50 Cent Has Twitter Melt-Down / Declares: “I Don’t Think I’m Going To Live Much Longer”

Published: Monday 2nd Jan 2012 by Sam

Five years ago, 50 Cent had the world – quite literally – at his feet. Fast forward to today and the climate is altogether different for the former chart-topper.

Renown for his verbal spars, the rapper’s latest “beef” is with his record label, who appear unwilling to release his new material – after a string of commercial disappointments.

Not content with taking the label to task on Twitter recently, the G-Unit general once again took to the public platform to vent over the issue. Yet this time, his usual banter was accompanied by chilling remarks.

Details below…

Tweeting moments ago, the rapper -real name Curtis Jackson– said:

“I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on. I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music.

I’m going to deliver this album then. I have a film I wrote to focus on I’m not upset I’m just convinced this is not how I want to remembered.

Ill be honest I don’t think I’m gonna live much longer. That’s why I started my street king movement. I want to mean more in other peoples lives.

I mixed the big 10 because everything I do has to be the best I can make it cause other artist will create after hearing the ideas.

This morning I was look out the window. I saw a bird fly right on to ledge. It felt like he was looking right at me. I hit the window he

Just looked at me like he new I couldn’t do anything threw the glass. I was tripping he sat there a minute then flew off. I’d like to a bird

So I could fly and shit on the world. then you all could say 50 shit on me. That’s luck right ? Then don’t wipe the shit off.”


Which ever way it’s spun, this is all sorts of sad. And while it’s important to not kick folk while they’re down, it’s equally important to not do the same when you’re on the top – something Mr Jackson is guilty of in earnest.

I mean, of course Hip-Hop is predicated on “beef” and sparring, yet there was a certain brand of “invincible” and “ego”, ol’ 50 wore at the peak of his fame which was not hot. Traits which ultimately have few feeling any kind of sorry for him right now.

He may have a bank balance which’ll ensure his generations to come are making it rain, yet this generation of music lovers don’t seem to care for him. A reality which clearly has Mr Cent hot, bothered, and shooting wotless bullets at the very folk he needs to help turn things around – the label. How the mighty have fallen…

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  1. TheFAME January 2, 2012

    good for his old conceited ass

  2. D.Scott January 2, 2012

    I think some things are better left unsaid

  3. Alex January 2, 2012

    I don’t think you know what “literally” means, do you?

  4. latinaz January 2, 2012


  5. latinaz January 2, 2012


  6. latinaz January 2, 2012


  7. UGh January 2, 2012

    attention whoring to promote his album

  8. DONT TRY IT B**** January 2, 2012

    I am laughing so hard. I think I’m being kinda insensitive, but 50 is sort of reaping what he had sewn. Oh well, I haven’t checked for 50 since 05′ , nice play on words? lol
    BYE 😀

  9. NE-YO*STAN January 2, 2012

    Perhaps if 50 put out more inspiring “Hate It Or Love It”/”Build You Up”-esque music and less of the strip club variety, he’d be paid more attention to.

    Then again, Common and Kanye cornered that end of the market a half a decade ago.

  10. bey’knight January 2, 2012

    omg he needs to shut up unless he’s blasting 16 bars,

  11. C-mo January 2, 2012

    I was over 50 cent when he declared that he would retire if Kanye outsold him and then when he did he went back on that statement…wow, I’m kinda harsh.

  12. bria January 2, 2012

    Chile anyways

  13. ISTANN4GAGA January 2, 2012

    This is nothing new.This string of tweets seems as if he is in Midlife crisis right now.

    I still think his “raps” are s*** and his career was built off of silly beef (some of which he instigated)

    50 cent needs a new way to channel his qualms with people.The way he handles things up to now is just messy.

    If you do NOT wish to read the sidenote,STOP READING HERE.
    This isn’t about his much money he earned,

    SN- Isn’t it odd to you that many people who wrere around/affiliated with 50 cent experienced setbacks in their careers in some way?????

    Lil Kim (via Magic Stick)

    Before Lil Kim was doing the damn thing!
    Now Lil Kim went to prison,leading her to build her career up from scratch again

    Ciara (via rumors they were dating back in ’07)

    Before Ciara had one her best selling albums of her career/her singles were doing the damn thing on the charts.
    Now Basic Instinct and Fantasy Ride underperformed in sales.

    Soulja FLOP (via that questionable vibe cover)

    Before Had some of the most ANNOYING songs on the radio,had a shoe deal with Yums.
    Now Practically NO ONE wears Yums AND his album sold 10k on the 1st week.

