Madonna Enlists Nicki Minaj For New Single?

Published: Friday 28th Oct 2011 by Rashad

Stan-fantasy 101:  When queens collide the result is certain to be nothing less than explosive.  For, fans have been sent into a frenzy from news indicating (the inarguable) Queen of Pop Madonna has enlisted reigning rapstress Nicki Minaj for her new single.

Find out when you’ll get your first listen after the jump:

According to sources, the song will have its royal unveiling on February 5, 2012 at Superbowl XLVI (where Madge has been crowned headliner).  The cut, entitled ‘Give Me All Your Love’ and also features Sri Lankan hitmaker M.I.A., will be the first lifted from the music monarch’s untitled LP due in the same month.


If the report is indeed true, the result is sure to be fire.  People may fault Madonna for “using” today’s hottest stars to boost her relevancy, but for a woman who has managed to keep her name in people’s mouths for the last 3 decade, she must be doing something right.  Clearly acts with Justin Timberlake ,Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga have not exactly solidified her presence with today’s younger record-buyers, but it hasn’t hurt the cause either.

Minaj, on the other hand, would certainly benefit from the duet.  Given her previous assistances lent to pop starlets Rihanna, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and diva Mariah Carey (in varying capacities), it is ever-present that the Harajuku Barbie’s packaging is becoming more and more pop infused – which, aka, really means becoming more commercially viable.  Marketing strategy 101 that some rap starlets before and after should take note of.

Your thoughts?

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  1. bobby d October 28, 2011

    HA! Madonna need to sit her tired, hatin ass down. Even Nicki cant make her relevant at this point.

    madonna sucks.

  2. @LegendaryBec October 28, 2011

    NICKI Cant Save NOBODYS Career Ask Mariah Britney Rihanna And Keyshia Cole

    MADONNA Give It Up Old Hag .. ( QUEEN JANET )

  3. Love on top October 28, 2011

    Nicki has Chart power though! This a good look for her I love how clever nicki is She wants to be a WW and there’s no way she gon get that if she is just gon to urban! That’s just common sense I’m glad she is not jst doing urban Cus then she would only be local #Fact and to call her just POP is just Dumb

  4. Theman October 28, 2011

    It would have been nice for her to release a single by herself. The feat should have came afterwards. But this could be a big hit.

  5. Kav October 28, 2011

    Who woulda thunk it.

  6. JohnVidal October 28, 2011

    I´m not a Madonna fan but really she is a queen, the queen of pop! But two queens??? Nicki is not a queen or anything similar. I´m so tired of people calling everybody queen or diva or whatever. Madonna or Mariah Carey are. Get your facts straight, making s*** and most generic songs ever and show fake asses doesn´t make you one of the greats, music does, and sure Nicki´s, Rihanna´s, not even Beyonce´s music is worth the title of “one of the greats in music”.
    I´m done

  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 28, 2011

    LMAO…OK then…

    So, Madonna and Wiliam Orbit (who produced ‘Ray Of Light’ together) were sitting in the studio alongside with Sia and they were thinking about a feature…and then this masterpiece came on the radio Yeah, Nicki was the OBVIOUS choice for Madonna’s comeback 😆 😆

    I honestly don’t think it’s true.I can’t imagine William Orbit ever agreeing to have Nicki Minaj on his song…Well, Madonna did collaborate with Lil Wayne, so the Nicki collabo is not 100% impossible, but that song with Lil Wayne flopped hard, so why would she enlist the “female Weezy”?

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 28, 2011

    Given her previous assistances lent to pop starlets Rihanna, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and diva Mariah Carey
    OMG!What a surprise??Christina Aguilera getting no credit…It has never ever happened before 🙄 Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera were the first artists to work with Nicki and they both recorded with her before she debuted at the charts…

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 28, 2011

    *the first POP artists.

  10. gus October 28, 2011

    good idea!

  11. Love on top October 28, 2011

    Did nivki work with Taylor swift o_O lol Yeah Nicki verse on Xtina song >>>>> mariah. Brit

  12. Mafalo October 28, 2011

    @ @LegendaryBec

    Heh. Don’t be mad because your “Queen” Janet is currently playing casinos and grocery store openings. 😀 I don’t know what Janet’s the queen of, but Madonna is the queen of pop. I know it makes you mad, but it makes me happy and really that’s all that matters! 😉

  13. Yellow Gorillah October 28, 2011

    This is not true

    Madonna will be performing and Nicki and M.I.A Will make guest Appearances. Nobody know’s if they are actually featured on the track or not . If I was Madonna I would stay AWAY from Nicki Minaj she is so PLAYED OUT. she makes way to much cameo’s and is so basic for the queen of pop

  14. JJFAN1814 October 28, 2011

    This is interested! I’m not here for Madonna though!!! I hope Nicki brings it, I’m sure she will!

