Rihanna Set For Album Showdown With Mary J. Blige

Published: Thursday 22nd Sep 2011 by Sam

You’ve heard the lead single, now new news regarding Rihanna sixth studio album has begun to treacle out. Namely its release date.

Want to know when Ms. Fenty will be snatching that cheesy tray of fast-food goodies from the microwave?

Find out below…

As confirmed by Capital FM, the as yet untitled album is scheduled to hit stores on…

November 21st 2011

Given the generally salty response to ‘We Found Love’ and the fact she’ll still be on tour for her last project, it’ll be interesting to see if the date sticks.


Shocker! Mary J Blige‘s ‘My Life II’ is released on the same day.

Anyway, we want to know…

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  1. Music Lover September 22, 2011

    She going against Mary J. Blidge and we all know Mary gonna flop hard

    Rihanna could finally get her first number 1 album. wow

  2. SlappinHoesSince89 September 22, 2011

    she’s a beautiful girl no doubt! But this we found love song shows 0 growth in her as an artist! she’s like a product! =( it saddens me actually!

  3. dale_23 September 22, 2011

    The new song kinda slowed my sprint into a slow jog….

    ….i would’ve been excited, but that song left a bad taste in my mouth…

    follow me >>>>>>>>>>>> DALE__23

  4. kerron September 22, 2011

    Cant wait We Found Love want it…..but i never like rihanna’s first sigles


  5. BOILED CURRY ISLAND GOAT September 22, 2011

    I hope it gets c******-blocked from the #1 position by Adele. PLEASE DON’T LET THAT ADELE REIGN EVER LET UP! I’m not even a fan but I like how she punched Britney, Gaga, Beyonce and hopefully R****** outta the game.

  6. dale_23 September 22, 2011

    This is the season for a s*** load of award shows….promo, promo, promo….


    i bet she gets a slot on the AMA’s……..

    WATCH. *rubs temples*

  7. RICHNBLACK11 September 22, 2011


  8. Ronnie_Slim September 22, 2011

    Going against Mary. Rihanna will debut in the top 5. Mary singles never do great on the charts but her albums are good. Mary will grab the top spot.

  9. Slim_Ronnie September 22, 2011

    Mary will grab the top spot

  10. aisha aguilera keys September 22, 2011

    It’ll have to take more than that single to motivate me to buy the album, but I surely will end up buying it. Sam, u’re always criticizing Riri yet you insist on typing most posts related to her! We get it, u don’t like her!

  11. honeydip September 22, 2011


  12. KD September 22, 2011

    I will be quick about it.

    1. That pic is so vulgar.
    2. I think she may be on to her very first #1 album.
    3. Her new song is the PITS


  13. Lenny September 22, 2011

    We all know that even without big hit single Mary J. will beat Rihanna. She can’t sell albums. Maybe she’s guilty for today’s condition of music business, not Katy Perry.

  14. movieman September 22, 2011

    lol rigeneric has to go against.
    nickelback – Dark Horse (Nov. 2008) – #1: 326,000
    Mary J. Blige – Stronger With Each Tear (Dec. 2009) – #2: 332,000
    Daughtry – Leave This Town (July 2009) – #1: 269,000

    she aint getting a nr1 album Again

  15. TheMJBDictionary September 22, 2011

    Queen Mary has record breaking album sales…Rihanna doesn’t.

    Mary was the first black female to sell over 700,000 albums in one week…not Rihanna.

    Mary has 2 of the largest top 10 first week sales of ALL time by a female artist…not Rihanna.

    Mary is the first black female artist to sell 1 million albums in two weeks…not Rihanna.

    Mary has 4 number one albums….Rihanna has zero.

    Mary last album sold 330K first week…not Rihanna’s. Remind you…Mary didn’t even have a top 50 hit while Rihanna had several number one songs.

    Mary’s perfume sold 60,000 bottles in 6 hours…another record…Rihanna’s didn’t.

    Shall I continue?

