50 Cent Threatens Jimmy Iovine/ Begs For Record Deal

Published: Saturday 31st Dec 2011 by David

Though his fans may choose to ignore it,50 Cent‘s career just isn’t what it used to be.

No longer the hard hitting  commercially potent lyricist the world was introduced to back in 2003, recent years have seen his material struggle to compete with the likes of Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Drake on a number of different fronts.

Now, in what will sure to have the folk over at Interscope wondering just what do with him, he has hit out at the label’s executive Jimmy Iovine , who he holds responsible for the difficulties his career is currently facing.

His comments below…

He explained:

 I got 3,500,000 views in 3 day on hands up. Ok I need a record deal jimmy iovine , call me early tomorrow or I’m putting out another mix tape.

Going onto add:

Anybody want to sign me I’m a young hungry artist and I work harder then everybody in hiphop call me tomorrow.

While it would be wrong to ‘take sides’ seeing as we do not know the ins and outs of 50’s relationship with Jimmy, it is clear to see that Interscope have no intentions of releasing a new 50 Cent album any time soon.

And to be honest- who can blame them?

For, with the  label still dealing with after shock of the sales disaster that was ‘Before I Self Destruct‘ , it would be foolish of them to invest in it’s follow up when chances are it will do just as poorly.

It would seem, that much like fellow performer Lil Kim, the dated nature  of ‘Gangster Rap’ has resulted in him losing the majority of his market share to some of his more ‘well rounded’ rivals.

Here’s to hoping this dispute is resolved in a way which leaves both parties happy.

Side note:

When will artists learn that YouTube views and Twitter followers have and will never be indicative of album sales?

Your thoughts?

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  1. MISHKA December 31, 2011

    In a prison cell somewhere, Ja Rule is laughing hard.

    How does it taste , 50?

  2. The Naked Truth December 31, 2011

    WTF Lil Kim gotta do with this Post? you girls at TGJ be PRESSSSED!

  3. BAA December 31, 2011

    My..My..My..How the Mighty have fallen. Poor Fif. I not gonna say anything bad but i rerember how he thought he was the sh*t, making fun of people and thinking he could outsell any rapper..Yess Ye!….Anyway Sam u know Lil Ms Riri knows all about that and Yess B****** im throwing shade..WHAT!

  4. truthfacts December 31, 2011

    whose writing these posts and not doing research? Ok to hate an artist but tell the truth. Not eveh a 50cent fan but before i self destruct went gold an scanned near 450k copies.

    If J cole can get a cd that has sold around 460k, ciara can get a deal after her cd scanned less than 200k, keyshia cole put out a 4th cd after her last cd sold under 360k, why can’t 50cen put out another cd.

    the record industry is not selling and having a gold cd is nothing to scoff at even if low for 50 standards.

  5. ElectricChap December 31, 2011

    truthfacts you are very stupid.
    On which planet are combined sales of 450k good for ANY artist. Use your damn sense, BISD was a flop and we all know it.
    He himself knows this and blamed it on an early leak which is bull because everyone heard Take Care and I AM Sasha Fierce weeks before they came out.
    People buy what they believe in and people dont believe in 50 anymore.

  6. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) December 31, 2011

    I mean, why does 50 care at this point? So what if his recording career isn’t poppin’ off like it used to. 50 is one of the few rappers that has seen success in acting without having to do urban movies. If 50 plays his cards right, he could be like LL Cool J and land a tv gig on a prime time network drama or something. 50 made out like a bandit during his prime, and unlike Ja Rule, 50 hasn’t had his wig snatched off by some new artist so hard that he has to change his name to Loki and try to start anew.

  7. ElectricChap December 31, 2011

    Funny thing is, this was the guy making fun of everyone and they mama for flopping, now hes in the same boat as Fat Joe,

  8. Deveal2014 December 31, 2011

    He got Doh reguardless

  9. DrakeIsKing December 31, 2011

    it makes me laugh when people say ‘oh he’s got money’.
    What good is all your money if your legacy as an artist is tarnished. REAL artists are concerned with sustaining a career whose success cant be questioned, money has never validated anyones creativity, if it did rich valley girls would be running the charts and the likes of fantasia and adele- who come from humble beginnings- wouldnt exist.

    50 has become a flop because his oiled and shirtless thug persona is so old and see through and its no longer glamorous.
    thats why jay z was succesful before 50 came out and is still succesful even now that 50 is a flop, because he changed it up.

  10. KAT DELUNA FAN December 31, 2011

    smh it happens to every Hip hop family.The next one is Roc then YMCM.

