving R&B …one song at a time

  51. MO August 27, 2011

    The Brandy fans always calling Monica boring because she doesn’t oversing lol

  52. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    Hey @steffon what risk?? Elaborate??

  53. MO August 27, 2011

    New Life is coming, She’s back…who’s made?

  54. HoneyBee August 27, 2011

    First of all Brandy and Monica are friends!! They support each other. It’s these dumb ass delusional stans on these blogs that put artists against each other. Stan wars are dumb!! Why do you have to trash Brandy to uplift Monica and vice versa. It is so ignorant!! News Flash: It’s ok to like more than one artist. Hop off these childish stan wars. That goes for every other artist stan wars. Cannot even enjoy reading a blog anymore without commentors fussing, cussing and throwing stats at each other. SMH! Both of these ladies are trailblazers in the industry and have success in their own ways. It a shame so called adults are acting like this!!

  55. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    Brandy needs to take her Bathroom voice and put it on an album… She needs to stop dancing with the stars.. Hanging with Letoya and Kelly.. Filming reality, and/or tv shows and bring an album.. So sad that her fans are still throwing Full Moon (classic album btw) in our face…. Where’s the rest of it???? … *waits on answer*

  56. MO August 27, 2011

    Why are we talking about Flopdy anyways? Does she need relevance? Queen Monica is doing it. Yall are will deal.

  57. Jasmine August 27, 2011

    @honeybee Girl Boom! Lmao Church is on Sunday! today is Saturday!! *throws on Lakers jersey* MONICA FOR THE WIN!!!

  58. 123456 August 27, 2011

    Mo looks great.

    I agree with Nirvana. She uses a sample for the first single all the time, same director, her albums are always about bein real, no new concepts.

    i love mo but she needs to do rnb for right now and not 90s rnb cb the 90s were two decades ago.

  59. HoneyBee August 27, 2011

    LOL Just proved my point… LOL girl bye!!

  60. sister August 27, 2011

    Brandy now Moncia it’s about time we get some different artist. Listening to the same old artists is boring. At least they both are talented

  61. RICHANDBLACK11 August 27, 2011

    no shade @david no one is checking for brandy boo….and she only did one major movie…..Monica was well respect in the game. monica voice imo is way better than brandy.#true facts

  62. careerender August 27, 2011

    Piano man and right here where worldwide hits and what was monica’s?

  63. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 27, 2011

    I miss the old days, when R&B was the s***…now if u sing R&B u have to have a little pop in the mix….
    I dont even listen to the radio anymore, same ol bulshit song, playing over and again..

    umm brandy has always been the better singer, point blank…both monica and brandy are very talented, but when it comes to vocals, brandy wins..

    Its good that monica has managed to stay relevant after all these years..she is a great singer…

  64. MrIncredible August 27, 2011

    Brandy has great tone and technique but overall Monica is the better singer. Monica could stand to take more creative risks but frankly Brandy is just as boring. At least all of Monica’s music doesn’t sound exactly the same.

  65. Malibu Barbie August 27, 2011

    anywyas shoutout monica for being a THOROUGH girl! and not riding the Nicki Minaj wave.. and keeping it real with Kim the same way kim does to others…. the song/video is nothing without lil kim.. monica kills it im not going to lie but kim was the reason it charted and it got the buzz it did.. shoutouts to the radio stations playing the song with kims verse on it

  66. TJ August 27, 2011

    Ok… Answer me this… How many times has Monica been dropped from a record Label? NONE.. How many times has Brandy? 2 at least…

    How many flop albums has Monica had? 1, Brandy? 3

    Early on, Brandy may have sold more albums, but truthfully that DOES NOT MATTER… MONICA has retained her fan base. HAS BRANDY? NO, because otherwise she wouldn’t have had flop albums and been dropped from her labels.

    Monica is always going to put out music that her REAL R&B Fans will enjoy…If you dont like it.. Kick Rock!!!

