Sugababes Star Flies Solo Again

Published: Monday 20th Feb 2012 by Sam

While the current incarnation of the Sugababes insist they’re simply on “hiatus”, the thin string which held their charade together continues to come undone.

For, following confirmation that the original line-up have reformed, as well as the embarrassing axe of “comeback” single ‘Freedom’, it has now been revealed that yet another member of the struggling trio are aiming for higher ground – solo.

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Following in the footsteps of member Amelle Berrabah, newcomer Jade Ewen has announced that she too is working on a solo project.

And while little is known about her label predicament (or the group’s for that matter), the news marks a return to familiar territory for Ewen.

Having pursued solo stardom to no avail, she got a “break” when snapped by by Sony SMG as part of short-lived R&B outfit Trinity Stone. The next the masses saw of her was her successful 2009 bid to represent the UK at Eurovision. An experience which saw her finish a respectable 5th (the highest the UK had since 2002), yet didn’t help launch the Pop career she’s so hoped for. Indeed, her post-Eurovision single ‘My Man’ peaked at #39.  Later that year saw her join the Sugababes, and here we are at somewhat of a sad “full circle”.

Immensely talented, Ewen has had the unfortunate happenstance of never quite being in the right place or “setup” at the right time. A trend we hope is broken now that she’s all but left the bad smell that was the Sugababes 4th incarnation.

Undeterred by the brutality that is oft this industry, Ewen has returned to Youtube, today sharing a cover of Jazmine Sullivan‘s ‘In Love With Another Man’. Check it out below, along with case, point, examples of the talent which lies inside  the Londoner:

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  1. Jay February 20, 2012

    Yesss!! This girl was the only reason I gave the last incarnation of the sugababes a look in the first place. So much talent! I can’t wait to see what she has in store. Hopefully something stateside.

  2. Dev February 20, 2012

    We knew she could sing, what we couldn’t understand is why she joined that blasted group.
    Leona needs to release before this chick gets noticed (again) and Jessie J needs to side step because the emotion and soul was off the hook.
    I’m looking forward to it…. if the music’s decent
    Alexandra… take some notes on runs….

  3. therealest February 20, 2012

    ‘my man’ was HOTT. Hope she gets the recog she deserves – she is far superior to alot of the stuff out there *pixie lott*cough cough*

  4. YOOSONDALOOSE February 21, 2012

    Love her, she seems lovely, hope she works really hard and gets an amazing album out which does great! She deserves this!

  5. Troybenz February 22, 2012

    she should just have stayed solo and she,s not a star yet

  6. WayTooFly! February 28, 2012

    Didn’t she already try and fail at this, hence the reason she joined the sinking ship, formally known as Sugababes.

    She should have stuck with being a solo artist.

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