Watch: 2011 ‘VH1 Divas’ *Updated*

Renewed for the tube, the once-annual ‘Divas’ extravaganza roared back into view tonight on its highly anticipated return to VHl.  The themed showing, ‘Divas Celebrate Soul’, enlisted some of music’s best soulful divas including Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, and more to rock the reboot.

While some of the special’s later presentations billed less-than-worthy starlets with the honor, this year’s diva lineup is sure to be a knockout with fans!  See the ladies in motion after the jump:

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  1. Honestly Speaking December 19, 2011

    Hot. Ass. Mess.

  2. Im that new b**** December 19, 2011

    Lame flop b******

  3. michael c** December 19, 2011


  4. Jessica December 19, 2011

    As usual the idiocy of these youngin’s thinking they know music, SMH. THIS IS REAL MUSIC!!! NO AUTOTUNE, NO STRIPPER MOVES, NO SEXUAL ACTS, REAL DAMN MUSIC. The 2 people above, do yourselves a favor, go listen to your meaningless music that you think it REAL MUSIC. NEXT!!! You need to clean your damn ears for truth!!! Liked Mary’s and Jennifer’s performance. Kelly was alright also. Youngin’s this is GROWN FOLKS MUSIC THAT IS REAL!!

  5. Honestly Speaking December 19, 2011

    Since when did “real music” become screaming and singing off key? Jennifer and Jessie’s voices did not compliment each other at all. They had some singers that needed to go retire somewhere and the messiest part of the entire affair (for me because I quit watching afterwards) was the Chaka and Erykah (along with the other woman) tribute performance because they all sounded a mess . Actually I don’t even know if I could call running around onstage looking like a damn scarecrow on crack actually “performing” or “singing” but whatever. If that’s “GROWN FOLKS MUSIC” then honey you can keep it! #NEXT

  6. Jessica December 19, 2011

    @Honestly Speaking: Aww, did the REAL GROWN FOLKS MUSIC hurt your kid ears? LMAO!!! What are you mad that they have soul in there singing, and you don’t? LMAO. Your too busy thinking Rihanna and Nicki, those talentless people make real ass music and you can’t handle GROWN FOLKS MUSIC, and that is pathetic, LMAO!!! That is why Chaka, Erykah, Mary are called legends. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET YOUR EARS CHECKED BECAUSE YOUR INTIMATED THAT GROWN FOLKS MUSIC IS THE REAL DEAL. LMAO!! STAY MAD!! LMAO!!!

  7. Deveal2014 December 19, 2011

    Great show !!!!!! Real singing is back for a night

  8. kickup December 19, 2011

    UHHHH will someone Paleeze tell me whn this LAME washup of a show waas on????? im confused and that line up is the SAME Ole lame hacked chicks except JILL and Chaka. Jen and mary are NOT the BIZZZZ!!!! yAWWWWNNN!!

  9. kickup December 19, 2011

    Damn i was so uninterested it came on 2nite and didn’t even bother to flip the channel to check….YAWWWNNNN!!

  10. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 19, 2011

    Nope, this is definitely NOT for the kiddies. lol!

    This is a return to form- loved it!!!!!

  11. Im that new b**** December 19, 2011

    This s*** put me to sleep

  12. Jessica December 20, 2011

    @ Im that new b****: Umm ok, does this make any sense, if it put you to sleep, why are you watching and adding comments on the post? Can you say to yourself “I’m a dummy?” LMAO!! Honestly, go back to listening to meaningless music that you call music. SMH. You can’t handle GROWN FOLKS MUSIC RIGHT HERE!!

  13. mri white December 20, 2011

    These Divas can sing. Rihanna need to take some notes. Notice the kids in the audience clapping and taking pictures. Nice to see that they know what real music is. If Beyonce was not prego she would have been there too. The Real Divas

  14. mri white December 20, 2011

    Now the ones that say it put them to sleep is because you are used to someone singing half naked giving you a strip show with no talent or voice. You people just want to hear non-singing non- talent on stage. Also if you know much about our history you would have known that this is the real soul music. If it was not for these older sisters there would be no female/ males singers now. If you are black you should know you music history which is R&B. SMDH. Jessie & Kelly did an great job with there powerhouse voices

  15. MALE MADONNA December 20, 2011


  16. tee December 20, 2011

    beyonce stans are haters

  17. Honestly Speaking December 20, 2011

    @Jessica and who made you the judge and jury when it came to deciding what is tasteful or “real” music as you like to call it? just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean that you have to come on here and start attacking people because they stated their opinion. I didn’t like the performance and in MY opinion the entire show was unprofessional and out of touch with the music of today. There is a difference between singing and screaming. And as an artist you should be able to know when your voice is no longer what it used to be and when to stop performing. However the main point is that everyone has an opinion. If you don’t agree with my or someone else’s comment then you are free to ignore them or respectfully disagree. Obviously you liked the performances. Good for you. However I did not and that is my opinion.

