The Game: “Beyonce Should’ve Said ‘Who Run the World? Gays'”

Published: Sunday 4th Sep 2011 by Rashad

Rapper The Game may be celebrating another #1 on Billboard’s 200, but his summer 2011 will probably be remembered for everything but his chart entries.  As he has had tongues wagging all summer long with pranks-gone-wrong, comments on female rappers, and sharing thoughts on fellow emcees, the ‘How We Do’ rapper has definitely had more headlines than hits.  So, continuing in that fashion, Game weighed in on a taboo topic – gay rappers.  Interestingly, his comments do not steer far from the message the ‘Run the World’ diva says she meant to convey with the song.

Either way,  while the visual is gaining steam and his comments are being met with mixed reception over the blog-o-sphere, we want That Grape Juice readers to weigh in.

Hear his comments and sound off after the jump:

Spotted @ FreddyO:

While it’s no secret the LGBT community still has a way to go, the advances in the pop community over the past few years (in the form of Adam Lamberts, Lady Gagas, Jessie Js, and co) have given some stride to progress.  However, in the Urban pop/hip-hop community, the subject is still very taboo.  Rapper Lil’ B (crowned by The Game as ‘the wackest rapper today’) recently caused shockwaves in the Urban industry with his album ‘I’m Gay’, but quickly assured fans that such was only an ‘attention-getter’.

A step forward or a step back?  Who knows.  But what do you guys think?

‘Will the Urban community ever brace an openly LGBT singer/rapper?’

Your thoughts?

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  1. ki September 4, 2011


  2. Cory September 4, 2011

    It doesn’t matter if the urban community embraces them they gay community will duh

  3. The Model M&M September 4, 2011

    I really doubt They will accept it!!!! Hope Im first on here!!! LMAO Either way I’m gay and we do run the WORLD!!!!

  4. The Model M&M September 4, 2011

    Damn didnt make it!!! Lol

  5. The King September 4, 2011

    That’s what I like about my husband most, his honesty.

  6. The Model M&M September 4, 2011

    But I have to say he is telling the truth and I respect him for not bashing us!!!

  7. KellyWillOvercome September 4, 2011

    i don’t think the urban community will embrace it. a rapper is supposed to be masculine etc but being gay is supposedly being feminine.
    point blank i don’t see it.
    as for a lesbian rapper, or singer, i don’t think so. didn’t nicki minaj start off saying she was bi? also look at da brat.

  8. Cory September 4, 2011

    The question always arises because it already exists i.e. this interview. Blacks have always been taught to either not be seen nor heard so its shame that we can’t live of own lives without the shroud of public scrutiny or harassment. GaGa isnt even Gay yet she is like the biggest star to the Gays. I capitalize the “g” in Gays bec its like its own nation.

  9. Mikey September 4, 2011

    Wait. Only gay people have a***? OKAY.

  10. Dede September 4, 2011

    i love him so much i don’t care what anyone says. I don’t think they would accept it i mean you get the crazy parents protesting over something that seems a little different. I mean think of the Man Down video, just a little violence which was a lot different from most pop videos and they went mental.

  11. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    Usually i dont like the game but what he said was true…i bet half of those rappers in the industry are gay !!!

  12. KellyWillOvercome September 4, 2011

    anyway, i agree with the game. he actually makes sense. and the gay topic is a controversial one. gay people are human beings, but i think its the sexual practice that alot of people don’t agree with.

  13. Dan September 4, 2011

    Sad that the black community is too ignorant to embrace a gay rapper… Shouldn’t a group of people who is still clamoring for equality provide that for their own people?

  14. Omg shut up already September 4, 2011

    The Game is so messy, but hes telling the truth here.

    I also agree with Pop Culture, half of the industry is probably on the DL. Especially the ignorant people who bash the gays.

  15. Beystanbish September 4, 2011

    I see Sam use Beyonce name to carry this post. I ain’t mad

  16. winning September 4, 2011

    what a fukking idiot being Gay does not mean you have A***. Clearly there are str8 men with A*** and str8 men f** around without condoms all the time…

    The idiot here needs to STFD and STFU

  17. ULISES September 4, 2011

    Awesome interview. Pretty clear that yeah, there are several gay rappers out there. In all seriousness, I think the industry is changing and with it, the world too. I think that if you’re a great artist, you’re sexuality doesn’t or shouldn’t matter. Just create good music and be honest from the get go. I think being transparent is key to a successful future in an industry full of fakes. In the end, the truth will set you free; lies only exacerbate the situation. I definitely am practicing what I preach; as an artist, it’s better to have nothing to hide. Bear your heart & soul; after all, isn’t that what being an artist is all about.

  18. IS†ANN4GAGA September 4, 2011

    Beyonce is a has been.

