Rihanna Axes ‘Loud’ Re-Release; Readies New Album

Published: Sunday 4th Sep 2011 by Sam

Given Rihanna‘s track-record with re-releases, it was no surprise earlier this year when it was confirmed that the Bajan had returned to the studio to revamp her latest collection of fast-food hits.

Yet, it seems Beyonce’s impending hiatus has this little model excited. For, she sensationally announced today that plans for a ‘Loud’ reboot have been shelved. Instead, the 23 year old is microwaving a new batch of material for a whole new album – which we’re sure will be rushed out before Baby Knowles-Carter hits the scene.

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After assuring fans new music is coming “soon” on Twitter, she added:

@RiRisBubblePop I tht abt a RihRelease, but LOUD is its own body of work! Plus u guys work so F?CKIN hard that u deserve to act brand new!!!

Some six years in to the smoke and mirrors Rihanna calls a career, this is hardly surprising. After all, her whole brand has been built on rush releasing material and changing her image depending on the sway of the wind.

Whatever the case, perhaps now the sales and #1 status which have eluded her in the States may finally become a reality. Not that it’s deserved.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Robier September 4, 2011


  2. Music Lover September 4, 2011

    I wish this btich vanish!

  3. Katie23 September 4, 2011


  4. TYLER* September 4, 2011

    I’m so sick of her, she has good singles, and a pretty face. Pehaps I’d like her more, if she slowed down with the album releases. Plus her stans are just physco for no reason.

  5. MichaelJacksonFan September 4, 2011

    She needs to start to take her time and make a good quality album! Im sick of these rushed typical pop albums! Rihanna if you want to be considered a real artist take more time creating your music!

  6. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ Music Lover B**** I WISH YOU DIE !!!
    I love you Rihanna I cant wait for the new album !!

  7. JohnVidal September 4, 2011

    Oh please! This is worse than a nightmare. Why can´t music industry just promote real talent and stop the crap??? Save the money on promotion for Mariah´s next album or something

  8. aisha aguilera keys September 4, 2011

    Really? Is anyone here suprised at a new album release, because I’m not. I’ll buy the album, but u’re not about to catch me at a Riri concert anytime!

  9. Rihanna ownes Beyonce right now! September 4, 2011

    Lmao! “That Rihanna Reign Just Wont Let Up.” Rihanna isnt even thinking about Bey. Rhi has more #1 singles than Bey and sold more worldwide. Get the facts on riaa.com and billboard.com….

  10. Sleazy September 4, 2011

    Overrated much? I’m done! She should take time off to work on her terrible singing and performances


    Creehanna = FLOP but Creehanna >>>>>>>> BLEACHonce( and T***** Caca 😉 ]

  12. birl stawp September 4, 2011

    Of course she doin another album. She release an album a year on average, fast food music. Still can’t get a #1 album though…sad. All those #1 singles and still no #1 album. Pathetic. And loud still ain’t sold like it should have with all that promo.

  13. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ Johndival C*** HUSH !!!!
    Yall talking about Rihanna releasing albums every year while “other” artists do the same DAMN thing !!!

  14. tyra September 4, 2011

    is anyone suprised she will wear her self out pretty soon

  15. MISHKA September 4, 2011

    I tht abt a RihRelease…

    Stop it, Rih-Rih. Your label told you last night that Ester Dea

  16. Ms Lovely September 4, 2011


  17. birl stawp September 4, 2011

    And lets KNOT be delayed. Beyonce sold 75 million with her OWN records alone. Not even including D/C money. She’s richer than Rihonda will EVER be. And just remember this… Everytime Rihanna drops a record or hits the stage… BEYONCE IS SHARING 10% of HER EARNINGS. Now lets not be delayed and argue about Rihonda’s baby money.


  18. Sleazy September 4, 2011

    Rihanna Only has more #1 cus she never takes a Break and music is generic and she uses desperate attempts to get there her #1 are forgettable besides Rude Boy and Umbrella. Beyonce hits #1 and stays there for more than 1 week Her #1 last become iconic

  19. TalentOnlyPlease September 4, 2011

    Rihanna has more number one singles blah blah blah! Seriously is that what music has become that having a number one single is the most important thing? Thats sad!

  20. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    No to shade but she has to come out with albums very close together because if she takes a break she will be forgotten. When only girl in the world came out everybody was talking about Rihanna. Now she is on cheers and nobody really talks about her anymore. She has to stay relevant. Everybody has to try to stay on top and try to be in everybodys conversations. Pimping ain’t easy.

  21. tyra September 4, 2011

    rir only has more number 1s cause she releases more music than beyonce so ur point is void and anyone with half a brain knows she aint sold more than beyonce

  22. ChristinasCOMING September 4, 2011

    @ Rihanna ownes beyonce right now

    Beyonce has more #1 albums, while Rihanna has none in the states….Beyonce only has 4 albums out, and has still sold more than all 5 of Rihannas put together.

  23. Jess September 4, 2011

    Rihanna has not sold more albums than Beyonce. Get your facts right.

  24. Mikey September 4, 2011

    I do think she needs to sit down and really make a classic album. If you look at her tweets, she’s become obsessed with getting a number 1 single. That’s taking the quality out of the music in my opinion. If you make great songs, the notoriety and praise will come. I’m tired of these “in the moment” people. I’m so ready for real singers to come back. Thankfully, Adele is already paving the way. I almost wish Bey didn’t take a break now…

  25. Madonnalover September 4, 2011

    EXCITED! 😀

  26. bcs September 4, 2011

    yay where going to get another Rihanna album this year

  27. MISHKA September 4, 2011

    I tht abt a RihRelease…

    Stop it, Rih-Rih.

    Your label told you last night that Ester Dean, Shontelle and that young cutie who penned ‘California King Bed’ have already prepped 12 other songs for your yodeling a%s.

    Turn that hair PURPLE and go back to your three-days recording sessions. Chop-Chop !!!

  28. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    I’m not shocked, why people acting like they are shocked?

    people like rihanna needs to release an album every year,

    she has to stay in the spot light, because anybody can do what she does, if u have the right team behind u, anybody can become a rihanna..

    so her team already knows that, hence them pushing this broad down our throat..

    beside, who do u think is paying for beybeys lacefronts? who do u think is gonna pay for lil camel jr pampers and nannies?

  29. Wire September 4, 2011

    I hope that Beyonce has a miscarriage or her baby is stillborn.

  30. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    Nobody cares…about REAL SINGERS !

  31. CRAZYWORLD September 4, 2011

    jay-z released his first 6 or 7 albums every year and one was just 10-11 months away from the other one. lol
    mariah released her first 5 albums back to back.

    and there are legends. rihanna is on her way up b******

  32. matt September 4, 2011

    Rihanna will never be a legend, icon or anything in those lanes. 6 albums in 6 years? JEEZ? it is true, if she ever takes a break people will forget about her and her dusty red weave. #truth

  33. HaterzStayPressed September 4, 2011

    Dude are you serious? I am not a Rihanna stan/fan or whatever but to say #1 status eludes her in the USA is a lie and you know it. How many #1 does she have? 10? 11? Hell I dunno but to say what you said Sam ain’t cute. Doesn’t matter if you like her or not, you do not have to s*** on her stats. The girl is sitting on the number 10 or 11 song in the USA right now and it will more than likely go to number one in the next week or two.

    Again hate on her all you want. But to lie and say that goat ain’t eatin in greener pastures just ain’t right. You know she’s one of the most successful pop/r&b females in the game and there ain’t a damn thing that can be done about it.

    baaaaaaah goes the goat! lol.


    The H** can’t sing at all.FLOPhanna fans are delusional and need to get a reality check like the BLEACHonce stans.FLOPhanna has to release an album every year because the H** doesn’t have anything else to do.FLOPhanna only had her carrer in place because the H** sucked off Joe Camel.

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE only gives out facts and speaks truth.

  35. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ Matt SHUT THA F*** UP !!!!!
    You are just a hater okay !!!!
    Hell “Real Singers” released their albums back to back just like she did !

  36. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ Lacefronce B**** SHUT UP GO SUCK YOUR MOM`S TITIES !

  37. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    the rihanna stans needs to calm the hell down….we all already know that rihanna is the queen of number 1s..

    and the beyonce stans needs to also calm the hell down..we all already know who has sold more albums..

    but umm..where does the 75 million albums comes from?

    so now we’re just gonna make up numbers

    alicia keys has sold more albums than beyonce, and shes not even in the 70million bracket

    if yall mean she sold 75million with destiny child, that I would agree..but 75 million as a solo artist..YALL NEED MORE PEOPLE

  38. Queen Bey! September 4, 2011

    @WIRE What the f*ck is your problem. Thats an evil ass thing to say. I get you dont like Bey but why bring her unborn child into this. Evil ass.

  39. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    Rihanna fans you shouldnt be talking about Bey`s baby like that you are giving rihanna a bad time !

  40. Malibu Barbie September 4, 2011

    The thing with Rihanna is that. shes done it all now. so what is she going to deliver on her new album that we aint heard before….
    on this album she better go back to island roots and drop island club bangers .. she gave us a dash of that with Man Down but i think she can take it to the next level.. cuz i feel she is the reason why Keri Hilson did that ” bahm bahm” record. that had rihanna all over it.

  41. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    rihanna is not anywhere near mariah careys level..so comparing a legend, icon to a basic singer is just sad and pathetic as f***…

    people like mariah can release an album back to back because she has something call TALENT…

    but at the same time, u dont want people to get tired of u…s***, I wouldnt want my favs to release 6 albums back to back..take a break, make people want u, dont force it down our throat..

  42. MM&I>>>>>>>>UR FAVE BEYONCE SONG.DEAL. (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 4, 2011

    WIRE needs to go into the TRASH CAN with his hatefull ass(along with that FuckMinajGaga Person i saw on Twitter last night.)…..smh (I CAN’T BELIEVE SOME PATHETIC FOOLS WOULD WANT SOMEONE ELSE’S BABY TO DIE!)

