That Grape Juice Interviews Emeli Sande

Published: Friday 10th Feb 2012 by Sam

As an award-winning songwriter, Emeli Sande has crafted hits for many a chart-topper. However, it’s the Scottish star’s own material which has her poised for major success this year.

Soulful and flavoursome, the 24 year old’s unique sound has earned her both critical and commercial acclaim.

 The BRIT Award Critics Choice winner is gearing up for the release of her debut album ‘Our Version of Events’ and was keen to talk to That Grape Juice about the project.

Also discussed during our candid chat were her thoughts on the Urban music scene, working with the newly reformed Sugababes (original line-up), collaborating Leona Lewis, her recent engagement, and much more.


Emeli Sande Shouts Out That Grape Juice

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Sam (TGJ): How are you?

Emeli Sande: I’m good, thank you. I just got to Glasgow

Sam: A home visit, I see.

Emeli: Yeah we’re just doing some press up here before the album’s out, it’s really nice to be back gives me time to catch up with everyone.

Sam: Awesome.

You’ve had immensely amazing buzz; why do you think that’s been?

Emeli: I don’t know really (laughs). All I’ve been trying to do is release music that I really enjoy listening to – and I think people have connected to that. You know, hearing something “different” on the radio.

Sam: We concur!

Tell us a little about your journey thus far. Because while we’re well versed with where you’ve been and what you’ve done, many are just now discovering you.

Emeli: Well, it’s been a very long run. I mean 3 or 4 years ago I was actually studying medicine —– and then one summer I met Naughty Boy. He’s a producer. I met him in London and then we started working together.

One of the first things we collaborated on was (rapper) Chipmunk’s hit ‘Diamond Rings’. That led to me landing my publishing deal that summer; which opened the door for me to work with Wiley, Tinie Tempah, Labyrinth, Professor Green, and many others on the British “Urban” scene, which was a lot fun.

Then we kinda branched out with working with more of the Pop world, Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, among others. At the same time we were also trying to create my album as well. Then I got signed to Virgin/EMI (as an artist) – which saw me continue grafting and developing for another year and a half, and then we finally arrived at ‘Heaven’, my first single.

I was like, “wow, this is the song I really want to introduce myself with”. Lyrically, I felt it represents me and it just felt “right”. And here we are a few months later at album release. It’s delightfully creepy to see how quick everything has come together after grafting for so long.

Sam: Tell us a little bit about the albums title, ‘Our Version Of Events’…

Emeli: ‘Our Version Of Events’, came from a conversation I was having with Naughty Boy and my A&R at Virgin Records.

We were talking about the industry and the “set” way of doing things (be it sound, promotion, etc) —— and Naughty Boy was like, “these are our version of events”. And I thought “wow, I kinda love his defiant take on everything”. It’s kinda the way we make music; there are no real rules. No restrictions on who we can and can’t work with. We were never thinking about charts or anything like that. Instead, at the front of our mind was creating music people could really connect with.

Sam: You’re very much an “artist”, yet at the same time this is your first album. How much creative freedom were you given by the label this first go round?

Emeli: Great question. I was given a lot and early on too. Of course, the label are going to try and put you on a set path (that’s their job). But I put my foot down and said “I wanna make this album in London. I want it to be a “British sounding” album and I know who I work best with”. They kinda understood that and I’m really lucky I was granted full control.

Sam: Cool. We hear that you’re engaged! Congratulations on that. How much of your personal life inspires your lyrics?

Emeli: Thank you. I’d say all of my personal life does. I think as soon as you kind of get removed from your personal life and the people that love you then – as a writer, you lose the authenticity. All my stories are my own lyrical narratives, are ones that I’ve been through.

Sam: You’re of Scottish and Zambian heritage. How much of that has been an influence on your music?

Emeli: A big part. I mean growing up my dad would play Zambian Music in the car and music from Senegal and you know lots of music from different countries in Africa. So I was always kind of aware there was this whole world of music out there that didn’t just stop with Pop radio. So I’d say that definitely had an impact on me kinda breaking any rules that might be set musically. And, you know, in Scotland there’s lots of folk music, so same with that too.

Sam: What are your thoughts on the current industry – particularly the Urban industry here in the UK?

Emeli: I love it! It really feels like a special time where, if you’re making something good, it will be recognized and it can be in the charts – regardless of whether you’re signed. It really feels like a good time for great music to get out there – and have a chance. And I think we’re really leading the way for creative, imaginative music.

Sam: I definitely co-sign with you there. But, in saying that “it’s a great time” do you feel there’s been a decline in recent times of past? I ask as we’ve come a far way from the Damage’s, the Misteeq’s, the Eternal’s. All Urban forces, who once dominated….

Emeli: I think Tinie Tempah and people like the are the new Eternal – if that makes any sense. We wouldn’t be able to be here without everyone that kinda came forward and opened doors. I was a big fan of Eternal, and it’s amazing to see how successful they were during a time when it was harder for Urban music to come through. So I think there definitely will be a lot more R&B and Soul coming out of the UK. Now is that time.

Sam: Amen!

You’re very much what people would bill a “qualitative artist”. Hence naturally you’ve been placed in a “competitive category” with the Leona’s and the Adele’s of the world. Honestly speaking how much do you see acts like that as competition?

Emeli: Not really. No. Were making different types of music. I do what I do. The same for them. I don’t think alone can write or sing a song like Adele, I don’t see any point in competing with them. I feel it’s better just to celebrate that this is a great moment for women in the industry and for quality music. I don’t really feel like a competitor in that sense. It’s really cool everyone’s doing their own thing and has their own voice and gets to have it heard.