    Olivia (who was signed to G-Unit and appeared in Candy Shop) is struggling for a major record deal.

    Much of G-Unit has been disbanded,and we have yet to hear from any of the others.

    The only people around him who really didn’t get affected was Eminem,and Maybe Game (I would add Dr. Dre but his album has been pushed back since 2004,and I am STILL unaware if be released it in 2011)

    No shade to anyone who was mentioned (except Soulja YUCK)
    I’m not saying 50 cent was the cause of this,I’m just saying something odd might have happened in all of this.

  14. ITAINTYOBABY January 2, 2012


  15. Misfit January 2, 2012

    Lol! He is coo coo for cocoa puffs. WTF, was that bird s*** rant about.

    Someone get him to the rubber room stat! 

  16. Kyle January 2, 2012

    I think he’s getting a taste of his own medicine. I lost so much respect for him after 05’/06′ when he was doing NOTHING but talking s*** about other artists. Pick up a dictionary and look up the word ‘negative’ and you’d see a picture of him right there. Oh how the tables of turned. Not to mention, all his music sounds the same and has no substance whatsoever. Guns, cars, girls, money, guns, cars, girls, money, guns, cars, girls, money. Blah, blah, blah. No thanks.

  17. Osra hill January 2, 2012

    This is crazy man 50 cent use to be that s***..

    Damn homie in high school you was the man homie what the f*** happend to you. Classic line from 50 cent

    Pretty soon you gonna be hearing that white irrelevant wigger from Oakland on twitter doing the same thing… I know ya know who I’m talking bout to

    Her music career is in tha trash as we speak

  18. RHI RHI IS QUEEN January 2, 2012


  19. bey’knight January 2, 2012

    i remember him sayin on mtv that he’s just a better version of JayZ and Diddy cus he amassed success quicker than they did. who’s laughing now?

  20. nuhoh January 2, 2012

    Goes to show that Money isn’t everything when you’re irrelevant in the competitive field of HipHop/Rap. 50 knows he doesn’t have the legacy of his peers JayZ, Kanye, and Eminem. I hasn’t produed any real hits in like 7+ years. He never worked on himself as an artist while making that money. Now he’s washed up in his mid 30’s. JayZ is in his 40’s still has hits on Pop/Urban radio, platinum albums, etc…one could argue that Kanye killed his career and Kanye didn’t need beef, his talent and relevance spoke/speak for themselves….

  21. NAYAH82 January 2, 2012

    Cosign with NUHOH. He been nothing but a bully his whole career…Threatening, laughing, calling people f***, instigating, the list goes on and on.

  22. Teflon Boy January 2, 2012

    @BEY’KNIGHT exactly…, amass success and over-inflated status too quick and you’re likely to lose it just as quick #Ashanti #50Cent etc. are perfect examples of this

  23. Realtalk January 2, 2012

    I think this website is abit biased ‘string of disappointments’ niga u fkd 1 album which didn’t do well. Curtis sold over 600000 that was amazing for the current climate. Any 1 reading this admit fif still making killer moves he just signed a deal with PEPSI for his streetking energy drinks! This N**** making his money he just wants the record label he helped make millions have a little faith in him

  24. AmbeRussell January 2, 2012

    if it were some1 else, i would feel bad, but bc its 50, i dont. he has brought soo many ppl’s careers down for no reason. he was soo caught up in the beef life style, that he forgot about the music and what he started his career. he dissed ja rule n f***** up his career,, the game n dropped him, yung buck n still has him signed to his label so he can never release any music EVER, tried to diss kanye but that backfired, tried to diss rick ross n ross just walked on by n look where ross is at now. there was fat joe n jadakiss that he was dissing. n look at where he is at now. label dont wanna be bother by him. his “oscar worth” film was striaght to dvd/bet movie. never saw the light of day at the movie theaters besides a few film fest. he must never saw the color purple.
    amberussell on youtube.

  25. Misfit January 2, 2012

    Bey’Knight, I totally agree with your posts on this, and to answer your last question…

    We all get a hearty laugh, @ his over inflated ego!

  26. tubadbitch January 2, 2012

    As they say- easy come easy go.
    When people achieve success too quickly and they let it go to their heads this is what happens.

    these label execs only care about you when they think you can make them a quick dollar, but as soon as your chips are down- the phones will stop ringing and before u know it you’re being replaced by the kid you met in a random studio session a couple years back.

    50 is scared because he knows he doesnt havea back catalog as recognizable as Jay’s, Kanye’s and Nas’s.

    As someone pointed out, what good is an artists money to the world if their art doesnt stand the test of time.

