Watch: Beyonce And Tina Knowles Launch ‘House Of Dereon’ In London

Published: Saturday 17th Sep 2011 by David

Minutes ago, mother/daughter combo Beyonce and Tina Knowles launched their clothing ‘House Of Dereon‘ in Selfridges, London in a bid to take the brand to all new global heights.

Dressed in a similar fashion, Ms.B and Mama T flaunted their African inspired designs to attendees at the launch just nights after the ‘Single Ladies‘ performer was snapped enjoying all New York Fashion Week had to offer.

Peep the pair rocking the runway together below…


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  1. AIROGUE September 17, 2011


  2. tyra September 17, 2011

    she is wearing her pregnancy well she has not gained as much weight as i thought she would dnt really like wat she is wearing like the hair so has she just stopped promoting 4 altogether then

  3. BC September 17, 2011

    amazing as alway. KingB

  4. KIMBERLY September 17, 2011

    wow.. amazing !! She looks gorgeous, where is my thesaurus….. KING BEY

  5. NATALIE September 17, 2011

    Looks flawless as usual. She’s so blessed. I can’t wait to see her little one soon.

  6. Jess September 17, 2011

    She looks gorgeous! Her pregnancy really has her glowing!

  7. GETONMYLEVEL September 17, 2011

    She is rocking that baby weight!

  8. KINGB BISH September 17, 2011


  9. number1k9 September 17, 2011

    That pic reminds me so much of Jennifer Lopez!

    Especially her album cover for ‘ Love? ‘

    Not comparing them at all, just saying that reminds me of J.Lo

  10. tyra September 17, 2011

    so is she gona shelf the 4 album completley does anyone know?

  11. Rich September 17, 2011


  12. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 17, 2011

    Yess Beysus

    SN-I was looking at my HW yesterday and Beysus’ name (and a link to RTWG happened to pop up 🙂 )

  13. Meg21 September 17, 2011

    She’s so beautiful! Being pregnant really suits her!

  14. BC September 17, 2011

    nah shes gonna keep promoting 4. lots of more singles and videos coming

  15. Ayo_ronnie September 17, 2011

    U Cant tell Mama Knowles nothing. lol Looking like Beyonce’s sister

  16. Pam September 17, 2011


  17. Bey Fan… September 17, 2011

    Love this woman….

    I had a dream about the Party video…..can’t wait til she releases it

  18. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 17, 2011

    And another thing:

    WHY in the HELL are some of you haters SO DAMN FICKLE.If this was someone else’s post,y’all mention Mrs. Knowles-Carter’s name in a hot minute claiming her stans be on everyone else’s post “hating” but as soon as a post that ACTUALLY contains Beyonce’s name comes up,y’all ROACHES scatter back to the damn cracks that y’all came from…SMH, Beyonce’s got ’em pressed.

  19. Anne September 17, 2011

    I think she looks great also. I agree with BC as to the ‘4’ era. Columbia said that ‘1+1’ was the first of a string videos from the album to be released in the near future. Also, her official website (in another country) confirmed the release of ‘Love On Top’ to mainstream radio, maybe confirmation on her US website is coming soon.

  20. tyra September 17, 2011

    well she better get her act together and release a video soon the promotion for this era is pathetic

  21. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    I Love You Beyonce! You Look Fabulous As Usual! Get That Paper Girl.

  22. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    @IStan4GaGa! Agreed! Don’t You Love How Beyonce’s Haters Give Her All Of Their Attention. LOL.

  23. kwame September 17, 2011


  24. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 17, 2011

    @Beyonce Stan lol yes they do….there’s a reason why they call her undercover stans….

  25. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    She’s A Beautiful Humble Soul!

  26. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 17, 2011

    Correction *THEM instead of her

  27. happy September 17, 2011

    I am so happy. This is the first time I’ve been on here in awhile and I’m surprised the amount of hate on Beyonce has dwindled. Beyonce can make anyone love her. Congrats Love you B.

  28. tyra September 17, 2011

    @ happy dnt worry the roaches will crawl outta the dust bins soon to talk s*** about her

  29. richnblack11 September 17, 2011


  30. richnblack11 September 17, 2011


  31. richnblack11 September 17, 2011


  32. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 17, 2011

    I’m sorry to interrupt but 1+1 SLAYS on Rainy days….*Hits replay*

  33. Anne September 17, 2011

    To be specific, the announcement of “Love On Top” as the next single was made under the New Zealand version of her official website on September 8th. We’ll have to wait to see if it will be released in the U.S. as well.