  18. COOKIE -DIVA’S- TONI BRAXTON, RIHANNA December 20, 2011

    The Roots shut that ish down! The london soul tribute was the best. Florence did her thing!

  19. Jessica December 20, 2011

    @Honestly Speaking: Aww are you mad?? LMAO!!! Your comment ” HOT ASS MESS” that means you don’t know REAL MUSIC FROM YOUR ASS, LMAO!!! I do suggest you should look at back in the day performances on youtube that HAS SOUL IN THE MUSIC, OR GO BACK TO LISTENING TO CRAP MEANINGLESS NO SUBSTANCE YOU CALLED ” REAL MUSIC”. The sad part is in reality, you can’t HANDLE GROWN FOLKS MUSIC, JUST ADMIT IT, LMAO!!!

  20. Rihanna Stans = Broke Navy December 20, 2011

    The Rihanna stans are bitter! Mad coz Rihanna still hasn’t been invited to the VH1 Divas live concert. Rightful passage for all top divas. Most Topnotch Divas have all been on the show. Rihanna wouldn’t survive on a show like this, where’s it’s about vocal talents.

  21. VLB December 20, 2011

    Not for the Kids….. I enjoyed it b/c I remember the songs they were singing….show still needs tweaking though….. its all about the vocals!

  22. milan December 20, 2011

    they went from celine, whitney, aretha, tina to kelly clarkson florence etc? wtf jennifer hudson and mary only ones who belonged there

  23. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 20, 2011

    Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson stood out the most for me.I liked them both a lot.Yes, the concert was a bit sloppy concept wise (pop songs, men on stage etc) but it was still enjoyable for the most part and a nice throwback to soul’s heyday.

    P.S : I’m probably younger than the people who said they hated the show on this page, but I thought it was nice to watch 😉

  24. Keith December 20, 2011

    London soul tribute (should’ve been longer) and JILL SCOTT! Her performance of “Hear My Call” was riveting. I like Mary J’s records but not her live singing and as a long time Chaka fan, I say she needs to sit down and live off the legacy.

    Travie McCoy – WTH?!?!?!?!?! There are better sounding men…Maxwell, anyone?

    And yes, where was Monica? She could’ve replaced Mary J…

  25. Honestly Speaking December 20, 2011

    @Jessica I’m done responding to or engaging you in conversation. You have no idea as to what type of music that I enjoy listening to. I love old school R&B performances from the Motown days and just the 70s, 80s and 90s in general. Maybe you need to grow up because for someone who claims to love “Grown folks music” you don’t sound very grown or articulate at all.

  26. JohnVidal December 20, 2011

    Ok this was great! The main problem is that compared to the first two divas concerts in the 90´s this one has like only one BIG name when it comes to success (MJ Blige) and she is not even in that level of success and what I kind of call a superdiva (I mean, Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Tina… so huge worldwide). But despite of that (and it´s important cos knowing those huge names are going to share the stage is enough to excite people) this was great. In fact I think it has been the best Divas Concert since the second one in 1999 (although I have not seen them all).
    When they did Amy Winehouse tribute… so enjoying, hearing that was like heaven, what an amazing talent that lady had that her songs are.. just something else.
    I have not been following Florence and the Machine, but damm when I see her doing these tributes I have to say she does her damm thing. Maybe I´l have to check her music.
    Are these two lost souls commenting on here talking crap about real and great music serious??? For who do they stan exactly? Rihanna? Britney?Nicki Minaj?Kesha? Please you need a reality check

  27. Honestly Speaking December 20, 2011

    This is my last comment regarding the performances and the people in this post. I can enjoy quality music without “stanning” for anyone. As a matter of fact I don’t “stan” for anyone but I will state my opinion and give credit where it’s due. I’ve enjoyed many MJB songs and I listen to Chaka, Aretha, Diana and Stevie among others regularly. However almost everyone involved with this show sounded a mess. You all need to grow up and realize that just because someone doesn’t agree with one performance doesn’t mean that I’m discrediting them as artists overall. I did not enjoy the performance. That is my opinion. Learn to deal with that fact and move on.

  28. A December 20, 2011

    Although I was thrillled by the performers and vocal stylings of each diva , I did have issues with the over all show. ….For example, this a Diva Tribute so there should have been more tributes given to the Divas (whoever they really were- my guess Mary J BLige, Chaka, and FLorence w/ Machine). I think VH1 lost focus as to what the SHOW is about: a Tribute or Honorage to the Greats. I could not determine who the GREATS were bc there were soooo many performances (like Boyz II Men) that were unnecessary and didnt fit the script in my opinion. I was under the presumption that we were praising DIVAS for the lengthy careers and revolutions in music and not just having a PERFORMANCE GUMBO which I what I tuned in to. Again, I loved the MUSIC , REAL MUSIC, and was delignted by some of the acts, but…………….the SHOW itself was all OVA DA PLACE lol!

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