  19. Lalala September 4, 2011

    I think there’s a good chance a gay rapper could be embraced nowadays, maybe not by the hip-hop community but theres a big niche now for pop-rap music with Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha & Dev all sort of going in that direction so I feel they’d probably be more accepted by pop fans.

    A gay rapper in hip-hop might be more difficult, but it’s just the same as female rappers back in the 80s/90s, they were barely non-existant, all it takes is one gay rapper to come along & just blow everyone out of the water.

    Like if a gay rapper came onto the scene & was a huge success people would stop thinking of them as ‘GAY’ & just look at them as a person. That’s what irritates me about people today, once they hear your gay they stop looking at you as a person & start looking at you as this stereotype they expect you to be.

  20. Lady Love September 4, 2011

    You catch H** not A***. Easy E had it, does that mean he’s gay?

  21. KANE (KING BEY & QUEEN ADELE – U MAD?) September 4, 2011




  22. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U September 4, 2011

    But not all gay men are feminine….Who’s to say that there aren’t some gay rappers in the industry right now?

  23. Lady Love September 4, 2011

    @ Istan4Gaga

    Don’t start no stan war.

  24. Lalala September 4, 2011

    Also, I have much respect for The Game for saying this BUT the amount of rappers that say they’re ‘ok with people being gay’ & then start using homophobic language in their music is annoying.

    Rappers may be ok with it but their music emulates this ideology that calling someone gay is an insult & being gay is wrong & somehow your less of a man because your gay.

    So I think if the hip-hop community itself took some initiative & stop using that kind of language it’d encourage more gay people to get involved with/listen to hip-hop

  25. MM&I>>>>UR FAVE BEYONCE SONG…(IS†ANN4GAGA) September 4, 2011

    Ignore the FAUX IS†ANN4GAGA account….

  26. MM&I>>>>UR FAVE BEYONCE SONG…(IS†ANN4GAGA) September 4, 2011

    @Lady Love

    That is a FAKE account…..I heart Beyonce….

  27. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    Beyonce is a has been.

    B**** BYE! You have to steal user names now? how pathetic

  28. THE ORIGINAL IS†ANN4GAGA September 4, 2011


    Girl,I seen that s*** too…Lawd help this po’ chile…..

  29. jarel September 4, 2011

    good points in this topic guys. I think obviously there are already gays in hip hop undercover but to have an open gay hip hop star might take some time. I agree with someone that I can see a gay hip-hop/pop artist being accepted moreso than a pure hip-hop artist.

  30. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    he’s 100% right ! i never liked him ! but his honesty is amazing ! he said it !

  31. jake September 4, 2011


  32. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ Yeabey I bet its that Keri Hilson stan !!
    yeah not all gay men act like women sterotypes !!!!
    The Urban Community dont respect gays at all and that`s just sad !!!

  33. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U September 4, 2011

    Is it that same big bird stan? I cannot with it at all…

  34. Malibu Barbie September 4, 2011

    why are u throwing a*** on gay people??????? YOU STRAIGHT DUDES.. f*** around and get a*** TOO!!!
    never the less i will still throw the p**** towards the GAME.

  35. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U September 4, 2011

    Yeah I know its that Keri stan

    It really is sad that a openly gay male rapper will never be accepted in the Urban community. They are so judgmental. Sometimes, I’m ashamed to be a part of that community…

  36. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    I dont think he was saying that all gays have a*** I think he said the ones who are on the DL !!!

  37. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ Yeabey Me too !!!

  38. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    is it just me or did someone feel he was speakin’ about drake ?! the way he described the “Man fan” points to drake ! #odd !

    anyway this is type of posts i need to be away from it ! and yall know why !

    #bye !

  39. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U September 4, 2011

    Why should you “be away” from these types of posts?

  40. KANE (KING BEY & QUEEN ADELE – U MAD?) September 4, 2011






  41. THE ORIGINAL IS†ANN4GAGA September 4, 2011

    It might be the Big Bird Stan or Bobby BulSHEEPia lol…

  42. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    Yeah I think Drake is gay Lil Wayne maybe Trey Songz yes !!

  43. O s c a r (Navy Til I F*****’ Die!!!) September 4, 2011

    Oh s***! The Account-Fakers are striking!! Ahhhhhhhhh! *runs out of room*

  44. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    cuz this is one of topics i am really confused about !
    but to summarize : ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE PEOPLE ! i will leave it at that !

  45. THE ORIGINAL IS†ANN4GAGA September 4, 2011

    Anyway,LOL I am not trying to get into it with S*** but if S*** happens to come over here,refer it to the fake account with the RED/ORANGE pic….

  46. Mario September 4, 2011

    Again he highlights (as well as some of the comments here ) how ignorant the urban community can be in an attempt to stay hood or seem “hard.”

    1) All gay people..or DL people for that matter…do not have A***.
    2) All gay males are not feminine.

