That Grape Juice A&R: Ashanti’s New Album

Published: Tuesday 25th Oct 2011 by David

Since she exclusively revealed details of her new album to That Grape Juice some months back, Ashanti has succeeded in generating a buzz for the project within her ever tuned in fan base.

After experiencing a number under performing releases, there are many who feel that poor business and creative direction are to blame for these well publicized  shortcomings.

Now’s your chance to have your say.


More information below…

Listing 12 songs from any genre or period of music from any artist out there, we want you to create the ultimate Ashanti album made up of cuts you feel would serve to win over the buying public and critics alike.

Maybe you feel Britney Spears‘ ‘Womanizer is just the song she needs to force her into higher chart ground or is Sade’s ‘Taboo’ just the kind of sound she should be going for if it’s critical acclaim she desires.

It’s completely up to you.

If you’re feeling extra bossy why not tell us how you would promote the album and how you’d ensure it generates sales figures worthy of competing with the likes of Beyonce’‘4′ and Lady GaGa’s ‘Born This Way‘.

Who knows? maybe someone from Team Douglas  may see your ideas and take them on board..

Get listing below!

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  1. Lolsmileyfac October 25, 2011

    Britney Spears – “Radar”
    Ciara – “Ride”
    Beyonce – “Party”
    Christina Aguilera – “You Lost Me”
    Ke$ha – “Sleazy”

  2. Malibu Barbie October 25, 2011

    All Ashanti needs is a hot CLUB BANGER !! its always a nice way to wake up a few people and get her name hot again ! her songs need to be FIRE no generic boring s***

  3. Me October 25, 2011

    This the same post yall used for Rihanna, ashanti aint gon make no song like Womanizer, and yall must dont have a life keep makin a&r post,just wait n see

  4. RiRifan October 25, 2011

    1. End Of Time- Beyonce
    2. Knocks You Down- Keri Hilson
    3. Yeah 3X- Chris Brown
    4. My Love- Justin Timberlake
    5. Motivation- Kelly Rowland
    6. Party- Beyonce
    7. Ready For Love- India Arie
    8. California King Bed- Rihanna
    9. Where You At- Jennifer Hudson
    10. That’s The Way Love Goes- Janet Jackson

    Love, S** Magic- Ciara but featuring Usher.
    Promise This- Cheryl Cole

    My strategy would be to release one pop single followed by one urban single. Id release Love S** Magic as a buzz single then make My Love the first single.

  5. JOE M.AMA October 25, 2011

    i LOVE her.
    i think she should go back to making songs like ‘foolish’ and ‘happy’, or her f/’s like “mesmerized” or “body on me”
    yet i would also like her to have songs like ‘womanizer’,’countdown’, or “ride” i think thats what i see fitting for her, like “good good” was.
    I would like for her to work with J.cole or drake.
    Theirs actually A LOT i want from her tho.


  6. Jamil October 25, 2011

    Ashanti! I’m rooting for you!

  7. ChristinasCOMING October 25, 2011

    Ashanti needs to release a Foolish 2.0 with a little bit of The Way that I love You influence.

  8. ChristinasCOMING October 25, 2011

    Y’all just don’t know good music.

    Ashanti does not need an End of Time or California King Bed.

    She just needs to remind the world why we fell in love with her and take it back to her Foolish days but add a little bit of the sound from Declaration on there.

  9. S*** (U MAD?) October 25, 2011

    I dont understand the POINT/Idea of this Post Sam, sounds pretty stupid to me 😕

    but Anyway, I like Ashanti 🙂

    Shes like the Queen of R&B HOODRAT CULTURE >>> Keri Hilson + Ciara + Mya etc. 🙂

    LOL… Ashanti is R&B COMEDY 😆

  10. S*** (U MAD?) October 25, 2011

    Ashanti >>> Keyshia Cole too 🙂

  11. ririfan October 25, 2011

    But before recording the album, id suggest Ashanti teams up with BET and do five part documentary so fans can see where she’s at creatively. Then id work on getting her some endorsement deals, since BET keep advertising that car with the short guy on it maybe Ashanti could team up with them too.

    The money she’d make from that would be used to fund her videos, which would need to be on point.