    Mary is the Queen of R&B. Some talentless m***** could NE’ER come for Mary’s iconic p**** lips.

  16. Flashing Green September 22, 2011

    Mary J. Blige is a seller, how come some of you don’t know that ?
    The only person that blocked Mary J. from the top spot is Susan Boyle…
    Ain’t NO Rihanna’s gonna block Mary from being N#1 ! Y’all so f****** dumb

  17. bey’knight September 22, 2011

    the first person to comment obviously needs to go check MJB’s credentials. lol i bet he drew up the assumption cus he thought her singles’ chartings are parallel to her album chart performance. go do your homework lil kid, u jus made a fool outta u. Rihanna may well end up getting the no1 album but it’ll be a hell of a shocker, most of her albums were preceeded by a number1 single but even her biggest hit- Umbrella couldnt break her streak.

  18. MissImpartial September 22, 2011

    If the album does not get to number one there is going to be a lot of hate. I don’t know why she still has not got a number one album.

  19. T September 22, 2011

    That release date is going to change. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

  20. RUH?! September 22, 2011

    My good sis Taylor Swift is releasing her Live album that very same day, uhm so……

  21. Kyle September 22, 2011

    When it comes to first week sales, Mary J. Blige will have Rihanna beat by a longshot. Mary’s fanbase has been loyal and evergrowing for almost twenty years (wow, that seems weird to say) and she sells so many albums first week and she doesn’t even need a hit single. Rihanna on the other hand will slay Mary on digital sales in terms of singles. Also, since Mary is planning on releasing a follow-up to her classic “My Life,” I think that will give her first week sales even a greater push. I can see her doing over 400K. Then again, it’s so damn early to tell LOL.

  22. NOPES September 22, 2011

    Rihanna’s songs are good to listen to, the production is great, her voice not so much, I have songs from all 5 of her albums, BUT I HAVE NEVER PAID FOR ANY, I wouldn’t buy the album if it was $.99 cents!

  23. JER September 22, 2011

    i bet right here right now they will push the album up at least a week, probably 2. Not because of competition, but because they want the album out EVEN earlier for sales

  24. Troybenz September 22, 2011

    yay happy for rihanna,s album but we all know that rihanna will be number again and that may j is gonna flop she always tries to come back but it doesnt work for her but rihanna will show her where the microwave is to make her Pop

    Teamrihanna all day excited for 21 nov

  25. the baddest b**** is here!! September 22, 2011

    The only singer that could take mary J N#1 position would be Alicia Keys… Rihanna I’m so sorry for you but auntie Mary J will give u some “schoolin life” treatment!! ****

  26. t-blaze September 22, 2011

    RIHANNA…cant stand Mary J Blige we built her whole career on remakes and remixes…at least Rihanna has nasty beats behind her and neither one of them are known for their vocal ability

  27. junior seven September 22, 2011

    every body know that mary will pushback…….like really

  28. NAYAH82 September 22, 2011

    Mary a flop? Mary has never had a flop album…She sells with or without a hit single. I like Rih hopefully she’ll ending getting the number #1 album after all.

  29. James227 September 22, 2011

    Well I don’t have to tell you who’s CD I’ll be buying, Mary of course.

  30. NAYAH82 September 22, 2011

    “end up”

  31. Myke September 22, 2011

    monica album the same day

  32. Move over Beyonce, Rihanna took your spot September 22, 2011

    TBH, I don’t care if Rih has a #1 album. I just want it to have legs like LOUD. LOUD debuted at #3 and it’s sold over 5 million WW. I’d rather her album be a grower than frontloaded and then sink like a stone the following week(*cough*lady gaga *cough*)

  33. Jane Doe September 22, 2011

    F*** all yall haters, MARY will do her numbers like she always does. Mary always has big singles & she sells millions of albums (65 million) to be exact. She doesn’t need to make a come back as some idiot has said. She has been relavent for 20 f****** yrs & has plenty of success to back it up. So again f*** yall haters. I like RiRI, but let’s see if she can maintain for 20 yrs like the undisputed Queen of Hip Hop Soul. #R&B ICON. Don’t ever forget it.