    People need to stop stereotyping and start thinking. Judging people by their sexuality (or age, race, etc etc) is just dumb. You can’t expect anyone to be/act a certain way (ie…have A*** or be feminine because they’re gay) based on sexuality. IGNORANCE! *shakes my head*

  47. KellyWillOvercome September 4, 2011

    But not all gay men are feminine….Who’s to say that there aren’t some gay rappers in the industry right now?

    i didn’t say ALL GAY MEN are feminine. I SAID “being gay is SUPPOSEDLY related to being feminine”.
    & there are probably on the low rappers in the industry

  48. Cory September 4, 2011

    There are many gay rappers go on youtube girl girls and the girls be gagging

  49. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @ O S C A R :

    LMFAO !

  50. O s c a r (Navy Til I F*****’ Die!!!) September 4, 2011

    Again he highlights (as well as some of the comments here ) how ignorant the urban community can be in an attempt to stay hood or seem “hard.”

    1) All gay people..or DL people for that matter…do not have A***.
    2) All gay males are not feminine.

    People need to stop stereotyping and start thinking. Judging people by their sexuality (or age, race, etc etc) is just dumb. You can’t expect anyone to be/act a certain way (ie…have A*** or be feminine because they’re gay) based on sexuality. IGNORANCE! *shakes my head*

    * leaves post *

  51. lol September 4, 2011

    there you go the game get that promo in … make sure you speak on obama next , so you can REALLY get the urban blogs to talk about you

  52. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    I bet there are some rappers in the industry who are “G.A.Y” or should we call them “HOMOTHUGS” LOL 😀 !

  53. lol September 4, 2011


    i know, but i used just so i could slay the hell out of Lacefronce in the rihanna post imma change it later….

    Now i would warn yall to take anything the game says with a grain of salt because
    he simply just wants to draw attenton to his self at all costs so expect : rap disses, twitter beefs,female rapper discussions, gay rapper discussions ,nude pics,baby mama drama,run ins with the law, and Iastly but not least epect HIM TO MENTION EITHER JAY Z, BEYONCE, KANYE WEST,OR RIHANNA…..they stay on the tip of his tongue

  54. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ LOL agree with you !!!
    Are you a beyonce hater sorry !!!

  55. BewareBeware September 4, 2011

    Uh I rarely comment.
    However why is the game always running his mouth about something?
    Why is the subject of gayness always on or in his thought process?
    The Gayme is doing nothing more but trying to pull an Em & 50 type
    “Say Out landish s*** for promo for my new album stunt”
    I’m not buying it for a second.Plus if he worked with the gay rappers then
    I’m pretty sure he is.
    No straight man I’ve ever met thinks about or talks about
    the gays like he does.

    Sexuality is the person’s personal choice.I don’t base my judgements off a persons sexuality.
    I base it off of character. I’m straight and and I dig real music especially Rap.
    So if the artist was gay but his flow was hot and he talked about things I could relate to I’d support him. I mean look at wayne!!! That dude is gayer thana rainbow and I still f**** with him.

  56. karen September 4, 2011

    I hate ppl always thing that its only gays that can spread a***. It doesn’t matter if your on the low or not, a*** can be spread regardless

  57. fearlless September 4, 2011

    why haven’t i ever noticed how fine he is?

  58. HaYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy September 4, 2011

    I agree with almost everyting and respect almost everything he said
    but why does a gay person have to be the one to give someone a disease
    anyone can get a disease and anyone can spread it, so why say it like that?

  59. CALL ME HATERRRR September 4, 2011


    BUT HE ALWAYS KEEP “BEYONCE” IN HIS MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HMMMM….(SMH)



  60. My Truth September 4, 2011

    People can believe as they want to believe and that includes Blacks.I’m sick of the way many Gays often try to act as if Blacks must agree with The Gay Agenda.Homophobia exists in all communities and many of Gays need to know that many people see your lifestyle as a moral issue.

  61. My Truth September 4, 2011

    As for the gay person that said you gays run the world,no dear God runs this run and you see that is what is wrong with the world now.

  62. My Truth September 4, 2011

    i get so tired of gays always trying to act like you are so opened minded just because you are gay.Many gays are very judgmental people and no one owes you a thing just because you are gay.

  63. Black September 4, 2011

    This man is FINE…point blank period

  64. edgar September 5, 2011

    so because a man is gay it automatically means you have A***? H**/A*** doesn’t single out a specific group or race. A gay man that’s in the closet is insecure not infected. It’s great that you have no problem w/gays but don’t automatically put every gay man in a box. Magic Johnson has A*** does that mean he’s a gay man?

  65. Anonymous September 5, 2011

    You can be closeted and still practice safe s**…anyone can spread disease, it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. That’s the ignorant aspect of this whole interview. It might have sounded like he was shining some light on a matter, but in actuality he was showing his ignorance on the sensitive subject of H**. Gay people are NOT the only one’s that spread the disease, and for the record heterosexual individuals are more likely to practice unsafe a*** s** because of “double penetration.” So if he wants to present the issue of why he has an issue with closeted gay individuals, he needs to get his facts straight. He is not exempt from contraction, no one is. That’s why safe s** is so highly enforced, and as long as that condom doesn’t slip or break…you’re good! That was just ignorant.