  67. Malibu Barbie August 27, 2011

    wow you just came right in here and RAN THE TEA on brandy…. #icant
    SALES OR NO SALES. brandy is the truth. her and monica are the only hopes of REAL R&B we have left

  68. MrIncredible August 27, 2011

    Beyonce may be the queen of pop but she isn’t anybody’s queen or rnb.

  69. nice_gurl August 27, 2011

    I love Monica’s style and music. She presents herself in a good way and that’s why I respect her.

  70. Destined August 27, 2011

    Why can’t we let them both be great. Monica is awesome as well as Brocka, plus they are good friends. I mean really? They both have beautiful distinctive voices and knows what works for them. Monica is still here 15 years doing her thing and I’m rooting for Brandy’s comeback too. Human was a solid effort with great vocal display, but it was underrated. Supporting both of these beautiful ladies!

  71. Live, Love, Party August 27, 2011

    I honestly like this song but I don’t think the youngsters of this generation will be interested in it. It has a old school monica vibe to it. R&b is pretty much dead. I don’t see how monica making a song like this is gonna help it much. It will probably do well on urban radio. Don’t see it breaking any other records tho. @Teairra she looks beautiful. Stop hatin and have a seat.

  72. TJ August 27, 2011

    Based on my previous post, I didnt want to come off harsh on Brandy. I just wanted to state a fact to those Brandy Stands who HATE on Monica every chance they get and feel the need to NEEDLESSLY compare them. They BOTH are VERY SUCCESSFUL….

    Truth be told i’m HOPING Brandy has a comeback..I genuinely like her. But the constant complaints about Monica being boring, etc are just b*******. Monica is an R&B singer. She is not pop, dance, nothing…

    Over 15 years in the music industry she HAS TO BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT… Again, 1 unsuccessful album, did not break her Career…

    She’s happy….Making R&B…. Married (to a multi millionaire)….. has beautiful children…. You can’t find fault in that. She’s doing the damn thang…

    I’m looking forward to New Life, and I’m looking forward to Brandy’s new venture. I’m hoping it follows the vein of Full Moon…

  73. King David August 27, 2011

    Fact is Brandy herself left Atlantic and asked for a release from Epic! Now she’s on RCA so um the vocal bible was never dropped #fact

  74. TJ August 27, 2011

    Ok, thats good PR but NO record company will let an act go that is viable in their eyes… That just does not happen… Sorry

  75. TJ August 27, 2011

    Do you think Arista would have let Whitney out of her contract at the height of her career? HELL NO… Do you think Sony/Colombia would let Beyonce out of her contract? NO…

    A person can say they left all they want, but the albums were commercial failures in their eyes and she was “LET” out of the contracts… DROPPED..

    You can splice it any way you want, but thats the truth of the matter. Im happy she’s on RCA now and I hope for a great album, but lets be serious, and see reality for what it is, not what you want it to be.

  76. Frieda August 27, 2011

    August 27, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    The ‘Sideline Ho’ performer…I mean REALLY?

    Out of all the songs…Angel of Mine, The First Night, So Gone, Knock Knock, Everything to Me, A Dozen Roses, Love All Over Me (and more)…you had to pick the one with the most ratchet titles…

    the writing here gets worse and worse I swear.

    ALL OF THIS ^^^^^ I’m out.

  77. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 27, 2011

    what the hell does brandy getting drop from her record company got to do with her being a better singer than monica?

    so let me get this straight, in order for u to be more talented u have to sell millions and not get drop from ur record label?

    that logic doesnt make any damn sense..

    so ur telling me all these people whos album are a hit, or have 10 number 1 singles is more talented?

  78. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 27, 2011

    I hate when people do that b*******, bring up numbers, like the numbers suppose to make them more talented than others..

    janet jackson got dropped by her label, so that means rihanna is a better singer and entertainer than her, since rihanna is still with a label?

    mariah carey got dropped from her label before,

    my point is bringing up the fact that brandy got dropped from her label is not relevant…it doesnt prove that monica is a better singer or entertainer..

  79. TJ August 28, 2011

    No what it does is it bears facts. People always bring up the fact that Brandy sold more albums early in her career to justify the notion that she is better than Monica. I simply state facts.

