Janet Jackson To Judge On X Factor USA?

Published: Friday 17th Feb 2012 by Sam

After Simon Cowell‘s colossal cast cull on the X Factor USA, speculation has been rife about just who will replace ousted judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul.

And while names such as Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have been touted as potential successors, a surprise name has reportedly thrown her wig into the mix – Janet Jackson.

Details after the jump…

As earlier reported, the Pop icon made a visit to the Anderson show this week. And while the interview will air next Monday, interesting soundbites from her chat with host Anderson Cooper have emerged. Indeed when quizzed on whether she’ll be joining the X Factor USA as a judge, the 45 year old said:

Janet: Oh my God

She then began to stumble all over her words (while laughing).

Janet:  No I’m not a judge on The X Factor.

Anderson:  You’re not currently a judge on The X Factor.”

Janet:  “No, I am not.  But that’s all I really think I should say.

Anderson:  Intriguing, I will say.


Intriguing indeed. However, not only because Jackson would bring with her ample star power and an undeniable X Factor of her own, but also because it would see her working alongside surviving judge LA Reid.

Who could forget the infamous ‘Discipline’ episode in 2008, which saw Reid sign his “dream” signee Janet to then-label Def Jam, only for the whole shabang to quickly become a nightmare for both. Jackson wrote nothing on the LP, which would go on to under-perform amidst public disagreement about single choices. The pair would then part ways not long after.

Still, this would be one hell of an opportunity for Janet (while of course being a bigger one for Simon. Alas, I digress).

Having wrapped a successful “hey promoters, I’m still a force” tour, and with a number of movies on the horizon, the talent-search could easily serve as the icing on the 45 year old’s “comeback cake”. One which we hope to taste soon.

Do YOU think Janet would make a good X Factor judge?

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Randomness: Do not be fooled by the Minie Mouse demeanour post-Superbowl Janet seems forced to evoke. She can serve up sassy diva when the moment calls for it. Exhibit A, B, and C!

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  1. YOOSONDALOOSE February 17, 2012

    WOW, hopefully she will!
    Need some Janet!

  2. geeeeeesssss February 17, 2012


  3. Royalkev February 17, 2012

    I have to say that I’m not sold on this gig for Janet. I think it’s a great opportunity and the exposure will benefit any artist. I’m just not sure this job suits Janet. I don’t think she’s particularly good at critiquing artists. Janet doesn’t enjoy ruffling anyones feathers, so she should be careful in considering this and pass on it if it’s going to make her act out of character. Aside from that, I’m not to keen on the idea of her being apart of a show that rely on so many gimmicks to draw a crowd.


  4. chester February 17, 2012

    I was under the assumption she hated LA reid. Really hated him, especially after the Discipline album on Def Jam, while he was president. Maybe I was wrong.

  5. B Lamont February 17, 2012

    Great for exposure! And would definitely watch, but in all honesty it doesn’t really fit Janet’s character. I think she would be better suited as a mentor really, because she can give advice without having to really judge. But all this speculation based on a quick soundbite is hilarious…gotta love the media!

    Anyway, lovin all the (positive) Janet press.

  6. Edgy_Timless February 17, 2012

    She will be the perfect, i mean perfect, (no shade to Paula and J-Lo AI), but Janet is the perfect example of what the X-Factor is. Not only do you want to be a artist but you want to last and become a ICON. Janet has done it all. Great look.

  7. MissImpartial February 17, 2012

    Exactly!!! That’s what I thought when I read this.

  8. Onyx February 17, 2012

    No a Diva like her would not fits with this kind of Tv shows, she is to big for that, leave that for J.Lo and Kelly Rowland, you would never see truly Divas like Madonna doing this kind of things, Janet should do the same.

  9. twista February 17, 2012

    I’m sure she would net a hefty sum for doing the show, even for one or two seasons, but RoyalKev is right – Janet is not comfortable ruffling anyone’s feathers or being harsh.

  10. Dominic February 17, 2012

    YES!!!! Will deffo watch it if she judges. 🙂

  11. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 17, 2012

    This is just like cheryl cole judging people on their singing.. A joke.

  12. Nickles February 17, 2012

    Janet would be an OK judge, but I would rather see Mariah as a judge (she can be brutally honest) or bring Kelly Rowland from X-Factor UK. I’m leaning towards Mariah, though.

  13. realtalkbswalk February 17, 2012

    Damnnnn Janet looks so edible I cant take it, Her beauty is undifined lol Janets coming back hard I can see it! But I cant see her as a judge on Xfactor she is much bigger than that leave that s*** to kelly and jlo

  14. Man-TAK-eee February 17, 2012

    We now know whitney houston was offered one of the judges seats. Too bad she died, sad.

  15. Craig February 17, 2012

    Think Janet will be too nice to the contestants, she might as well just be a guest judge at the judges homes.

  16. MISHKA February 18, 2012

    No, Janet, don’t do it…

  17. said so February 19, 2012

    I think Janet is too big for the show and it may not do her any good. Please XFactor bring K Rowland from UK. She was brilliant on that show, but some uk audience didn’t like her Americanism. She will be brilliant over here.

  18. YAAAASSSS February 19, 2012

    Toni Braxton would make a much better judge. No shade, but just hearing Janet speak is boring and she doesn’t seem like she can do enough to help create a star. I love THE Janet Jackson performer extraordinaire but offstage her personality is dry as hell.

  19. Daniel February 24, 2012

    she is the best of all i’m watching the show now. yesssssssssssssss

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