  66. nickalus Randle September 5, 2011

    I actually gained some respect for him with this….he spoke real talk there & I like that…BUT u all do have to understand it is not so easy to be out & open, so this is y they hide it (I DO NOT AGREE WITH BEING MARRIED & DOWNLOW), BUT society has made it hard to really be open, NO MATTER what anyone says, I know its better now than years ago, BUT it is still hard….

  67. STR8FACTS September 5, 2011

    I expected to hear him speak way more ignorantly lol.

    But besides that, I applaud him for actually saying he doesn’t have a problem with it and to him it isn’t a big deal, but at the same time, I kinda wonder was he just doing that because he knew the gay community would rip him a new ass? lol. whatever .. anyway he said something in the beginning of the interview that definitely caught my attention, what would they rap about? I mean, you can literally rap about anything, but actually rapping about something people will care to hear and not coming and going because you were “interesting” for the moment is what really matters, and I think what he was trying to get at was that Rap isn’t built around femininity at all, I mean nor am I saying all gay men are feminine but that’s what “MC’s” categorize us under, so to brake that mold it would definitely be hard but never say never. anything can happen.

    sometimes I feel like the Nicki Minaj’s and Lady GaGa’s of the world use the gay community because they know how strong we are, in order to gain a stronger, broader fan base. Lady Gaga makes sure to mention the gay’s 24/7 and i’m sorry sometimes I just feel like it isn’t genuine. Just like when Nicki Minaj was coming out and she always rapped about kissing girls and having a bad b**** by her side, when she became mainstream, she pretty much abandoned that whole thing and said she would never kiss a girl. *shrug* whatever just a thought. I mean I don’t think you have to mention gay people all the time to have them support you, look at Beyonce, im not gonna guess a percentage or anything but you guys KNNNOOOOOWWW Beyonce has a gay following out of this world. She NEVER mentions us, but we don’t love her any less. All im saying is, don’t use us for bait, it’s kind of annoying.

    About Game’s A*** comment, he kinda looked like he was fishing for a way to get around the question without sounding weird, you can’t say you have a problem with gay men who are closeted because they have a*** and they transport the disease to other people, because then as supportive as your trying to sound, your actually stereotyping us.

    IDK the whole Gay thing is a VERY touchy subject, nonetheless I feel like they are all entitled to their opinion, everyone. Even if game decided to bash us till the cows came home, it’s still JUST his opinion, and the clock would’ve still struck 12.

  68. Keshasuxx September 5, 2011

    Love the fact he’s discussing gays whilst sipping on a cocktail! Haha

  69. BSKITTLES September 5, 2011

    Mikey thank you coz you are probably the only few that caught this stupid ignorance . apparently gay people in the closet are the only ones spreading h** or a*** to the straight people. Game, dont contradict yourself. You say you have no problems with gays but have problems with gays in the closet. First of all the gay life is diverse. we have come along way. theres alot of them out there from different walks of life that are scared and in the closet, For some it was easy to come out the closet but for others i.e the black community , swe get a bad rap and get bashed. Until we stop having the stupid ignorance that Game is potraying , we still have the same issues. he should be out there encouraging these folks to be strong and be who they are and not hide and be safe rather than bashing them and stereotyping them to the H** OR A*** pendimic. his not fooling nobody by tryng to cover his tracks with the gay people who are out as he claims and the LGBT. and to think that alot of gay guys love and support his music too. Sickens me , its freaking 2011

  70. Bey’knight September 5, 2011

    When i saw the heading i was smh thinking he’s def on a “Use the Carters” agenda but it seems the question caught him off guard. His answers prove he certainly didnt come prepared, he could have politically bashes the community like 50 did. His prerogative

    The whole H** A*** thing has been beaten out, dont have much to add there excpt The Game seems stuck in an era where it was referred to as GRIDS


    Sayin gaymen are supposed to be feminine is stereotyping. Even the media has cut back on portrayal of gays in that fashion, besides DL guys can hardly get away with it if they were “feminine”. I guess the fems one are more recognisable due to their flamboyance.

    Fair enough point but we are talking a general outlook on a community of people that ive suffered a lifetime of prejudice. Ur comment is equivalent to saying noone owes black person equality just cause some black people are racists. I hope u get my point; it doesnt measure up cus one is a minority, the other isnt. Not everyone is gonna love/accept gays but we are looking forward to a time when homophobia is an individual thing not a cultural one.

  71. Tehara September 5, 2011

    The fact that he immediately linked down low gay men with A*** is ridiculous… When most of these broads out there have unprotected s** with men that cheat on them with other WOMEN and in return get STDs .

