Celine Dion: “Drugs Killed Whitney”

Published: Monday 13th Feb 2012 by David

In the 90s, Celine Dion and Whitney  Houston were two out of a troupe of mega divas ruling the charts in tandem.

Today, following the latter’s untimely passing, Dion has spoken on the situation, telling ABC’s Robin Roberts what she thinks caused Whitney’s death.

Her comments below…

Sure to rattle a few cages, Celine should hold judgement until she knows what really happened that day.

Because as of now, nobody knows if Whitney’s drug problem was to cause for what might well have been an accident.

However, we do have to agree with her stance of show businesse’s ‘dark side’, for there is no denying it is to blame for the demise of many an icon, Winehouse and Presley included.

But what do you think?

Is Celine right?

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  1. Lax February 13, 2012

    Every one knew Whitney had a drug problem
    that she could not seem to shake.

  2. Hearing Perfection February 13, 2012

    I love Celine But I feel she came out her mouth wrong on this one. I was sitting there watching the live feed and she started off alright and then came out her mouth crazy. I was thinking the exact same thing about her judgement of not only Whitney but of all the stars that have suffered from drug related issues. I mean damn did she have to bring up everyone’s name??? If she is so concerned maybe she should quit singing and become a doctor or nurse and actually help the people who are suffering. If this is not in her plans she should pay her respects, shut up, thank God she is still alive and keep it moving. Because if she passed she wouldn’t want anyone to talk about her personal skeletons, she would want us to focus on the gift that is her voice.

  3. LaLa February 13, 2012

    MISSLEADING TITLE trying to stirr hatred! cMon TGJ!!!!

    watch the video to hear what Celine really said!

    Celine: “Drugs, bad people/influence took over her (Whitney) dreams…. love & motherhood”

  4. setme FREE February 13, 2012


  5. tdens February 13, 2012

    Drugs may not have killed Whitney directly, but they played a part in her fall from grace. Celine is not being a hater. There was mutual respect between these women.

  6. SMDH February 13, 2012


  7. REALRasta February 13, 2012

    Love wat Celine Dion said,,Y we have to take tis n that to sleep, stay awake, sing etc,,, She will be miss and we will alwys Love u Whitney,,,,

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  8. LaLa February 13, 2012

    & yeah Celine rambles too far with the drugs problem. But tbh Drugs is scary thing & just like ‘aspirin’ esp. in celebrity world.

  9. Dev February 13, 2012

    Again misleading. I don’t recall her actually saying that

  10. ashgino February 13, 2012

    Look yall need not to sugar coat this, DRUGS did kill Whitney, every singer needs to know that, and especially needs to konw that the industry is dark, and it was not easy for Whitney. Actually Whitney’s soul and gift died a long time ago, she was just present trying to cope mentally w/ her surmise and she couldnt get over the pain. CELINE IS KEEPING IT REAL, and if anyone should, it should be a whitney counterpart and fellow DIVA> POIN T BLANK PERIOD………there was two whitney’s, the one we all love that soared when she sang and spoke, and the one that struggled and was crazy

  11. JohnVidal February 13, 2012

    So now TGJ is starting to cover CELINE DION??? Great
    Don´t get mad at her. She is not saying Nippy took drugs that night. She talks about her whole life which is obviously true. She doesn´t say it in a bad way. On teh contrary. She is so real with her feelings and truly loves Whitney. I know it cos I´ve always followed Celine, like with Whitney and Mariah. My true big favorites, who happen to be the 4 most succesful women ever in music with Madonna. So people bow down to them… to those 3 and specially to my dear angel Whitney Houston. The world in impacted. No time for basic b****** here

  12. MissImpartial February 13, 2012

    It’s the truth though. Even if she did not die because of drugs that night drugs have killed her a long time ago.

  13. Jasmine February 13, 2012

    I don’t think Dracula should be commenting so negatively. She was not that close to Whitney to know if she was on drugs still. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and maybe it is just her language barrier translation.

  14. FanOfMusic February 13, 2012

    I was ready to tear Celine a new one, but as harsh as reality can be, Celine is telling the truth for the most part about the industry and its demons when it comes to extremely popular and successful artist and the pressure and expectations that r put on them. I didn’t take that as her judging or trying to speak negatively about Whitney. She just can’t grasp how the artist fall apart and die way too soon.