  34. THEMAN September 22, 2011

    How has Lady Gaga’s album sunk like a stone when it’s almost a 2 million in the states and nearing 5 million sold ww, she did that in only a matter of months. It was a far shorter span than that of Rihanna.



  36. Deveal2014 September 22, 2011

    Mary J Blige is the Queens & will always do her numbers with or without hit s*** singles . @ some idiot that says mary j blige is not known for her voice??? LMFAO she sure as hell is not known for walking up & down the stage naked. her voice is epic and one of the if not the strongest in the industry 2day. because of this woman alone real R&B music is still around and not all that techno electronica stuff that been so popular today. only reason yall against her iz cuz she dark skin & been on top for years and if they aint light fair skin or white yall can’t take it but um mary j reigns supreme cuz like she says real talent & good music will always prevail and that microwave popcorn stuff is here today and gone the next.

  37. Deveal2014 September 22, 2011

    Ima repost this cuz all this is true :

    Queen Mary has record breaking album sales…Rihanna doesn’t.

    Mary was the first black female to sell over 700,000 albums in one week…not Rihanna.

    Mary has 2 of the largest top 10 first week sales of ALL time by a female artist…not Rihanna.

    Mary is the first black female artist to sell 1 million albums in two weeks…not Rihanna.

    Mary has 4 number one albums….Rihanna has zero.

    Mary last album sold 330K first week…not Rihanna’s. Remind you…Mary didn’t even have a top 50 hit while Rihanna had several number one songs.

    Mary’s perfume sold 60,000 bottles in 6 hours…another record…Rihanna’s didn’t.

    Shall I continue?

  38. KIMBERLY September 22, 2011

    Rihanna fans you are being very disrespectful. I don’t blame yall because yall are kids. Mary J even if i don’t buy her music she is queen. rihanna cannot even hit a milestone after 6 albums. no real music. The industry can say nothing about her but her hit songs. Will she be like mary after 20 years and talk about hit songs. riahnna fans #1 don’t make an artist. Talent makes an artist. grow up. Use britney as an example. she was america’s sweetheart, they were head over heel swith her now who cares about her. she cannot even sell albums now. rihanan is the it girl, she is not slaying nobody. Don’t come for other artist like Gaga who has much more to offer and is selling her albums or beyonce who has been there, overachieved after 3 solo albums over 80 million sold, lots of highlights and records. You can only compare rihanna when she reaches 10 years and more in the industry. Please rihanna stans stop disrespecting monica, brandy, mary j, beyonce, ashanti, even mariah, it will come back harder than hard for you. just a matter of time.

  39. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse) September 22, 2011

    Mary always has strong 1st week sales. I think Mary take the #1 spot that week. However, haters are gonna be real upset when this time next year Rihanna shifts 4-5M copies of her new album.

    Now, drink to that.

  40. VA STAND UP!!! September 22, 2011

    I’m no Rihanna fan by any means (obviously) but I’m pretty sure she can beat Mary J in sales. It’s no doubt Mary has a solid fanbase, but she doesn’t have anything burning up the charts right now and I do think the R****** Navy goes harder. We still have a couple months though so things could change.

    It will be interesting to see her first week sales will be though. I wonder if Adele will STILL be slaying in November and snatch the top spot again.

  41. maria September 22, 2011


    you are so right. Half of Rihanna stans/fans are kids. How can you disrepect artist that been in the game for years.. Beyonce became “known” after her first solo album, Mariah she’s amazing, whitney, monica all talented. Rihanna? almost 6 albums in, no number 1 album?
    just fast food music…. I like rihanna but i’m not delusional….

  42. jill September 22, 2011

    Mary J always get that number 1 album, Adele will still be slaying and I believe Taylor Swift is coming out with something…. Rihanna will be in Top 4 at least.