  43. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ RatedXXXX B**** F*** OFF C*** !

  44. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    @I hope that Beyonce has a miscarriage or her baby is stillborn

    are u f****** serious? wishing death on a poor baby..how pathetic can u be?

    u need help

  45. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    @@ RatedXXXX B**** F*** OFF C*** !

    I dont play with little kids….

  46. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ RatedXXX I though that was wrong too !!!!

  47. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    @ RatedXXX and I dont play with whores

  48. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 4, 2011

    I am tired of the Rihanna/Beyonce comparisons.Rihanna is in a stage in her career that she cannot be affected by Beyonce anymore.Rihanna has 80% crossed over to pop and a bit of electro, while Beyonce is doing r’n’b’ and soul with some pop orientation.They’re not even in the same genre; how could Rihanna be affected by Beyonce??Just because they’re both black??Anyway, we all know that Beyonce is more talented than Rihanna, but you don’t need to use Beyonce to shade Rihanna all the time…

  49. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 4, 2011

    Oh, back on topic, if it’s Loud 2.0., I’m not very interested.I’ll listen to it once to form an opinion and then I’ll forget about it.On the other hand, if it has some ‘Rated R’ elements and some experimentation, then I might be checking for it (provided that her vocals sound decent).However, I’m baffled at how someone can release a new album 10-11 months after its predecessor.She didn’t even have enough experiences in this time; she was touring and promoting…

  50. RosaRubbel September 4, 2011

    So soon? Oh Rihanna. It’s really crazy how time flies and she’s putting out albums. At least she’s successful. The only thing I’m interested in, is the style (music and fashion) she’s going to choose. I hope she slows it down a bit. Her island-days as long with the ‘GGGB’-era were nice. They fitted her best.

  51. YAAAS BOO! September 4, 2011

    I’m no Rihanna fan… but lets call a spade a spade. She doesn’t follow trends. The b**** sets them! ThatWackJuice being haters as usual.

  52. Kisses September 4, 2011

    @Wire needs some medical attention, seriously….

    As far as the post goes, why does she keep releasing albums like this? I mean, if her stans are as loyal as they claim and if her reign won’t let up as Rihanna claims, then it shouldn’t matter how much time she takes off. I hope she doesn’t work herself into exhaustion.

    And stop with the Beyonce and Rihanna comparison. They’re nothing alike, and they have their own accomplishments. The stan wars are tired, ran-through, and delayed. All of you need to shut the hell up.

  53. HonestlySpeaking (4lopsbiotch) September 4, 2011

    If she wants to continue working that is her choice and I do like her. However it isn’t really necessary to put out an album every year. LOUD came out in November of last year and we’re already talking about a completely new album…it’s just becoming a bit much.

  54. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    rihanna and her fans aren’t bothered by beyonce’s baby news !

    and i’m so f*****’ XD that she is releasing a new album ! i want a new album every 6 months !she make cool songs !


  55. YUPPITSME September 4, 2011

    well honestly im over LOUD & im ready for a new album she should play around a little more with this album gggb+ratedr+loud all in one maybe she will finally get that #1 album i love Rihanna go head girl

  56. jenn September 4, 2011

    She’s in demand stupid. Rihanna is a business woman who wants it all. She can sleep when shes dead. Dont get mad at her because she has a demand for her product.

  57. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @asap :

    DURING THE S&M court situation ! someone leaked some new tracks from her new album ! but they got deleted ! 🙁 ! i heared just one track before they got deleted !

    all i can say it’s gonna be a POP-Ish mix of rated R and LOUD ! so they will be cool !

  58. JohnVidal September 4, 2011

    You are right about Rihanna and Beyonce

  59. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! September 4, 2011

    @ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ )

    That doesn’t mean it made the album.

  60. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    @PopCulture King aka Jamir21

    let me give u a little piece of advice…when ur ass is old enough to walk down the street without adult supervision, than u can come and talk to me…

    until them, shut the f*** up and go watch the disney channel and stay out of grown folks business

  61. isabella! September 4, 2011

    ONCE AGAIN FOR THE SLOW PEOPLE ON THIS POST!!!!! YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUY THIS ALBUM, I REPEAT. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUY THIS ALBUM. if you think that it is too soon for another album don’t buy it. i mean this is common sense people. everybody is complaining that she releases an album almost every year. obviously this does not apply to everyone because her sales are going really strong. +3 million rated r, +5 million loud, she is doing great, AND AGAIN WITH THE BEY AND RIRI COMPARISONS ATLEAST GO ALBUM FOR ALBUM.

    RATED R>>>4 (SO FAR)

    personally i love every rihanna album and i am glad that she releases one almost every year, i mean i waited for beyonce to deliver 4 and it sucked, i am a pop person, and 4 was all r&b so it wasn’t my taste, which also brings me to say
    beyonce has only sold +30 million albums as a solo artist, 50+ with destiny’s child, but we are talking about solo careers so you don’t include destiny’s child that was a group.
    rihanna has sold +25 million albums as a solo artist, plus as everyone loves to bring up is that she is a singles artist i take that title with pride because who else has sold +60 million singles world wide, not any other female artist. and rihanna is only 23 so she still has plenty of time.

  62. MissImpartial September 4, 2011

    It shows that Rihanna is not on the same position as Britney or Beyonce. She can not take the time off and sit back.

  63. kelvin September 4, 2011

    Lmao @ the bitchonce fans. Y’all have every right to be mad tho since rihanna has dropped ur fave in the mud nd made her irrelevant. Dyu knw tht last week bitchonce’s album sold jst 3k more than queen riri’s WW? That’s an 8 week oild album that’s sold 1.4mil to a 41 wk old album that’s sold 5.5mill. Oh well atleast beyonce has loads of money a business mogul husband and endorsements. I wouldn’t bank on movies cs riri is going there next year too. Beyonce shld divorce jay-z 4 ever signing rihanna cos ook at her now.
    I’m done. #rihannanavy

  64. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    u rihanna stans got s*** wrong..we are not hating on the girl hussle…i dont care if she release another album..

    its the releasing an album back to back, 6 albums back to back thats the problem..

    she needs to take a break learn how to dance, sing or something, stop using her s** appeal to sell records..

    people are saying shes in demand..umm no..thats what her record label wants ur ass to believe..hence releasing an album every year

  65. Rihnna Stanna September 4, 2011

    yall don’t think she deserves it??…:(
    Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. http://goo.gl/3DjHM 4 next 24 hours only..s*** i got 2..lol

  66. kmft September 4, 2011

    You beyonce stans are so stupid! How is rihanna releaung a new album every year affecting you??? Stick to ur floping fav and leave rih alone, just don’t buy it then, she’s gonna sell good anyways!

  67. Rihanna the Queen September 4, 2011

    Buhahahahahahahaha beytards are RiHLY delusional pple, bey sold 75million copies of baby diapers huh? Be sure to separate her solo sales from Destiny’s child sales. Oh and did someone just say #LOUD got promo? Uhmmmmmm what Kinda promo tho? That album slays effortlessly widout promo, it didn’t make #1 in the States but it made #1 WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!! Errrrrrrrr did beyawnce’s 4lop album set its eyes on #1 WW? NO!!!! Right now Rihanna’s almost 1yr old album sits at #13 on the WORLD album charts while beyonshit’s 2 months old album is at meagre #11 oopT.
    As for dos talking abt bey’s baby? Buhahahahaha what has that gat to do wid Rihanna? Rih dsnt kiss ass, shez in her own lane and dsnt worship no beyonshit like some odas tryna do, ya’all never thot Rihanna was gonna be this big, I see why yew MAD, Beyonshit USED Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to get her shine but QUEEN RIHANNA did it all ALONE, she broke in and is here to stay for her legendaRIH call and ya’all MUST DEAL.

  68. carl September 4, 2011


  69. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    Support Rihanna if you want to but what people are saying is true. Anyone can be a Rihanna and many have come and gone. Rihanna is really trying to hold on but since she really can’t sing she is falling. She trying to come out with as many albums as possible to ride on the whole chris drown beat down thing. Please rihanna please just give way. People may call Keri and Kelly Rowland a flop but at least they can sing. so please give way so true talent can come through. Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson I’m rooting for yall because you guys can sing your asses off. while rihanna sounds like a goat and can’t speak english

  70. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011

    @ISABELLA- Ok wats UR point???

    Dont U think its kinda unfair to compare albums sales wen Rihanna have released 5 albums compared to QUEENBEYS’S 4???

    And 4 was released a few months ago, while LOUD has been out almost a year….

  71. P**** POP-THE B**** OF THAT GRAPE JUICE September 4, 2011


  72. P**** POP-THE B**** OF THAT GRAPE JUICE September 4, 2011


  73. colddiva September 4, 2011

    @WIRE you should be oh so very careful in what you have on your mind thinking, because with that kind of hate wishing something like that on any one person, let along someone that God has bless in being pregnant you’ll only wishing harm to yourself or someone that’s very close to you(Parents/siblings and yet even you) so you should really be very careful that it don’t turn around for you,real talk.com You need to think about this, Beyonce is going to be just fine and she/her unborn child is already a blessing from God so in that itself Beyonce and child is already protected from ass h**o**e**s as you real talk.com

  74. Matt September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 12:46 pm
    I hope that Beyonce has a miscarriage or her baby is stillborn.

    What a awful thing to say. You better hope nothing happen to you or someone you love.

    Anyway If Bey was to loose her baby she would EAT Rihanna’s ass alive. People will then rush to buy it just because you idiot

  75. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    We are not comparing Rihanna to anyone because unfortunately she cannot contend. If you can prove to me she actually sing at level that is better then my mom who is actually not that impressive. Then you can start comparing her to maybe Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Keri Hilson and the other greats. If there is someone that is overrated it’s Rihanna. she can’t sing and can’t dance. she could sell a blank cd and everybody will buy it. and also she uses her twitter fans to get all those #1 positions. its like she forcing them to make things number 1.