  34. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 17, 2011

    OMG Queen Bey 4 2011 !!

  35. richnblack11 September 17, 2011


  36. Takeover September 17, 2011


  37. @ gilberto September 17, 2011


  38. richnblack11 September 17, 2011


  39. Anne September 17, 2011

    I wouldn’t say she doesn’t care about the outcome of ‘4’ but I definitely don’t think she is pressed and obviously her family is her priority. I agree that she doesn’t have anything left to prove. But, I would guess that Bey and her label believe that there is more commercial success in store for the future of ‘4.’

  40. B_STANNING AND LOVING ADELE September 17, 2011

    Look at my bey bey

  41. Beyonce Stan September 17, 2011

    @B Stanning What’s Up Boo? Our Fave Is Steady Making Moves and Getting Dough.While The Haters Are Still So Pressed.What A Pack Of Losers.

  42. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 17, 2011

    She looks good ! minus the hair of course !

    but mmmmmmmmmmmmmm how she hide her baby pump is amazing ! Ppl should take notes I guess !

    go B

  43. richnblack11 September 17, 2011


  44. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    Rihanna and Beyonce’s Music Gives Me So Much Joy! They’re So Talented.Whoever does Rihanna’s beats he’s A Pro! Her Beats and her versatile tones of voices are the best.Love Them.

  45. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    Mayweather Had Better Kick Ass Tonight! Yes Baby


    EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! She looks old. You know, BLEACHonce’s REAL age is 35….says numerous sources. 😕

    & House of Dereon is GARBAGE…HORRIBLE, cheap looking clothing

  47. Sleazy September 17, 2011

    @Beyonce,Jcole.rihanna How you gon stan for bey to but the st name ouuta your mouth is riiri telling us how versatile her voice is 1stly Ho we know you just stand for Ri 2ndly What Voice? Lmaooooo I cant

  48. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 17, 2011

    I knew LaceFLOPce was going to be here.


    How does it feel like to be a FLOP???

  49. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    I Can Stan 4 Whoever In The Hell I’d Like! You Youngins Are So Damn Stupid.I Don’t Hate Rihanna.I Don’t Know Who In The Hell You’re Supposed To Be But B**** Suck My D***.Yall Can Hate On Rihanna All You Want She’s Doing Her Thing.King B Is the King Too and J Cole.So B**** Sit Down.That’s What’s Wrong With You Childish B****** You Argue About Everything.I can spend my f***** money and like Whoever I Like B****.So Deal H**

  50. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    Get A Record Deal and Make Millions and Then You’d Have A Right To Say An Artist Can’t Sing With Your Trashy Brokedown Worthless Ass! Yodel On My Nuts With Your Big Mouth and Deep Throat! Rihanna and Beyonce has millions and yet all of you losers can do is sit your broke ass at an computer and talk s***.B**** Please! Like I Said Rihanna Does Her Thing and Your Brokeass can keep hating.Duckface Roach Looking B****.Now Talk To Your Fuckinself H**! I’m Out

  51. richnblack11 September 17, 2011

    thats the thing too many youngins that don’t know what the hell they talking bout …get a damn life youngins

  52. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    Before I Exit Sam I’ve Just Received An Alert That Beyonce Is Walking The Runway! Baby Bump and All.The King Does Her Damn Thing and Lives A Happy Life While The Naysayers Will Continue To Soak In Their Pathetic Little Crappy Lives! She’s Happy Regardless! SMDH

  53. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    @Rich! I’m ROTFFLMAO

  54. richnblack11 September 17, 2011

    i bet that lacefront s*** is horrible in the face and body

  55. King B September 17, 2011

    Am not feeling the clothes, but she’s beautiful nonetheless.

  56. S*** (U MAD?) September 17, 2011


    1. 1+1 (4/5)
    2. I Care (4.5/5)
    3. I Miss You (5/5)
    4. Best Thing I Never Had (4.5/5)
    5. Party Ft Andre 3000 (4.2/5)
    6. Rather Die Young (4/5)
    7. Start Over (4.5/5)
    8. Love On Top (5/5)
    9. Countdown (5/5)
    10. End Of Time (5/5)
    11. I Was Here (5/5)
    12. Run The World (4/5)


  57. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    @King B ! But I bet they’re gonna buy the hell out of those clothes though and her perfumes.She should invest in some bubblebath and lotions! Her perfumes smell so good.I Love Black Success

  58. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    @S*** Agreed! I Love Me Some Beyonce