    So the buzz single would be Love S** Magic and Id send that to radio in January. She’d then start doing small interviews here and there just talking about the album and what not. I’d go for a July release date (to benefit from the BET Awards at which shed perform) and there she would perform the first single End Of Time- (i changed my mind). The video would come out on the night of the BET Awards and would become available for purchase on the same night.

    She’d then do a number of late night appearances in the week of the albums release

    Then in August, the video for Love S** and Magic will come out featuring Usher so she can hopefully have three songs dominating urban radio and if shes lucky the Hot 100. Right before the video for LSM comes out, BET would an air the One Night With Ashanti TV special so people can see her perform all her songs.

    Love S** and Magic will become available for release overseas in September as the albums first non US single. Then she’d announce the ONLY U Tour, which would be a number of intimate shows around the world in ANY venue she can find.

    She’d go overseas to promote LSM and the album and then in October she’d release Promise This to guarantee a top ten in the UK and other european markets Meanwhile, Party would be sent to radio in the US.
    She’d release the video for Promise This in November just before she goes on tour and come back to the US to do more tv based promo, ie The View, Letterman.

    Still on tour, she’d release a video for Party in January and if that song flopped, she could quickly send California King Bed to radio and release it as a single.

  12. JOE M.AMA October 25, 2011

    1. Countdown – Beyonce
    2.. Rather Die Young – Beyonce
    3. Rude Boy – Rihanna
    4. We found Love – Rihanna
    5. Ride – Ciara
    6. Did it on ’em – Nicki Minaj *shrugs*
    7. Baby – ASHANTI
    8. Hate That I Love You – Rihanna
    9. Happy -ASHANTI
    10. Foolish – ASHANTI
    11. Diva – Beyonce
    12. Im Fine – Mary J. Blige

    i wouldn’t mind for her going old school. but that aint gunna work. SO i say take ‘baby’, ‘foolish’, and ‘happy’ to the nextMUTHAFUKINlevel. BUT i don’t want her to go ALL techno and shizz.. Keep that old rnb and hiphop flava. her ballads to be like ‘1+1’ and have some songs with a bit of attitude and ignorance like ‘diva’ & ‘did it on em’. Release a more “pop-ish” song first then urban.

    im rooting for her so….
    and i want an album that EVERY SONG to relate. I don’t want that rihanna type of ish. Kinda like J.Cole. or 4.

    imo ofcourse

  13. Shan Stan October 25, 2011

    I know that whatever Shan does it will be amazing! Shes gonna stick true to herself and stick to R&B like she has done since her 1st album till today. R&B Queen

  14. A.MILIAN October 25, 2011

    1. Ashanti _ ONLY U
    2. Mariah Carey_ DON’T FORGET ABOUT US
    3. Christina Milian_NEVERMIND
    4. Ashanti_BABY
    5. Brandy_HAVE U EVER?
    6. Kelly Rowland_FEELING ME RIGHT NOW
    7. Ciara_RIDE
    8. Beyonce_CRAZY IN LOVE
    9. Eminem_ LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE
    10. Nelly_DILEMMA
    12. Rihanna_WHAT’S MY NAME

  15. Army Of Queen /.\ (Aaliyah) & Queen Bee (Lil Kim) >>>>>>>> Your Fave ! October 25, 2011

    She Just Needs To Put Some HITS 😉 Together !

    I Still Wouldn’t Care If She FLOPPED ! 🙂

  16. JOE M.AMA October 25, 2011

    & do something like what she did to ‘foolish’ and ‘unfoolish’, tbh.

  17. Ashanti_Rockxzz (Follow Me) October 25, 2011

    In my opinion,

    Ashanti just needs a record to wow her wow and the people who doubt her…..she needs to let some SNIPPETS or FULL songs of stuff she has been hard working on. That will create the buzz she needs.