  76. The Throne BK September 4, 2011

    Jay Z can out out albums back to back cause his albums are actually worth listening to and has meaning and oh yeah they actually go #1 16 #1 in all 14 multi – platnuim and 11 solo #1 Rihanna cant do that thats y she needs to take a f***** break damn…..But hell good luck to her she is the IT girl for now….

  77. King B September 4, 2011

    She’s been saying for AGES now that she’ll be releasing an EP of new material as opposed to a re-release. How f****** late are you guys?

    @ Kisses:

    Love your gravatar?

  78. Rihanna the Queen September 4, 2011

    Rihanna is young, shez 23 yea JUST 23 , she can afford to RIHlease albums back to back for the next 7 yrs , shez young and full of energy, she goes on 2-3 weeks break every now and then so don’t worry abt her, she just mite go for a break when shez 30 like ur OLD and REHEARED Flopyonce, Shez the youngest biggest popstar right now and you beyawnce beytards MUST DEAL, sit the fcuk down and stop wid the bloody insecurities, Rihanna dsnt care abt Flopyonce afterall shez indirectly feeding Flopyonce via ROCNATION, Rihanna keeps Rocnation relevant and if dat cash dsnt keep coming in JayZ. just mite get broke and Old Mrs Carter being the b**** she is wud file for divorce. Lol

  79. P**** POP-THE B**** OF THAT GRAPE JUICE September 4, 2011


  80. jersey September 4, 2011

    Well the c*** is re-releasing. This is what the public is calling Rihanna now C*** like what she wears around her neck. Sorry people Rihanna is slowly fading and it’s not because of her music either.

  81. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 4, 2011

    Im not here for Beyonce vs Rihanna comparisons, immature and disgusting death wishes towards an unborn human, or Rihanna hate. Its too damn early. I want to know when the album will be coming out(2012?) and what will it sound like.(Rated R, Loud, GGGB, or AGLM)

  82. MissImpartial September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 12:46 pm
    I hope that Beyonce has a miscarriage or her baby is stillborn.
    I think this is the worst thing that I have read since reading this blog. I can’t believe your wrote that as I could not wish this about anyone.

  83. Skin. ( The Queen Of Grape Juice ). September 4, 2011

    I`m so EXCITED!
    Her music is so catchy and dirty ! I love Rihanna and her music..oh, and her LOOK. 🙂


    when it will realease ? I hope this year.. 🙂


  84. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    album sales mean nothing about the content of a album its all based on reviews. so if you want to know about an album please look at reviews from websites like rollingstone.

  85. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011

    Anywayz good luck to Rihanna……

    She is doin wat her fans want…. Their the ones buying her album after all….

  86. Skin. ( The Queen Of Grape Juice ). September 4, 2011

    Beyonce FANATICS on this post ? * are you kiddin` me *

    Beyonce FANATICS : Leave this post! Guys, Beyonce will be a mama! Happy for her on her post !

    RIHANNA >>>>>>>>>>>>>> BEYONCE

  87. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    as much as I hate defending beyonce’s ass..but I keep it 100%

    first of all theres no way in hell rihannas album sales are about the same as beyonces album sales..

    second, umm u do know who rihannas boss is right? joe camel, and who is joe camel married to, beyonce…

    all the money rihanna make it goes right in beyonces lacefront fund.
    so if i were u i wouldnt be bragging about how rihanna is shitting on beyonce

  88. isabella! September 4, 2011

    @ratedxxx rihanna is not in demand? i am in demand for her, and so is the rihanna navy! speak for yourself i have my own voice so you don’t tell me if i want her music or not! that is what you are doing when you said that, you act as if your opinion is the opinion of the masses, it isn’t so get over yourself. in fact your not made she keeps releasing albums you just don’t want them back to back, she did take a year off after GGGB, and no one has any idea if this new album will be released at the end of this year or not. it just says she is working on material for a new album, which could be anywhere from 6 – 10 months from now. you think she needs to take a break well rihanna obviously doesn’t think the same, this is her life and her music she will do what ever she wants, @missinpartial, i will direct you to the fact that both britney and beyonce have been out for about 15 years while rihanna has been out for 6 years. come back when rihanna has spent another 10 years and then compare sales.

    Greatest example to shut you people up: Prince came out with an album every year, and sometimes twice a year. why is it that rihanna should be persecuted for doing the same?

    mind you that prince released an album every single year from



    2 in 1994
    1 in 1995
    3 in 1996
    1 in 1998
    2 in 1999

    and 2001 – 2010

    why can’t rihanna release an album every year, if many other artist can?

  89. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 4, 2011

    @Tyra yeah but she’s such a spotlight figure i guess the fans can’t get enough of her and her music.

  90. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    I use to like Rihanna but now im totally disgusted. Like what the hell happened to music of the sun and good girl gone bad. Rated R and Loud are total trash. Rihanna needs to take a lesson from Beyonce and go back to her original self. Beyonce did Sasha fierce and was doing all this mass appeal and b******* media stunts but now she back to the dangerously in love album stuff. so rihanna get back to music of the sun stuff before people start getting sick of you.

  91. Skin. ( The Queen Of Grape Juice ). September 4, 2011


    Oh, yea ? SHUT UP, you are so stupid!
    Rolling Stone ? who cares about the review ?
    Loud >>>> 4 ( gosh, 4 is the worst album by Bey )

  92. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 4, 2011

    @Beyoncestanalltheway, just cuz she isn’t a perfect overthetop singer like beyawnce doesn’t mean she can’t sing.

  93. HonestlySpeaking (4lopsbiotch) September 4, 2011

    @ISABELLA You stay writing these long ass essays. Rihanna shouldn’t have to release an album every year to remain relevant and if her Navy was as strong as she claims it is maybe she wouldn’t feel the need to constantly keep releasing music. There wasn’t even a need to bring Beyonce and her sales into this post but yes looking at the numbers Rih’s sales are almost equal with Beyonce’s. Point blank period you are looking real MAD right now.


    STAY #PRESSED B****.

  94. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 4, 2011

    beyoncestan you just jealous cuz beyawnce’s 4 lost and LOUD and rated r are edgy and the best with the best tracks.


  95. kerron September 4, 2011




  96. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011


    it take alot to grow as a person and beyonce has done that. People think its her worse album because she refuses to let the media tell her what to like rihanna and she like to make music she enjoys to listen to. I bet that Rihanna doesn’t listen to the s*** she writes it’s stupid its all about s** and stupid stuff. Beyonce sings about love and true emotions. Just because you like mainstream b******* doesn’t mean that Beyonce album is bad. actually with this album she gotten better reviews then of her whole career.

  97. RosaRubbel September 4, 2011

    @ BeyonceStanAllTheWay

    I have to agree with you. You have some good points in your comments.

  98. MissImpartial September 4, 2011

    Rihanna sold 20Mil albums and Beyonce sold 25Mil albums.

  99. LTM September 4, 2011

    Rihanna:18million sold world wide
    Beyonce:22million sold world wide

    Rihanna:10 #1 singles
    Beyonce:4 #1 albums

    Rihanna:18 Billboard Awards Including Top DIgital Songs artist of the decade
    Beyonce:16 Grammy Awards

    They really arent that far appart.

  100. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @commander of the navy :

    you are one of the few ppl here i respect ! i think it will be a mix of rated r and loud in a pop mold !

    @its all good :

    maybe ! but in this vid ! they were in a party and suddenly the dj started playing the songs ” sounds like they were listening to the whole album ” and it sounded mastered ! the track i caught sounded like a mix of G4l with a “live your life” feel and it’s RIHANNA singing ! but it got deleted once i reloaded the page 🙁 ! so that was what happened !
    i will keep on searching for it and i will post it here once i find it 🙂 !

  101. Joanne September 4, 2011

    Oh wow, TGJ, I thought ya’ll were mature enough to rise above this base side-swiping. Ya’ll are straight bitchy. I can’t believe men work at this media institution. Stop riding the chick so hard. There is worse taking a piece of the music pie other than Rihanna. Why don’t you give them some “fair” coverage too? #On to the next one…

  102. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! September 4, 2011

    @ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ )

    YAY! I can’t wait to hear her new material!

  103. Rihanna the Queen September 4, 2011

    The fact that LOUD was released almost a year ago but still slays 4lop says ENUF, between you can compare in weeks, this week #LOUD sold 50k copies WORLDWIDE while 2 months old 4lop sold 55k copies despite the promo and VMAs gimmicks and baby promo, OopT. Beyonshit can scream yea u call that singing but she CAN’T stay belt out those flat notes that RiRi does effortlessly, Adele dsnt scream and dats what i call singing alongside RiRi flat notes….so to me RiRi and Adele CAN SING yoh, beyawnce can scream yea…….
    How do you get a #1 album and don’t sell ur s*** but someone widout a #1 album in the States sells more than you lol, that’s a shame. Oh and #1 albums depends on the timing, JayZ&Kanye’s s*** made #1 wid meagre sales but Weezy is abt to hit that #1 spot wid ONE fcken MILLION sales, so yew seeeeeeeee……. The earlier u beytards realise that beyawnce’s spotlight is dimming the better for ya’all . LOL

  104. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    i’m not a hater i give honest opinions. And Rated R and Loud have no content. I love Music of the Sun and Good Girl Gone Bad but lately Rihanna is getting to obsessed with the gimmicks and popularity. i might be a beyonce stan but i tell the truth i reall disliked B’Day and I am Sasha Fierce they have no good content. I like music that makes you feel good and bubbly like love on top. i hate they music is now there is no feeling any emotion. just because im a beyonce stan doesn’t mean im gonna always make b look good. everybody star gets there taste of stardust and goes a little bit crazy but after awhile you have to come back down to earth. and rihanna needs to do it now before people get fed up.

