Hot Shots: Rihanna Sizzles In Seductive Armani Promo *UPDATED*

{Image Removed As Requested}

Seemingly taking a leaf from her ‘Pon De Replay’ days, Bajan beauty Rihanna flaunts her best talent (silence) in these sizzling promo shots for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans.  Already fronting the fashion frontrunner’s commercials and earlier campaigns, this clothing collabo is one of the many ventures Riri and Armani are said to be conjuring up for Bloomingdales and Macy’s alike.

When not imparting poses for Armani promo, the Grammy winning vocal less vocalist is said to be readying the title track of her critically ashamed album ‘Talk That Talk’ (featuring mentor Jay Z) as its third single.   While the latter of whom just made history for enlisting the help of a (much more welcomed) musical whine – newborn Blue Ivy – you can catch the former in these sizzling shots for Armani below (thanks in part to RihannaDaily):

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  1. Wizard January 13, 2012

    That pic looks HOT why can’t she look tjis fly all the time I’m loving getting Old rihanna tease

  2. WHUT January 13, 2012

    Sizzling hot!

    I mean…I mean…I mean these other chicks are so F****** BASIC!!!!!

    The be trying so hard to give what the Queen does her SLEEP in photographs. B****** step yo P**** UP!!!

  3. Boo! January 13, 2012

    YAssssss “a girl like me” tease! Love it!!

  4. TrucieBedford January 13, 2012

    if she aint got nothing else, she def got the sizzle factor!

  5. Katy+GaGa=Queens January 13, 2012

    Talk That Talk as a single will flop harder than You Da One

  6. TruthTeller January 13, 2012

    So, next week, Rihanna will sell in 8 weeks nd NO PROMO, what it took others 6 months & a billion promo & pimpimg to achieve.
    So what were the haters saying again?

    WW Icon >>>>>> Local Wannabe

    1. Talk That Talk – Rihanna (Week 1) – 504,000 (-)
    3. Talk That Talk – Rihanna (Week 2) – 282,000 (-43%)
    6. Talk That Talk – Rihanna (Week 3) – 249.000 (-12%) -1M MARK- 1.035.000
    6. Talk That Talk – Rihanna (Week 4) – 268.000 (+8%)
    5. Talk That Talk – Rihanna (Week 5) – 365.000
    6. Talk That Talk – Rihanna (Week 6) – 148.000
    5. Talk That Talk – Rihanna (Week 7) – 91.000

    TOTAL: 1,907,000 copies

  7. Katy+GaGa=Queens January 13, 2012

    I want to like Rihanna but her career is going no where and she doesnt improve with albums, she just releases for albums to stay relevant and have #1s. Shes been at the same spot since GGGB and shes been at the same level (musically) since Rated R. Infact, LOUD was a step down from Rated R and Talk That Talk was a huge step down from both LOUD & Rated R. She is moving back musically.

  8. commanderofthedancefloor January 13, 2012

    dang rihanna looks s***!!!!


    haha talk that talk flop??? umm with absolutely no promo the song went to #31, that is no flop and ydo flop no no no a peak at #14 is no flop!!

    and you say she just wants #1s why did katy remix all those songs?? hhmmm she seems desperate for more #1s atleast rihanna does it with the origibal except 1 song!! and still wont discount a single for a #1!

    and what does relevancy do for an artist?? i mean really no matter how much they are talked about that alone wont sell their music people still have to like it!! there are several cases of that!!!

    i wont try telling you different about how you feel about loud and ttt because that is your opinion.

  9. MISHKA January 13, 2012

    The blonde ‘do she had the last time was horrible.

    Good to see they changed that.

  10. Katy+GaGa=Queens January 14, 2012

    As Billboard pointed out, the remixing and half pricing of Katy’s singles are the work of Capitol Records. Rihanna has discounted plenty of her songs, so lets not go there.

    What does relevance do for an artist? She puts out albums each year because DefJam is under the impression people will move on if shes not pushing out new material each year, and I kinda think so too.

    And peak positions are irrelevant if the song debuts at its highest and falls week after week (See Judas). I dont see Talk That Talk being a hit on the radio or with her audience, I think it will do worse that You Da One.

  11. Bey’knight January 14, 2012

    Wait if Adele’s 1st post-surgery performance is at the Brits does that mean she wont be opening the grammys? Itd be a shame, a performance at the grammys would really cement this era for her

    Lieteller, u really need to grow up. Your immaturity is uncanny. you’re the most childish rhitard of all. If Beyonce never sells another album in her life she’ll still go down in history as a bigger entertainer than rihanna. That will never change. Ur endless comparisons only emphasize ur insecurities. Rihanna will never be good enough. Deal!