  15. King Z October 28, 2011

    @ asap

    i dnt think people intentionally mean to snub xtina. while the song was hot, considering the album itself was a failure (in terms of sales), many people probably didn’t now about “woo-hoo”. and given the scrapped plans for it being a single, im sure even less knew about it

  16. Love on top October 28, 2011

    @Mafalo Last time I checked Janet is on her very successful Number Ones ww tour And Madonna? Humping Boys that could be her son! And making flop movies Bye

  17. Small_Angel October 28, 2011

    woo hoo is a great song..
    I love it!

  18. MaZ October 28, 2011

    Nicki a Queen? Queen of what? lol Of my A**?

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 28, 2011

    @MAZ True.Maybe you’re right, but music fans and blogs definetely remember ‘WooHoo’ since it was a promo single that she performed at the MTV Movie Awards.It even debuted in the charts, so it’s definetely more memorable than Rihanna’s work with Nicki and OF COURSE more noteworthy than Taylor Swift’s ‘Super Bass’ cover.Especially the mention of Taylor makes me think that Christina got intentionally excluded.

    Anyway, just watch another blonde pop icon collaborating with Sia and Christina getting absolutely no credit for bringing her into the pop and mainstream market 😉 Just watch, because it will happen 😕

  20. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 28, 2011

    Sorry, my comment was for @KING Z 😳 Well, nothing new, I mess up with names/nicknames all the damn time 🙄 😀


    Unfortunately this looks to be true. All three ladies set to perform at the Super Bowl, WHY wouldn’t they be on the same track? Honestly I’m kinda over Nicki. Have been for a while. I f***** w/her heavy during her Mixtape Minaj days, but now it’s just kinda…… I just wish people would stop assuming “Nicki/Drake/Wayne” on a track will guarantee a hit. IT WON’T! On the bright side, adding in MIA to the track MIGHT offset the BLAH of it all. Who knows?…

    & I see the Janet stans coming for Madge. LOL. Madonna & Janet have both EQUALLY never done anything for me. But anyone w/good sense knows Janet >>>>>>>

  22. SHESDUMB October 28, 2011



  23. Malibu Barbie October 28, 2011

    Madonna needs relevance. so shes going to nicki for it. nicki is no queen. Queens do not swagger jack or steal other people’s ideas just so they can get ahead in their career. Queens have talent + grace + respect for other Queens and Divas.. Queens are ORIGINATORS. and PIONEERS. nicki minaj posesses NONE of those qualities.

  24. KD October 28, 2011

    This reeks of desperation (on Madonna’s side)…having said that, I believe that the song may just crack the #1 spot on the BB Hot 100, but the album won’t move s***…just like Hard Candy.

  25. madamxtina October 28, 2011

    Okay now Madonna seems to be working with people that Xtina enlisted for her bionic lp. Why the fu@k wasn’t mentiion when I and everyone else knows Christina introduced sia they made magic together with those balads. It seems people always seem to shade Xtina. Hhhhmmm I hope Madonna ain’t going for the kind of music Xtina did or the direction on her album.

  26. kool kid October 28, 2011

    This is an major win for NICKI MINAJ & M.I.A.

  27. KD October 28, 2011


    October 28, 2011 at 8:19 am

    I hope Madonna ain’t going for the kind of music Xtina did or the direction on her album.

    She wouldn’t be able to pull it off even if she wanted to.

  28. Jason October 28, 2011

    Madonna doesn’t care about sales anymore, she has a 30 year career and is unrivaled as far as status (Janet stans sit down b/c the only one close to Her Madgesty is Ms. Carey). Madonna is a legend, she does what she wants, when she wants and who she wants. She’s done just about every sound and worked with who she wants. I have a feeling the Nicki Verse would either be more like Super Bass (rap-pop) or the song Nicki did with David Guetta where she’s actually kind of singing.