  105. LTM September 4, 2011

    have you listened to Rihannas albums? saying she only sings about s** is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard. Loud only has two songs about s**, Skin and S&M. California King Bed is an emotional ballad about feeling distant from the one you love. Complicated is a song about being in a difficult relationship. Just because she makes mainstream music, doesnt mean its trash.

  106. kerron September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    SIGN…..i have to agree with you releasing and album every year is not it….

    @BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY….you may have a point but just because you dont like mainstream music doesnt mean you can bash rihanna like that…..and this is beyonce’s first NON-MAINSTREAM album cuz IASF had a lot of misses on in…..VIDEO PHONE if you will

    but if rihanna took her time like she did with RATED R and actual write some songs she will do find

  107. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    so me saying rihanna is not in demand , hence releasing an album every yr, means that I think everyone feel the same way?

    show where I said EVERYBODY thinks that rihanna is not in demand..ill wait..

    how I am trying to voice everybodys opinion?

    what u said made no damn sense what so ever…

    reading is very fundamental people…

  108. isabella! September 4, 2011

    @ratedxxx, please please learn how to read. ok i never mentioned money. ok and you say there is no way that rihanna’s album sales are that close to beyonces well this is keeping it 100%



    you will have to do some reading which i know you hate so much as you seem to skip most of the words on my comments, but you will obviously see where i get my numbers from, where are yours?????????????

    @bitter b****** make me sick, isn’t that why i posted early to compare album to album which i did first. then i posted overall sales, and beyonce solo career started in 2003 and rihanna in 2005. my point being album sales are close because they came out at a close time, people say there is no way they have sold almost the same well i showed my facts.

  109. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011


    I just said i didn’t like i am sasha fierce. i miss music like the dangerously in love album and thats why i recently became a beyonce stan. 4 just takes you places emotionally that its unbelievable.

  110. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    again, I hate defending beyonce’s ass..

    but umm, beyonce has sold more than 22 million world wide…

  111. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 4, 2011

    @POP ROYALTY Thanks for the info.I was hoping for something darker and more experimental tbh but maybe she’s too young for that.What you described sounds cool, so I’ll be checking for that.After this album, however, I would like her to take an 18-month break and come back with better vocals, more flexibility and a vision of her own.I think that if she works hard she could become a good artist.She has the guts to be different, so all she needs is work work work and practice!

  112. isabella! September 4, 2011

    people are saying shes in demand..umm no..thats what her record label wants ur ass to believe..hence releasing an album every year

    @ratedxxx, i just my proof, you made that comment earlier, see you said her record label wants you to believe she is in demand, well i just proved you wrong, reading is potent, you just need to read your own comment before you talk s***.

  113. NICKY September 4, 2011








  114. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 4, 2011

    @Pop Royalty
    Rated R and Loud are two of her best albums, so Im excited! I like the idea of a new album better than a re-release. I just hope she waits for the Loud era to end before she starts a new one. I didnt like how she went from Rated R era straight to Loud era

  115. RHI RHI IS QUEEN September 4, 2011


  116. QUEEN MARIAH >>> YOUR FAVE September 4, 2011

    BOO W****




    GET READY B******



  117. isabella! September 4, 2011

    @ratedxxx, oh i forgot to mention you are saying that it is everyone’s opinion by stating that it is her record label that makes you think she is in demand, which implies that we cannot like rihanna and that it is because of her label that we want to listen to her, get your sentences straight before coming at me.

  118. LTM September 4, 2011

    @Rated X
    I didnt count in Destiny Childs numbers.

  119. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @IT’S ALL GOOD :

    my situation was just like that !


    but in the vid which got deleted had the end of one song and the beginning of another ! that’s made me think they were listening to the whole album !

    hope u enjoy that vid above ! it is a demo though !

  120. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    OK, Wats UR point??

    U cant compare Billboard awards to Grammys…

    By da way how many Billboard awards QUEENBEY have???

    And how many Gammys Rihanna have???



  121. Harlem September 4, 2011

    I jsut want to see her put an album out………after the holidays…….do something different for a change…………I want to see the real power of Rihana…………..

  122. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    last summer i was listening to Rude Boy and This summer I’m listening to cheers. what happened to albums being well written and taking more than just a few months to make.

    If rihanna took her time to write better music I would love her. She is moving to fast. Rated R was extremely rushed a conceived well so she again rushed to bring out Loud to down play Rated R. Loud is better then rated R but it’s not her best album. Maybe now that her is long and brown again her music will be better. Once she started cutting her hair and experimenting with hair dye her music quatlity started going down. Im want the old RIhanna back. Hate that i love you. unfaithful. take a bow.

  123. isabella! September 4, 2011

    @poproyalty you made my day with that song. 🙂

  124. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    wasn’t conceived well***

  125. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011


    so ur a mind reader now?

    again show me where i said everybody in the whole world thinks rihanna is not in demand?
    I said her label wants us to think shes in demand, hence releasing an album every yr.

    key word..LABEL…

    honey u got s*** twisted when u said I’m IMPLYING…I dont ever imply s***, i come right out and say how i fell boo

  126. Perry Power September 4, 2011

    I dont get her team. Shes only 23, whats the rush? Its not like she’ll become irrelevant if shes not pushing out albums every year. Why dont they let her take her time to make each album and era good? Maybe have her write her own songs so she has some crediblity as an artist. Let her focus on improving her tours. If she would do like most artist and spend 2 years before albums, she would probably be a better artist.

  127. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011

    If a artist releases more material than other artist of course their goin to sell more records….

    Ex. A artist that releases 10 albums compared to a artist that release 5 albums….

    Its common sense….

  128. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011


    That is what i try to say but people take offense because i like Beyonce…wtf

  129. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 4, 2011

    Do you nknow if that will be on the album?

  130. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @ASAP :

    rihanna risked it ALL with RR ! and i f***** love love love loooooove that album ! but that risk was early in her career ! so she got back to what is known as her ” comfort zone” a.k.a loud ! rihanna is the only one of those chicks who knows what she need to do and what ppl are expecting from her ! so i think her next albu will be the real deal ! a pop-oriented albu with a lil bit of risk ! not a whole albu full of risks like RR ! Rihanna is smart AND KNOWS WHT SHE’S DOING , she got that madonna determination! PERIOD !


    i loved riri since Pon de replay and i was rooting for her at some points more than anyone ! and i liked AGLM too and that’s 100% rihanna type of album ! so i got used to her changing her image/sound/ musical direction in every album since then ! rihanna is versatile ! that’s making e happy every time i hear she’s releasing a new material ! but she really need to take a break soon as a kind of refreshment ! but i love riri and her music ! i don’t have any problem of her releasing a lot of albums ! if i a enjoying the music , why i should feel annoyed ?!
    she’s doing her damn thing and i’m lovin’ it 🙂 ! go RIRI !

  131. mobwife September 4, 2011


    If you could just decipher that damn tweet, I would greatly appreciate it! So because her arch-nemesis is now doing something she had hoped to do (carry Joe Camel’s seedling) she has decided to focus on torturing us with more popcultural BS “music” is that right? <—– *YAWNs and grabs a fresh pair of ear plugs at this news*

    Damn, a tsunami in JAPAN, a series of riots in the UK, an earthquake followed by a hurricane along the US Eastern Seaboard and now "tropical storm McFENTY" is on the loose! My heaven help us one and all!!

  132. DC_Diva September 4, 2011

    Ummmmm…. I love Rihanna. She is a bad bytch…. And all the MF’s on this site talkin shyt can’t even front like they wasn’t blastin’ Umbrella, Rude Boy, Man Down, Love the way You Lie, Only Girl (ladies) or some other Riri song. Don’t sleep on her. She just getting started… She gonna be like the black Madonna. Watch.

  133. kerron September 4, 2011

    the entire Rihanna vs Beyonce debate is stale. They are in different lanes. Only ignorant stans can’t see that!!!

    And i think some BEY STANS make themselves look so bitter because they are on every post were some artist are doing well or better than their fav….

    You need to understand RIHANNA doesnt but her #1’s…..her songs are number one because people request it on the radio and buy it on itunes…..its called THE MASSES…..so it does matter what u in-signification Bey stans think…the b**** is in demand…once people but her album and singles its all good…

    Some of you need to stop spending all of your time on every RIHANNA and ADELE post and call radio station to request your fav and go buy her singles and album

  134. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 4, 2011

    Hey 🙂

  135. kerron September 4, 2011

    those BUTS are suppose to be BUYS #SORRY

  136. isabella! September 4, 2011

    @ratedxxx, her label wants us to think she is in demand, but she is not. you clearly said that did you not?
    demand means that people want to listen to her. they want to see more of her, and you saying that the label wants you to think she is in demand but she isn’t is the same as saying that nobody wants to listen to her, which means you are trying to speak for everybody, because you clearly say she is not in demand. and saying that means that nobody wants to listen to her. read carefully because apparently you can’t even comprehend your own sentences.

    and beside if i am reading it wrong or if you are, saying the label wants us to think she is in demand by releasing an album every year, well is the album selling? yes, so doesn’t that mean people want that album, isn’t that called demand?

  137. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @commander of the navy :

    no i don’t know ! and u don’t know how i felt ” PISSED OFF” when all the vids got deleted 😥 ! that was tragedy 😥 😥 ! the whole thing happened by accident 🙁 !

    but that song above is coolness ! i don’t ind it to be in the album !!


    thanks 😉 😉 ! u r welcome !

  138. LTM September 4, 2011

    the point was each artist slays at awards. I wasnt trying to compare, im trying to equalize them (somewhat)

    @Perry Power
    long time no see

  139. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    This is one reason i love beyonce…………………….For Not Being a Hater
    “There is room on this earth for many queens … I have no desire for anyone else’s throne. I am very comfortable in the throne I’ve been building for the past 15 years,” the wise and powerful Queen B once said.