  43. nikki September 22, 2011

    All of Mary cd’s has gone platinum….Mary is 20 years deep….Rihanna won’t last that long

  44. CC September 22, 2011

    Rihanna’s corny pop ass is nothing compared to Mary.

  45. richnblack11 September 22, 2011

    see people your better enjoyed rihanna while you can……her time is running out…..i wonder if its the reason she has been looking so sad lately.

  46. AmbeRussell September 22, 2011

    wow she isnt even off tour and her album is already coming out. if it were any1 else, ppl would say over exposing n i would say the same. damn i understand keeping up the momentum, but damn there is a difference between keeping things moving and being too afraid to stop bc u dont want some1 else to take ur shine. n i dont see no reign, i jus see scared girl n rec company releasing album’s back to back while the fire is hot. i mean the songs are not a “rihanna” they could be sung by any1. anyways
    check out my youtube channel: amberussell


  47. Jane Doe September 22, 2011

    Mary has had plenty of #1 albums. Her catalog is INCREDIBLE. Let’s see if RiRi can achieve what Mary has achieved in her SOLID 20 yr career. Mary doesn’t follow trends like this “bubble gum pop garbage music” today. She is a real artist who does real numbers. #R&B ICON. You little kiddies are still young & naive.

  48. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 22, 2011

    Plz RIHANNA : don’t get a #1album in US and outsold other #1 albums as usual !

    Keep those broke h*** mad 😆

  49. i’m a billy goat…wearing a bad wig, eww September 22, 2011

    OMG what an AWFUL picture of her! She has th ebiggest hands I have ever seen on a woman…. FTW? O__0

    Now what is this foolishness about a showdown with MJB? Mary can sing what is Rihanna gonna do use Beyonce’s voice? MJB and this chick are in 2 different lanes and appeal to 2 differnt audiences!!

  50. Alex September 22, 2011

    Nope. Last time Loud had an extra three days to sell and the h** barely made it past the 200K. Mary J Blige sells just as much as her with like no promotion. I really hope Mary J Blige promotes because if she does she’ll beat Rihanna. I’m buying Mary’s album and illegally downloading Rihanna’s. Haha. (“)

  51. kelvin September 22, 2011

    I dnt think MJB will do well tbh. She’s dead musically. I predict 150k 4 her. As 4 rihanna with a generic song like WFL I predict 250k. And evry1 knws I 
    hard 4 riri

  52. Alex September 22, 2011

    All you losers (er-herm @Move Over Beyonce, Rihanna Took Your Spot) who throw shade at Gaga or other actually talented artists for thier album sales. Know that Gaga sells regardless. Born This Way sold 5 million + in its first month. Loud is 10 months old and barely sold 5 million worldwide and that is also with 3 huge singles. And Gaga hasn’t even promoted Born This Way in the US or anywhere else but Asia. I’m more than sure that in 10 months Born This Way will have sold 8 million +. You Princess RiRi(tard) fans are gonna feel so f****** stupid when her album flops, YET AGAIN. MJB’s got this one, she’s a f****** ICON. Ri(tard) is nothing but a barbadian hooker.

  53. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 22, 2011

    @ALEX :

    Gurl bye !

    GAGA been promoting BTW since 1985 VMA’s ! don’t get me started ..

    Gaga is the PROMO QUEEN ! Period !

    She even promoted BTW in a Facebook game called FARMVILLE ! 😯

    As if all of the promo she did wasn’t enough for her !


  54. STR8FACTS September 22, 2011

    I am no Mary stan, but for those of you who don’t know Mary J. Blige ALWAYS releases her albums around the holidays. (i.e. ‘The Breakthrough’ ‘Stronger With Each Tear’ etc.) and her numbers are always around the 300k-500k mark.