    I like Monica better than Brandy, but I don’t say she is a better singer than Brandy.

    People say Monica is boring, but I say well she must not be boring to a large enough demographic because She’s successful still here after over 15 years

    People say Monica is not versatile, I say she’s just a great R&B artist who is doing her thang…

    BRANDY is the S***.. I love her, but I do like Monica more.

    Again, I brought up her being dropped to silence the Haters. They KEEP throwing numbers out. But at the end of the day, Monica is an ACCOMPLISHED artist and no matter the amount of hate, it won’t take away from her accomplishments.
    Who sings better is relative… People will not always agree. Its ZERO NEED TO TRY AND tear Monica down, just because you like Brandy more.

    People GET THE F*** OVER IT!!! Monica is here to stay.. MONICA is SUCCESSFUL… If you don’t like her, WHY ARE YOU POSTING ON A THREAD ABOUT HER? #LAME!

  80. truthis August 28, 2011

    monica is back too stay….cant wait on her album, will be buying 5 copies…true r&b at its finest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Jasmine August 28, 2011

    The “Sideline Ho” Singer? Why the shade on Mo? That song was never a single was just a good album track on her album in 2006. 5 years later that comment is only thrown to throw shade at her for no reason.

  82. Kisses August 28, 2011

    Monica and Brandy are friends. Why put them up against each other? Both of these women are talented and unique in their own right. Doesn’t matter who you like the most, BOTH women are going strong after all these years, still making timeless music. I can’t wait for their albums…

  83. Kisses August 28, 2011

    TGJ has become this Nicki Minaj ass-licking website, so anyone associated with Queen Bee gets shaded 😆 Pathetic.

  84. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 28, 2011

    theres a difference between stating ur own opinion and just talking s*** for no reason…

    when i see people say well my favs is better than ur favs because my fav sold more albums, or my favs has more number 1 hits..thats b******* to me

    selling more albums, or having the most number 1 hits doesnt mean ur more talented than somebody else whos flopping on the charts..

    the same goes for, well my favs never got drop from her label, so shes more talented than ur favs..

  85. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 28, 2011

    I like both brandy and monica..but my opinion is that brandy is the better vocalist..

    I’m not going to bash monica and say she sucks because i like brandys voice better..

    brandy has sold more albums than where does the bashing comes at?

    the brandy stans/fans are right, brandy sold more albums,

    does it mean shes more talented than monica? hell nawl..all i know i s that brandy is the better vocalist

  86. WELL DAMM! August 28, 2011

    i can not believe black female, why are yall doing this, fighting over who is the best, are yall sick in the head. the saying is truth black female don’t get alone.

    the internet has f*** black women head up

  87. Monica = Vocal Bible August 28, 2011

    Trandy and her wack ass fans need to meet the year 2011 and stop living in the 1800’s when Brandy was relevant. That ET looking h** will never make a come back. She’s DONE while Mo is and forever will be STILL STANDING!!!

    Now choke on those nuts!!!

  88. Monica = Vocal Bible August 28, 2011

    Flopdy is a horrible artist that owes her singing ability to T Pain and Akon. That b**** can’t sing her way out of paper bag. Hopefully she gets swept up in Hurricane Irene and save our hearing that nasty voice and seeing her disgusting face!!!

  89. B**** PLEASE August 28, 2011


  90. MONICASTAN August 28, 2011

    I like both Monica and Brandy but will never put them against each other cuz both have influence me in different ways. Just cut this stupid argument out children.

  91. bey’knight August 28, 2011

    lmao i ive never seen modoves vs starz go at it on tgj before #interesting. but yall got nothing on the beyonce vs rihanna debates lol

  92. MAR August 28, 2011

    I’m excited for what it happening in Monica’s career. Monica is staying true to HER artistry. She sings, she doesn’t rely on fads… and she never really has when you take a look at her catalog.

    It is true, overall Brandy was more commercially successful than Monica. Take into mind that in recent years Monica has had the upper hand when your judging between the two…. But that does’nt really matter. I think people get lost in numbers, considering the condition of the music industry, if you are allowed to stay true to yourself and create music other than what is being played on POP radio, I say go for it!