    So at that i don’t like loud or rated r i love good girl gone bad and music of the sun……..I’m done.

  140. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 4, 2011

    Its annoying when YouTube takes down videos like that. Ever since Prince sued Google (they own Youtube) for usage rights, theyve been deleting videos and accounts like crazy. Its impossible to find a Prince song on Youtube.

    And I agree with what you said, as long as the albums sound great, I dont mind the quick releases. Id just like for every era to sail its full course.

  141. nice_gurl September 4, 2011

    Why does she have to release an album every year? She needs to take a break, practice her live performances and make some good quality music.

  142. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    so rihanna can be good at her stuff and Beyonce will good at her stuff. I might not like some Rihanna’s stuff but she like Beyonce has done is trying to build her throne and Beyonce is not effected so neither should i.

  143. isabella! September 4, 2011


  144. isabella! September 4, 2011


  145. kelvin September 4, 2011

    Y’all tellin riri to take a break. Do doctors or lawyers or other academic professions take year. Breaks? No they only have day or weak breaks. This is rihanna’s profession nd she’s nt lazy like some ppl that take yrs to release nd then release s*** albums that flop.
    Nd to be clear
    DIL – 8mill WW
    B’day – 6mill WW
    IASF – 7mil WW
    4 – 1mil WW so far
    Total – 22mill WW. These are real sale figures
    MOTS – 2mill WW
    AGLM – 4mill WW
    GGGB – 9mill WW
    Rated R – 3.5mill WW
    Loud – 5.5mill WW so far
    Total – 24mill WW.
    So don’t  inflating both artists figures.
    In US beyonce is bigger in UK canada australia & europe rihanna is.
    DIL – 4.8mill US 1.1mill UK
    B’day – 3.1mill US 550k UK
    IASF – 2.9mill US 1.4mill UK 160k can
    4 – 700k US 250k UK
    MOTS – 595k US 145k UK 100k can
    AGLM – 1.3mill US 630k UK 200k can
    GGGB – 2.7mill US 1.8mill UK 500k can
    RR – 1.05mill US 670k UK 100k can
    LOUD – 1.4mill US 1.5mill UK 260k can
    So we all see y’all betR thank me for the figures.
    Honesly I dnt hate beyonce I think she’s awesome I hate on no artist but rihanna is my fave nd if any1 tries to diss her I get angry.
    I have all beyonce albums nd I bought 5 copies of 4 actualli. Its my 3rd best beyonce album after b’day nd IASF

  146. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    I know u werent including destiny child numbers when u said, she sold 22 million..

  147. Perry Power September 4, 2011

    Hey 😀 !! My laptop has a virus right now and Im typing this on my phone. I dont on as uch because my phone takes forever to load.

  148. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @kerron :

    co-sign !!! the rihanna vs. bey is so 2007 ! old as f*** ! i am enjoying both LOUD and 4 ! i could care less about their stans ! and fans supposed to support their fav , not to downgrade/disrespect other ppl’s fav to make their own fav look good !

    and i always said that rihanna is appealing to a lot of ppl more than bey , and even gaga ! i got dragged for saying that before but that’s true ! rihanna is ridiculously popular !

    CHEERS 😉

  149. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    I completely agree with ur statement about Rihanna vs QUEENBEY, its very annoying….

    However, some of Rihanna stans dont seem to understand that their are totally different artist…..

    Why must they always compare or vice versa???

  150. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    everybody we need to stop shading rihanna for beyonce proposes. Rihanna works for Jay-Z.

    Beyonce is married to Jay-Z

    Beyonce spoke on the Chris Brown thing.

    Beyonce and Rihanna are good friends.

    The thing that started this whole hating Rihanna thing was that we though she was trying to steal Jay from B.

    But it is very evident that she is not…. so lets leave theses to alone.

    They each have there own thrones that they are building differently. so stop hating

  151. Perry Power September 4, 2011


  152. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    Yall know Sam purposely started a stan war to get hits cause yesterday was a slow news day.

  153. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    U just posted awhole lot of lies……but whatever


    Well wen compare #1 singles to #1 albums and grammys to bb awards, it can be very confusing…..

  154. kerron September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 2:51 pm



  155. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    umm, let me get this straight..beyonce sold 22 million and rihanna sold 24 million..

    so now rihanna has sold more albums than beyonce?


    I quit this b****

  156. MissImpartial September 4, 2011

    DIL sold 11Mil not 8Mil.

  157. kerron September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 2:51 pm


  158. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 4, 2011

    @POP ROYALTY Rated R was a gem; her best so far.I know that it wouldn’t be wise for her to take such a risk now, but I would love 2-3 risky tracks and I would also appreciate it if she reduced the sexaul references.While I love her tongue and cheek approach, I still would like her to sing about many more subjects.Your description sounds like the perfect 6th album!However, she DOES need to work a lot to take her career to the next level; she needs to spend HOURS working on every little thing!Until she does that, I would put the Madonna reference aside, but I still get your point…Anyway, it’s for sure going to be an interesting year in pop…(Madonna, Christina and Rihanna, if she delivers of course)

  159. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    I love it when people make a long ass list of incorrect information.

  160. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @the commander :

    YES ! it’s so sad ! youtube is supposed to be ” ppl sharing their vids whatever the content of those vids”
    if ppl uploaded a rihanna music video for example , that will be a kind of promo , this will work for the ARTIST OWN BENEFIT ! so why they will delete it ?! that’s stupidity ! and they keep deleting performances ” grammys , vma’s , etc.. ” when they are still hot , but allow it when the hype die ! stupidity at it’s best !

    and yeah , i once tried to search for “when doves cry” and i never found a proper version , i ended up watching it at daily motion 😉 😛

    all i know that my jaw dropped for like 15 min after what happened with the rihanna situation! i needed a tie machine literally 🙁 😥 ! that was sad for real !

    i never get annoyed when my favs release an album every year ! i didn’t with gaga , and i won’t with rihanna ! haters just wanna anything to hate on ! they hated on her wig , so they will hate on anything she do ! IDGAF about their BS !

  161. MissImpartial September 4, 2011

    Is Rated R the most overated album ever??????YES

  162. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011


    show me where i said, everybody thinks rihanna is not in demand….show me where i said it..

    u came at me first, by saying im putting words in peoples mouth when I said HER LABEL, wants us to think shes in demand…

    I understand sometimes when ur so far up somebody ass, comprehending words is kinda hard….but I want u to show me where i said everybody thinks rihanna is not in demand..

    u keep saying I implied, unless u can show me where i said EVERYBODY THINKS RIHANNA IS NOT IN DEMAND, ur argument is null and void..

  163. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    i’m so fake i was just shaded rihanna mad hard now im saying to stop shading artist and that they are in different lanes.

    @kerron you have changed me

  164. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    honey dont blame me ,,,,its not my fault u cant comprehend words that are in front of u..

    dont blame me for ur stupidity

  165. Kerry Johnson September 4, 2011

    Rihanna slays all

  166. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    The first half of 2012 will be about Madonna, Rihanna, and Ke$ha. The second half will be about Xtina and possible Katy Perry and Pink. Hopefully Ciara can put out something that people will like next year.

  167. kerron September 4, 2011

    I think what makes these STAN WARS so intense is because never before so many woman have been according to BEY “RUN THE WORLD” i mean like where is the USHERs. 50 cents, and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKES that use to nominate the charts…

    Now we have BEYONCE, RIHANNA, KATY, NICKI, ADELE AND BRITNEY doing there thing, these women have had much success, success that should not be undermine by any stan…..some may want to pin girls against another but the real story here is that the GIRLS are SHITTING on the BOYS…..Dont yall agree

  168. Kerry Johnson September 4, 2011

    Rihanna is the best thing happening now 🙂

  169. HonestlySpeaking (4lopsbiotch) September 4, 2011

    As I said earlier Isabella is http://i53.tinypic.com/2j5b0go.jpg

    Rihanna and Beyonce really aren’t that far apart in sales which goes back to how can she be the KING or QUEEN when her numbers obviously say otherwise.

  170. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    the rihanna vs beyonce thing is pathetic…

    but at the same time..if ur gonna state facts, make sure u know what ur talking about…
    dont go around and pull fake numbers out of ur ass

    its also pathetic, because we already who has the most talent..

    at the end of the day rihanna’s money is going in beyonces pockets..sooo

  171. Yellow Gorillah September 4, 2011

    Yellow Gorillah has arrived

    As a TRUE Rihanna fan I am NOT her for this I DISAGREE With her decision to come out with another album.

    WHY THE F*** is she coming out with her 6th Album. LOUD Is selling GOOD WW It’s even outselling a certain pregnant women album. It has sold more then 5million WW Why the hell is she cutting the era short when she can continue and help Loud sell at least 7-8million. I understand her rushing LOUD out since Rated R did not sell that well but LOUD is doing SOO good so I don’t understand…

    it’s not 100% confirmed that she is coming out with a NEW Album she just say’s NEW MUSIC and no re release so this album can still be an EP!

    After the loud era I want her to promote battle ship then do some more endorsements, travel go on holiday come out with a clothing line, Write some songs then return on the fall 2012. I don’t mind her bringing out albums each year but I just don’t want her to be over exposed. But What I have realised about Rihanna is she is NEVER Overexposed and the public always want to hear from so she is lucky! but for me I’m not excited for this if it’s the 6th album I hope and pray it’s an EP!

  172. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    Thats ok. We all have different opinions, its just da way some ppl express them 😉

  173. Kerry Johnson September 4, 2011

    Watch rihanna snatch off wigs 🙂

  174. genes September 4, 2011

    Rihanna want to be released from death jam,its her last album with ’em ,that,s why she’s rushing the release… GIVE HER A BREAK

  175. LTM September 4, 2011

    @Perry Power
    hurry up and get your computer fixed. it sucks being the only sane KP stan here.