    Rihanna’s fan base is DEFINETLY growing, but Mary has a huge LOYAL fan base that has been riding with her for years, meaning that even when she put out “so so” music, people will still buy the album because it’s Mary, Rihanna on the other hand has to do much more. Let’s not forget ‘Loud’ came out last year around the same time and sold about 200k-210k, which was good for Rihanna, but pretty poor for her to be releasing her album around the holidays.

    Furthermore, I really am excited to hear her new material, however I feel either she or her label are really rushing things. They are trying to clone the success of ‘Loud’ and I feel like it’s going to back fire because it’s becoming overload, besides the girl is STILL on tour like c’mon at LEAST give it two more singles and a Jan-Feb release date. I get they want her to sell albums but I mean you can’t except the fact Rihanna is a singles artist, people buy her songs not her albums. IDK i hope she’s successful again with this album, and by the time she releases another, they don’t overexpose or overwork her. It’s looking like a crash course.

  55. NICK September 22, 2011

    love it get it RIHANNA!

  56. La’Tonya September 22, 2011

    actually i lie that we found love song..it’s not 2 much,not 2 less…&& i can really relate to that song!! I Like It….&& who gaf bout Mary J. Blidge

  57. JJFAN1814 September 22, 2011

    Rihanna aint gotta worry!! MY b**** will end up selling millions with or without a #1 ALBUM!!!!


  58. JJFAN1814 September 22, 2011


    No disrespect but wasn’t Rihanna album suppose to flop since ‘Rated R’…



  59. Dax September 22, 2011

    Mary J. is a grown ass woman and will f*** Rihanna’s face up worse than Chris did.

  60. Avenger September 22, 2011

    Mary is gonna mop the floor with Rihanna’s bad wig. Rihanna’s fanbase are a bunch of effeminate gay boys and fat girls born after 1996, who don’t know s*** else about music other than downloading fluffy pop crap from iTunes with their mommy’s debit cards. MJB’s fan base are grown ass men and women, who actually go to record stores and buy whole CDs. That non-singing goat doesn’t stand a chance in hell of beating Mary in a first week showdown.

  61. nice_gurl September 23, 2011

    Even if Rihanna does beat Mary in sales, we all know who is the most talented and that is Mary. BTW i’m 15 and I recognise and listen to true talent.

    Can’t wait for Mary’s album. Rihanna’s I will listen to online to see if she’s improved.

  62. Heh September 23, 2011

    Rihanna is a talentless hack, who can’t sing or dance, and is a lousy performer. She’s a product of a machine that wanted to make money with a young slutty looking flake, and they cast her and her forehead in the role. She is as manufactured as a piece of cheese. Everything she is is something that “they” gave her; and as soon as this interchangeable dummy stops turning a profit for the suits whose laps she sits on while they plot her next move for her, this vapid Barbadian mannequin will be plucked back down to obscurity where she belongs. She’s a fraud.

    Real talk.

  63. Heavy Metal Lover September 23, 2011

    MJB will most likely debut at #1 because Rihanna’s singles never really push her albums initially, her’s sell over an extended period of time. MJB never has high charting singles, but her albums always sell very well. Look at Growing Pains and SWET. Growing Pains only had 2 singles and sold 1.7 million in the US and 2.5 million WW and SWET had 3 singles and none reached the Top 40 and it sold 325K in the 1st week and has sold nearly 1 million in the US so in the next couple of months, they both will be on the promo trail, but MJB has dedicated fanbase that has been with her 20 years. Rihanna will not get a #1 album and it’s because she releases an album every year at the same time with the same marketing strategy as MJB: my album is coming out in the holiday season so treat yourself or someone you love with my album as gift, the only thing is MJB does it every 2 yrs and Rihanna does it every year. She’s overdoing it for real, she really needs to take a f****** break because We Found Love is NOT a good song at all. It shows no artistic growth at all, but Rihanna is NOT a recording artist, she’s a girl who thinks she can sing who got lucky with Jay-Z. I’m going with MJB, she’s about to get that 6th #1 album, something Rihanna will NEVER see.

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