    I also think she should do a documentary or behind the scenes series with BET or MTV to show the world how HARD she has truly been working.Hell, it worked for Keyshia Cole & Monica. People REALLY DON’T know the person she is, how far she has come, lyrically, vocally, and the overall growth. So I’ll list 12 ASHANTI songs to CREATE the ULTIMATE Ashanti album…

    1). Struggle (Lead Single)
    2). You’re Gonna Miss (2nd Single)
    3) Don’t Leave Me Alone (3rd Single)
    4). The Declaration (4th and final single)
    5). Freedom
    6). In These Streets
    7). Living My Life
    8). Carry ON
    9). Over
    10). Why
    11). I Found it in You
    12). Shine

    #THE END

  18. Jay Jay October 25, 2011

    Ashanti cant really dance but she should take the kelly rowland route though. Not a huge fan of hers but I do kinda miss her on the Radio.

    2012: Ciara, Brandy, Ashanti, Mariah


  19. George October 25, 2011

    Im Ready

  20. The-Truth October 25, 2011



    Queen Ashanti will SLAY BLEACHonce’s SHITE album 😉

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE will make sure of that.

    Queen Shanti’s first week sales: 2.5M worldwide

    BLEACHonce,Caca,Discount Perry,and OBESEdele = GIMMICKS.

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken.


    Oh and

    FLOPhanna has a dry p**** 😕

  23. Expensive Hooker October 25, 2011

    Album Title: Back 2 Hearts (referencing her return to what she did best singing about being in love & heartbreak) Love & Murder (referencing an oxymoron about the beauty & happiness of love but also the death & dangers; also reference to her Murder Inc. record label)

    1st Single: I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
    I have been waiting for an IWALY of our generation. This song was a massive hit, an instant classic of the early 90’s where huge R&B ballads had the ability to go #1 & actually stay #1. If not Beyonce, I know Ashanti can do create a similar success. Big karaoke sound, big vocals, & heartfelt lyrics about loving someone. Everyone feels this at one point therefore, it would be a global phenomenon.

    2nd Single: We Belong Together – Mariah Carey
    WBT was one of the most commercially successful & critically acclaimed songs from the past 10 years. It definitely reinvented R&B when Pop was slowly dominating the charts. Everyone doubted MC until the immaculate single dominated the charts & broke records everywhere. The song was universal, everyone felt this way & everyone can relate.

    3rd Single: No One – Alicia Keys
    Again following with the ‘love’ trend, if the first two singles do not gain the success & attention it deserves than maybe she should be a little bit more current. I wouldn’t want Ashanti to replicate any Pop sound because I’m sure it will not do well. Most R&B singers come off as basic to me when they attempt Pop or Dance… Unless you’re Queen B. Which no matter what, female African-American singers will always be compared to Queen B. She paved the lane for these basic b******. So, I think NO can definitely be a great liaison into the R&B ballads with that Pop edge. I wouldn’t go all the way into a Pop/R&B ballad like say… “Halo” or “Rolling in the Deep”. No One will be huge.

    4th Single: A Hip-Hop ballad with some current rapper.

  24. She needs to do a documentary October 25, 2011

    Her voice has a beautiful tone. However, she just needs to experiment with her voice a little bit more. I need her to use her lower chest voice even more. The second thing I want from her in this particular album is to never stop working hard because it will pay off in the album sales. Practice, practice, practice, dancing, singing, stage presence whatever. When she feels comfortable demonstrating this work ethic, then the world will be ready to take her seriously. I believe she will make a massive comeback.

  25. Bey Fan… October 25, 2011

    I dont care what she does….as long as she stays away from Whitney Houston’s songs…

  26. She needs to do something unthinkable October 25, 2011

    Ashanti needs to do something unimaginative and efficient. For example, since Beyonce is currently pregrant, her camp are probably off duty too. They need to make money too and what a brilliant idea if Ashanti steals them to work with her on this album. Then she will create something similar to Run The World (Girls) with a twist that caters to all audience. Add another eleven bomb ass songs to complete the album. After that then promotion starts by going all over the places even the onces Beyonce missed going to with her 4ass album. If Ashanti successfully accomplished this plane, she will be guaranteed a first week sales of 600,000 which doubles 4 album of Beyonce.I hope Ashanti plans strategically with this album.