    Poor 50,Olivia got her revenge

    ja rule and the others are probably laughing somewhere

  11. thomas December 31, 2011

    F*** his record sales.Yeah the high fallest down.

  12. Raven December 31, 2011

    All y’all idiots saying Ja Rule is probably laughing.Ja Rule is locked up and owe the I.R.S millions.50cent have $400 million.He will be alright.

  13. Houston December 31, 2011

    Hip Hop needs 50.He is the only one keeping Gnagsta rap alive.It sucks that little kids today would rather her water-down pop artist like Lil Wayne and Drake.

  14. NaQu December 31, 2011

    This is dumb. Why doesn’t he just leave Interscope? Seriously, it sounds like both he and the label are completely annoyed with each other…so go to Jimmy and asked to be released from your contract. And if he says no, then throw out a couple of compilation albums, or albums comprised of vaulted material to fulfill contractual obligation, and then find another label. Yeah, 50 hasn’t been hot in a while now…but I’m sure some other major will go ahead and sign him. This whining and complaining about how Interscope doesn’t understand him and won’t promote him properly, etc., etc. is just dumb. Leave.

  15. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) December 31, 2011

    “it makes me laugh when people say ‘oh he’s got money’.
    What good is all your money if your legacy as an artist is tarnished”


    And if 50 gets sad about his legacy, he can wipe his eyes with his money. Not every recording artist is going to sustain longevity over decades or make commercially relevant art over the long haul. Lauryn Hill’s place is cemented because of her debut solo album. Britney Spears can coast off of her achievements in her teens and early 20’s for the rest of her life. 50 had a good run in hip hop, and maybe he can extend it. Who knows? But if he can’t, then he’ll always have his earlier work, and like I said before, 50’s lucky that his prime wasn’t cut short by another artist the way he did to Ja Rule.

  16. Kevin December 31, 2011

    @ELECTRICCHAP So J.Cole flopped?Sit your retarted @ss down.

  17. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) December 31, 2011

    “All y’all idiots saying Ja Rule is probably laughing.Ja Rule is locked up and owe the I.R.S millions.50cent have $400 million.He will be alright”


    Kiiiiiiiii! He aint worth no 400M, but he damn sure is richer than Ja Rule, and he can pay his taxes!

  18. DrakeIsKing December 31, 2011

    kevin and electric chap. success really is contextual.

    400k to JCole is great! but 400k to someone who could sell about 3 of 4 million in a bout the same time is not swaggin at all.

    Drake will always come out on top cos his music is so crossover, dude could record a country album and people would dig it.

    its all about striking as many fields while you’re still hot.

  19. RHI RHI IS QUEEN December 31, 2011


  20. VA STAND UP!! December 31, 2011

    OMG! You guys are so dramatic! The title of this post was sooo misleading. I’m not a fan of 50 at all, he gets on my last damn nerves but I don’t believe these were actual ‘threats’. As annoying as he is I do believe he has a pretty good sense of humor & don’t think he was really threatening Jimmy. Even if they have some turmoil between them I don’t think 50 would be dumb enough to actually threaten someone on twitter. *side eye*

    While, I understand his frustration with his current label situation, I think these tweets make him look desperate & lame. 50 is such a cocky ass dude who is always starting s*** with people, especially on twitter, so as far as the state of his career I don’t feel sorry for him at all! I honestly think 50 was one of those rappers, like Nelly, who was hot for a minute & now their time is up. Even if he can produce another hit song that cracks the Top Ten on Hot 100 & it sells a lot of downloads, I think as far as album sales his time is up.

    50 is still one of the most successful rappers, he has a lot of other business ventures that have made him a lot of money so honestly I don’t think he has anything to complain about. He has destroyed several careers ( Ja Rule, Young Buck) & tried to destroy others careers (Rick Ross, The Game) so honestly this might be Karma for his ass! Now he knows how it feels to not be the hot s*** anymore. *shrugs*

    I heard he has a record with Breezy coming out next year so I guess I’ll check that out but other than that, I’m not here for 50.

    Good luck to him though. *coughs*

    S/N: I’m the REAL VA STAND UP!!

  21. Keisha December 31, 2011

    @DRAKEISKING By your username I can tell you dumb.Jay-Z is holding on to Kanye west for relevancy.He hasn’t had a good album since the Black Album.

  22. DrakeIsKing December 31, 2011

    keisha. How am i stupid. we’re talking about public perception. NOBODY perceives jay z to be aflop even though none of his albums have sold over 600k in the first week of their release in a long time.

    50 not only is perceived to be a commercial flop but actually is and thats the problem.