Sam: Who would you deem your biggest musical inspirations?

Emeli: My biggest musically inspirations, hmm…

Probably Nina Simone. I just think she’s amazing and she’s inspired so many people that I’ve looked up. So, yeah, definitely Nina Simone. She just blows me away. I can just sit and watch her on Youtube for hours and hours. I remember my dad introduced me to her when I was about eight or nine. She’s the first person that made me feel like I want to be an artist and I want to write and I want to have just as much control and respect as men do in the industry. Definitely Nina.

Sam: Cool!

We hear that you have been working with the original Sugababes. What’s that experience been like?

Emeli: That’s been awesome! It’s the first thing I did when I got back from Christmas holidays. It sounds incredible. I’m really-really looking forward to people just hearing the tones of their voices. It works so well together and it’s just very cool. Can’t wait.

Sam: Would you say it’s akin to sound of their first album, just refreshed?

Emeli: Absolutely! I mean that’s the only Sugababes album I own.

Sam: Do you know if a release date has been etched in stone?

Emeli: I have no idea; I think it’s very early days for the whole project.

Sam: Awesome and we also hear you’ve been working on Leona’s ‘Glassheart’. Is there anything you can share with us about that?

Emeli: Yes! That was so much fun. We did that in the summer last year, actually. She came to the studio for a couple of weeks. We had a great time. We have a lot in common, so it was a great time getting to know her and —— it was great I hope they get it released.

Sam: So do we.

Are there any international plans for you at the moment?

Emeli: International, yes there’s promotional tour coming up in the States, which I’m looking forward to. Europe as well. I think we’ll be over there next week that should take help album as far as possible.

Sam: Rounding up now I’m going to give you a few random snap questions.

Picture this: Beyonce approaches you to write on her new album – in its entirety. What direction would you take her in.

Emeli: I would get her to come to either London or Glasgow and we’d do something really cool and gritty!

Sam: X-Factor or The Voice?

Emeli: Erm…. The Voice. It’s such a cool concept.

Sam: And final one, Whitney or Mariah?

Emeli: Mariah

Sam: Why?

Emeli: She’s a childhood love of mine. It will always be Mariah. I just love her.

Sam: And finally, when the dust has settled, how does Emeli Sande want to be remembered?

Emeli: As a strong woman in the industry, who challenged the norms.

Sam: Emeli Sande, thank you very much.  

Emeli: Thank you. I enjoyed it!

{Transcript by Ricky Robinson}
{Interview by Sam / David}


‘Our Version of Events’ hits digital and physical outlets on February 13th


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  1. YOOSONDALOOSE February 10, 2012

    Good interview!
    Glad her and Leona hit it off, and her and Mariah would be a hot collab!

    I think she will be around for a long time!

  2. White girl mob February 10, 2012

    WHO is this again??????? Never heard of her kinda look like a ugly version of beyonce.

    Kreayshawn debut album gonna sell 435,000 copies it’s first week haters stay pressed like your faves

  3. A February 10, 2012

    Emeli is amazing. just heard her singles some weeks ago for the first time and Im in love with her sound and voice.

    Im thinking about buying her album, quality music MUST be heard and she deserves success this year

  4. Lax February 10, 2012

    She’s beautiful and i love her voice, she’s on her
    way and is she keep doing her thing then she
    can move right along on her career path just
    like she have dreams of doing to me.

  5. Lax February 10, 2012

    and if she keep doing her own thing
    then,,,,she is well on her way to fulfilling
    her wildest Dreams come True! keep
    right on doing you EMELI>>>

  6. Lax February 10, 2012

    Hmmmm i know that there are loads of
    Talent coming from the Uk ,,, For Certain>>

  7. Minajesty February 10, 2012


    she actually has talent, unlike kreaYAWN.

    already pre-ordered the album cant wait till monday!

  8. Lax February 10, 2012

    When she stated that ,,,,She want to be a strong woman in the
    Industry who Challenges the Norn,,,Great words and spoken
    read like straight from her heart, that is a great way to look at
    their positive outlook on their future in entertaining. That is a way
    and attitude many artist should have, when in entertaining.

  9. Lax February 10, 2012

    Hmmmmmm there is a loose cannon
    loose as a goose on the thread almost before
    the thread get started. Some need to keep their
    meds handy and they need to never forget to take their meds, ever.

  10. Lax February 10, 2012

    This was a good Interview “Grape”.

  11. QUEEN MARIAH>>>>>> February 10, 2012






    QUEEN MARIAH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOUR FLOP FAVES

  12. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 10, 2012


  13. MelyB February 10, 2012

    Yea, another talented songstress joining the field. I’m loving her youtube clips and have already pre-ordered her album from Amazon!

  14. Royalkev February 11, 2012

    I think Emeli Sande seems very interesting. I want to see what she has in store for us. I think ‘Heaven’ sounds really great. It’s what really got my attention after listening to her snippets. Thanks Bey is Legend for putting me on to her! 🙂

    I like her responses about Bey and ‘The Voice’, but it’s always Whitney over Mariah! I won’t hold it against her though. I see where she’d get caught up in her confusion. j/k 🙂
    Bring on the album!

  15. @antertain February 11, 2012

    Very good Sam.

    Really like Emeli alot. Thats the type of artist I like supporting.
    Voice is excellent as well

  16. @antertain February 11, 2012

    Really like Emeli alot. Thats the type of artist I like supporting.
    Voice is excellent as well.

    Cool interview

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