    And as usual the title of this story is very M I S L E A D I N G

  15. Josh February 13, 2012

    i know whitney did drugs, but if someone doesnt mind telling me, what were the drugs of her choice?

    Was it hardcore drugs like crack or heroine or meth?
    Or not so hardcore drugs like weed or xanax?

  16. Dlux February 13, 2012

    I don’t think many celebs will speak their true feelings on this Whitney issue but I appreciate Celine for being honest and speaking truth. The pressure of fame can stir you in the wrong direction. Hopefully this will be a lesson for the greats to come.

  17. LaLa February 13, 2012

    If only TGJ readers could Block/Banned the MISLEADING title/news.

  18. MRDIVABITCH February 13, 2012

    Crack is wack…and sometimes no matter how beautiful, talented, successful and loved someone is…they just can’t fight their way out of an addiction, and even when they manage to do so…the damage has been done 🙁

  19. @antertain February 13, 2012

    Well ultimately some kind of drug (pill or drink or whatever) made her knock out in the bath.

    I’d prefer it to be a accidental passing rather than she purposely did it.

    Judgement should be slightly more reserved but Celine ain’t wrong at all in reality.
    Soft drug, hard drug i dont know but something assisted in taking Nippy from us.

  20. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 13, 2012

    drugs did have a huge part in whitney’s death….I agree with celine…

    I’m sorry that she died, and left her young daughter..she was a great singer and icon..

    but she did have a huge drug problem…..and it has a part in her death..

    she did tried to get help..which i was very proud of her for..but i dont believe she was 100% sober..

  21. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 13, 2012


    her drug of choice was crack…….and maybe more..

    but we know for a fact she was addicted to crack

  22. Justathought (Azealia Banks is coming…) February 13, 2012

    The funny part was when she said something along the lines of thats why she don’t go partying cause of the drug use. Sooo that means you are automatically gonna do drugs cause its around? No will power then huh

  23. Josh February 13, 2012


    Wow, then i understand her struggles. I have family members that couldnt get help with that problem. She must have been through a lot. She was young, only 48.

    Rest In Peace Whitney.

  24. Kingphoenix February 13, 2012

    Celine was so sincere in what she said….TGJ you are really shameful.

  25. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 13, 2012

    if you are known to be a drug addict, the last thing your ass need to be is at parties or clubs..

    thats what celine was saying…what people fail to understand is, celine is in the industry, she knows whats going on..she doesnt have to be a freakin doctor, to know what killed whitney..

    we all knew whitney had a drug problem..for decades..it wasnt just for years, it went on for decades..the damage was already there….

    when you are a celeb with money and power, its hard to have self control when it comes to drugs..why because its easier to get…

    i dont think celine was bashing whitney..she said what many of us was thinking..drugs had a part in the death of whitney..and its esier for celebs to have a drug problem, because of the unlimited access to the drugs..

  26. LaLa February 13, 2012

    February 13, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    The funny part was when she said something along the lines of thats why she don’t go partying cause of the drug use. Sooo that means you are automatically gonna do drugs cause its around? No will power then huh

    Well in party the transaction mostly happened & using it together there. it’s a bad surrounding… even if you rejected it, they’ll try to insist insist, etc. so why she want to go there? while she can have the happiness with her husband Renee & her kids…

  27. Royalkev February 13, 2012

    I think there isn’t a soul ignoring Whitney’s past drug addiction history. We are aware of her struggles and issues. We’ve seen her fight and we all have notice her attempts to rebound and recover from it. What I don’t care for and actually despise is the judgement and certainty people seem to have of Whitney’s ailments during the timing of her death.

    Whitney has recorded new music and was filming a new movie. We have no idea what stage she was at in battling her demons. She have so many industry friends speaking positively about her overall health and spirit when they were in her presence in her final days. We simply don’t know what was the cause of her death at this time. The way things are shaping up, it could have simply been a very unfortunate accident. So those that are tearing her down before actually considering the possibilities or hearing concrete proof in reports stating that Whitney died from drugs are too hasty with their ridicule.

    Maybe, just maybe Whitney wasn’t using drugs, let her have this victory. She is gone and can’t defend herself. The worst I’ve heard was that Whitney was drinking champagne at a social gathering. That’s not coke. Whitney was also seen taking trips to the doctor’s office and we’ve even heard of her following instructions by her physician and swimming daily to improve her lung power. So those that are choosing to be ignorant and bashing Whitney for things that we do not know of need to question if their being fair or even human.