    LL COOL J hasnt been selling impressive units since the 90s but his PR team have succesfully branded him as being a hip hop vet just as interesting as those who are actually on the charts.

    its the same with lauryn hill, she only has one album, has faced so much criticism for her personal decisions but is still regarded as an icon. 50 on the other hand doesnt have the luxury of a positive public image to fall back on.

  23. KAT DELUNA FAN December 31, 2011

    Thanks *applause*

    50 cent is himself earning money to IRS too.He will be down real soon

    Lol at the rih stans complaining about YT views when those are the only achievement the whorish goats has to her name along with herpesgate and Jay’s as a mentor.stfup

  24. Those That Cannot Do, Stan December 31, 2011

    Shakin my head. I don’t agree with Sam’s comments once but a blue moon but this time…yup.

    If every twitter follower and YouTube view was a sale wouldn’t the ‘sneezing baby panda’ be slaying everyone? Eye roll.

    I feel for 50, it’s tough when you have a dream, achieve it, and then lose the public’s interest. And that’s the reality. I’m sure he is hungry and eager to put out new stuff but reality is very few care.

    Hip hop is changing and growing, 50 is basically a 90’s rapper ten years past his prime. These days you’ve got to be ready to experiment, switch it up, really funky beats and songs about things other than the cliche standard. Look at Weezy and Kanye, even Jay Z is trying to embrace the new style.

  25. VA STAND UP!! December 31, 2011


    December 31, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    In a prison cell somewhere, Ja Rule is laughing hard.

    How does it taste , 50?


    While I get the joke you were trying to make, Ja Rule is sitting in a jail cell & is the DEFINITION of irrelevant. Even when he gets out there is no chance of him getting his career back. 50s career may be dead but at least he is still rich & can enjoy his freedom!

    Ja Rule really can’t laugh at 50 but Fat Joe sure can…..

  26. NAYAH82 December 31, 2011

    Karma is a muthafucking b****! This is what he gets for calling Kanye a f** and making fun of his mother death. Wasn’t he supposed to retire after Ye dragged that ass? hum…I thought so!

  27. NAYAH82 December 31, 2011


  28. VA STAND UP December 31, 2011

    When will artists learn that YouTube views and Twitter followers have and will never be indicative of album sales?


    ALL OF THIS!!!

    50 really didn’t help his cause mentioning Youtube views. As a business man he should know YouTube views don’t mean s*** & it will not help sales! Hell half the damn time on the YouTube video there is a link to illegally download the song. SMH!

    Many artist but most importantly their STANS need to realize this. SMH!

  29. VA STAND UP!! December 31, 2011


    December 31, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    I mean, why does 50 care at this point? So what if his recording career isn’t poppin’ off like it used to. 50 is one of the few rappers that has seen success in acting without having to do urban movies. If 50 plays his cards right, he could be like LL Cool J and land a tv gig on a prime time network drama or something. 50 made out like a bandit during his prime, and unlike Ja Rule, 50 hasn’t had his wig snatched off by some new artist so hard that he has to change his name to Loki and try to start anew.



  30. DONT TRY IT B**** December 31, 2011

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! Yall are too much! xD

  31. Layla December 31, 2011

    @THOSE THAT CANNOT DO, STAN So your saying 50 should sell out and become a POP gimmick to please the masses.50 staying true to himself and I respect that and i’am sure a lot of other people will too.

  32. Tryna Be Real December 31, 2011

    Well he was never really good from the start. I wonder how can you make a career off of stealing the style of someone you put out the game? Ja rule still should be laughing along with many others. Just because he supposedly has a lot of money doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at him for being incredibly lame!

  33. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 31, 2011

    Whoever said 50 is keeping Gagnsta rap alive is LYING! He is fraudalent. Just because he sold drugs at some point in his life and raps about guns does NOT make him a gangsta rapper. The only thing he keeps alive in the rap game is b******* beef. His rap career has been based on BEEFS! Prior to every album he’s released, he’s convinced every simpleton that he has a “problem” with someone in the rap game. And they run with it as if he’s being “real” or “gangsta.” GRODT was Ja Rule, Massacre was Fat Joe and some others I’m sure, Curtis was Kanye.

    GRODT was a FANTASTIC album, I’ll give him that. But after that, he fell completely off lyrically, IMO. He started to do those cheesy rap songs and singing way more, which is ironic since this is what he ridiculed Ja Rule for doing. In addition, this is another reason why he is no gangsta rapper.

  34. ISTANN4GAGA December 31, 2011

    50 cent has done absolutely NOTHING for me.He is nothing but a Stereotypical ass rapper with it comes down to music.