  27. tubadbitch January 2, 2012

    realtalk, 600k for ANY artist is a flop.

    if people like nicki minaj can sell half of that in seven days why should an act like 50 be happy with selling that over two/three years.

    50 to me, is a lot like Lil Kim. Got so caught up in the beefing aspect of Hip Hop, they forgot about the music and making a solid and untouchable legacy for themselves.
    It must be hard to watch Wayne and Drake slay they way they are and knowing there was a time when you could sell more than them

  28. Pucci January 2, 2012

    I wonder how Ja Rule & the entire Murder Inc. feel right now? They’re probably thinking he got exactly what he deserves. 50 is indeed a business man so I think on the financial side he’ll be okay. Musically, he hasn’t been interesting since ’05. Hence why since then he’s lived off beef, relationship rumors & sheer utter ignorance since then.

    I hope he’s not serious about not living much longer (hope he doesn’t commit suicide) but then again, i really think that this is yet another ploy to get ppl to pay attention to his music again.

  29. Pucci January 2, 2012


    I agree with you on that one. Lil Kim better wise up fast & get back to the music before ppl lose interest in her like they have 50. A source claims that she has signed a deal with G-Unit, hope that’s not true.

  30. Jaa January 2, 2012

    Tubabitch, you need to stop reaching. Kimberly has nothing to do with this post. Her clown clone has mire in common with 50 cause she is the one who starts s*** not Kim!

    The b**** is obsessed with the original barbie(Kim). That’s why the two lead singles from her 2nd album are both disses to the woman, she most wants to be like!

    Let’s not hun! Nicki will end up just like 50 for throwing shots without provocation, and thinking her clown ass is the best.

    When her time is up(which will be soon). I will laugh harder than I did at 50. Believe that!!

  31. Jaa January 3, 2012

    Pucci I doubt Ja Rule has much thoughts these days but keeping the other inmates outta his booty. So try again.

    And murder Inc has been dead for years, so who gives two f**** what those has beens feel about 50.

    50 maybe a has been too, but he still has his loot, unlike anyone associated with murder Inc.

  32. Remey January 3, 2012

    That’s the music biz for you. Some people last and some people don’t even after numerous efforts of hard work. Don’t get me wrong, I loved 50 when he came out. His flow was hard as hell. But now, I think most of his material has become too underground-sounding.

    His lyrical content has never been a problem. However, he hasn’t paid much attention to the changing times, leaving him no time to rethink his formula. The masses today want a hot and sick beat! They want club banger beats with mad clever rhymes.

    50 doesn’t really give you that. His beats have fallen off since Get Rich or Die Tryin and Massacre. Candy Shop was a hit. In Da Club…those beats were sick and the rhymes were tight. Anyone would admit it. He honestly needs to just go back to basics.

    Goodluck 50!

  33. ojie king January 3, 2012

    He should grow up and stop being a spoilt baby. This is 50 cent for f*** sake. 50 Mothafuckin Cent. You sold one mil in one week, you launched this in the rap world. You are the pioneer of turning your name and brand into millions and millions of dollars. You are one of the smartest business in showbuisness. So, please dust yourself off, go to your studio and start afresh. Its a new year mister, start on a clean slate and m**********, stay of twitter, its not helping, for every desperate message you send, you spell each latter of the word P**** against yourself.

  34. DWAYNE ANDERSUN January 3, 2012


  35. Independent Thinker January 3, 2012

    50 Cent was never “mighty”. He was and is just a man. All the trash talking in the world can’t change that. He seems to be going through a mid-life crises, though I can’t help but wonder if this is yet another desperate attempt to stir up controversy and garner the public’s attention. It’s sad when controversy is the fuel on which your career operates, because one could read a tweet such as this (clearly a cry for help) and dismiss it as the last gasp of a desperate man trying to hold on to what little bit of a career he has left. I only hope and pray that nothing tragic happens.

  36. YOOSONDALOOSE January 3, 2012

    He is an idiot. I don’t like him, so arrogant. He needs to stop complaining and be more professional.

    Who actually cares?

  37. MISHKA January 3, 2012

    That’s the way showbiz goes, 50. Why you gonna eff yourself up because you’ve become a hasbeen in the rap industry?

    I am not going to feel sorry for you, you were the one poking fun of JaRule, Murder Inc, Fat Joe, Diddy, Rick Ross, Kanye and look at you now.

    I have to admit it, circa 2003-2006, you were the shlt. But what goes up always goes down. Today, the kids want to listen to Ms. Drake, who is around the same age you were when you hit it big.