    Christina is a perfectionist, it wouldnt suprise me if she didnt release new material until 2013. but im ok with that, her albums are worth the wait.

    Im intrested to see how Ke$ha does with a 70s rock themed album. I heard her song with Alice Cooper and it sounded good. she sounds better without auto tune. Its going to see how here material performs too.

  176. Yellow Gorillah September 4, 2011


    Rihanna rushing out an album because beyonce is pregnant LOOOOOOOOL
    Rihanna has been SLAYING Beyonce since 2008. She ain’t worried about her and her baby and her camel Rihanna is FEEDING That family and yall better Respect he for that.

    LOUD SNATCHED 4 wig a long time ago how can rihanna’s 6th single be charting higher then beyonce’s 1ST 2ND 3RD and now 4th with NO PROMO. Ch… BOOM!

    Only person rihanna is competing with is Lady Gaga, Katy and Adele

    Beyonce fans are just MAD That their fav has gone and let a camel put s**** inside their FAV! I’m sorry BooBoo but now she can sit her ass down and watch the real queens slay!

    *Now who want’s some Monkey bread?*

  177. beanss September 4, 2011


  178. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    LOL. U didnt like RatedR??

    IMO its way better then LOUD…


    I kno we dont always see eye to eye but I never seen this side of U….

    Im kinda shocked……

  179. JER September 4, 2011

    the only thing that is smoke and mirrors is BeYAWNce. Countless copyright infringement suits, uncleared samples, unauthorized covers, stolen songs. Yet no one ever gives her s*** because her team pays enough money to keep everything hush hush.

    And BIONCI has never had any affect on Rihanna. I love how every article about Rihanna HAS TO MENTION BEYAWNCE. No one asked. No one cares. Rihanna has had hit after hit for 7 years. Un4tunate is a 4flop because BeYAWNce can’t compete with REAL artists anymore. She’s been exposed as fake “songwriter” with I Am… Sucha Farce and the public isn’t buying it. LITERALLY. All she has left is her tacky drag queen performance style of flailing weave and popping c******. Adele, Gaga, Britney, Katy Perry, P!nk, Ke$ha, and Rihanna have been slaying it for the past year and a half and BeYAWNce is lost in the mix. BIONCI stans feel free to retreat back into her crusted cooch and come up with some more excuses as to why her album and her singles flopped.

  180. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    Lol Women run the world of music. The only males who are having success are Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, and Taio Cruz.. JT needs to come back and show them how its done.

  181. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011

    The delusional Rihanna stans have arrived

  182. O s c a r (Navy Til I F*****’ Die!!!) September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    have you listened to Rihannas albums? saying she only sings about s** is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard. Loud only has two songs about s**, Skin and S&M. California King Bed is an emotional ballad about feeling distant from the one you love. Complicated is a song about being in a difficult relationship. Just because she makes mainstream music, doesnt mean its trash.

    wants to do is call somebody else on their s***, call em’ s****, call em’ trash but you don’t even know what the f*** your talking about. The ONLY “generic” tracks on LOUD are OGITW Cheers & MAYBE S&M. Thats it. I’m sooo sick of people judging s*** they don’t even know about. Talking as if you even have the f****** album. People talk s*** about LOUD being bad, but REALLY they only say that because:

    A.) Rated R was considered a dark album and A FLOP, so people think she made commercial music all of a sudden to save herself. (a little true…)

    B.) It was rushed ( but in reality, she began working on it since February 2010.

    C.) The first single Only Girl (In The World) was sooo different from anything on Rated R that people felt she just abandoned her roots and went commercial Pop.

    I’m sick of people doing the most on LOUD, she should name her next album STOP.

  183. MissImpartial September 4, 2011

    No. It is overated. The Rihanna stans make it sound as if it was a masterpiece.

    Russian Roulette – I can’t even remember how the song goes.
    Hard – It is alright but needed more pizazz.
    Rude Boy-Liked it. Sounded fresh and liked the reggae throwback.
    Te amo – Worst Rihanna ballad.

    The rest was not great either. I would rate GGGB higher and think it is her best yet.

  184. Kerry Johnson September 4, 2011

    Rihanna 2011- 2012 aint nobody on her league

  185. kerron September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    LOL gurrrl i see them to…..i just ignore

  186. Kevo #TeamKimmyBlanco September 4, 2011

    Yeeeeeeezssssssssss….i cant wait….everyone can say what you want but Rihanna is the s*** and I know this album will be better than her last….and so what if she releases an album every year….this is her job and you cant get mad at her for doing something she loves, just because some of you are depressed at your own jobs….stop the hate….rihanna is that b****. She is only 23 and have seen more success then some who been doing this for years…now thats to hate on….Let Rihanna be bc she makes solid music….

  187. NATALIE September 4, 2011

    I’m excited about the new album. What should she take a break? There are no rules saying she is obliged to take a break. If she wants a break then she will have a break.

  188. Kerry Johnson September 4, 2011

    kiss my pinnapplee penis 🙂

  189. NATALIE September 4, 2011

    *Why instead of what*

  190. JER September 4, 2011

    and BEFORE I GO TO WORK, I have to throw something out there: DO YOU BEYAWNCE FANS EVEN HAVE JOBS? I see the same ass people blowing up ThatFlopJuice every time i come on here. post after post of BeYAWNCE stans desperately trying to talk s*** about Adele and Lady Gaga and OF COURSE Rihanna, their idol. Please BIONCI stans, sign out of your public library internet access and go home to the projects and do your Algebuh homework. MAybe you’ll become more than a tacky Houston drag queen turning tricks with your loose boy p****

  191. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    Beyonce and Rihanna can’t compete.

    We can honestly say Beyonce is very up there.

    Let Me help everybody understand. Beyonce paved a way for people like Rihanna.

    Because before beyonce females minorities weren’t that big in music. Beyonce was the first to break away from the pack of people like monica brandy and all of the other people who never got really big. If beyonce was one of those monica’s or brandy’s rihanna we would be in the same bunch of people. Beyonce brought progression. And it’s sad to say 4 might be beyonce last album.

    And her getting pregnant was showing the world she almost done. She older now and she wants to move into bigger and better things then music like directing. Beyonce has done alot of work in the past 15 years that we can’t hate. And RIhanna in the short time she has been around has done her thing to. But you must always rember if it wasn’t for people like Beyonce rihanna wouldn’t be that big.

  192. NATALIE September 4, 2011

    I wonder what the sound of this upcoming album is. Hopefully it’s a bit darker than Loud.

  193. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    Im looking forward to better performances, better stage outifits, better videos, and better choreography for her new era. I think she’ll do fine success wise. Cannibal sold well for an EP and We R Who We R did debut at #1.

  194. NATALIE September 4, 2011


    Hiya. 🙂

  195. Claire September 4, 2011

    Wow just happened on this blog while tring to figure out who sings Cheers..i like both Beyonce and Rihanna and what a hateful blog and hateful readers. People like this are what is wrong with this country..hoping Beyonce has troubles with her pregnancy or that something mortally bad happens to Rihanna is pathetic. Cruel and horrible people like this are really sad commentaries on how shallow America’s mental state of mind is. Shallow, self absorbed and selfish.

  196. Perry Power September 4, 2011

    @Yellow Gorilla
    Since 2008? You mean since 2010. Compare Rated R’s success to IASF’s success. She was not slaying

  197. Imgunnacheckuboo September 4, 2011


  198. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    theres a difference between releasing an album every year because u love to make music,
    and releasing an album every year because ur ass can be replace if u take a break..

    now which one do u think rihanna falls under?

    now just because rihanna and beyonce came out at the same time, beyonce as a solo artist, doesnt mean there album sales are equal..

    case and point..britney spear sold over 100 million
    xtina 70 million..both of them came out at the same time…

  199. JUDAS666 September 4, 2011


  200. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @ASAP :

    ok ! i am 98% agree with u at some points but hope u understand me

    PPL don’t want rihanna to do “mature” songs now ! at this point of her career , they just want that pop female artists with pop songs about blah blah ! they do not want see any growth from her ! they are satisfied with what adele giving them considering maturity ! so if she want to make songs which shows her maturity , i suggest she will do songs like “cry , unfaithful , take a bow , rehab ” if u know what i mean ! her albums which showed maturity and growth weren’t succussful ” AGLM , RR” but her popish and nearly no growth albums ” GGGB , L” were epic when it come to sales ! so this proves my point ! ! rihanna is at her ” like a virgin” status ! she need a new direction to be honest ! but she can also have success easily ! she knew what ppl wanted from her after RR , so now we are having L ! a successful pop album after a risky underrated and unsuccessful rockish album !
    so a lil bit of risk with more safe pop songs will be good for now !

    and yeah ! 2012 will be amazing ! but i feel rihanna will play it safe ! she did it with loud ! but i need more risks 😉 ! she will do just fine !
    xtina will go rock i think !
    madonna will set the trend for the next decade ! albums like “COADF” are timeless and sat the trends , ” u remember kylie minogue’s Aphrodite ?!” hope Riri and other artists take notes” ! i am not worried about QOP 😆 ! i a worried about my favs when she arrive 😆 !

  201. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011


    Thank you you have just proven one of my biggest points.

    Britney— Big star everybody loves britney but she lip-sings every performance. and is popular because of her drama

    Xtina- sings her heart and loves the fans

    Rihanna- doesn’t have that great of a voice but it popular beyond belief. can’t dance

    Beyonce- sings like crazy and dances like a m***********.

    but people like the britneys and rihannas when the christina’s and the beyonces are real artist.

  202. NATALIE September 4, 2011

    @Pop Royalty

    HEY RUDE BOY! *Hugs* I haven’t written to you in so long. How are you?

