Preview: Alexandra Burke ‘Elephant’ Video

Published: Friday 27th Jan 2012 by Sam

Alexandra Burke looks set to stampede to the top of the charts with her new single ‘Elephant’. The monster track, which features DJ Eric Morillo,  is to be accompanied by an equally epic video of this new teaser is anything to go by.

Peep the Pop force dance up a fierce storm after the jump…

Via our friends at Digital Spy:


‘Elephant’ is set to hit retail outlets on March 12th.

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  1. YOOSONDALOOSE January 27, 2012

    Omg, that was hot. The main shoot looks good, she could go far with this!

  2. OnTheSet January 27, 2012

    Another #1 for Alex!

  3. skittles January 27, 2012

    Love her to death and she is destined for great things. Definately one of the few contestant winners that really deserved it. Still young, energetic, eloquent, good work ethics, brushes up beautifully and an amzing dancer. Something tells she will be turning heads in the US pretty soon. Cant Wait. Thanks Grape Juice.

  4. AalexisR January 27, 2012


  5. PrettyYoungThing January 27, 2012

    This girl has everything! Love her! And the song sounds massive!

  6. Scott January 27, 2012

    Love Miss Burke and she looks stunning. She is heading for a a big year and is ganna slay.

  7. Daniel January 27, 2012

    Wow, she looks hot., fierce and edgy.
    Looking forward to it!

  8. sam January 27, 2012

    copying we found love….

  9. Daniel January 27, 2012

    Erm @Sam – since when did Rihanna dance love? and if you’re referring to the ‘trolley spinning’ – since when did Rihanna create ‘trolley spinning’? gurl please.. you need to SIT!

  10. sam January 27, 2012

    @daniel funny how the beat is similar and now the video. alexandra is a c*** end of

  11. Scott January 27, 2012

    Grow a pair Sam and get lost, Rihanna has been copying Beyonce since she started and no one and I mean no one copies the cannot sing live in tune and cannot dance Rihanna. Please dont tell me Sam is mad, sad Rihanna loon Toya.

  12. Scott January 27, 2012

    Get lost Rihanna loons and take it to mad, another site. Rihanna cannot sing live and cannot dance she has been jacking Beyonce since she started.
    Alex finally has the look right and live she kills Elephant, coming for weaves.

  13. Dev January 27, 2012

    She looks good, and baby got back. Personally not feeling the song but i’m hoping theres more thing to come to my taste.
    The Rihanna comparisons are lame, boring …..

  14. Turn*It*Up January 27, 2012

    Fire. No other words necessary.

  15. TURN UP THE MUSIC January 28, 2012

    OMG I CANNOT! The energy,the choreography, her look, outfits are on Point! LOL at the basic b****** hating, Alex will be snatching weaves of your favs this year!!!

  16. shanice Burke January 28, 2012

    i thought wow this is going to be interesting until i saw the blatant Rihanna lash. Wheeling around in shopping carts and similar imagery, will have to wait for the final edit but she will serve it on the dancing

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