    You can NEVER count Madonna out, one thing she is not is stupid. She knows what she’s doing and even if she doesn’t sell as many albums as the GaGa’s of the world in this day and age she knows she paved the way for all those other b$tches and nobody will ever take her throne.

  29. truciebedford October 28, 2011

    excited to hear what they come up with. Madonna’s Hard Candy was an amazing album so def anticipating her next.

  30. Jamir21: I LOVE BEYONCE, BRITNEY, RIHANNA, MARIAH, AND NICKI ! October 28, 2011

    MADONNA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> JANET !
    Anyway this will be great for Nicki…..!

  31. RHI RHI IS QUEEN October 28, 2011


  32. Yay October 28, 2011

    Nicki stay winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Give It To Me October 28, 2011

    Let’s not hate on Madonna. Her albums always sell first off. Nicki is a good artist but she is no queen. Modonna adding Nicki to the track will help Nicki just as well as Madonna. Madonna’s fan base is way more than Nicki’s will ever be. Nicki is a rap/pop artist or she would have never won hip hop awards.

  34. MadonnaLover October 28, 2011

    I think everyone has this mixed up, and M.I.A. and Nicki are only slated to be special guests at the superbowl performance.


    NIcki Minaj STAY winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG with madonna this has been posted on nickis “my pink friday” website, which means its OFFICIAL! nicki will be on MADONNAS new single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHICH RAP B**** YOU KNOW?!!!!!!!

  36. RDK October 28, 2011

    what the fu/ck some r***** talking about Madonna is collabing with peaple to be relevant again,that r***** malibu is fliping it,s ignorant beak again and others too,let me tell you something this is madonna we are talking about here she don’t need to be relevant because she will never be irrelevant,you think this is fu cking lil kim,madonna is preping to go on another world tour and another album is coming out,madonna is a legend up there with MJ and other greats,so you retards on here get that straight.

  37. Imgunnacheckuboo October 28, 2011

    This old ho is coming for them scalps next year! GET IT MADGE!

  38. Onyx October 28, 2011

    I’m dying, i can’t breathe somebody help me, OMG! OMG! OMG!…I’ll be there at the SuperBowl, i saw Madge performing live, i been in her tours “Drowned World Tour”, “Re-Invention World Tour”, “Confessions Tour” and “Sticky & Sweet Tour” I follow her wherever she goes. I’m not excited about Nicki and M.I.A. collaborations but hey! i wasn’t excited when i first heard about the Justin Timberlake collaboration too and looks what happen, “4 Minutes” a worldwide smash hits.

  39. Xtina Voicelera is not impressed October 28, 2011

    Sia? M.I.A.? Nicky Minaj?

    Madonna is copying Christina Aguilera’s BIONIC album.

    Go buy Bionic.

    BIONIC IS A GREAT ALBUM. All the idiotic, clueless sheep who hated on the album didn’t even listen to it, in the first place.

    Christina Aguilera sh*ts on everybody. She is the best.

  40. RichnBlack October 28, 2011

    this old b**** need to cut it out and sit the f*** down….Madonna is so washup to me I mean really lol

  41. Jamir21: I LOVE BEYONCE, BRITNEY, RIHANNA, MARIAH, AND NICKI ! October 28, 2011

    @ Richnblack
    Oh please…stop your bickering !

  42. RichnBlack October 28, 2011

    Some of u kids are very funny

  43. RichnBlack October 28, 2011

    It’s the damn truth …no shade

  44. Xtina Voicelera is not impressed October 28, 2011

    The fake media and stupid public will never give Christina Aguilera any credit.


    Because they’re all mad and jealous. Xtina is the best, most talented and always keeps it real.

    So they prefer to not bat an eye. Christina is too epic for all of you imbecile haters. You just can’t take it.

  45. Onyx October 28, 2011

    Sam for the first time i love some of your words….i love this (the inarguable) Queen of Pop Madonna….and this (the music monarch)

    Long Live The Queen!

  46. RichnBlack October 28, 2011

    I will say at least she can put on a show unlike Rihanna horrible ass …had to throw that shade …no need to reply if u don’t like what I say

  47. Jamesson Marshall October 28, 2011

    Exciting news, the Queen of Pop has made a slick decision teaming up with the rising Hip Hop Starlet.