  203. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    Hey, I havent seen you in a long time. How have you been?

  204. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    @Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey)

    I may not like beyonce, but at the same time, i have to give her her props..

    im not gonna jump on the rihanna is better than beyonce band wagon

    lol, i dont like when people make up s***..

  205. BEYONCESTANALLTHEWAY September 4, 2011

    another thing correct me if im wrong… i always see videos of people like britney christina and beyonce at talent shows and on siging competitions. but i have never seen one of rihanna doing any of the stuff. has it always been her dream to be a singer or was it a money making scheme.

  206. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    Understandable. I didnt like Russian Roulette or Te Amo either…..


    I do, its just becomes annoying and irrating at times….


    Hey, how are U???

    Long time no see…

  207. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 4, 2011

    @POP ROYALTY I definetely get what you’re saying; I’ve thought of that too.It’s pretty obvious that people want s*** and fun Rihanna granted that the only smash from such an amazing album like ‘Rated R’ was ‘Rude Boy’.I think that she doesn’t need a new direction.If she’s clever, she can definetely start showing more growth in the future.However, I do have a feeling that her career-defining moment will not be like Madonna’s (LAP and ROL); it will be something completely different; a different overall career, maybe something ethnic!Nobody has slayed with an ethnic album yet…Hmm…

    However, Rihanna can still have some more mature lyrics in her album tracks and maybe slowly but surely she will change her profile into something bigger and better…

    Btw, I don’t think Christina will go 100% rock.The tracks that she did with Linda will be rock definetely, but then she’s working with William Orbit (YAAASSS), DJ Premier, Tricky Stewart, Sia, Dr Luke and many other producers that are not really that rock…I think it’s going to be a multi-genre album and I’m hoping for a masterpiece…Too bad ‘Bionic’ is SOOO underrated…

  208. mobwife September 4, 2011

    Wow did someone actually put ADELE and Rihonald McFenty in the same lane? LOL I’ve heard of delusionall fans but damn come on now really? Keep it cute…

  209. NATALIE September 4, 2011


    Hey you guys I have been fine. Just a bit busy nowadays cause of my uni courses. I’m doing medical sciences which is really hard and requires a lot of time to study.

    How are you guys? 🙂

  210. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    Ok, I understand…..

    But why dont U like QUEENBEY??

    Is it bcuz of wat Matthew has been accused of in the past???

  211. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @natalie :

    how are yoooooooooooooooooooooou ?! missed u so much , long time girl ! i’m fine ! thx ! xoxox 🙂 !

  212. mobwife September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 2:54 pm
    everybody we need to stop shading rihanna for beyonce proposes. Rihanna works for Jay-Z.

    Beyonce is married to Jay-Z

    Beyonce spoke on the Chris Brown thing.

    And she should have stayed out of it!

    She should have “spoke on “the Foxy Brown, Amil Lion, & little girl on youtube being smacked around and shoved by her husband ” thing”!!

  213. Kisses September 4, 2011

    @King B

    Thank you 🙂

  214. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    Im okay. KingB and Istan4Gaga have been missing U…. Hopefully they come in and see ur comments while Ur here….

  215. HonestlySpeaking (4lopsbiotch) September 4, 2011

    @RATEDX I completely agree with you I don’t like Beyonce but I do give respect where it is due. And I will say that vocally Beyonce is obviously better than Rihanna but I like Rih because she has catchy songs and she doesn’t take herself or her music too seriously.

  216. Aaron September 4, 2011

    I think the person who writes on this website is so self centred and rude. IF YOU DON’T LIKE RIHANNA, DON’T POST THINGS ABOUT HER. end of. Rihanna is a credible artist. Gaga changes her look all the time, but no one says she is just a brand. People have just f****** double standards.

  217. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @ASAP :

    NOW i ‘m totally agree with u about rihanna ! 100% agree ! and Bionic is one of the most underrated albums ever ! that’s happening when the artist is ahead of his/her peers ” u remember madonna’s erotica ? ”

    but seeing William orbit in the credits will make it a real successful album ! i want a B2B+ stripped type of an album though ! but it will be amazing regardless i think 🙂 !

  218. NATALIE September 4, 2011

    @Pop Royalty

    Aw lol. 🙂 I have been fine as I can be. I missed her. How’s life treating you. 🙂

  219. Mike September 4, 2011

    Whateva Thatgrapejuice stop hating Rihanna has no reason to be threatened by beyonce when it comes to hits 11 #1’s to be exact, and the same goes for the other way around for bey. IDK why ppl are surprised rihanna is releasing albums back to back so what get over it if ya don’t like it you can easily change the station. Lastly I don’t believe beyonce who sold 76 million solo.

    DOL: 11 million
    B’Day: 6 milli
    I am sasha fierce: 7 million
    4: over 1 million

    over 25 million

    and even if you add live album sales with single sales it would proball be around 40 – 50 million then add DC and beyonce’s around 100 million or more sold

    and I don’t blieve rihanna sold no where near beyonce, cause those sales sound inflated. If anything rihanna selling around 30 – 40 million sounds just about right

  220. Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey) September 4, 2011


    Wen was this???

  221. fleshMe September 4, 2011

    Here’s another b****…Die please and live again on planet MArs…shoot this bamboo down!!!!

  222. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    Ive been doing great. I finished un nuring school and got my dipolma. Im going take a test to get my LVN, but not too soon. The test cost over $200, so I want to be positive I’ll ace it. Money is tight right now

  223. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 4, 2011

    @Bitter b****** make me sick……. Throw up (queenbey)
    her work ethic, is the main problem for me..

    I feel like shes not an honest person…

  224. LOL September 4, 2011

    Again hate on her all you want. But to lie and say that goat ain’t eatin in greener pastures just ain’t right. You know she’s one of the most successful pop/r&b females in the game and there ain’t a damn thing that can be done about it.

    Everytime she pushes out an Album it goes above 3x platnum , some of your favs cant sell that amount in in a year while rihanna does it in 3 months , i would put out another album too, her fans are dedicated and buy her albums , just because they dont rush out in droves in the first week does not mean they dont eventually front the money!!! and why is Beyonce mentioned rihanna is doing just fine with beyonce and her album being out , your point ?LOUD has BEEN sellin like Bootleg Madea Cds in the hood !!!

  225. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    The ballads off Bionic are beautiful, especially I Am.

  226. jeneration September 4, 2011

    Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Martina McBride performing tonight for the 2011 Muscular Dystrophia Association Telethon!!
    Check your listings here: http://www.mdausa.org/telethon/FindYourStation.pdf

    Get some JLOVE? @ jenniferlopezdotcom

  227. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 4, 2011

    @ICON :
    girl i’m good , but life’s a b**** u know 😉 ! so what are u going to study ? ! i am studying pharmacy and i will graduate next year 😉 😛 ! GOOD LUCK !

  228. onyx September 4, 2011

    Good News, She is always Re-invanting herself

  229. onyx September 4, 2011

    I love Rated R, my fav. song are Hole in My Head and Fire Bomb

  230. LOL September 4, 2011

    September 4, 2011 at 2:54 pm
    everybody we need to stop shading rihanna for beyonce proposes. Rihanna works for Jay-Z.

    Beyonce is married to Jay-Z

    Beyonce spoke on the Chris Brown thing.

    And she should have stayed out of it!

    She should have “spoke on “the Foxy Brown, Amil Lion, & little girl on youtube being smacked around and shoved by her husband ” thing”!!

    Mobwife hush you act like she said somethin bad about chris


    She basicly said Rihanna was talented and that she and jay had rihanna back and that Rihanna was family

  231. NATALIE September 4, 2011

    @Pop Royalty

    That’s really good. I still have another two years before I graduate. I’m working towards being a surgeon. Medical school is really hard luckily I get good grades. Boy, you need to treat everyday like a good day because once you say it’s a bad way it makes it worse.

    GOOD LUCK to you too.

    @Queen Bey

    I miss them too. Hopefully I will write to them soon.


    Aw that’s really good. 🙂 Good luck with your future career.

  232. THE ICONIC LACEFRONCE RETURNS. September 4, 2011

    Rihanna>>>>>BLEACHonce 😉

  233. kelvin September 4, 2011

    Those of you saying DIL sold 11mill WW shld  do ur homework. Official results claim 8.5mill. Explain how it sold 11ill if it wasn’t so huge outside US and UK where it summed up to 6mill

  234. Omg shut up already September 4, 2011

    Im glad Rihanna decided not to re-release Loud. Ive been a fan of hers since the beginning and have all of her albums, and Loud to me was one of her weaker albums. Maybe her new material will be more like Rated R and GGGB.

    I see the Bey/Rhi comparisons are in full effect. I honestly dont know why they are even compared. beyonce came out in the late 90s with Destinys Child and didnt go solo until 2003. Although Beyonce has had an extremely successful career, im tired of her dumb ass Beyhive loser stans inflating her sales numbers and trying to make her the Queen of everything. Beyonce makes great music (sometimes) and is very wealthy and successful, bit she isnt going to pay you for beating your keyboard daily defending her. And im a Beyonce fan, btw.

    A piece of advice for all bloggers, the beyhive, the navy, the monsters, whatever. Stop stanning obssessively for your faves and just enjoy the damn music! Stanning is pathetic. You brag about how much your faves make, but have they ever given you a dime of their cash? Do they personally thank you for defending them daily? Like i said, stop stanning and just enjoy the music!

  235. Dollar$ign$kills September 4, 2011

    Thanks :D!!! Good luck with your future as well!

  236. LOL : THE LEGENDARY PIECE OF D!C. September 4, 2011


    For bringing your a** to this site 365 days a year , hatin on Every artist alive (except for Khia and Ashanti) i have concluded you need a PIECE OF D!C !!

    Here ……………{}

    Now take your bitter,crusty a** on !!