  59. Beyonce Is Gorgeous September 17, 2011

    Awwwwww! Bey Bey Is A Beautiful Young Lady

  60. Ciroc September 17, 2011

    @ BEYONCE,J COLE AND RIHANNA STAN I knew you were a n****…lol f***** as b****! Where’s ya husband? Hows your janitor job at the hospital? Lol lame ass wanna be a female b****! 😉

  61. BC September 17, 2011

    i bet by the time Christmas comes bey is gonna have it all together as far as sales and singles. sales now r good. like i said 4 will sell at least 2 million in the US

  62. S*** (U MAD?) September 17, 2011

    @ Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan

    Hey, you like my new Gravater?? 🙂

    & whats your Fav J.cole song?? aside from the one thats out now, Im just now discovering him. I like how Gangster his voice is kinda, u kno…

  63. BC September 17, 2011

    1. 1+1 (3/5)
    2. I Care (5/5)
    3. I Miss You (5/5)
    4. Best Thing I Never Had (4/5)
    5. Party Ft Andre 3000 (4.5/5)
    6. Rather Die Young (4/5)
    7. Start Over (4/5)
    8. Love On Top (5/5)
    9. Countdown (5/5)
    10. End Of Time (4.3/5)
    11. I Was Here (4/5)
    12. Run The World (4/5)
    schoolin life(5/5)
    lay under me(3.5)
    dance for you(4.7/5)

  64. S*** (U MAD?) September 17, 2011


    I think Countdown would be Huge & really pick sells up if its released around the Holidays. 4 is like Beys Rated R (only BETTER) & Countdown will be her Rude Boy dont you think… 🙂

  65. nice_gurl September 17, 2011

    She looks cute when pregnant.

    Also does anyone else think Bey got pregnant that day when Jay and her were at that restaurant in Paris and he was walking around with that erection that wouldn’t go away LOL?? It seems about right with the timing.

  66. S*** (U MAD?) September 17, 2011


    LOL, U a Mess! & to think thats might be True 🙂

    @ nice_gurl

    schoolin life(4.5/5)
    Dreaming(3/5) >>> lay under me(2.5) 😕
    dance for you(4/5)(The End is EPIC, End of BTINH is EPIC too 🙂 )

  67. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    @Ciroc! Theater Is My Favorite.I Love How I Keep The Haters Confused! You’re So Irrelevant and Worthless To Me.I think I will let you continue f****** yourself.ROTFLMMFAO! Lmao! Nice To See You’re Tuned In! That Shows Just How Much Of An Loser You Are.I Enjoy F****** With My Haters! Its Like Having A Multiple Orgasm! So come on and open up.I gotta swollen testacle that needs to be released.ROTFL

  68. BC September 17, 2011

    i think thats the plan. She gonna release it around christmas time. u know how 2 times now she has had a song #1 song out around the hilidays. MAYBE SHES TRYING 2 DO IT AGAIN. COUNTDOWN WILL LIKELY BE THE NEXT SINGLE CUS THEY GONNA SHOW THE JIMMY FALLON PERFORMANCE OF IT ON THE 23RD.
    ps:not shouting just cus caps on by mistake

  69. BC September 17, 2011

    *i ment u s***

  70. nice_gurl September 17, 2011

    @S***….well, I just saw those pics again yesterday LOL and I was just thinking that Jay might have been taking Viagra to get Bey pregnant.

  71. Beyonce,J Cole and Rihanna Stan September 17, 2011

    @S*** I’m Sorry. “I Can’t Get Enough” by J Cole Is My Joint.Love It.

  72. Beyonce Is Gorgeous September 17, 2011

    @Ciroc I’m sorry honey but I think you have someone confused with me.You are stalking me.What the hell its always nice to know you’re an asswatcher.What color are my bikinis? Everything you’ve said about me is false as well.You’re very delusional.If I were you I’d visit the nearest psychiatrist.You’re hate has clouded the small amount of brain that you’re struggling to keep.How can a man be pregnant? Oh I forgot you’re A Big Dummy,so I guess you wouldn’t know.Honey you have too much time on your hands.You should buy a dog.Maybe it will love you for being the stupidest reject to society.LMFAO

  73. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    Her face is getting fuller.

  74. Tiff September 17, 2011

    I still can’t believe that her stomach was bigger at the VMA’s than it is now. Something isn’t right. She looks nice though.

