Kelly Rowland Talks with NBC’s ‘Talk Stoop’

‘Motivation’ maestra Kelly Rowland was recently spotted giving fans the scoop on NBC’s ‘Talk Stoop’.  The singer touched on establishing herself as a solo artist, Destiny’s Child, and more.

Fans can also see  a piece of the singer delivering an acoustic ‘Keep It Between Us’ performance as well.   All of this and more after the jump:

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  1. williNalli September 1, 2011

    FIRST…GAW-DJUSS…God I love this chick!

  2. THEO HUXTABLE September 1, 2011


  3. lostonez September 1, 2011

    she’s so genuine and i love it,, comes the flop comments..

  4. JUStQua September 1, 2011

    I just love this woman (no homo). I hope Bey gave her a pep talk and told her to keep pushing. I need Kelly to bring it full force now. “Here I Am” is such a good album and she has some great songs that could be strong singles. As a DC stan I would love to see Kelly and Bey take over togerher. I can’t wait until the 16th for the FAME tour. I’m just happy Kelly is getting shine as a solo star.

  5. ITS A BOY! (S***) September 1, 2011

    LOL @ that sleeping dog in the back.

    Anyway, Bey is having a baby, KANYE is gonna be the GODMOTHER & Kelly will DEAL!

  6. diva September 1, 2011

    Kelly Rowland is one of the most beautiful women in the world, the world is finally seeing that hopefully she gets all the success she this woman

  7. LOVING ‘4’! September 1, 2011

    @JUSTQUA, So you hope Bey gave her a pep talk and that they can take over TOGETHER. Wish Kelly’s fans would have been this humble before her album came out. Instead so many of them (don’t know if that includes you but if the shoe fits.. ) were talking much noise and were so sure that Kelly was going to take Bey’s shine. I think that turned a lot of Bey’s fans against Kelly and some haven’t looked back. Anyway, I think the negativity should stop so the fans of all artists can just enjoy whatever is going on with the artist of thier choice instead of arguing back and forth, but it never seems to really go completely away.

  8. pop royalty (MUSIC OF THE SUN) September 1, 2011

    The singer touched on establishing herself as a solo artist ?! 😯

    gurrrrrrl … don’t make me laugh ! her team HATE HER ! IT’S OFFICIAL NOW !

    GO .. GO .. GO … GOO

  9. bdaboss September 1, 2011

    I want to hear that acoustic version in full

  10. deen September 1, 2011 baby is f****** beautiful..i love everything about this woman..haters keep motivating her.

  11. mhud September 1, 2011

    queen kelly rowland,i think im now a grown guy n capable of loving you coz i knw that you deserve heaven and earth..your beauty is driven me insane.

  12. Kisses September 1, 2011

    She’s so beautiful. Loves it!

  13. YEABEY HATES YOU ALL September 1, 2011

    She sang “Keep It Between Us” wonderfully! BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM!

  14. X,Y,”and Z” September 1, 2011

    @TGJ staff —

    “My Thoughts..?!”

    Well, “My Thoughts” are that it seems, more-than-likely, 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland’s “7-fans/supporters”, AFTER FIVE-LOOOONG-weeks and only 133K- OTC U.S. Retail Units of “HERE I FLOP” moved, they’re (give it a moment..) “Keeping It Between “THEMSELVES”..!!”

    After ALL the..”big-talk.” After ALL the bravado: FFFFFFFFFFF-A-I-L…!!!

    Kelly Rowland…?! She couldn’t sell salvation in purgatory!

    With that paltry 133K- U.S. OTC Retail Units moved, safe to say 30-Something-Year-Old Kelly Rowland’s 7-(Motivated?!) fans/supporters won’t be buying a concert/tour ticket to see her.

    ..’BIG MISTAKE’ for her to be on Chris’ tour.. H-U-G-E..!! Don’t you agree, Sam/TGJ staff..??

    X,Y,”and Z”

  15. One hit wonder September 1, 2011

    let’s be honest kelly is not so beautiful. Look at her face, she looks like a dude. #dead at them showing only motivation. One hit wonder.
    #dead at them also interviewing her on a low budget setting.