  237. jeneration September 4, 2011

    The 2011 Muscular Dystrophia Association Telethon has started 🙂
    I forgot to mention the Boys II men, Smokey Robinson and Ricky Sambora, besides Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and Martina MsBride so tune in now
    See previous post for listings


  238. Is this a Rihanna Hater blog? September 4, 2011

    When you have such strong hate feelings against Rihanna, maybe you shouldn’t post on your blog about her. You were always so correct, at least when u started this blog and now this? FAIL! If you unhappy, don’t pull ur anger against Rihanna. She’s still going to have a fantastic career. And she doesn’t need anyone from the Carter circle to have a break, because she showed more than once, that her career is based on honesty and just having fun.

    Dear Beycrazy fans, LEAVE Rihanna alone. Why being so jealous?

  239. bey’knight September 4, 2011

    what a messy post lol

    all im gonna say is i think the apparent “rush” of a follow-up to Loud has something to do with the fact that she signed a 6-album contract with Def-Jam

    if i were a fan i’d rather she took time off, Lord knows there’s so much she can work on, her voice dancing, stage performances, and what’s she gonna sing about? life on the road? twitter rallies? ok im done

    @yellow gorilla

    keep in mind Beyonce’s singles and Rihanna’s sound nothing alike. if Bey released danced music, she’d prolly be charting high too

  240. isabella! September 4, 2011

    @ONYX, i love those songs too, firebomb is one of my all time favorite rihanna songs, i also love cold case love. The way she re invented herself this time with the light brown hair makes me think that she isn’t going to have that darker music that i love from her though, but i am still hopeful. hopefully it will be released sometime at the beginning of next year.

  241. Yellow Gorillah September 4, 2011


    I didn’t know RTW was a ballad =/

  242. onyx September 4, 2011

    In other News. 65th Anniversary of Freddie Mercury on Monday 5 September (which would been his birthday) The Legendary Lead Singer of Queen, The Best Frontman of All Times.

  243. RYANFENTY. September 4, 2011

    your all c****, rihanna is amazing, she is obviously talented, watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTkhh90gKoU
    and sit the f*** down. shes successful, shes perfect, so what if she doesnt have any number one albums? no one can say she has no talent because shes amazing, shes 23 and look how much shes accomplished.. you all know shes gona be round for a long time, get used to it. THAT RIHANNA REIGN JUST WONT LET UP..

  244. jeneration September 4, 2011

    @ONYX: Thanks for the info 😉

  245. mel September 4, 2011

    People on this blog is so hateful. Who cares about who has number ones albums or singles. I LOVE Beyonce and Rihanna and they are killing the game. Their the ONLY females I listen to besides Adele slaying the scene.

    Beyonce is not retiring I repeat she is not retiring. She will be out with another album in 2013. Maybe late next year she will tour.

  246. ALEX September 4, 2011

    Does it really ever get this serious????!!???……ppl going in on unborn children and acting like they know these artist on a personal basis. I will say this though…….SINCE THIS IS A RIHANNA POST!!!!……..she is really pushing it, not giving herself at least a few months off to rest but if she wants to come out with another album thats her business, she obviously feels like she does not need a break right now and can you really blame her, this music industry is so two faced. One day they love you and the next they calling you a flop.

  247. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U September 4, 2011

    I am so happy I was not here when this mess of a post went down.

    I am also tired of the Played out Rih vs Bey thing!

  248. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 4, 2011

    yeah please stop this rihanna vs. beyonce thing its old now !!!

  249. mau September 4, 2011

    b**** you sound so pressed at Rihsus…

    Beyonce is ovah bew… cant get a top 10 hit if she tried LOL LOL LOL

  250. Jason Bryant September 4, 2011

    @YELLOW GORILLAH I love it..and yall are reading down but Rihanna should take a break.I love her and her dancing and singing aka vocal coach has helped her.She has finally achieved megastar status.This next album will elevate her even more.Look at the loud era she was actually dancing and performing.She always sings live unlike Beyonce..lets tell the truth.I am a huge Rihanna fan she is pop to the core and thats cool.Stop comparing b and ri because Rihanna has been killing the game.Her and B are on the same level just own it

  251. JoJo September 5, 2011

    who cares if she just released an album ‘ dont like her dont listen plan and simple smh

  252. Bey’knight September 5, 2011

    @yellow gorilla

    I said dance music as in electro pop jus cause RTW is uptempo doesnt mean its dance music, it wasnt radiofriendly from the start, the arrangements are odd but Bey can afford to do whatever she likes. Rih cant say same cus if she releases “flop singles” you guys havr nothing to brag about and thats exactly why Beyonce and Rihanna will NEVER be on the same level except to the navy. Try askin an artist or legend or an indifferent person that question.

  253. I’ma have to send her back to her maker September 5, 2011

    Sam stfu and stop w/ this bey and rih stan wards, ya asshole….

  254. lax September 5, 2011

    Rihanna don’t have to ever take a break , that is left up to her and her team. It is
    so funny how the very people who dislikes her or for ever comparing her to bey.
    Many still tries to make beyonce be the only artist whos selling music and that
    is further from the truth. Rihanna is holding her own very well and beyonce can not up root Rihanna, ever. Beyonce’s fans or grasping after straws, BEY is not the only artist out there and RIHANNA has been giving Bey a run for her money. And if rihanna wasn’t as hot & talented as she is than there would be nothing for Beyonce’s air headed, Getto Fablous fans to smack the computer keys for trying to talk RIHANNA down. S*** on those of you who have something Negative to say about Rihanna, because no matter how you slice it RIHANNA IS THE SHITS

  255. lax September 5, 2011

    @,,,,,,23 Rihana’ Resume could turn even a music industry veteran a major
    shade of green. She has sold Millions of albums and you can add her 10# 1 singles to that. she has made the artist of the Decade List, she have loads of accolades under wrap and shes still growing. So stay mad and keep throwing up BEYONCE’S name. Even with BEYONCE expecting her firstborn she is going to have to have TRIPLETS and that still will not stop or slow down RIHANNA’S growth in the music
    industry. How many time has BEYONCE, remixed, reloades, and dvd’d her albums
    ????????? It’s okay for BEYONCE To remix, reload, deluxe and dvd her Music but
    there always a lot of Loose lips GETTO FABLOUS, HOOD RATS Talking smack about RIHANNA, why don’t you ,IF U don’t like RIHANNA & U R so tired of rihanna then WHY DO YOU KEEP YOUR , MONKEY ASSES STAKEDOUT ON HER POSTS

  256. lax September 5, 2011

    And another thing, the album Beyonce dropped is what she wanted to drop and it does not matter if she gets a #1 single THAN tell me why do you worry so much
    that Rihanna has no #1 albumin the us??????? whyis it that on the global charts after over 40 plus weeks RIHANNA’S “LOUD” is still charting very well, tellme why
    sold Three #1’s and RIHANNA IS STILL SELLING. Compared to many like i stated
    RIHANNA is right there at the top, and whos going to check her?????? Talk is cheap and the more you try and talk RIHANNA down the harder shes going to
    work and show you all what shes working with, STAY MAD & BITTER!

  257. gotintoririfever18 September 5, 2011


    i’ll take a pass

    i’ll buy her album after 3 months after its release.

  258. sam! September 5, 2011

    @LAX, keep speaking the truth

  259. that_lala September 5, 2011

    Rihanna releases an album once a year..uhm..idk..i guess i’m gonna look forward to this?

  260. Yagz September 5, 2011

    COME ON PPL STOP COMPARING RIHANNA AND BEYONCE THIS IS SO CHILDISH SERIOUSLY. Let rihanna do what ever she wants 🙂 its her life

  261. Adrian September 5, 2011

    LAX should win an award for her dumbass comments! you sound mad!

  262. TeamBreezy September 6, 2011

    Since when is it a crime for a Musician to make MUSIC?
    Her fans are happy, Her label is profiting, she makes radio hits so why not make more music? Good for u girl..Make that money

    …Yall other stans r tripping cuz some of yall faves’ Record Labels are hesistant to release albums .. cough Ciara, cough Kelly cough Keri ..COUGH COUGH COUGH!

    Anyways, I hope Breezy keeps makin music like he does , im ready for a new mixtape or album 😀

  263. BADMOFO September 7, 2011

    Rihanna experiments with her sound, while Beyonce sticks with the same comfortable style & sound….for 4 albums…

  264. lucas September 10, 2011

    yes can’t wait! i do hope she does writing for it thom these days the pop starts are so busy they dont even get time to write their songs! reallyy hope rihanna writes some of her stuff on this album! go back to the writing with musoc of the sun, a girl like me and rated R !!!

  265. Michael Phillips September 11, 2011

    I am a fan of both Rihanna and Beyonce. Vocally, you cannot compare the two, Beyonce will always win.

    US alone, Rihanna has 10 #1 singles. Now say what you want, but you can’t deny that it is impressive, 10 #1’s is pretty big. Madonna, who is crowned the Queen of pop music has 13, and her career has lasted a long time.

    Now when it comes to album sales, Rihanna can’t hit what Beyonce can. Beyonce has AT LEAST one diamond album (10 million copies) and that is very applaudable considering 95 % of music downloading is done illegally.

    I was dissapointed to hear about album number six being released so quickly, but that’s how she works. She hasn’t achieved a huge status like Beyonce, who can take a year off and then come back. One day she may hit that mark, who knows.

    And I agree with those who say you need time to create a good album, that’s very true. My favourite Rihanna album is Rated R, and that one took longer to be released and it wasn’t as generic.

    But let’s face it, it’s all about money and what sells well.

    Rated R – a quite non-generic (minus Rude Boy) with some dark themes and some good ballads: 3 million copies sold and one #1.

    Loud – a generic, sexed up album: 6 million copies and three #1’s.

    It’s a shame, because I like Rihanna, I’m just worried that her career may just go badly if she keeps releasing new material all the time.

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