  72. Bank September 5, 2011

    I’m not being funny but who’s in the position to discriminate against LGBT’s? When there’s stuff like Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Murder etc. going on why don’t they look at themselves firsts – ESPECIALLY the HIP HOP community.

  73. Flashing Green September 5, 2011

    THE GAME just gained a bunch of new Fans !

  74. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U September 5, 2011

    Not really. One could be gay and still likes the things another straight male would like except for their tastes in attraction.

  75. ricky September 5, 2011

    sorry…why does the game think a*** starts with a gay guy !? ignorant

  76. I’ma have to send her back to her maker September 5, 2011

    He tells the truth. Bey and her fans are such queens!!! Smh. And she gets her choreography from gays. I have no prob wit bey most of the times but her fanbase….annoying.

  77. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 5, 2011

    The urban community will learn to embrace it when a big scandal comes up.For example, imagine if one of those artists that they’ve been playlisting on radio and inviting on 106 & Park for years is homosexual?They will just understand that this artist’s personal preferences and sexual orientation did not affect his/her music or the reception of his/her career.However, there are so many gay men that act weird that people think all gay men are jokes, which is VERY unfair.If a serious gay person come along with a message to spread then the urban community will accept him/her slowly but surely.

  78. Ms Lovely September 5, 2011

    Since when did being gay automatically mean being infected with A***?!? Game clearly needs to be educated(then again he didn’t finish high school). I wonder when Game is going to finally come out of the closet.

  79. naomi September 5, 2011

    The whole thing is silly, the interviewer is enticing a controversial answer and most ceelbs/rapper woulnd never do a video interview without a legal rep or pr person.
    The Game meant well and he got love for all like he said “each to their own”.
    What does concern me is where and whose stupid idea is to ask him of these hpt and loaded questioning? Obvious u get H** first then A***, The Game meant well, but as u can see he is little arrogant of the matter in hand.

    Whose to say honestly, whose gay? Why does it matter if someone if someone is gay in rap industry or not. I dont agree with unsafe s**, or the Dl, but it is what is, people, men mostly cheat, it all starts with home, education and Us black people loving one another and excpeting us, how are to be respected by others, we be hating on each other too much

    peace n love


  80. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U September 5, 2011

    Rihanna’s and Nicki’s fans are quite vulgar does that mean their fanbases are all c****? I thought so!

  81. aisha aguilera keys September 5, 2011

    Game, what WOULDN’T a gay rapper talk about in his songs? Everything u guys talk about except instead of banging chicks, they’d be banging guys instead. Sam, there was NO shade thrown at B, gee u need to stop, u act like the world revolves around her! Reaching for those comments, I see! Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with what Game said.

  82. isabella! September 5, 2011

    the only thing wrong with the interview was were it sounded like game meant that gays have a*** and those in the closet could give it to a female and then she could give it to a “straight man”. so he saying that if your gay you automatically have a***. i don’t think he meant it exactly like that but that is what it sounded like.

  83. Speaks Truth September 5, 2011

    I’m Gay, and I’m masculine, you would never know I’m gay unless you ask me and yes I’m open about it and hang with gays, f*** what people think, I can’t wait to move to New York the end of next year cuz I’m bringing GAY BLACK MEN to all the genre of music, I been through everything so anything a celebrity or the media can bring then BRING IT but I will continue kicking doors as if try never critique a damn thing……..

    Who Run The World?????? GAYS

  84. Speaks Truth September 5, 2011

    They not try….

  85. Rican-kid September 5, 2011

    Yo ok wtf I agree with alot he had to say however the a*** thing and gays he was insinuating that gays or bi who f*** with both sexes spread a*** but the fact of the matter is unprotected s** spreads a*** regardless of orientation.

  86. BLACK September 5, 2011

    @I’ma have to send her back to her maker

    he said nothing about her fan base, he was talking about men in general….make sure u watch the vid next time.

  87. Rich September 5, 2011

    He’s preaching!!!
    I love the Bey plug! lmao

  88. Mickie September 5, 2011

    That’s why female rappers like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have a large gay following. Because they can relate.

    Game speaks the truth, except for the A*** part.

  89. Rich September 5, 2011

    the A*** comment was unnecessary though lmao. he should’ve said something about heartbreak or something lmao. not every gay person has A***. lol

  90. ROB September 5, 2011

    I agree with everything he said except the whole A*** thing. I understood where he was coming from, but he made it sound like all gays and closeted gays got it, and that’s not true

  91. Kim SHITS On Nicki Minaj be presson on kim ! O o p! September 5, 2011

    For Once The Game Flop Ass Talking Bout Some Relevant S*** ! Anyways Gays Do RUN THE WORLD ! Who Gave Madonna & Still Give Her Power ??? The GAYS ! Support GAGA ??? THE GAYS ! Nicki Minak Gimmick Ass First Said Her ROMAN Alter Ego Was Her Twin Sister But Then Lied & Said It Was A GAY Boy That Lived In Her To Get The Support Of The Gays But They Didnt Buy That Gimmick & Her Gimmick About Being Bisexual So HER S***** Album Flopped ! Also I Dont Think People Are Ready For A Openly Gay Rapper As For Singer I Think People Might Be A Lil More OPEN To That Idea !