  16. One hit wonder September 1, 2011

    Talk stoop is some low budget stuff. She needs to come harder on some more mainstream promo and not promo that only TGJ readers readers see. The average braod doesn’t care for talk stoop.

  17. hood_star_06 September 1, 2011

    all the hate i love – ms kelly make that money mama! work!

  18. Lebo(CAribbeanBoi) September 1, 2011


  19. Chillin September 1, 2011


    Can we enjoy the time with OUR favorite..instead of you comming along spreading negativity…JUST SAYIN???!

  20. Erik Aston September 1, 2011

    Kelly Rowland ‘s music is the hit of 2011.

  21. Erik Aston Washington September 1, 2011

    Someone loves the Kelly Rowland!

  22. Chillin September 1, 2011

    She is definately more articulate than beyonce when it comes to interviewing. Her body language, poise, and choice of words are definitely ON POINT!

  23. laharris979 September 1, 2011

    to x y and z and one hit wonder lol im livin for yall yessss yall nobodies are always checking for my girl Kelly i couldn’t care if she sold 12 copies at least it sold how many of your albums have sold…ummm im waiting…..#DEAD exactly what I thought. neither of you have any talent what so ever well i take that back well never mind because being on your knees and back all day in alleys really dont count as talent because thats what you two haters were born to do. so wash ya b*** and wipe ya chin oh yeah dont forget to spit 🙂 I do thank you for letting me know how much Kelly has sold to date thanks for the info i know you low self esteem nobodies will always have the scoop i need on Kelly. Good job team 😉 with all the Kelly homework what else has she done keep me posted ok. #GAG

  24. jrizza September 1, 2011

    @onehitwonder she is beautiful, and you will deal. I’m sure she is far more attractive than you are a man or woman. #stamp

  25. mhud September 1, 2011

    one hit are very stupid and useless..its nobodys fault that your entire family are so haters are very funny…its obvious that she now a threat to your boring favs.hahahahahahaha.ugly king kong haters.queen kelly rowland 4eva

  26. X,Y,”and Z” September 1, 2011

    @LAHARRIS979 re: September 1, 2011 at 9:34 am —

    You’re…”MOTIVATED”!! ..Good thing (not a moment too soon): scrap metal dealers are now paying double for Wrought Iron. Then..then, there other recyclables..

    1.) Used Tires
    2.) Disposed Glass/Plastic Bottles
    3.) Plastic Bags (Supermarkets will soon charge for these)
    ..I’d keep away from “Medical Waste”, nasty stuff!

    133K- U.S. OTC Retail after FIVE-LONG WEEKS should be “Motivation” enough!

    ..Happy Scrounging, “Team-Kelly”!!

    X,Y,”and Z’

  27. eightiesbaby8030 formerly known as Holla September 1, 2011

    @XYZ- I shouldn’t even address you, because you’re obviously just a troll with some sort of personal vendetta against Kelly. However, thank you for the album sales updates, that’s really sweet of you to provide that information for us. Also, thanks for your thesis statement comments, we really appreciate the views/comments you always give Kelly’s post.

    Now, let me clue you in on something. Kelly’s real fans aren’t going to stop supporting her, because of her lackluster album sales. Why? Here I Am is a great album that suffers from tragic promotion. Selling an album in 2011 off the strength of one song and only two live performances of that one song? That’s DOA. However, we still love her music and spirit, and we know that she has the potential to be huge in the US when her team, label, and Kelly herself get’s their s— together.

    I will see you again on the next Kelly post. Have a great day!!

  28. X,Y,”and Z” September 1, 2011

    @EIGHTIESBABY8030 re: September 1, 2011 at 11:43 am —

    I appreciate your effort(s), conviction and candor (see, my heart’s NOT-all made of stone)!
    Now, I have a few questions and observations for you..

    1.) (re: “Tragic Promotion”, i.e., “Selling an album in 2011 off the strength of one song and only two live performances of that one song”) But she’s never before enjoyed such a “strong” “one song/single”. If I’m not too mistaken, “Motivation” is her ONLY Platinum single (though, one’s excitement is tempered by the sobering fact that it took nearly 5-months). So that was no “ordinary” single – it stood atop the charts for MONTHS-ON-END! So to blame/excuse the CD’s paltry retail presence on her single(s) is now moot!