    In my eyes,he has Keri Hilson syndrome( defined as having nothing that separates you from your peers musically or aesthetically).His career was built more off of beefs/stupid s*** than anything else.

    He was WAY smarter than Ja Rule given he was a better businessperson.(Is 50 cent NOT part of VitaminWater?) but that’s about it.(can’t say anything on his acting,I haven’t really watched any of his movies apart from Get Rich or Die Tryin’)

    Oh,and Braids + S-Curl are not for everyone…*looks at 50 cent’s pictures in BOTH hairstyles*

  35. Those That Cannot Do, Stan December 31, 2011


    Actually I’m saying while there’ll always be people who love an artist or genre the masses always won’t. It’s the reason were not still stuck in The Rennaisance and listening to minstrels. 50 was hot for a minute when that style was popular but the masses moved on. We don’t think hip/hop & rap has to be about big muscle-bound jail-bound dudes rapping about h***, cars, and being rich. I’m not saying some of those cliches still don’t exist but…Kanye, Weezy, Drake, Kid Cudi…the game has changed. People expect more, to show intelligence and challenge the perception.

    50 can’t change, he doesn’t have that depth so he should remain true to himself but…look around and be real as well. He’s not the flavor folks are craving.

  36. kimberly December 31, 2011

    IF 50 IS RICH WHY IS HE BEGGING. THAT means that his expenses is exceeding his earnings. \he need that money. Why would he beg. That is great news. 50 has stepped on every artist in the hip hop game. he has even come for oprah. he tried to ridicule ye in his darkest hours. every interview about 50 is a diss about somebody. it is time these artist that miss lead the youth disappear.
    so many years and still no deal. where is his business. \this is the biggest news of 2011 and when his lable drop his ass that would be the biggest news for me. the market doesn’t want 50 with his gangster rap.
    To all the other stans, enyoy your artist who mislead their fans. \next yr he would be a window shopper

  37. ITAINTYOBABY December 31, 2011

    karma is a b****, he getting exactly what he deserves

  38. Super Marcus December 31, 2011

    All you guys need to wake up, this is just another marketing tactic, 50 is the king of marketing in hip hop, 50 got enough money, this just another plot to market himself

  39. shoopshoop January 1, 2012

    50 cent is good whether you hate him or not….
    Beyonce,Rhianna,adele,gaga,Katy,Kelly,Jay-z,lil Wayne,kanye west,Chris brown have never seen sales like grodt it massacre.
    50 also wrote for plenty of ppl=Royalties
    Had many endorsements
    Also had shoe and clothes companies
    You’re stupid if you dont think 50 is set for life.
    Ja rule couldn’t and has never seen that type of success.
    He is in jail. So what is there to laugh at.

  40. YOOSONDALOOSE January 1, 2012

    WOW. So desperate. He is so dated and he raps are good. He has lost it. The rap on ‘Right There’ was a fail.

  41. Thugpassion January 1, 2012

    Hahaha u guys a fucin stupid. The guy who wrote this is clearly a hater. And all those comparing fif to ja and fat h**. End of the day fifty don’t even Hav to make another album. Thier worth nothing he is worth more than 500 mill!! If you think from crack dealer to half a bill is a flop u guys must be on sum ova s***. I think he will be fine I’d not it’s fair to say evry rapper has thier days then they done. Oh and rick Ross, fat Joe, game, ti all recently had as bad an mostly worser sales than fif u guys seem To jump on a bandwagon without opening your eyes

  42. Crisis Mr. Swagger January 2, 2012

    He’s always working and trying things. He will eventually get back on track. Also, his comments about wanting a record deal are really just play. It’s nothings serious. If You’ve read the 48 Laws of Power, you’ll understand what he’s doing here.
    By the way, Youtube Views are now monetized. Artists are getting paid for that. 50 Cent understands this. Most people don’t know. Why do you think he’s putting out so many video’s?

  43. JER January 2, 2012

    50 Cent, Kim, Ashanti, Ciara, Nelly, and Ja Rule need to get together on these careers

  44. Jelly Bean January 4, 2012

    Dis is Jelly Bean aka da Bean. 50 Cent is mad an he lashin out cuz he olda now. He almos 40 and caint be no gangsta rappa no more. Gangsta rappin is fo when you bout 18 to 23 years ole. He aint put nothin out since Power of the Dolla. 50 gwan be fine tho. He jest need to start makin dirty music for himself and let the market come to Him. He aint lost his core fans and dat da thruth!

  45. keenan barthol January 12, 2012

    he still the most successful rapper of all time, name a rapper who blew up faster than 50

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