  92. Corey September 5, 2011

    I hear Game and I agree to a minimum but the WHOLE A*** and H** thing that is due to people being uneducated and not protecting themselves during s**. I wish people who want to speak on the A*** epidemic will do there research before the start to put the blame on closeted people.

  93. Bobby Bulgaria September 5, 2011


    Somebody here obviously is very delusional and they think that I would ever try to steal anybody’s account and particularly and especially… THEIRS…

    Well, I would never need to do that as I don’t at all feel interested in that stupid idea…

    To whom it may concern (you know who you are) – I know you’re always trying to get my attention and this time you got it… You must be happy…

  94. Bobby Bulgaria September 5, 2011

    Oh, I guess I used my other email and my photo got out…


  95. Darren September 5, 2011

    wow. very surprised at his open-mindedness. his music may suck but he has gained my respect.

  96. nice_gurl September 5, 2011

    He said some pretty true things. I am not sure if the urban community would embrace a gay rapper or singer. I don’t really care because as long as they’re making good music, I will listen to it. Not sure how other people feel about this issue though.

  97. Chocolate_Box777 September 5, 2011

    The Game tells the truth I like him. But he needs to kind of reword what he said about DL men not telling there women..He is assuming they already have H**, which is not always the case…

  98. REAL September 5, 2011

    Many female r&b artist support the LGBT, its a little less public when it comes to guys. For some reason big cities are updated with The black community is less accepting and educated when it comes to sexuality, If people continue to blame things on certain people and not look at things based on facts things will be messed up like they are. I LOVE EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU READING THIS, GOD LOVES ALL INCLUDING GAYS, STRAIGHT, BI WHATEVER, SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE

  99. RedDead September 6, 2011

    If he’s not gay then what does he care about rappers being in the closet. He should focus on his own career making sure the music stays good and the records keep selling. The black community has been misled by the hip-hop/rap culture. It hasn’t done anything to motivate them to become a leader in this follower driven planet. It seems the only way out is to play sports or rap which is very sad when compared to the opportunties white folks seek out. Being gay right now is just a fad, it will go away soon just like being black was popular in the 90’s.

  100. jesse lopez September 6, 2011

    he says sipping on a mojito…..lmao jk

  101. TYLER September 6, 2011

    They already have… Hello???? look at all the gay acts out

    Lil’ Wayne
    The Dream
    Trey Songz
    Jermaine Dupri
    Lil’ B
    Soulja Boi
    Nicki Minaj

    Hello all of them are bi or gay and it’s obvious! like smack you in your face obvious!

    I’m sure “The Game” makes a good Verse Top himself…. he looks a little “Fishy” with red hair

  102. Playafly September 6, 2011

    He was truthful in some instances but wrong in others…I believe he meant well but just didnt know how to put it into CORRECT words. Not all gays have A*** and most times it’s heterosexuals who lead the new A*** cases. I admit the DL guys play a huge factor in this only because of how they will be viewed by society. Therefore, they are undercover sleeping with men but portraying to still be interested in women. Happens everyday and it’s unfortunate. But why was this whole interview about gays? No straight dude even cares that much to have a whole interview about it…only the curious ones.

  103. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 6, 2011

    @ Reddead Being black was popular in the 90s ????? You mean the 70s

  104. X,Y,”and Z” September 6, 2011

    That interviewer should have ask ‘Game’ if HE wouldn’t mind an “openly gay” teaching given “private” after-school lessons to HIS 4-year old son? Or, an openly homosexual preacher meeting said son, after Sunday school for…”private scripture lessons.”

    I mean, listen, let’s be honest – how many of us BLACK FOLK would feel comfortable having a gay, or openly homosexual, person teach their children, or preach in their pulpits? Didn’t we watch and learn ANYTHING from that horrific catholic priest s** scandal? Chances are, those young men will forever remain broken; those scars will NEVER heal!!

    I share this one most-pertinent sentiment with other BLACK FOLKS: “WE DON”T BELIEVE IN SAME-S** MARRIAGE”..!!
    ..And what really, really, REALLY brings my blood to a boil is when gays equate being homosexuality to the “black experience”! This is when the “3rd World” comes out in me, and I join the “righteous gatherers” as they reach for the gasoline and matches, drag the “suspect” out-from their holes and set them afire! ..OH YES, it’s done in the “3rd World” – TRUST..!! ..Saw it done, with my very-own two eyes.

