J. Cole Unveils New Song, New Single Artwork

We’ve already shown you photos from the set of rising rapper J. Cole‘s ‘Can’t Get Enough’ featuring Trey Songz (and video cameo from Rihanna).  Lifted from ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’ , and with the song recently being sent to Itunes, fans can expect the visual to be making its way to screens soon.

In the meantime, the ‘Who Dat’ rapper whets a few appetites with other material from the upcoming release.  The song, entitled ‘God’s Gift’, got its premiere in the live format.

See Cole in action after the jump:

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  1. Dede September 4, 2011

    Unbelievable to see him struggling to get famous while Lil wayne just have to have something come out of his mouth and he sells records.

  2. KellyWillOvercome September 4, 2011

    Cole World No Blanket. He is the best rapper out right now and i will def get his album

  3. KellyWillOvercome September 4, 2011

    lil wayne is mainstream @ dede. j cole is a new artist. and cole doesn’t have the fanbase that wayne has. also, cole raps about things people can relate it, and wayne doesn’t . if u rap about money cars, and h***, and have catchy beats, the probability of blowing up is more likely. real rap isn’t mainstream…look at common, mos def,

  4. Malibu Barbie September 4, 2011

    id rather they force J.Cole down our throats than those young money gimmicks… i like j.cole he is really talented. he just needs that ” young money” promotion

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 4, 2011

    The song sounds promising but there is no way I can judge based on this, so I’ll wait for the studio version.However, one has to admit that Jay-Z has broken his personal record about promoting an arists horribly!!His album is out in a few weeks, ‘Work Out’ is barely entering the charts now and he doesn’t even give this single time to catch on!Anyway, I hope it will all work out well for him because he has talent…

  6. Dede September 4, 2011


    i understand your point but there are other mainstream artists like 50 cents, Jay-z and Ye who actually makes sense and have tolerable voice but Lil wayne on the other hand, s*** just flows out of his mouth.

  7. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011


  8. KellyWillOvercome September 4, 2011

    but @dede wayne’s fanbase is huge, he doesn’t have to say anything important to sell a record. he has been in the came for a long time now. trust me i kno, i remember when i said “when will wayne make it big?”.
    jcole hasn’t crossed over , that is why he will struggle. either way he is the best right now to me and his day will come!

  9. Yo September 5, 2011

    When a wack song comes out on tgj, everybody’s on it. But when an actual good artist comes on here, nobody comments? wtf is up with that?

  10. flawda September 5, 2011

    J Coles issue isn’t promotion, i wish ya’ll would stop using that stupid ass excuse. The problem is music fans as a whole are retarded and ears are trained to listen to pop bullshyt and catchy music with no substance. No amount of promotion will fix that, fans just need better taste in music and stop being so trendy.

    We are in the Lil Wayne fast food music era. Mass produced music that has little to no filling and substance, you process it fast and 15 minutes you’re left unfulfilled.

  11. nice_gurl September 5, 2011

    He’s really good at live performances. He needs to keep doing more promotion.

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