  12. Forever Animal January 14, 2012


  13. Forever Animal January 14, 2012

    Talk That Talk will be a huge hit, trust me

  14. Perry Power January 14, 2012

    She looks stunning here!! Like the old Rihanna

  15. Yellow Gorillah January 14, 2012

    Armani Picked The BEST of The BEST! I don’t blame them…only the Queen can give them what they really want.

    So TTT Is at 1.9million Hmmmm I give it 2 more weeks then will shall be at that 2million mark.

  16. dede January 14, 2012

    This chick can model i honestly think if she stopped singing and just have a modelling career she would be even bigger than Naomi Campbell too bad her fans lie to her that she is one of the best singers

  17. Expensive Hooker January 14, 2012

    I fucken’ love Sam. Lol.

  18. Matt January 14, 2012

    Has rihanna hurt you in some way Sam, you seem to really hate her, has she turned down one of ur flop interviews. Killing the game and killing your faves

  19. Lax January 14, 2012

    Timeless Beautiful, Old Hollywood Beautiful
    Versatile, Sophisticated, An no matter what
    Rihanna is Unstoppable No matter if is’s
    Music , or What Ever.

    Her Body Look Super Lean & Toned, She knows
    how to Enhance her Powerful Persona through
    her Stylist Unmatched Stylish way she know how
    to Wear Her Clothes & Hair.

    No one has to ever agree that does not matter
    because it will be a Fight that will Never Ever
    Be Won As Far as the Navy Know what the Real
    Deal is that is all that Truly Matters.
    @TRUTHTELLER,,,Has Posted the Truth & Facts
    On “TTT” And if you don’t want to Read the Truth
    Then Screw You and the Horse Your Hating Ass
    Rode in On Because the World and Rihanna’s Navy
    Know what’s True and what is Bull S*** On & About
    Rihanna’s Triple Threat Rich & Famous S*** Ass!
    If Music shall ever Play Out for her, she will always
    have something to Fall back on. And ARMANI & NIVEA
    Saw what they wanted in a Model and that is why they
    are putting the Big $$$$$$ Bucks on RIHANNA, BYTCHES.

  20. Lax January 14, 2012

    Rihanna is not stupid by a long shot she is
    very wise beyond her years. When you have
    grown up on very little and she appreciates
    the small things that God Blesses Her with.
    She has never Waved a Checked Flag in
    Both Hands Saying that she’s the Best at
    Anything. She has tons of Raw Determination
    and she has let that work for her since day
    one and it makes many Bitter to see her
    Withstaning the Test Of Time. Many who are
    praying and holding their breath for her to
    Fail i will say to you Pack A Lunch because
    Yo Ass is going to need it for Sure.

  21. Lax January 14, 2012

    No matter how you slice it She will never be a Woman
    who is Fake, Robotic are a Bytch with that Fu*%*%*
    Cinderella Complex, thinking that life is Perfect and
    without Flaws and all.

  22. RDK January 14, 2012

    you blazing Riri.

  23. YUPPITSME January 14, 2012

    f****** S** she is gorgeous!

  24. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 14, 2012

    something ain’t right , sorry !

    but she always gives a good photo-shoot. but she looks BAISC as f*** here 😡

    honestly , I HATE her pics for armani 😡 , they just don’t make her look s*** .

    like her “LOUD” era photo-shoots >>>>>>>>

    @sam :

    your first Honest post about her. it’s coming 😉

  25. Lax January 14, 2012

    Speak of Looking Basic, Take a close Look
    at Kelly and Solange Bottom Lip And Of
    Course B’s bOTTOM Lip their Bottom Lip
    I Elongated Like a Long Lip Person and
    that is as Basic as you can Get, Just Saying.
    Rihanna on the other hand has a S*** Pout
    S*** Ass, S*** Widow’s PeaK at the Top Lip
    Which Make Her Even Sexier. Rihanna has
    the Big Head, Still S*** The Others Has a
    Very Long Bottom Lip and they can not Hide it.
    Look at how these Women Kelly & Solange
    Are call themselves going Hard since “B” Is
    on Sick Leave and they tri to talk aboyt Rihanna.