    October 25, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Ashanti needs to do something unimaginative and efficient. For example, since Beyonce is currently pregrant, her camp are probably off duty too. They need to make money too and what a brilliant idea if Ashanti steals them to work with her on this album. Then she will create something similar to Run The World (Girls) with a twist that caters to all audience. Add another eleven bomb ass songs to complete the album. After that then promotion starts by going all over the places even the onces Beyonce missed going to with her 4ass album. If Ashanti successfully accomplished this plane, she will be guaranteed a first week sales of 600,000 which doubles 4 album of Beyonce.I hope Ashanti plans strategically with this album.

    H** Queen Ashanti don’t need BLEACHonces team.Her and Queen Khia need to make a single together.

    Thet single will rise to #1 and BLEACHonce and T***** Caca will be wiped off the charts.It isnt hard because Caca is a GIMMICK and BLEACHonce is STRUGGLING to sell 800k.And OBESEdele, SHIThanna, Discount Perry are FADS that have to show their SHITE Titties and asses to get FRAUDULENT #1s

    Queen Ashanti>>>>>BLEACHonce and Caca

    Queen Ashanti>>>>>Discount Perry and FLOPhanna

    Queen Ashanti>>>>>OBESEdele and FLOPtina

    Queen Ashanti>>>>>Michael and Tranet BLEACHson 😕



    Oh and

    Queen Khia >>>>> Sicki GARBAJ,Leatherface Kim, and Q**** FATifah 😉

  29. heartforashant October 25, 2011

    ciara – like a surgeon (with ashantis twist on it)
    britney spears – unusual u
    rihanna – cold cas love
    britney spears – inside out
    chris brown – deuces (remix)
    robyn – indestructable
    drake – shut it down
    electrik red – so good
    frank ocean – novacane (with ashantis twist)

  30. Hush October 25, 2011

    Give this “Lets play A&R” game a rest. I played along with Brandy, but unless someone is going to pay me for my advice, I’m not doing it for Ashanti.

  31. wise October 25, 2011

    So are you implying Ashanti should be like other people in order to succeed ? Don’t get me wrong, I love End of Time, but if Ashanti did it, it wouldn’t be very “Ashanti”. I like Ashanti because of Foolish, not because of End of Time. If she does a Britney Spears song, she’s going to lose a fan. Anyways, thatgrapejuice, most of your readers just like listing their favorite songs anyways, and not here to seriously consider what you’re asking. In fact, they probably don’t even know what A&R means. ANYWAYS, with that said, here’s my list :

    1) Foolish (it’s like her signature sound)
    2) Only U (epic beat from 7 Aurelius that’s unique and catchy)
    3) Happy (a good-feel vibe I never hear anymore (except for Love on Top) and what we need)
    4) The Way That I Love You (very emotionally strong over an original piano score)
    5) Shine
    6) Never Too Far Away
    7) Good Good

    Ashanti I love you but if you turn into any of these modern money-hungry number-counting fake “popstars” I’m afraid my opinion will have to change. You can still be non-generic and still be successful (see Beyonce). Please, rely on your singing and not a David Guetta beat 😉

  32. Wesley October 25, 2011

    Princess Ashanti needs to come out with somethin big like 4real she need to bring the heat like she did in 2002 and 2003 !!!

  33. simonswife October 25, 2011

    The first think I feel Ashanti should do is seek new management! I am a big fan of hers and when she does make appearances (eventhough very few) no one knows about them until the appearance is over. I feel her mom has taken her as far as she can go. All she needs is someone who has the energy, connection and stamina to take her to the next level and then everything else will fall in place. Her mom is now like a girlfriend instead of an employee. I would love to see Ashanti team up with Benny Medina!! Now that would be awesome. Overall, I love Ashanti and wish her the best but she has got to make some changes in her camp in order to suceed!