    Wait for the results of her autopsy and if that’s the case (drug overdose killing her), atleast you’ll be coming from a more truthful place in your criticsms. Right now unless Whitney’s biggest demon was Xanax, I don’t accept drugs as the ruin of her. It may have taken it’s toll on her, but I don’t know if that is what took Whitney out. I just hope that some of you that attack her are proud of everything you’ve done in your past, because that’s the only way I can understand judging someone who has worked so hard to change their future.


  28. Imgunnacheckuboo February 13, 2012

    Well, it ain’t like she was lying.

  29. kimberly February 13, 2012

    It is just sad that the media gave whitney a hard time and ridiculed her but a week and a half later she is dead and they kiss her dead ass. The media is f***** up.
    rip whitney….

  30. Aishaaguilerakeys February 13, 2012

    Out of respect for Whitney’s fam, she shouldn’t have said that, or anything else that could have been negative to W’s image.

  31. Legendtina February 13, 2012

    February 13, 2012 at 12:48 pm
    So now TGJ is starting to cover CELINE DION??? Great
    Don´t get mad at her. She is not saying Nippy took drugs that night. She talks about her whole life which is obviously true. She doesn´t say it in a bad way. On teh contrary. She is so real with her feelings and truly loves Whitney. I know it cos I´ve always followed Celine, like with Whitney and Mariah. My true big favorites, who happen to be the 4 most succesful women ever in music with Madonna. So people bow down to them… to those 3 and specially to my dear angel Whitney Houston. The world in impacted. No time for basic b****** here
    All of this right here

  32. Legendtina February 13, 2012

    I will be waiting for the autopsy report to tell us what took Whitney. Not rumors

  33. Beyonce Never Had A Baby February 13, 2012

    ^^^ That is what the media does when celebs (especially big named one’s) die. They tear them up when they are alive and then start b*** kissing and giving them praises after death. Thus pretending to care as if they are so hurt over a celebs death that they dogged out whilst that celeb was still living. The media are the #1 fakers.

  34. Beyonce Never Had A Baby February 13, 2012

    That response was for Kimberly.

  35. Queentina>Your Fave February 13, 2012

    Gurl bye with that missleading title. Did you watch the video? Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and Whitney Houston are the Vocal Trinity. There is no hate between them. Celine was basically saying that Hollywood(which is filled with drugs and bad people) took a toll on Whitney and lead to her demise.

  36. Sash February 13, 2012

    Drugs didn’t kill Whitney- BOBBY BROWN DID!!!!! we all knew from the moment she put that wedding ring on that its was all downhill from there!

  37. VA STAND UP!! February 13, 2012

    I love Celine….I do, and we all know Whitney had a drug problem that took a huge toll on her life and career and more than likely was a contributing factor to her death, but I just feel it was so tacky to ramble on and on like that she did.

    I don’t consider this a ‘diss’ in an way and the title of the post was VERY misleading ( I’m come to expect that now from TGJ) but Celine really could have just kept all that to herself. Its too soon. Her family & fans are still in morning and to basically just turn the whole interview into a ‘say no to drugs’ campaign was just tacky. She almost insinuated that Whitney didn’t care about her friends or family because her life was consumed with drugs. I just dont think 2 days after Whitney passing is the right time to almost blame her for her own death. SMH.

    RIP Whitney.

  38. JER February 13, 2012

    T off Celine!!!! Always honest!

  39. VA STAND UP!! February 13, 2012

    Why is everyone so bent on her doing drugs, God called her home it was her time everyone has skeltons in there closet so what she did drugs I’m sure all you people up here including myself have something we do that the next person disapprove of or look down on us for doing it so shut up about the drugs and just send your thoughts and prayers like moral people do

  40. 123456 February 13, 2012

    What she said made sense.

    and its crazy how shes scared to hang out at parties and the people and drugs. the illuminati is real, they really wanna take u down the wrong path.

  41. mobwife February 13, 2012


    We have no idea what killed Whitney Houston! Whitney is an ICON you are a mere shadow! How is Rene, that p******** you married? You should stay at home so we wont have to read about him chasing more little girls skirts!

    Robin Roberts I truly loath you! Funny how the media acts as though they had nothing to do with the sadness Whitney Houston felt. She appeared on GMA and they tried to run her down. Everytime you turned around they had something nasty and negative to say about her even up until her death. They continue to script stories that rob her of her greatness by focusing on BS that no one cares about! Screw the media!