  48. Onyx October 28, 2011

    I don’t need tell you why Madonna is the queen of pop, and your favorite not because I don’t need to say all the things this woman has done culturally and musically, because you know it, even if you don’t want to admit, I just have to say his name and turn around. You would see your favorite kneeling at her feet for a collaboration with the mother of b******.
    She is the trend and the trend is not her, She can change the trend whenever she wishes. She constantly pushes the envelope. She’s always ahead of her time. Every pop girl that you see that is doing something different… you like “hmm, that’s kinda different… hmm, they remind me of Madonna.”

    She’s the top of the line queen when it comes to the reinvention, big time.


  49. Xtina Voicelera is not impressed October 28, 2011

    The stupid idiots who hated on Christina’s BIONIC and DIDN’T EVEN LISTEN TO BIONIC are so laughable and wack.

    They like to pretend like the album is bad and generic when 100% of the songs on that album could NEVER be sung by anybody else, other than Xtina.

    I dare one of your lame favorite artists like Katy Perry, Rihana, Lady Caca or Britney to sing any of these songs with Christina’s bada$$ vocal style and gigantic swagger :

    Bionic (would fave shouldn’t even think about trying what Xtina does from 2:16 to 2:24, and that energetic chorus? do not bother replicate, they’d fail horribly)

    Not Myself Tonight (again that chorus and all that singing and that epic bridge at 2 minutes, your favorite is never doing that in their lifetime)

    Woohoo (at 3:28, Xtina does her trademark “yeahs” and “heys”. Any attempts to duplicate = fail. She’s also great at rapping.)

    Elastic Love (Xtina can do it all : sing, rap, high voice, low voice, be serious with an epic ballad or have fun, etc. Your favorite will never have this versatility, ever.)

    Desnudate (Xtina can sing in another language. Too many epic “ahhs” and “yeahs”, enough to give your envious, non-talented favorite artist a seizure + heart-attack)

    Glam (That bridge murders everybody)

    Prima Donna (A song with a little bit of Michael Jackson flavor. The swagger in this song is too extreme. Any attempts to do something even 50% similar would result in a huge failure. Your favorite artist knows it shouldn’t bother.)

    Morning Dessert

    S** For Breakfast

    Lift Me Up (Epic, clear, powerful vocals)

    All I Need

    I Am

    You Lost Me (Ridiculously majestic ballad. Way too powerful. Your favorite IS MAD, for sure.)

    I Hate Boys (ONLY CHRISTINA can sing such a silly song and make it so BADA$$ good. Her vocals are insane. They punch you in the face!!!!)

    My Girls feat. Peaches


    Monday Morning


    Birds Of Prey

    Stronger Than Ever

    ETC ETC ETC, I could go on.

    Even the legendary Madonna herself couldn’t sing these songs ever in a million years to save her life!!!!!!!!!!

    BIONIC is a better urban-electro-pop album than 99.99% of the other electro-pop sh*t that is SUPPOSEDLY better, only because those other albums sold more.

    *Rolling my eyes*

    People are so deaf and stupid. But it doesn’t matter. Xtina Aguilera remains fantastic.

  50. Davon October 28, 2011

    I love Madonna her and Janet are the Queens of Pop. But I will not support this. Nicki MInaj sucks

  51. HaterzStayPressed October 28, 2011

    LOL! Haters Stay Pressed! Nicki is SLAYING and have been chosen to perform with and do a lick for the QUEEN of POP, Madonna. Don’t be mad because of your favs are DONE, DEAD, GONE and IRRELEVANT. Tee Hee!

    Anyway, looking forward to Madonna, Nicki & M.I.A. This will be interesting. Nicki better get her stage presence up tho. Madonna is a beast on stage and Nicki will look dumb as hell prancing around like a stiff pony. Other than that, Nicki is DOMINATING the rap and Hip POP field.

    Oh, and congrats to Nicki for having the biggest selling single (Super Bass) in the history of female hip hop. 3 million!

    Stay pressed, Haterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  52. Nola October 28, 2011

    @HATERZSTAYPRESSED Superbass is not hip hop.Dummy.

  53. Layla October 28, 2011

    This is going to flop.Ever song Nicki gets on flops(I.E Mariah Carey and Keyshia Cole) This is a bad move on Madonna’s part.

  54. HaterzStayPressed October 28, 2011

    @NOLA – according to Billboard, BDS, etc and her label which filed it under HIP HOP, it is. When you buy it, it scans or download in the genre of Hip Hop. I usually don’t respond to dumb ghetto b**** whores such as yourself. But sometimes we must educate the uneducated.