    X,Y,”and Z”

  105. Bobby Bulgaria September 6, 2011

    @ X,Y,”and Z”:


    Most, if not all, male shool teachers are gay or bisexual, so if your son gets private lessons by a male teacher then he might get some GAY LESSONS… Ha ha ha… He might catch THE GAY DISEASE…

    BEWARE… 🙂

  106. Bobby Bulgaria September 6, 2011


  107. X,Y,”and Z” September 6, 2011

    @Bobby Bulgaria re: 10:52 am —

    I take it you hadn’t seen the “blacks only comment” sign on the front door.

    “Most, if not all, male shool teachers are gay or bisexual”

    ..So you’re well-acquainted with ALL the male teachers in These United States Of America! ..Just-maybe in Bulgaria..?? ..Also, if my son DOES fall to such a disease? ..Well, rest assured, I’d promptly put him out of HIS misery, then proceed to publicly torture, then execute, that degenerate who’d “infected” him!

    Hey Bobby, do you know, and this IS fact, that “Burning F** Flesh” has a pungent, near-acrid smell? ..Kinda like…burning pork, rubber and sulfur; all-then mixed-in to ‘draw’ a prehistoric soupy Hades, were Dante’s fabled “Bleeding Trees” bears the fruit of “suicide-f** souls,” who-then-took the ONLY plausible, and assuredly merciful exit from a rotting, gaping existence!

    ..”YOUR” world, is NOT “our” world! Yet you constantly force your decrepit, immoral values upon us. First you enslave. Then you conspire to steal the very earth beneath our feet. You now leave us with your images. Images we’re to copy and worship. And when we break those chains, you browbeat us with your twisted morality, all-while you divide, conquer and reinforce “fortress:white-hegemony”.

    ..You, “White Gays” are THE absolute worst, most-virulent racists I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. Though suspicious, weary, horrified, sickened of your lifestyle, I then tried to give you the benefit of doubt. But, without fail, y’all prove yourselves to be the “sharp end” of “White/Euro Hegemony”!

    Harvey Levin is T-H-E VERY personification of what you are: cunning, smiling, shyster racist with hidden agenda, and bully pulpit from which to ply his craft, and move his wares!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  108. Bobby Bulgaria September 6, 2011

    @ X,Y,”and Z”:

    Come on, don’t bring that racism s*** AGAIN… That’s ALL you’re talking about…

    You must be A REAL RACIST I guess… 🙂
    So don’t call me things that YOU ARE…

    And don’t talk about WHITE GAYS ONLY, talk about BLACK GAYS… Maybe you have some in the family that you don’t know about… That would be really amuzing… 🙂

    And tell me something: What kind of a MAN would want to become a children school teacher…? I wouldn’t even think about it… Dealing with all these kids…???

    No way! ONLY GAY! 🙂
    In Bulgaria, or in your United States of America… Still the same…

    I ain’t even gonna comment on the rest of your b******* RACIST and HATEFULL essay…

    I don’t know what your problem is… Are you too ugly looking or something? Don’t have friends? Can’t you just have some fun in life? 🙂

  109. Bobby Bulgaria September 6, 2011

    @ X,Y,”and Z”:

    And you would KILL YOUR SON if he turns out to be GAY…???

  110. X,Y,”and Z” September 6, 2011

    (Meh… But where to begin… “Target Rich” Environment this..)

    @Bobby re:3:58 pm —

    “Come on, don’t bring that racism s*** AGAIN… That’s ALL you’re talking about”

    That’s ALL that’s happening. But you’re not a black man – you wouldn’t know. F****** a black woman/fathering a ‘mutt child’ doesn’t qualify. Even ‘s**** owners’ did that!

    “You must be A REAL RACIST I guess”

    I can only call it as I see it. Need proof? Go back to the TGJ archives and “meander about” in “any, or every” that had to do with “The White Rapper”!

    “And don’t talk about WHITE GAYS ONLY, talk about BLACK GAYS… Maybe you have some in the family that you don’t know about… That would be really amuzing…”

    No, we’re pretty much “disease free”, “Old-Testament Strong,” and proudly so!

    “And tell me something: What kind of a MAN would want to become a children school teacher…? I wouldn’t even think about it… Dealing with all these kids…???” <– o~0

    ..PRICELESS!! Absolutely priceless, "frame worthy" and worth its weight in Gold: The ease at which that "globular-sticky fuzzy-logic" tumbles off your greasy fingertips – almost now delivering a fatal wound to the "logic-soul" of Cyberspace..!!

    Bobby, you're one of a kind – you really are! According to that "lethal faculty" of yours: Football coaches, baseball coaches, basketball coaches, Soccer coaches are ALL homosexual! Forget the cover of "love of the sport", or wanting to teach and leave THIS world a better place than you found it – NO: a hidden agenda hath they all..!!
    Bobby, you "inhabit and flourish" in those "Oxygen deprived/Light-evading" depths. Where the cold and crushing pressures almost guarantee lifelessness. Not even plankton would dare! Bobby, you're truly a rare species..!!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT..!!