    Some people don’t have a choice, their forced to sing to what is hot at the moment. Monica is blessed and I know that she is going to continue to be successful as well as Beyonce. Its ok to have opinion, but don’t forget who we are talking about. Monica & Brandy really don’t have anything to prove. They’ve had their time, hopefully they are able to continue to progress, but I’m happy with what they have given. If only Aaliyah was here…..

  93. kwame August 28, 2011

    @beynihght, believe me the #starz didn’t even start otherwise the modoves wouldn’t have a feet to stand on, Trilcaramel any body????lmdao

  94. MINDBLOWIN……. August 28, 2011

    August 27, 2011 at 4:14 pm
    @King David Actually boo Brandy only sold more albums then Mo,because she had a big fan base from doing Moesha which had millions of viewers which was more promo! But talking about impact on RnB Mo slays Bran period! Check the records boo boo Monica has had more number #1’s(billboard) then bran and overall top t0 hits also! She also has more hot 100 #1’s then bran also(including TBIM) Last year billboard name Monica the #24th RnB artist of the last 25yrs! Where was bran?? Num 48!…Riaa has awarded Monica with more gold and platinum singles then Bran also! Albums sells are only part of what shows succes(i.e.susan boyle) so what point did u prove?!? #Currentrelevanceisallthatmattersatthispoint..Brandy#DEAD


    well DAYUM u served his ASS with those STATS LMAO

  95. WHY DON’T WE… HOW ABOUT NOT August 28, 2011


    Um, Brandy’s last album sucked ass!!!! Monica’s didn’t. Brandy ain’t snatching nothing!

    @BEYONCE fan

    No F*** LIL KIM… Ms. Wallace is Biggie’s mother all Lil Kim was is Biggie’s jump off & she was proud of that.

  96. BrealK August 28, 2011

    I loved Brandy’s last album and it still gets major play. She came up on my favs list with Human.

  97. BEY August 28, 2011


  98. antertain August 28, 2011

    Still Standing 1st week sales said it all.
    Everything to Me wasn’t not growth?
    Mirror wasn’t growth?
    Believing in me wasn’t growth?
    Love All Over Me wasn’t growth?

    YOU DON’T NEED TO DO POP TO BE CLASSED as growth artist.

    She reppiing R&B/Hip-Hop the way it should.
    Bet Kelly Rowland & Keyshia Cole & Human Brandy + CiCi & co would love to have those sales. Especially as a PURE R&B artist.

    Check the facts
    Monica :

  99. TJ August 28, 2011

    So Brandy fans can brag about her selling more albums than Monica, but Monica cans can’t bring up how Brandy was dropped twice from her record labels? Aren’t facts, facts? I’m confused.

  100. Renae August 29, 2011

    I always support Monica….I have all of her albums. This new generation doesn’t know real music.

  101. Singerboimario August 29, 2011

    It seems as if people (haters) come here to vent on their issues when they don’t have a place to write something on the artist they love because they are not relevant at the time. Instead of us bashing each other and the artist, who don’t we support them and help them reach to the levels and positions they need to be in the music industry. Monica and Brandy, both I love and I’m sure they have love for each other too. We are so consumed by Beyonce and Rihanna and Lady Gaga that we forgot who has been around from way back when. why don’t we help them get their album sales up by supporting each of them. If we love R& B, give them a chance. It’s only the fans fighting not the artist and it’s so poor we have to get so negative to make one over the other look good.

  102. swagg August 29, 2011

    back in the day i liked both..i think Monica has the best voice in terms of range and power when it comes to vocal ability and t*** rnb females would have to go 1monica 2aaliyah 3brandy 4 mya

  103. B4REAL02 August 30, 2011

    First of all, I can’t wait to see the video and can’t wait for the album. Monica is a beast!!!
    Now secondly, why are Brandy & Beyonce being brought up in the post this is not about them. Beyonce is Pop not R&B, & just becuz Brandy and Mo were in the same era does not mean you can compare the 2 they are both great in their own right. SO PLEASE LET IT GO!!!!

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