  42. Onyx February 13, 2012

    What Celine say is the truth, nothing to hide here, the biggest stars in the world had have problem with drugs my favorites, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and many more Whitney was one of them too, nothing to be ashamed about, they’re famous but they are humans and humans make mistake, is not only in Music even in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift ect… i mean is a sad thing but is what it is, even if the causes of her death are not related with drugs that doesn’t erase her past as a drug addicted, no matter how she die, the most important thing is that we lost the best Voice of all times.

  43. cray February 13, 2012

    One thing Celine kept saying was….something is wrong somewhere? what happened? There is a very dark side to show business that a lot of people don’t know. You become a machine and you have to produce…you lose your humanity because people start to demand, demand, and demand from you. Everywhere you turn your face is splattered across the tabloids. You can’t make mistakes without being judged, everyone has an opinion of you. I want to know how many people can live through that without some major side effect? I love all the people judging..but ask yourself some questions first….Do you think people who fought and broke down racial barriers, who worked extremely hard to get to where they are, who when told no worked ten times harder to turn the no to yes….do you think this people are weak willed people? have you overcome d half of what they have? probably not…I said all that to say…there is something going on in the industry…a really dark side that it only a few who have achieved the ultimate stardom like Whitney, Micheal and even Elvis know of…there is a reason Celine is scared of show business. I would advise you not to judge something you do not know

  44. There is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others February 13, 2012

    I am finally fed up with this disgusting site.

    You don’t understand ENGLISH language.

    Céline (and not Celine) didn’t say that she was killed by drugs on Saturday, but that her life was ruined by drugs. TGJ is utter nonsense.

    Celine was 100% right. Stupid drug addicts…

  45. Texas Cowgirl February 13, 2012

    Great advice from a legend.

  46. Always love Whitney (RIP) February 13, 2012

    Whitney took drugs through her own will but bobby was the enabler. She really didn’t deserve him. He was ugly and classless for her anyway. Don’t know what she saw in him but I guess opposites attract. However, I love Celine Dion as well as Whitney. I know how much she looked up to whitney as I saw in her other interviews before whitney passed. I feel bad for Bobbi Cristina too. I wish people wouldn’t bring her down and say general things like her abusing drugs. No one know what she really want through in her personal life. I certainly don’t know. I don’t care what negative things she did though. No one is perfect. We all sin. But she should be remembered for more good than bad. She was the voice of the generation and didn’t depend on gimmicks to get through her career. Sold 170 million just purely on her vocal talent. So that’s all that matters and why I love her.

  47. Carlos February 13, 2012

    Somebody said it. Dont blame Celine for being real. If celine didnt say it, somebody would have said it eventually. Ppl need to stop being fake.. Lets be real, when we all heard she died, we all taught the samething.

  48. TheMusicProphet February 13, 2012

    No one likes to face facts when it comes to a sudden death like this. I personally feel we’ve had sooo many of these ‘Untimely Passings’ over the last 5 years, I can’t even handle it anymore. I respect Celine Dion for her statement here. She wasn’t rude or derogatory in any way, shape, or form. She simply stated what a demon drugs can me. How easy they start, and how far they’ll drag you down. This is a dark industry, and I appreciate Dion’s honesty. Too often we sugarcoat these deaths. It’s just sad. Whitney was one of the greatest voices of all time. I’m so unbelievably sad to see her go. But let’s not kid ourselves, drugs played a massive part in this tragedy.

  49. LAX February 13, 2012

    Celine should have never said what killed Whitney Houston Leave it to the Autospy report to say what really kill Whitney Houston, we can’t just assume so soon…..even though we knew she did drugs but doesn’t mean Celine had to go on live T.v and say it

  50. JohnVidal February 13, 2012

    I love that we all understood what Celine was saying and that we all love Whitney no matter what. Deep inside everybody loves True greats. And I love Celine too. Now I hope I can enjoy Mariah, Celine and Madonna for a long time. The 4 biggest female megastars ever with my angel Whitney. They can´t stop paying homage to her here in Spain on the radio and tv

  51. Teacher February 13, 2012

    February 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm
    MISSLEADING TITLE trying to stirr hatred! cMon TGJ!!!!

    watch the video to hear what Celine really said!