    *smh* Poor chile. Now run along. I’m sure you can find the stats via google yourself, bew. B**** Be Gone!

  55. HaterzStayPressed October 28, 2011

    Yeah but what about the other songs Nicki featured on? Like Trey Songs? Usher? Sean Kingston,Drake, David Guetta, Weezy, and everybody else?

    She S*** on your favs so get over it. As we would say back in the day… You don’t have to lie to kick it! The only person that can take Nicki out of the game right now is NICKI. You haters ain’t gonna do it LOL.

    Just stop. Just stop… lol!

  56. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011

    HATERZSTAYPRESSED SHUT CHO ASS UP! dumb ghetto b**** whores? u sure u not describing Nicki wit tht insult??? =/ lmao u fukn BANDWAGON D*** RIDERS kill me! Hope u getn payed for all your “research” nicki minaj is fukn WHACK n only the DUMBED DOWN IDIOTIC BRAINWASHED MASSES like your self can relate to her trash ass music n her MEDIOCRE AT BEST NURSERY RHYMES…f*** outta hea. n u hit the nail on the head! The only person tht can take nicki out the game is NICKI? lmao she’s well on her way wit her stupid white washed bojanglin’ self hatin ass…she’s fukn CORNY. no reason for ANYONE ot stay pressed over a b**** thas damn near 30 rappin like a programmed robotic W****. shut cho ass up n tell nicki to take her own advice n kill herself. STAT.


  57. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011

    She wants to be like Marilyn Mon-H**, Anna Nicole smith??? Nicki is a modern day minstrel show…#moronsstaysnoozed i STAY WOKE.

  58. You know what? October 28, 2011


  59. skintightjeans October 28, 2011

    DAMN ya’ll throwing major shade on Nicki! She still slaying h*** left and right. Sit ya’ll hating asses down.

  60. HaterzStayPressed October 28, 2011

    Uhh, but you’re staying pressed by hating so much. Thus the concept of Haters Staying Pressed. Your dumb ass just spectacularly proved my point! it is you and your hater crew that come up on blogs just to hate on this chick who is cashing her check. B****** like you are stupid enough to go out and buy her s*** just to hate. LMAO I sit back and laugh at watching d*** suckin’ tricks like you and your minions staying pressed over this, that and the other! The fuckery is funny and nothing short of hilarious.

    So you keep hating and the winners stay laughing. Your hate is entertaining! More! More! Brava! Dumb ass ho! You keep on hating these b****** and coming on blogs (making both Nicki and Sam rich)!!!

    Now go sit the f*** down somewhere or maybe get your fat ass up from behind the computer and run your lard ass around the block. Drop some of the weight and hate! It’ll make you feel good about yourself! I promise!!!

    HAHAHAHA! *poof* LOL!

  61. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011

    like i said i have NO reason to HATE. my career is straight n im real frm my head down to my cuticles so shut cha d*** ridin ass UP. i dnt have to hide behind FAKE MADE UP PERSONALITIES UGLY GHETTO ASS WIGS (REAL LONG HAIR DOWN MY BACK) NEVA HAD TO PUMP SILICONE IN MY ASS TO GET ATTENTION…F** OUTTA HERE. YOU the one thas pressed…smh lmao

  62. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011

    n its “BRAVO” U fukn dumb ass.

  63. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011


  64. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011

    NICKI can stay “slaying H*** left and right” all she wants but the day she steps to a REAL LYRICAL (WOMAN) SHE WILL GET HER ASS CHEWED UP!

  65. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011

    …lmao wait…wait THIS IS HOW I KNOW IM ARGUIN WIT A DUMB ASS TEENY BOPPIN HOODRAT–can u see me? obviously NOT– I’M FAR FROM FAT B****. STEP YA INSULT GAME UP. track star . I’VE BROKEN RECORDS. ^_^ so bein fat was never an issue..sorry to shut u down on tht..

    but wait …
    =/ i thought it was koo for B****** to be FAT n borderline obese? is it not? isn’t it cool to store FAT in your thighs n ass? *sarcasm* like O-NIKKA PLZ. -___-


    UH-UH Come Again.