    I don’t understand why some artists because they’re on the come up think they know better than established acts. Jay-Z and Diddy are business men, Kanye, Dr Dre and Timbaland are producers, they will ALWAYS find a way to stay relevant.

    We are talking gangsta rap here: how long can you keep pretending you’re gangsta/street when you start living in hotel suites and flying on private jet planes? It’s the same thing with people who say if 2Pac was alive they wouldn’t be no Jay-Z. Nope, if 2Pac was alive, he would either be DMX (trying to get it together) or Ice-Cube (leaving a peaceful life and making family-friendly movies).

    The label-drama is nothing new, LL Cool J went to quite the same ordeal with Def Jam and he’s doing fantastic now. Keep your head up, 50.


    Awww that’s sad. He’s a good guy, but times are different now. Time to try something new. He should focus on his charity and movies.

  39. Stacy January 3, 2012

    D*****! He’s just looking for attention for his upcoming album.

  40. tubadbitch January 3, 2012

    excuse me. when it comes to Lil Kim and Nicki:

    Are we forgetting what Kim did first, pulling off the pink wig with Ray J, teaming up with that hating ass Baltimore Pig who got famous for dissing Nicki, the Black Friday mixtape. Kim ALWAYS takes things too far and then tries to play victim.

    Even if Nicki was being subliminal- which i think she was– Kim should have been smart enough to know that coming for someone with as much support as Nicki had was foolish.
    Its so funny how Kim fans never want to see things for how they really are.

    She gets complacent because the people around her gas her and tell her that nobody can touch her throne, she does nothing for years and then when she sees a new girl come up with the right mixture of hard hitting flows and s** appeal she gets threatened.

    See Eve.
    See Remy Ma.
    See Nicki Minaj.

    You kim fans BETTER buy this EP because it fails it will just show that much like everyone’s been saying for years- Kim is over.

  41. QueenOfTheNavy January 3, 2012

    poor 50!
    But onto Kim, that woman was never talented in the first place. She got in the industry by being someone’s jump off and was able to sustain a career for about three or five years after his death based on her earlier fame.

    Let Kim fans tell it,she’s this millionaire Rap Queen, but the fact of the matter is it that none of her songs get radio play and if shes making any money from publishing it’s from Lady Marmalade.

    She herself admits to using ghostwriters and Its damn well hilarious that the PayPals want to call Nicki fake when Kims face looks like she’s trying to give Joan Rivers a run for her pesos.

    Nicki may have been shady at the start but her success today comes from pure hard work and NOT resting on your laurels which 50 and Kim are both guilty of.

    Too bad!

  42. The truth January 3, 2012

    I actually miss Murda Inc. there was absolutely nothing wrong with their music. It was always positive and never was their careers revolved around beef till 50 came around. That’s why I still got love and will always support Ashanti and Ja Rule. I still bang out to their old s*** and even the new s*** they put out is dope. It’s like a breath of fresh air after the repetitiveness of the radio.

  43. dangrspot January 3, 2012

    What i think he means is by he dont think he’s going to live longer is he is now fighting with the illuminati they are the ones who gave him his fame and now he is trying to fight against them and disobey…. they own your soul, we will hear soon 50 died in a tragic accident or blah blah blah and they figure he is just worth just as much if not more if he is dead… Sell your soul for fame and you pay the price…. I mean I would probably do it anyways hahah j/k lolz Follow me Twitter: Dangrspot

  44. kimberly January 3, 2012

    @ DANG who wants to follow you on twitter and your already wack assumptions? where did you get your shitting opinion from. get lost idiot and don’t return. Who ever educate you about the members of the illum. needs to give you some sense also.

  45. Those That Cannot Do, Stan January 3, 2012

    Smh…he’s making a mess of himself. As a grown man why does he have to behave this way, throwing tantrums and alarming people. Smh, I don’t want anything to happen to him but this is damn embarrassing.

    Gangster rap is dying out, it’s why so many people in that genre fell off hard.

    It’s 2012…I think the majority of people have realized it’s all a PR game and most gangsters are gangster to see CD’s and tickets.

    50 needs to stay positive and stop with the tweets.

