Hot Shot: Solange Does Harper’s Bazaar

Published: Friday 25th Nov 2011 by Sam

For all the critical acclaim heaped on Soul star Solange, the 25 year old has seen commercial success largely elude her. However, given the global dominance of her sister, as well as the genre she peddles, this was always an inevtiability.

Harper’s Bazaar, however, have recognised her efforts, naming the ‘T.O.N.Y’ singer as one of their favourite young talents. We certainly concur and can’t wait for Ms. Knowles’ third studio album – which is confirmed to arrive in stores next year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. mark ginnis November 25, 2011

    that’s some gay s***

  2. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 25, 2011

    shine solange , S H I N E !! 🙂

  3. Kingphoenix November 25, 2011

    Solange is the definition of underated…so talented and yet so overlooked. Been waiting for a new album for an eternity!

  4. ladyray November 25, 2011

    She looks out of place . Now who is she again ?

  5. RihannaNavy November 25, 2011

    shes more talented then beyonce and kelly rowland
    that’s just my opinion.

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE November 25, 2011

    She looks nice!
    Wish she would release some music sometime, or do something people care about!

  7. turveydel November 25, 2011

    this is for all the sad solange fans nice girl!!!!!!! ltm and shooting star!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Solange, you look exactly like Orlando Jones! Even with plastic surgery, you still look masculine! You have an ugly face, you’re not pretty or have the face shape to wear short hair afro etc. ! You are so f****** UGLY! You look like an owl with a huge/wide forehead, long horse face, weird hideous nose, baby teeth, crooked/goofy ass smile, no top lip and too big bottom lip! You are just a mess from head to toe! Seriously, Beyonce got all the good genes! She is pretty like your mom, Tina! They both have a normal sized face/head and beautiful features, unlike you! Beyonce can be bald and rock it but you need hair! Yet, even with hair you look a hot ass mess! Solange, you dropped out of high school, no GED or high school diploma, can’t dress for S***, can’t parent for S*** cuz u spend all your free time dj’, as if your ass ain’t got no child! You are so weird, add, bipolar and have an identity crisis! All those years being compared to Beyonce [F*****] up your self esteem cuz you know you can’t compete with Beyonce! You will always be in her shadow, whether you like it or not! Solange, the reality of the situation is your “music” career is going nowhere, you dress like a jackass so people think you’re edgy and unique, when it’s not the real you, your baby daddy (who is 10x better looking than you) left your dumbass and you need to spend more time raising your b****** kid, that you had at 17 (to get attention from your parents) w/ that pretend marriage to make it look like you saved yourself for marriage. You must cry every night, hating herself. Awww, Solange is a stupid, awkward and pitiful lost soul. I am a fan of Beyonce because she is a beautiful and talented singer. However, the same cannot be said about you. Pretty? No. Sing? No. Dance? No. Write? A bit. Overall, Solange is not talented and is riding her sister’s coattails. Solange is annoying and fake. You went the opposite direction of Beyonce, to be seen as an individual. The fashion, hair, make-up, 60′s inspired music… b**** please! Are we to believe your wack ass is deep and sophisticated and not a manufactured image? No one buys it! Solange give music a rest and while you’re at it, drop the bitchy, holier than thou attitude!

  8. JP November 25, 2011

    She looks very excited to be the token black girl in this shot.

    We get it…you’re Beyonce’s sister…that’s going to be your only claim to fame.

    She looks very out of place and cumbersome in this photo.

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