  75. Beyonce Is Gorgeous September 17, 2011

    People! TGJ Rocks! I Love Yall! Its only entertainment. Haters and Losers should get a job or hobby.Its very clear to me that you all are very unhappy individuals.Sorry your life sucks.What A Shame! Guess carrying so much hate and envy around with you day by day,is getting the best of you.It has worn you completely down and out. LOL! Beyonce Fans Are Renegades .We Drag For Breakfast Lunch and Dinner! We Enjoy It! So before you hop on board you’d better leave your hate at the front entrance.Because were not taking no s*** or prisoners.The Beyhive Is Strictly For Winners! Losers Aren’t Invited.So Slow Your Role Okay! Peaches-Winks Goognight

  76. RichNBlack11 September 17, 2011


  77. Ciroc September 17, 2011

    @Beyonce is gorgeous B**** drink some bleach!

  78. Ciroc September 17, 2011

    @beyonce is gorgeous I’m not confused at all…you are the same uneducated ghetto b**** cause all of your comments have the same nasty trashy talk in them! Keep changing your name h**, but your ghetto slang will never change!

  79. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 17, 2011

    I refused to call a woman with a v***** KING..

    i like her lacefront though, I wonder where she buys her hair….can she hook a sister up?

    than again her hair probably cost more than my…..

    really, ur on a blog bragging about dragging HATERS, and yet they the ones who needs a life?

  80. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 18, 2011

    you guys are the only ones who cares about these so call haters,,,,

    do u honestly think beyonce and her pet camel are sitting around crying their eyes out because people cant stand their asses?

    hell no they not, they are too busy rolling around buck naked in their millions, u know the millions they make off yall?

    while ur working ur ass off at burger king to buy 3 copies of 4 and the throne, they out there chilling in there 20 million dollar house…

    calm the f*** down, its never that damn serious..

  81. Beyonce Is Gorgeous September 18, 2011

    Poor Things LMDAO! (Queenbey) Bitter Ones Do Make Ya Sick. Ugh…………. Idiots! Got The Nerve To Call Someone Ghetto.You’re Ignorance Speaks For Itself Honey.You’re As Ghetto and Pressed as they come.Oh and what’s your real name.Because Ciros isn’t it.I see I’ve drug you in some of my previous comments.It Shows that I’ve gotten the best of your weakass.You’re Mad Huh! Keep throwing the B and H word.That shows that I have taken your power honey.With Your Stupid Dumbass.Now Dissect That You Termite.Awwwww I See I Hurt The Bimbos Feelings.Stay Mad Loser.
    Oh and Rated if its not that serious why are you rambling on and on.You are a thoroughbred hater.If you weren’t a hating troll you wouldn’t be so worried about what anyone has to say.Have A Damn Seat Child.Oh and I don’t give a damn about how any of you f**** feel about me.Get Some Joy and Happiness In Your Lonely Ass Lives

  82. Beyonce Is Gorgeous September 18, 2011

    Oh and Alias Ass Ciroc.After you finish yapping.Remember you can’t do a damn thing about how I conduct myself.I’m going to continue to do whatever I want to do when I want to do it.Just remember I’m not the only one that don’t respect or appreciate how triffling and shady yall envious crabs in a buckets are.So next time you start namecalling.Get your f***** facts straight.With your sneaky snake ass.”You’re Dead” Now expose your real name! You’re A Slithering Contradiction. You’re An Airhead that only wished to be smart.You need to hop back on your shortbus r*****.

  83. Beyonce Is Gorgeous September 18, 2011

    Trying To Figure My Gender Out.Loser Find Something Constructive To Do With Your Time! With your stupidass.

  84. askdjfklsdj September 18, 2011


  85. Effie Piperithou September 18, 2011

    I was there!
    All I can say us she’s even more beautiful in real life! She looked stunning as did her mum and sister!
    She even made an appearance at the after show party but left early, who can blame her when she’s carrying a child!
    The store I work at, fashion rocks in the new Westfield centre, will be stocking House of Dereon from October so get into store quickly and reserve your pieces before it sells out!

  86. BeBeJuJu September 18, 2011

    Lol,@s***, can I just say that I love u? Lmao, your gravatars stay killing me! U always find the most awkward pics of Bey! Lol, but it’s cute 🙂 she looks amazing here btw! Love me some bey-bey

  87. Flashing Green September 18, 2011

    That wig…

  88. Ciroc September 18, 2011

    @Beyonce is horrible All that biography and I still haven’t lost any sleep! I need a life? No bey fans need a life so they can stay out of hers! Your lives revolve around someone that could care less about you! Now put your brain in a bird and fly backwards you (afterbirth)….. U thought dogs ate the afterbirth but I guess your mother wasnt

  89. B_STANNING AND LOVING ADELE September 18, 2011

    @BEYONCE iS GORGEOUS you told me the other night I got to start playing this game hard, What did you mean

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