  46. mobwife January 3, 2012

    I love me some 50 Cent! I don;t care what anyone else has to say about him! 50 you cannot let this bought and paid or music industry get you down. You have to stay focused on your “movement” be it music, film or charity. We all know the music industry & media centers around 12 artists. We see them on every tv program, award show, magazine cover and hear them 24/7 on the radio. I would love to see artist ban together and establish their own outlets for music, film etc. As long as someone else is in control they can always dictate the outcome! <– This goes for every aspect in everyone's lives!!! #imjustsayingppl

  47. mobwife January 3, 2012

    SN- Isn’t it odd to you that many people who wrere around/affiliated with 50 cent experienced setbacks in their careers in some way?????
    “Lil Kim, Ciara, Soulja FLOP, Olivia”

    Woooo the misfortunes of these ppl had nothing to do with 50 Cent. Lil Kim (is my girl) but her stint in jail and other matters had nothing to do with him. Same for the others you listed. All of these individuals made poor choices. None were children or teenagers who were lead astray! They all made adult decisons that just happened to be the wrong decisons for their lives and careers! With the exception of SoulDUH Boy, I see the others getting back on track. SoulDUH was more of an extended one-hit wonder with a dance routine. I have yet to see or hear any growth or progress in him or his “music”!

  48. arob January 3, 2012

    I feel bad for dude, but he killed off Murder Inc. and I liked them a lot. I guess what goes around comes back around

  49. Layla January 3, 2012

    @TUBADBITCH Nicki been dissing Kim since 2003 dumb@** and even called her name out 3 times on three different tracks before she got signed.But y’all retarded @ss Nicki fans want to stay blind to that.

  50. Mia January 3, 2012

    @QUEENOFTHENAVY Bytch shut the f*ck up.Lil Kim got 3 platinum albums after Biggie death and would you say the about Lil Wayne and Nicki?Cause if it wasn’t for Wayne Nicki will still be rapping on the front stoops of Queens.I convince that y’all Nicki fans are just Lil Kim haters trying to live victoriously through Nicki.Nicki Minaj is wack and an industry sell out.Comparing Nicki to Kim is like comparing Drake to Nas.Yeah Drake may be hatter right now ,but he will never be respected like Nas.

  51. VA STAND UP!! January 3, 2012

    Hmph! I had a feeling his lil spat the other day wasn’t the last we were gonna hear from him about this. He does seem like he is going through something so I won’t kick him while he is down but at the same time I don’t feel ‘sorry’ for him. He may be frustrated with the state of his music career and his label situation but like I said before he is still rich and successful in other avenues. So it’s not like anyone is gonna through him any pity parties! There are people and other artist out there who are doing a LOT worse than him!

    I don’t know what its like to be an struggling artist and I can imagine its frustrating when you are trying to put your music out there to be heard and you can’t get the support from your label. But at the same time there must be a reason why your label isn’t supporting you anymore and that’s more than likely because of the weak ass sales from his last album and they don’t want to put money into another album that will more than likely flop. I think his label realizes what pretty much everyone else realizes about 50….he is NOT hot anymore! Seems like everyone else has realized it but him!

    I don’t really know if I buy this though. He totally may be doing this for publicity. That whole line about ‘ I want to be a bird so I can s*** on the world’ just seems so suspisious to me. Watch him drop some new music soon………

  52. Jaa January 3, 2012

    Tubadbitch and queen of

    You penis nose loving b******. Once again, got the s*** wrong. I’m not even a Kim fan but I’m aware of nicki’s obsession and disrespect for Kim who is a rap legend.

    You filthy beasts (tubad and company) are the ones who brought Kim into this. Instigating just like your clown clone fave. So get it right!

    She will be dropped kicked back to the ghetto of queens soon, cause clowns never last long.

    The way she goes after Kim and her disrespect towards Cher(another legend) is gonna backfire on her ass watch and see.

    I know Cher took the lyric wrong, but the way nicki and her suitcase wielding boyfriend went after her was uncalled for.

    No one said Kim was innocent in all this, but she was the original and her work will stand, whereas d*** nose’s won’t.

    Stay as pressed, as nicki’s booty implants, piglets!

  53. Jaa January 3, 2012

    Since y’all can’t read I’ll explain it again. Nicki is just like 50 throwing shots at veterans in the game.
    She will also share his fate of being a hasbeen long before the ones she disses.

    What comes around goes back around you retards.

    Remember that.

  54. Jaa January 3, 2012

    Layla and Mia cosign 200%

  55. KAT DELUNA FAN January 3, 2012

    He was cocky and arrogant smh l like him somehow but l hated how The Game was mocking Olivia

    anyway best of luck to him,jay and all the roc nation will be next THEN all the YMCM will be out ➡

  56. demeter January 4, 2012

    Has he really talked more s*** than any other rapper? He’s rich now and not hood anymore. Go the Eminem route and just do some angry s*** about where he is at NOW. Plus pull a Lil Kim and sell it on paypal. lol.

  57. Jaa January 4, 2012

    Demeter very good suggestions! Maybe you should be his manager. Lol!

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