  66. Army Of Queen /.\ (Aaliyah) & Queen Bee (Lil Kim) >>>>>>>> Your Fave ! October 28, 2011

    Hmmm, Madonna You Have Just LOST A LOT Of Respect From Me 🙁 But Your Still the QUEEN ! 🙂 Anywho I Mean I Like Her Collabing With M.I.A Because She Can REALLY Rap Or At Lease Has REAL TALENT ! As For Nicki , Welp She Making Money & Madonna Needs Something To Boast Her Single So I Guess…………………..

  67. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 28, 2011

    @Nickisgarbage name one positive female nicki emulated? well according to LOTS Cher, marilyn, cyndi lauper, missy, left eye, lil kim…And Marilyn was more than a s** symbol back then she was actually pretty smart if u’ve ever read her quotes. and everyone says marilyn is an icon so ur already ignorant. @you know what? Pink Friday number 1 album. Superbass just broke records in female rap history. 3 million sold. So ur inaccurate saying she’s a flop. Go eat s*** in the grass, cow stomach looking b****.

  68. VA STAND UP!!! October 28, 2011

    October 28, 2011 at 11:09 am
    this old b**** need to cut it out and sit the f*** down….Madonna is so washup to me I mean really lol


    Agreed! Lol! It’s obvious she is just working with Nicki & Mia, two much younger artist to stay relevant! But then again, everyone works with Nicki for a hit so I can’t fault her there.

    This ought to be interesting to say the least.

  69. Brool October 28, 2011


  70. HaterzStayPressed October 28, 2011

    @NICKI IS GARBAGE Wait I know this ho ain’t sitting behind her lap top talking about how long real her hair is? HAHAHAHAHAAA Gurl go ahead on with your dumb “record breaking” ass. LOL! Breaking records ho? Really? So are you still breaking records in track & field or are you on That Grape Juice arguing with folks over why you hate Nicki Minaj? Girl you ain’t broke s*** except your mama’s couch.


    Oh and hey, flappy c*** b****? Depending on whether you’re speaking to a male or female, it’s BRAVA, BRAVO or BRAVI. Damn but your roach infested motel living ass wouldn’t know that, would you?

    You got all this money, and you’ve broken all these records, yet you stay on blogs trying to slay people. B**** Boo Bye! You have no idea how many people are laughing at you right now. I mean seriously. You are being LAUGHED at because you are so, oh I dunno DUMB AS F***.

    Stay pressed all you want. All I know is, Nicki is making more money than you. Hell, your fav is making more money than you. How does that make you feel? Oh, that’s right… you are a track n’ field record breaking track star. A long haired chick who don’t care. Umhmm… yeah okay darling. You do you in your lil’ 200 sq ft room and 2004 lap top keep being a baaaaaad b**** cos you da best!



  71. delroy October 28, 2011

    These posts just show how much you guys have no idea of the power of Madonna. She sells tickets even though they are over priced her albums sell even if they aren’t to all her fans liking shes no film director but she is a great performer. I would like to see Riri sell half of the tickets that she sells in 10 years time. Look at who has come and gone since her career started and tell me that she isn’t relevant. her songs from even at the start of her career are still being played on video stations and radio stations i would like to see your faves do this over a 3 decade period. Oh and by the way i like both JJ, Madonna and some of the younger acts that are out nowadays but to slate one of the greats is laughable.

  72. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) a rihannanavy member who respect beyonce October 28, 2011

    m.i.a IS SO COOL ! i love this b**** *plays BOYZ and followed by xxxo *

    nicki minaj will be good too !

    i will def check for this event 🙂

    go ladies !

    madonna came to SET A NEW TREND ! get ready for the REINVENTION !

  73. PYTFROMAL October 28, 2011

    Mmmm. IONNNN know about this one Madge. And lol I don’t think M needs or CARES about relevancy. She is the best selling female in the game. She’s proven her longevity(Janet too since people are talking about her). I doubt she cares. I wouldn’t.

  74. RDK October 28, 2011

    Army Of Queen /.\ (Aaliyah) & Queen Bee (Lil Kim) >>>>>>>> Your Fave even though all fans are important if you want to stop supporting her do so,it,s because is working with nicki someone u don’t like u acting the fool f u and fall back,the end of the day u will have to just live with it.

  75. am so am so proud of you. October 28, 2011

    keep doing you nicki,can’t wait to hear that track with you maya and the legendary madonna.