  111. Bobby Bulgaria September 7, 2011

    Oh, you’re so delusional and ignorant of these things… 🙂

    You DON’T even know that there are SO MANY GAYS, LESBIANS and BISEXUALS among sports people???

    Well, how could you know that, you’re not gay… (as I am not black and don’t know about black people…)

    So hear this – there ARE SO MANY homo- and bisexuals in sports… COACHES included… 🙂

    Male school teachers too… As I already said – would a REAL MAN, or a MACHO MAN decide to become a children’s teacher??? NO F*CKING WAY!

    And I would tell you another thing – gays are either really feminine (that would work in a hair salon, etc.) or normal looking (that would want to be teachers among some other jobs) or the masculine really muscular macho type that would go into sports… These are all GAY, just different types…

    And another thing that you’re obviously ignorant about and unaware of – you HAVE some gay relatives, that’s undoubtful… You just DON’T KNOW about it… 🙂

    Also, the food that you eat makes people gay, so your son or your grandson WILL BE GAY… 🙂

    There are some chemicals in plastic that make you gay, so one day maybe YOU will become GAY too… 🙂

    So you can CALL ME then… Well, if you’re good looking, that is…
    You see, I’m not a RACIST so I WOULD GIVE IT TO YOU… And REGULARLY… 🙂

  112. lmao September 7, 2011

    i always thought x,y and z was gay and in love with chris brown.
    not being rude or anything just an observation.

  113. JanetFan101 September 7, 2011


  114. MW September 7, 2011

    See, if people don’t cheat and don’t lie
    And don’t be slutty
    There wouldn’t be A***
    REGARDLESS of gays
    Matter fact, there wouldn’t be STD’s either
    Anyways. I hate sl*ts. 🙂

  115. MMV September 7, 2011

    He meant well however… being gay doesn’t guarantee that you will have H** to then pass on to anyone… H** doesn’t have a sexual preference.

  116. i’m a billy goat…..baa, “i was robbed” September 8, 2011

    VLAD is GAY isn’t he?

    And to the question. Why should they need accept or not accept a person?

    ….”man fans” O__0

    What that did look like a female who had a bad day to me! The man could be gay or he could have been high and thought it was a female. I don’t care! This interview was interesting though. VLAD’s gay ass was trying to lead The Game to say some things!

  117. HipHop-NotWAR September 8, 2011

    Gain Fans? Although I respect The Game for speaking up about people coming out of the closet. His A*** comments we’re (in my opinion) ignorant. Maybe, he didn’t word it the WAY that he meant to. However, ‘A***’ is not a Gay disease. Just because you are Heterosexual does not mean THAT you can not contract the disease. Period.

    Also, DID anyone else notice that ‘The Game’ couldn’t even look Vlad straight in the face or straight in the Camera for that matter? Hmm, whats that about?
    I know for a FACT that The Game has worked w/ Gay Rappers and a Bisexual (downlow) Singer *cough* recently *cough*. The fact of the matter is, there are Gay people everywhere just as there are Heterosexual people BECAUSE we are all just humans trying to make it on this place we call earth, so don’t be so quick to judge. I could care less about a Rapper being Homosexual, if you have skills and your dope, ill listen. Peace!

  118. TruthHurts September 8, 2011

    Can’t look straight in the camera/mans face (check)

    Signs of feeling uncomftorable but pretending to be comftorable (check)

    Bright Neon Nike Tank Top (check)

    Used to have blonde hair (check)

    Hangs out w/ Chris Brown who also used to have blonde hair and has even been linked to being downlow (check)

    Sipping on a cocktail w/ a straw (check)

    Always quoting Beyonce (check)

    It’s EVIDENT that ‘The Game’ is on the DOWNLOW. Mark my words. -_-

    He can deny it all he wants AND can pretend to be ‘slightly’ Pro-Gay to allow others to overlook his true bisexuality BUT he isn’t fooling me.

    Sorry bro, your attempt to convince everyone that you are Heterosexual didn’t work for me.
    Vlad knew what he was doing when he asked those questions. NEXXXT!

  119. Bam Bam September 8, 2011

    @LMAO I thought so too the way X, Y, and Z types he sounds like he got some sugar in his tank…..always sayin some “catty” ish etc. coulda fooled me…… What I realise is that the people that always go out of their way to say how much they don’t like gays are hiding…..(Look at Bishop Eddie Long) #Justsayin…….

  120. lmao September 8, 2011

    @BAM BAM i kno right? it’s hilarious to me, his fixation on ridiculing female artists due to some random reason why he dislikes them and then his obsession with any and all things chris brown. lol and the way he types is interesting like someone who is always arguing and never seems to get his point across

  121. Johncolby September 9, 2011

    Depends On The Person

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