  34. LouisWoodz October 25, 2011

    Ashanti needs too take us back too the days of her debut album, with songs reminding us of ‘Foolish’ she is an incredible songwriter she has the ability.. she just needs a push in this Beyonce/LadyGaga/Rihanna dominated era… again, it seems no matter who Rico Love works with he manages too give the artist he is working with something different.. even though it falls in the same category of R&B… she needs too revive it, maybe use another hot ass sample from like Biggie again, or not.. or Tupac, something that will remind us why we fell in love with Ashanti int he first place.. promotion wise, 106 & park has always been her biggest supporters…… she should consider developing a reality series, or something… showing us the development of her new album.. if i was apart of her team.. i would make sure she was in a good state of mind.. maybe working with 7 Aurelius again, who worked on a her debut album… or reuniting with C**** Santana who produced the majority of her second album ‘Chapter ll’ but sometimes working with the same producer you did when you started out with isnt all that good, take a look at Brandy , she reunited with Rodney Jerkins, and he gave her basically some recycled BULL..for her 2008 album Human, but i believe Ashanti will do fine, if she plays her cards right with the promotion.. live performances and all.. ustreaming, and all..

  35. Beyonce is desperate October 25, 2011

    Ashanti has always been underrated since being release from the INK…. I can’t wait for her new album whatever she does I hope she stay away frm the pop fuckery I mean she can go alil pop but dont go overboard with it like Tht Rihanna chick. But a nice Club Banger would be a nice buzz for her along with a feature rappers like Drake or Big Sean

  36. ChristinasCOMING October 25, 2011

    Well looking back on her catalog I say that these songs below should’ve been on an album together…

    Rock wit U
    Rain On Me
    Breakup 2 Makeup
    Only U
    Take Me Tonight
    Still On It
    The Way That I Love You
    Body On Me
    Good Good
    You’re Gonna Miss
    So Over You

    If these songs above made up an entire album, then release the following as singles

    Rock Wit U
    Rain On Me
    Good Good
    Only U

  37. Shelly October 25, 2011

    I love Ashanti and I think that she could really make a comeback. What I would do to generate buzz is start with a few test singles and maybe do a small tour maybe with someone else doing old songs/ premiere a few new songs. I agree with people she should do a special on BET/MTV or a Behind the Music type of special. I would then put her on a few collabo’s with some popular rappers (Drake, Lil Wayne, J Cole) and shoot video/ perform the song on night shows/106 get those songs taking over urban radio. Then I would tease the first single of the album and I might put a feature on it maybe something like (MOTIVATION- KELLY) so that could do well. Again promote promote and perform the hell outta this single. Give us a video in a couple weeks. Then at the same time of the video release, relese another song like (we found love or only u ) this could be on both pop/urban stations. Do some more collabs in between. Start promoting the album at this time and release video for 2nd single. We need her on every TV show/ radio interview she can get on and she should do TGJ’s THE SLASH!!

    release album with heavy promotion everybdy should know about the album coming out. Then i would release a single like (4 A,M, OR 1+1) WITH A VIDEO THEN ANOTHER SONG ON RADIO LIKE ( HAPPY).
    -prep tour

    Release another single like (PROMISE- CIARA)


  38. Shelly October 26, 2011


  39. MadameBunniJ October 26, 2011

    1. Thinking About You by Frank Ocean
    2. Take Me Away by Kiyana
    3. Runway by Bruno Mars
    4. Rock Wit U By (You) Ashanti
    5. One In A Million by Aaliyah
    7. Run this world Jennifer Lopez
    8. A Year without Rain by Selena Gomez
    9. Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner
    10. Better in Time by Leona Lewis
    11. Just whisper by Kelly Rowland
    12. Diary by Alicia Keys
    Album: Homecoming

  40. honeydip October 26, 2011


  41. t-blaze October 26, 2011

    There is nothing wrong with the song Ashanti make now, In the beginning the downfall started with the record label. I love all her cd’s but my favorite was chapter 2 I want her to sing with the clarity like she did in Chapter two, she needs to come out with something refreshing….leave all the hey, hmm and ahh out of it, show us your growth. I hear her growth as a singer and always thought when she performed she did a good job. Need’s to do her she do Ashanti very well…..remember she spanked B b*** she got it she just got to let us hear it.