    Rihanna has had The Most #1’s In the Uk, Since Elvis 50’s
    Rihanna Filled the 02 Arena A First
    Rihanna Has 6 Albums in 6 Years
    Rihanna Artist of the Decade
    Rihanna Has Bewitchin # of Magazine Covers
    Rihanna Top Digitsl Seller in US Histo-rih
    Rihanna Has Manged to Cross The 2 Billion Mark Youtube Views
    Rihanna Is the shits and the B H** Can’t do S*** but Whine!
    Rihanna top Social Net Working Musician In 2011
    When Beyonce can cover some of this Top and Hot S*** Then There’s
    Not a dam thing the B H** Can do for the Rihanna Navy But Whine!
    These are new milestone with the exception of that Artist of the Decade
    Award, because Rihanna has had it for a Minute. And even if you Tied
    Kelly & Solange’s Long Lipped Asses they still can’t Measure up to the
    Power Of Rihanna. Hmmmm Beyonce could not do it herself i guess they
    will try and Bombard the Air Waves With Kelly and Solange to try and Wrek
    Havoc and try and be a Force for and Aganist Rihanna and Heeeeeey
    B H** it will never work Rihanna is a Movement and she’s a Force to be Reconed With from Ladst Year of 2011 Forward.
    Rihanna has a look that has a Mistique and Mystery about her. She has Natural Beautiful Eyes that seem like they or looking straight through you and they are not Fake they are Real. Long Shapely Legs, Great Sense of Humor.

    The S*** Mysterious Look she has Is something that make her so dam S*** Look Keep people coming Back for More, More, More. She stands out in a Crowd without Even trying she has that “IT’ Girl Quality Surrounding Her. Many would give their Eye Tooth To Be The “Front Woman” For a
    Italian Big $$$$ Company Like “ARMANI” Yes this is Quality over Bull for sure. And if and when Modeling Stop Working for RIHANNA She have got some Big Ass $$$$$$$ Companies Backing Her Otherwise, Hating Ass
    Bumb b****** Rihanna is the Best at what she Does and she love the Camers and the Camers Love the fu*% Out of her S*** as fU*% Ass,,,,
    And like RIHANNA Says its a Competitive World Out there and she Love all of the Others who are doing it up Big But Rest ASSURED that there is no way that RIHANNA Is going to let some bumb b****** from the B H** Rain on her dam parade E, ver, Bytches and i don’t give a flying rats ass how many times you say that Beyonce is the Best in the world well so is RIHANNA, BYTCHES AND ALL THE OTHER BYTCHES WHO WANT TO

  26. WAITURTURN88 January 14, 2012

    Beyonce could never look this good…….RiRi is the most beautiful girl in the world…no joke….its just not fair to the other ladies!!!. but hey life is not fair, right ? lol

  27. Remey January 14, 2012

    You dumb asses…. Rihanna is the QUEEN!!!!!!

    You Bey Stans….I swear. Let it go. If Rihanna’s career isn’t going anywhere, how does she keep landing these HUGE endorsements? HOW? Please explain. You guys are delusional. WITH NO PROMO, TTT has risen in the charts. Now that Bey has this baby, she’s going to use “it” to get some sales off this next album which she desperately needs. 4 did not do impressive according to past numbers, and I’m tired of the same ole excuses……

    Are you all pressed?

  28. Brian B January 15, 2012

    F*** this took me back to the days of SOS!!!! I miss this side of her, effortlessly beautiful:)

  29. WHUT January 16, 2012


    Hottest star in the game BAR NONE.

  30. youdumbfucks January 16, 2012

    Rihanna looks high in those pictures. Now that we all know that she smokes weed. Now you will be able to see her eyes and tell. LMFAO

  31. gaaglooo! January 16, 2012

    @Perry Power
    January 14, 2012 at 3:26 am
    She looks stunning here!! Like the old Rihanna

    Agreed, like ” A girl like me”( ‘Unfaithful” on this one)!!


    This( your grav.) is one of the most beautiful and fierce Bee’s pic i have ever seen!!!! I love it!!

  32. riri January 16, 2012

    she actually looks good here. it is the same hair style as the girl like me era? she look natural then. She also looks younger!

  33. honeydip January 16, 2012


  34. S*** (U MAD?) January 16, 2012

    Ugh, She looks different in some of these Pics. All I see wen I look at Rihanna is a Str8 GHETTO HOODRAT!! (That happens to be able to afford star treatment). 😕 Id give her a good 5 years B4 her HABBITS start catching up to her…

    & she HARDLY looks better than BEY or even KELLY R!!

    WHUT yall Smoking? lol

    Rihanna has a HARD face. 😕

  35. Girrrl January 16, 2012

    Rih is cute as always. On another note, I’m #done at that pic in @s***’s gravitate.