    Celine: “Drugs, bad people/influence took over her (Whitney) dreams…. love & motherhood”

  52. cjones February 13, 2012

    Celine should have kept her thoughts to her self its a time and place for all of that.ms Houston just died do you really think her family wants to hear that.what if Celine kids father died would she want people to post on the internet that there father is a p******** that like underage girls. She wants to tell the truth tell that

  53. cjones February 13, 2012

    She should have just sent her prayers and shut the hell up

  54. JohnVidal February 13, 2012

    Funny that some people here are saying people talks s*** about Whitney and then tell lies about Celine and her husband at the same time

    Celine is just shocked. Like I am. She loves Whitney motherfucking Houston. Don´t be mad

    I just read the grammys had its highest ratings since 1984 (the second best ratings in grammys history). Whitney is a true great. And these type of things happen when it is about true greats

  55. Steph February 13, 2012

    “I am afraid of hanging out.” Well said Celine. Whitney had such a legacy, my heart bleeds…there is a lesson here people, lets pray for the grace to see & understand it

  56. MISHKA February 13, 2012

    Sam, you better tell your staff to stop putting THEIR words into other people mouths.

    Everybody knows Whitney’s career went right to the south after she got married to Bobby(bad company).

    If you’re a big name in the show business and you want to keep your private life clean, beware of the bad seed. That’s why some of them lose their sanity and are unable to bounce back.

    RIP Whitney.

  57. theresa February 13, 2012

    Celine said it best. There are alot of Whitney floating around the industry as we listen to her speak. That all night partying is the start of the drug abuse. Heavy drinking & using coke plus pills to go to sleep is just the begining until it becomes a habbit. It only take very little time to get hooked. Whitney died at 48 and was using drugs in her late 20’s. You people who have idols you can see it coming with all the partying and always have to be in the camera’s view. Artists either male or female thinks is cute be photograph smoking & singing about weed Bob Marley did and where is he now. From this day on you will see artists droping like flys. So you fans keep thinking this is the norm and you will see your idol leaving the same way.

  58. theresa February 13, 2012

    Oh and blaming someone else is just an excuse. Can’t nobody make you do something you don’t want to do. This is what’s wrong with the world today doing that blame game. So if someone told you to shoot,stab,jump of a roof you will follow them. In the industry you have to work hard. You have to do whatever they say to make it big. So it’s easy for you to get drugs to make you feel like wonder woman or man just to please others.

  59. Dante February 13, 2012

    @ THERESA – Bob Marley didnt die because of the weed smoking you uneducated b****-he died from Melanoma that spread throughout his body, it wasnt the weed that killed him, skin cancer did!..i suggest you write about things that are actually FACTS before trying to sound like you know s***!

  60. cjones February 13, 2012

    This comment is to Johnvidal if you look at Celine story that man her husband was involved with her so call career then when she was a child now she grown with two of his kids she even stated she was in love with him when age was young so don’t tell me he didn’t m***** her and made her what she is today my point is Celine just should have kept her thoughts what ever felt to her self cause the houston familia doesn’t want to hear that now no one who lost some one wants to hear something bad about there family they are mourning a lost Celine just should have sent her prayers and kept her feelings to herself

  61. LaLa February 14, 2012

    @ CJones: “so don’t tell me he didn’t m***** her”
    I want to see the receipt!! 😐
    none proof about that case… even until now they still marriage couple. artist manager/producer/etc love thing is quite common… there’s Mariah & Tommy Motolla, Kathryn McPhee & Nick Cokas, etc…

    & I can tell that You didn’t even watch the video. 😐

  62. cjones February 14, 2012

    La la I can tell you don’t have a life or a job that man m***** her how can you be a older man managing a 12 year old then all of a sudden when she become the legal age to present in public its ok to flaunt the relationship just like it magically happen over night grow the F*** up and get your head out the clouds im done talking about that p******** and his victim this forum is about Whitney rip fly high Jesus loves you

  63. san February 17, 2012

    Celine , Let’s just highlight on your life. You R married to Father Time w/ 3 kids. They call he Grand dad, more than should they get confused. You R a Vegas Show girl. You will never in this life or the next life ever sing or be as famous as Whitney. So get over yourself. Oh forgot one thing , Your Husband was also a big time gambler, Oh did you forget. Now go outside a find a stone and throw it through your own glass house.

  64. Amin kuzey February 28, 2012

    se is awesome in world

  65. Manuel September 23, 2012

    Lmao and Celine was right! The autopsy showed Whitney had cocaine in her system when she died! Y’all stay pressed 😉

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