  42. beyonces 4 flopped and it is trash! October 26, 2011

    cant wait to hear the album

  43. Jay William October 26, 2011

    1. David Guetta – Titanium (Ft. Sia)
    2. Jojo – S*** To Me
    3. Ciara – Turntables (Ft. Chris Brown)
    4. Demi Lovato – All Night Long (Ft. Timbaland & Missy Elliot)
    5. Wynter Gordon – Don’t Stop Me
    6. Dev – In The Dark
    7. Janet Jackson – Rock With U
    8. Kelly Rowland – Each Other
    9. Danity Kane – Sucka For Love
    10. Rihanna – Rehab
    11. Sade – Love Is Found
    12. Terius Nash – Wake Me When It’s Over

    I think after her long break she has to do something similar to Kelly Rowland to mark back her territory. The album should definitly be R&B but with modern electronic sounds similar to that of “Only U”. She should be confident, and not be afraid to try some new things. She HAS to come out with a banger first so people get attention drawn to her and then toss a slower song after or before as a buzz single to prove her vocal ability has improved. It’ll be tricky but I think she has the potential for it.

  44. makemeproud October 26, 2011

    Ashanti can come back better than ever.She just needs the right publicity,the RIGHT songwriters,and the RIGHT producers.But first,she needs to find out what sound she wants to bring the public.A few hot songwriters at the moment are: Ryan Tedder (from the group,OneRepublic) he helped write some of Adele’s material for her hit album,21.Esther Dean helped Kelly Rowland with her latest album,Here I am.Sean Garrett is always what’s up.He writes for Beyonce,Mario,and Mary J just to name a few.Jim Jonsin has been out for a second and has penned hits for Beyonce,Yelawolf,Christina Aguilera.RedOne has also been credited for hits from Lady GaGa.He’s a winner.But at the end oof the day,it depends on what style she is gonna bring to the table.Hopefully it is good.I really want this next album to sale and I want her to be back in the spotlight.

  45. Mely B October 26, 2011

    I played this game with Brandy but had a harder time with Ashanti. I agree with others that a BET or TVOne reality show could boost interest in Ashanti but it has to be one where the focus is more on her creating her album as opposed to her personal life though.

    Of her 4 albums that I own, only her debut has stayed in heavy rotation in my ipod, etc. I hope that her new album cuts down on the unnecessary skits and doesn’t feature too many rappers. I also agree with a previous comment that she should work with 7 Aurelius & C**** Santana on a few tracks because they seem to “get” her as an artist and could probably help her shape her sound.

    I wish her the best though because this will truly be the best time for her & a lot of other r&b chicks to remind folks that they are still relevant & capable of making good music.

  46. Grusome Truth October 26, 2011

    Ashanti sucks. she is not coming back.
    Stop with these pointless ass essays.It’s been 3 yrs from an flop.
    Which means thats like 5 yrs with no album or cameo’s.
    Give it up.
    Sorry She is done

  47. Jealousy is a disease October 26, 2011

    @ GRUSOME TRUTH, It is obvious that you’re hater of Ashanti. Why did u comment if she’s suck. Go somewhere and have intelligent conversation…or have several seats.

  48. Isaiah 65:24 October 27, 2011

    Ashanti is owning her business, Written Inc Record Label. Let Ashanti take her steps carefully in this process she is a very intelligent women; she knows where she is going we just have to be patient and trust that she will deliver and Ashanti will. The hater isn’t going anywhere but her fan base will expand! Congratulation to Ashanti in advance on the success of her Album which should be called ” Hidden Treasures” or “Golden Thoughts” or ” Unpredictable” or ” Platinum not Blond ” or or or or ” Right back at You” lol smiles!

    PS I just Love it when hate is thrown and caught by Love!

  49. Isaiah 65:24 October 27, 2011

    H A T E R S!

  50. Theman October 30, 2011

    1. Kelly Rowland – Motivation
    2. Beyonce – Party
    3. Ciara – Promise
    4. Beyonce – Irreplaceable
    5. Monica – Until It’s Gone
    6. Alicia Keys – Unthinkable
    7. Mariah Carey – It’s like that
    8. Melanie Fiona – It K*lls Me
    9. Beyonce – Sweet Dreams
    10. Fantasia – Bittersweet

  51. Theman October 30, 2011

    She needs great music,promo,exposure,hits,performances,stage presence. Ashanti is vey charasmatic and likeable She still have alot of people that will support her. If she gets it right she’ll do well. I think she’ll get it right this go round.

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