  76. deonaty October 28, 2011


  77. ChristinasCOMING October 28, 2011

    @ Bobby D


    B**** are you aware that if it wasn’t for Madonna, there’d be no way in hell Gaga or Rihanna would be prancing their half ass naked, untalented manufactured selves around on stage?

  78. BOBBY D October 28, 2011

    @CHRISTINASCOMING yea i am aware that without madonna there would be no gaga, and oooooh how i wish that were true.

    gaga sucks also. she is just a novelty, and who’s gonna care when the novelty is over?

    nobody =)

    and poor rihanna, she cant carry a note in a bucket. she need to put some clothes on, too! she gets naked more than a stripper!

  79. LTM October 28, 2011

    if Madonna was trying to become relevant again she would be hooking up with chart queens like Katy Perry or Rihanna who have albums passed the 4million mark. not Nicki who has yet to reach 2million world wide in album sales and only has 1 top 10 hit

  80. Legend Kelendria Rowland October 28, 2011

    desperate old hag


    support ms Kelly

  81. Army Of Queen /.\ (Aaliyah) & Queen Bee (Lil Kim) >>>>>>>> Your Fave ! October 28, 2011

    @RDK Chile BYE ! I Still Support MADONNA I Just Lost A Lil Respect From Her Anyways yup I Will Not Be Supporting This Single Cause I’m Not Wasting My Money On That Song !

    “u don’t like u acting the fool f u and fall back,the end of the day u will have to just live with it.”

    Lmfaoo Really B**** ??! ^^^^^
    WTF Are You Saying ??! Obviously That S*** Is Isn’t Phasing Me Because I Didn’t Go Off Or Rant ! How Bout You Save Your Illiteracy On The People Calling Talking S*** Bout Your Fave Cause I WASNT !

  82. irene46 October 28, 2011

    @ king z….

    asap are the others are right! christina gets dissed and ignored constantly and it’s not by accident.

    her bionic album was a failure due to all the media nonsense (and even this sight who has no love for her either) of christina being a gaga copy cat. they rode her ass clear through 2010 claiming every project after ‘bionic’ was a failure. this included her movie’burlesque’ which wasn’t a blockbuster but was hardly as failure. they never mention the fact the ‘burlesqes’ soundtrack where christina sings all but 2 songs has been on the hot 200 bb chart for nearly a year. recently it sat even higher than britney’s
    ‘femme fatale’ and one week ‘femme fatale fall from the chart completely while ‘burlesque’ remained. britney sits higher now but both have moved a lot higher than their previous chart positions.

    just wait until christina’s cd is released and watch the hate fly.

    oh! yeah, this is a madonna post.

  83. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011

    tisk tisk tisk..

    ……Why are you so angry? And the only funny thing is how u swear you kno how the f*** i’m livin…u jus AGAIN wrote an entire paragraph about NOTHING. I’m sorry the name calling isn’t doin it so please come harder cuz u still sound like an ignorant ass hoodrat! INVEST IN A DICTIONARY ASAP N find better ways to try n break me down cuz your far from close ^_^
    NAH BEEN OWNED A CRIB neva had to rent nor live in some small ass motel. i CAN PRLY MOVE YO ENTIRE FAMILY IN MY CRIB LMAO! Holla at me wen ya money is long enough to buy a crib on Long Island NY–where ya money gotta be LONG jus to take a s*** out hea !! lmao i could giv a f** less abt who’s laughing…i can’t hear em…so why should i be bothered??
    ANYWAY –YOU STAY PRESSED ABT PPL WHO HAVE OPINIONS N KEEP WRITIN THEM LONG ASS IGNORANT IMMATURE REPLIES THAT HOLD NO FUKN WEIGHT. YES. MY HAIR LONG..I DNT KNO WAT WEAVE IS!!! Never had to put somebody else’s hair on my head ^_^ stay mad. go get your perm you brainwashed puppet. keep assuming i’m fat, keep assuming I’m broke =T keep assuming i live in a motel…=T u kno wat they say abt assumptions……right?

    doesn’t change my mind one bit…nicki minaj still fukn SUCKS.

    tighten up BARB (BitchesAreReallyBirds)

  84. NICKI IS GARBAGE October 28, 2011

    f.y.i @imahavetosendher– MARILYN MONROE WAS A FUKN MK ULTRA PROGRAMMED S** KITTEN WHO WAS MURDERED. DO YA RESEARCH. N SO WAS ANNA NICOLE. LMAO DO ANY OF YAL KNO WHO “ROMAN POLANSKI” IS? (Roman Zolanski) like do yal research n open ya eyes…smh thas all ima say. nicki is another MK ULTRA mind controlled programmed s** s**** jus like ya faves. so spare me. I’m smart enough to read btwn the lines. a lot of yal need to do the same…seriously.