  36. RedDead January 16, 2012

    Damn she looks hot, I know she needs a big f***** d*** to make her c**.

  37. Lax January 16, 2012

  38. Morgan January 17, 2012

    Ugh this b**** will never be as s*** as beyonce. 5 headed b****!!!

  39. SLAYFANISTANN. January 17, 2012

    These give me AGLM teas. 🙂

  40. Brown suga (sweet stuff) January 17, 2012

    she does look nice though! But once again someone had to bring in Beyonce damn. What is up with the rihanna fans it’s like you always have to prove a point when it comes to Rihanna. Just let her music and performances speak for themselves….OOPS you can’t do that sorry guys!

  41. minajesty January 17, 2012

    shes looking s*** as hell, shes always sizzling in photoshoots, too bad she cant sing for toffee.

  42. HOLLAND January 17, 2012

    TGJ is a fantastic side with loads of interesting feeds but you need to stop the Rihanna hating. Fire the b*tch who insists on being a Riri Slayer and just grow up.

  43. Lax January 17, 2012

    @BROWN SUGAR,,,,,Since you want to habor on people
    bringing Beyonce’s name up then talk to the big oak tree, bytch
    @B’ Knight
    @Pop Royalty
    And even Posting a Sports Ilustrated Link
    and every body with a Working Brain know
    the Rihanna’s S*** Aemani ADS Pictures
    Suck on that b**** after you check out
    Rihannas armani ads pictures are the sexiest of 2011

  44. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    I LOVE THE 2 NEW PICS. the others were basic as hell.

  45. COOKIE – DIVAS- TONI BRAXTON, RIHANNA January 17, 2012

    I’m so glad she doesn’t have a mustache unlike the Knowles clan.

  46. COOKIE – DIVAS- TONI BRAXTON, RIHANNA January 17, 2012

    Beautiful pics. I’ll probably get the lingerie set and jeans she designed for ARMANI :). I can’t quite grasp why Rihanna’s album is brought up in this post.

  47. Lax January 17, 2012

    The reason her album is bought up
    is because there are many who do
    believe that fat meat is greasy. And
    for those who do not believe you
    have to keep right on repeating
    the same dam thing over and over

    Repeating the same thing over
    and over again is kind of like
    the B H** Keeps telling others
    how great Beyonce is and how
    much better Beyonce’s is than
    all of the other’s on Earth and
    they do it over, and over without
    fail and they do it on everybodys
    post check it out.

  48. Lax January 17, 2012

    With the kind of money that she has made
    and especially her haul with her “Loud Tour”
    i don’t see how she has been able to keep
    it together. I know that if some how my Bank account would all of a sudden
    get a 400,000 dollar check deposited into my account and i became aware
    of it then they would have to first get Oxygen Pumped to me immediately
    then they would have to have 911 take me straight to the Hospital and hook
    me up everywhere but my eyes and ears until my breathing got corrected. Many of us work a 9-5 and its cool because you don’t miss what you can’t measure. And the many who hate on rihanna because she has made it are really nutts. In other words many love it that Beyonce is rich beyond Measures but their Lame Asses hates it when Rihanna stepst up to the plate and nail it out of sight and out of mind. Many other who are posted often with the exception of the heavy Hitters like beyonce, mariah, whitney, mary j and others Rihanna can boast a salary that goes with the “IT GIRLS OF THE MOMENT AND IN A VERY BIG WAY” You can say that in the $$$$$$$ Department Ga Ga, Rihanna, Taylor, Katy and others are making that paper like nobody’s business.

  49. Lax January 17, 2012

    Many words used to describe Rihanna like Flop, w****
    Ugly, Talentless, Big Head will be around and used
    aganist Rihanna even after she Becomes a Legend
    and all she has to do right now is get over her Vacay
    get into her Dress Yo Ass up mode and go for all
    of the Gusto that life has to offer her and she will be
    making more on fire and hot news very soon we Hope.

  50. WAITURTURN88 January 17, 2012

    Y is she so fricken Gorgeous!!!!…its so unnfair…..but i love her to death….Most beautiful black woman in the world…HANDS DOWN!!!

  51. Lax January 18, 2012

    It is rare to see a Black artist and a
    yougin at that who Embraces her
    Image and is never trying to be
    some one she’s not. Rihanna is
    with just being herself.

  52. Lax January 18, 2012

    Rihanna is content being a Beautiful
    Young Black Woman from The Islands.

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