    2.) (re: “and only two live performances of that one song”) And just whose fault might THAT be? Are we ALL to set our calendars to “Kelly Time”? That window of opportunity WAS open, but has now SLAMMED shut.. And when we DID see her on Jay Leno, she was weak, faulty, amateurish, and supremely lacking! That was VERY-much unlike her much hyped BET “Motivation” performance; maybe she should have had those said backing-soundtrack/lip-syncing vocals?

    “Troll”..?! “Personal Vendetta”..?!

    …Funny thing that “truth”, it turns wine into vinegar and sugar to salt!

    But what most upsets/concerns me? Well, she’ll cast that “pall of underperformance/lacking/wanting” upon “Tour-F.A.M.E” and “buzz-kill” ticket sales!

    You see, for all her career, 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, has enjoyed the coattails/sympathies of DC, Beyonce/Knowles-suspicion/hate, and “dark-skin sista-girl empathy”. And what has she done with it? NOTHING! Kelly Rowland has NEVER had a U.S. Platinum CD. And that said “Motivation” single had Wayne as feature and, even then, took nearly 5-months to be said certified!

    (Meh..) “Personal Vendetta”..?! No! ..The Truth – The Whole Truth and nothing but “The Truth”…

    In closing – Would YOU have someone on YOUR tour who has demonstrated poor U.S. OTC sales her entire solo career, even though she was once affiliated with THE most-popular girl group in the world? Won’t it stand to reason that if she can’t “motivate” CD sales, she’ll be as equally as poor a “ticket draw”? How then is she to be paid? Won’t she THEN be paid out of the pockets of the OTHER performers: Chris, Tyga, Big-Sean, T-pain who ALL can sell CDs, entertain and thereby move concert/tour tickets? So, instead of eating her own food, she’ll not only finish her plate, but she’ll also be eating/taking everyone’s else food..!!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  29. isabella! September 1, 2011

    when did come out with here i am? where has she been, i know she has been doing x factor in the UK but she should of did more promo in the US. and there are a bunch of shows she could of got on if she pushed for it, like good morning america, hell she could of done blogs for all i care she just needed to do some kind of promo. For those who says she is taking over, i will wait for you to come to your senses. Ke$ha, the trashy autotune singing nasty looking girl, has sold more than kelly, so she is not taking over anything. right now we have adele, lady gaga, rihanna, and katy perry. tell me when kelly goes platinum. beyonce’s last album is doing horrible and it still outsells here i am. YOU CAN HATE ALL YOU WANT I AM JUST SPEAKING THE TRUTH WHICH IS SOMETHING THAT ALOT OF YOU REFUSE TO DO.

  30. Taylor September 1, 2011

    Just heard “UNITY” on the radio (again) … best song by Kelly Rowland !!!

  31. KellyWillOvercome September 1, 2011

    wow it is funny that all these haters know the whole kelly’s bio. why do you keep checking for her?? why why why!? let the girl do her. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE HER. yes her promo was terrible, but if it doesn’t bother her, why does it bother you? Go worship your god…& let kelly be.
    @xyz go take several seats. the whole world knows you hate kelly, so if you hate her that much, don’t worry about what she is doing with her time or life.

  32. Julia September 1, 2011

    * I AGREE WITH @ TAYLOR 100% ~ “UNITY” is the answer for Kelly Rowland … a song that keeps getting airplay with no promotional support or video ! Hello, Universal – anyone there ???

  33. Steph September 1, 2011

    KELLY Rocks!!! Keep up the good work!!! Can’t wait to see you in Toronto in a few days!!!

  34. nice_gurl September 2, 2011

    I love Kelly. She’s smart, beautiful and knows what she wants. She’s working hard at the moment, but I need her to do a little more promo.

  35. Archie September 3, 2011

    Go kelly rowland.shez hot and her prevous albums hav sold over a million copies y are u hatin b******

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