  85. I’ma have to send her back to her maker October 29, 2011

    @Nicki is garbage you’re so simple. Yes, marilyn was a vulnerable person who did some bad things but who didn’t? It was those times. If you knew her life story you wouldn’t judge. She was a very strong and smart woman and lots of women look up to her as an icon. Not just nicki. Even kim does so shut the f*** up you dumbass.

  86. I’ma have to send her back to her maker October 29, 2011

    @LTM I know you don’t understand anything about rap or female rap history but what nicki has done for a female rapper is considered successful. Her album was number 1. She is not compleltely pop. She’s hiphop too. For an african american female she certainly has accomplished what ppl thought she never would. And madonna likes working with rap stars. She did the same with missy and timbaland so shut the f*** up you jealous b****.

    It’s sad there are only 2 black women in the US that sell the most and that’s beyonce and rihanna. What nicki has done for a rapper is the third coming of black female success in this era. So fall back, ya b****.

  87. HaterzStayPressed October 29, 2011

    NICKI IS GARBAGE says: ……Why are you so angry? And the only funny thing is how u swear you kno how the f*** i’m livin…u jus AGAIN wrote an entire paragraph about NOTHING. I’m sorry the name calling isn’t doin it so please come harder cuz u still sound like an ignorant ass hoodrat! INVEST IN A DICTIONARY ASAP N find better ways to try n break me down cuz your far from close ^_^

    NAH BEEN OWNED A CRIB neva had to rent nor live in some small ass motel. i CAN PRLY MOVE YO ENTIRE FAMILY IN MY CRIB LMAO! Holla at me wen ya money is long enough to buy a crib on Long Island NY–where ya money gotta be LONG jus to take a s*** out hea !! lmao i could giv a f** less abt who’s laughing…i can’t hear em…so why should i be bothered??

    My response: But if you can move entire families into your crib and if you have all of this and that… then why are you on TGJ harassing people? Obviously you are so above it all, right? Why are you staying pressed by little ol’ me? Why did you even respond to me in the first place? Because? You have issues, my dear and probably need a psychological evaluation because it is YOU, not I putting down your resume about what you have, your long hair, and your alleged wealth in order to prove that you are who you say you are. The question is, why? Why do you need to validate yourself?
    NICKI IS GARBAGE Says: ANYWAY –YOU STAY PRESSED ABT PPL WHO HAVE OPINIONS N KEEP WRITIN THEM LONG ASS IGNORANT IMMATURE REPLIES THAT HOLD NO FUKN WEIGHT. YES. MY HAIR LONG..I DNT KNO WAT WEAVE IS!!! Never had to put somebody else’s hair on my head ^_^ stay mad. go get your perm you brainwashed puppet. keep assuming i’m fat, keep assuming I’m broke =T keep assuming i live in a motel…=T u kno wat they say abt assumptions……right?

    My response: Ah, here we go again with the validation. You must really have low self-esteem? Your replies are very revealing because you constantly build up who you are and how you’re allegedly living. Maybe this is why you dislike Nicki Minaj so much? Nicki is beautiful, successful, and obviously doing her thing. Maybe you don’t like successful women? Maybe you aren’t successful in life and are jealous of those who are? Either way, you have deep rooted psychological issues and I wish you the best of luck. There’s no point in arguing with someone who’s obviously mentally impaired. This could very well be your life – living on various blogs to troll and to build your social life up. So I won’t argue with you because that’s like me taking candy away from a baby. You’re deluded. Po’ chile.


    doesn’t change my mind one bit…nicki minaj still fukn SUCKS.

    tighten up BARB (BitchesAreReallyBirds)


    My response: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 222–230

  88. ThasRightIWentThere October 29, 2011

    It seems she has you more pressed than anything @haterzstaypressed. U keep responding to her as well…so how u look? She’s jus punt yo dumb ass in place…u assume she fat n broke n this n that n she simply jus shut u down so get off @nickiisgarbage nuts!!! U seem pressed!

  89. Commander of the RihannaNavy October 30, 2011


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