Watch: X Factor Top 7 (Michael Jackson Night)

Published: Thursday 1st Dec 2011 by Rashad

The X-Factor USA is here!

Fox’s much hyped British import has finally kicked off on American soil and looks set to be the biggest show of its kind.

Featuring judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, LA Reid and Nicole Scherzinger, the show favours American Idol with its nationwide auditions. However, there is a defining twist in that groups and solo acts over 25’s are eligible to enter.

After weeks of auditions and bootcamp we now enter the live shows where the narrowed down top 7 are battling to advance to the next stage of the competition.

Tonight’s theme being ‘Michael Jackson’, check out the best and worst of the homages to the pop potentate below…

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  1. CHECKMATE December 1, 2011

    Huh, if the Fox show is the “biggest show of its kind” then why has the ratings consistently dropped to less than half the ratings American Idol receives during its broadcasts??? Hmmm, just saying… and asking! Bottom line, the yanks hate the British influx and if you truly want a show that represents “Americans” then the cast should be all Americans like xfactor has in UK and euro countries. Cowell himself is the exception since he was there at the inception of Idol a decade ago. But to have a lame Brit host who appears high 90% of the time (jerky head movements, quick body shakes) is starting to p*** people off. Tons of US celebs can host that crap and be more engaging than a lame idiot from across the pond. He’s worse than Dermot O’Leary on the UK version! Take note… CNN fell into the same damn trap. They went with the british influx and hired that moron Piers Morgan who’s doing a craptastic job at hosting Larry King’s old dive. His ratings are so low that he averages only 154k viewers a show now. Complete crap when the latest US census pegs the population at 307 million. 0.05 of 1 f****** %!!! That’s worse than his lame talk show in the UK!! And honestly speaking, NONE of the contestants deserve a 5 mil advance on a recording contract. Astro writes pretty good raps but even his lyrics if he were to sell them like all the other rappers wouldn’t anything near 10k let alone 5 mil.

    Truth! Next.

  2. Juize December 1, 2011

    OMG the US version feels so awkward and empty if you compare it to American Idol or X-factor UK. I love watching the X-Factor, but the US version is just not worth watching…

  3. Yess December 1, 2011

    I actually think there are great performers on the US Show!!!

  4. Scrappie December 1, 2011

    Please UK vote for Rachel Crow I love her……..She gives me hope everytime I see her….Eventhough I think she had the wrong song last night…….Please Vote for Rachel……Melanie Amaro was amazing !

  5. CHECKMATE December 1, 2011

    Rachel Crowe reminds me of a black Shirley Temple – even looks like her. That means her career *could* blossom with the cute kid smile and the chubby look for only so long. Once she reaches 18, like Shirley she will be done or else gained another 50 lbs making her a fat kid no one cares about and then go into oblivion like 98.9% of all the other child singers and actors. She can sing, but def. doesnt have the longevity to last a long career. I see a “Remember When…” type article on this girl a few years from now.

  6. NY-Superstar December 1, 2011

    So sad that I dont even watch this show. Its akward and very cheesy

  7. Scrappie December 1, 2011

    Rachel Crow isa star in every way ….I look at her and I see hope. She was born in a crack house addict to crack and look at her today….Not only is she likeable with such a positive attitude that girl is talented and everytime i watch her perform I feel something special inside. Except for Micheal Jackson week I think she just didnt have to right song…..I really pray she has another week to redeem herself because I am so connected with this young lady. She stands for anybody who has went through something in life and rose from it like the Pheonix…..

  8. CG GIRL December 1, 2011

    I agree with Checkmate no one deserves a 5 million dollar contract, not even Melanie Amaro. However, thinking of commercial appeal and talent Drew should win and Rachel Crow should go to Disney. I think she will excel there and maybe she can transition successfully into an adult star like Hilary Duff. All of the performances were solid and okay but Drew was so innovative with “Billy Jean”!

  9. KWAME December 1, 2011


  10. ashgino December 1, 2011

    ….so why do the Jackson kids get to have an opinion? They shouldn’t talk at all, gosh them collecting his revenue really does it already, but to speak onbehalf of his spirit is UNJUST! (those kids are a white womans’ and mans’ seed)

  11. @antertain December 2, 2011

    The Jackson Family should ban shows form doing his song unless tributed by top talented artist.

    Some of the performances where awful.

    Melaine over ad-lib in that but sung well
    Marcus brought strong energy
    Astro doesnt need the show as its not made for rappers to shine but at least we got to see a super talent (Greatness awaits if he stays focussed)

    Chris story has defo grabbed the public and audience because the rooting for him 2b better in life and not judging his vocal/rap talents. Cool guy and a tryer but should be out by now.

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