10 Minute Preview: Behind The Music – Brandy

Published: Monday 23rd Apr 2012 by Sam

This Wednesday sees VH1 air one of their most hotly anticipated Behind The Music episodes.

R&B diva Brandy forms the focus of the show, peeling back the layers for what promises to be an intriguing watch. Indeed, no topic was off-limits on the retrospective, which chronicles the songbird’s career rise, as well as personal lows (including “that” car accident and her faux-marriage).

Peep a 10-minute preview after the jump…

An essential watch!

Randomness: Word has it the episode will serve as the “official” launch (“wheels in motion”) for Ms. Norwood’s new ‘2/11’ project. If so, it’d be a maestro move on the part of her new team.

Your thoughts?


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  1. spraythedamn April 23, 2012

    We can’t wait to watch. Brandy has always done her thing & we love her music, acting skills ain’t half bad either.

  2. Deena Jones’ wig April 23, 2012

    Brandy, it’s not gonna happen. Hang it up! Girl, bye!

  3. Karin April 23, 2012

    Dang @Deena how do you really feel…sheesh……….Any ways ,I will be watching and supporting my gurl:)

  4. Bran Star April 23, 2012

    @Deena, please go find something to do. Get laid, get a job, make your money, and get yo life!

    In other news, I’m so excited for this! But at the same time I’m very anxious and emotional…But this is the perfect platform for Brandy to get these things off her chest. The #TwoEleven era is among us!

  5. MARC April 23, 2012


  6. BeyHiveBuzz April 23, 2012

    Can’t wait! I’m not a huge fan of Behind the Music but this one looks good! Go Brandy! Not gonna lie, not here for her corny brother & hoodrat friend tho.

  7. Boogie Beesh April 23, 2012


  8. #TEAMBRANDY April 23, 2012

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS BRANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. therealhonesttruth April 23, 2012

    Brandy is finally doing behind the car crash……. hit and run edition

  10. MusicFan April 23, 2012

    wow brandy is really going about this comeback thing the RIGHT WAY! im sooo anticipating this and her new music.. shes returning to rnb and wen brandys on her rnb game shes a BEAST!! so xcited to see this two eleven era unfold …welcome back b!

  11. Still Standing April 23, 2012

    Brandy and Monica are the strongest rnb divas!! I always find it amazing how they both were teenage pop stars and they both experienced very hard tragedies!! They ARE STRONG W OMEN!!! THey were both mentored by Whitney Houston and they both were the last to be mentored by her and one of the lasts to see her!!THey are very strong.. IT must be hard for Brandy to lose Whitney Houston on her birthday but I guess it happened for a reason THere is a message behind that I am glad that she and Monica had each other…ITs also amazing how they both feuded but still had to come together in that tragedy.. THey are stong rnb Divas!!.No teenage artists has done what they have done!! and No Female Artists has done what they did together!! POINT BLANK PERIOD……

  12. Dev April 23, 2012

    “if you dont like me fine but dont try to use what ive been through against me” thats so true brandy and look there are few ignorant people on this post that have done that .. but misreable ppl love to try and make other people misreable .. disgusting .. keep doin u brandy ull win!

  13. Sammie April 23, 2012

    brandy and monica ARE rnb .. these young kids today who only kno beyonce (not hate i love her) and rihanna havent even come close to the quality of music they have given and continue to give! Im ready for a brandy comeback!!

  14. RichieRich April 23, 2012

    Very Excited about this album. Can’t wait for the behind the scene with you and your single with Chris Brown! Leggo #211

    and to all the brandy haters….. grow up. Brandy got stacks for days and you…….???

  15. Marcus April 23, 2012

    I can’t wait!

  16. Still Standing April 23, 2012

    Due to what Brandy and Monica accomplished with rnb music in their teens at such a young age…They will forever be known as the UNDISPUTED PRINCESSES OF RNB!!

  17. Girrrl April 23, 2012

    It’s no surprise that the most hateful people on this post are Beyonce stans. Shouldn’t yall be ordering her some hooked on phonics books so she can pass her GED courses. Anyhow, this episode looks like it will be interesting and I’ll tune in to support my girl.

  18. likeCaesar April 23, 2012


  19. lax April 23, 2012

    much better than rihanna

  20. KNUCK April 23, 2012

    Ghandy… we LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This will be HUGE in ratings. And it’s not just interesting because of the drama, but there is a whole generation of teens who are just obvlivious to those who paved the way for their faves. And Brandy is no where near through. When you are destined to be a legend, nothing can stop you! She is still very young!

  21. christinastherealtalent April 23, 2012

    Brandy is gearing up for a huge comeback. I really feel like this is going to be her year. Both her and Christina are going to be the . They are going to give all these other manufacture pop gimmicks a run for their money.

  22. KEVO April 23, 2012


  23. Darianna Jones April 23, 2012

    Brandy doesn’t need first week sales! Artists seeking relevance need first week sales, and we already know who those are. I don’t need to name names. #TeamListenToTheDamnMusic #TeamBoldAndSugar

  24. 2/11Songscribe April 24, 2012

    Rumour has it her first single with CB hits the waves this week.

    Bragend ”The Vocalictionary” Norwood.

  25. nicolas April 24, 2012

    Brandy is the best RnB artist ! I love her !

  26. kimberly April 24, 2012

    @GIRRRLLLL where is that fitting in? You really want to start something uh. Do you know who is behind these gravatars and who they really support? There si only one neagtive comment on this post.

    Anyway I always love Brandy and cannot wait to see what she have planned. Those who hate on her are those who know nothing about music they only know techno pop and gimmicks. sad.

  27. Nikkiischillin April 24, 2012

    This looks like its gonna be good. Go Brandy. Glad she is getting real.

  28. RoyalKev April 24, 2012

    @ Kimberly and Girrrl

    Exactly, both women (Bey and Bran) have my heart. Stop making it out to seem like Bey stans have a problem with Brandy!

    I am really excited about this comeback. Brandy really deserves it. She is
    so talented and although she’s amassed so much success, she’s still underrated. This girl singing is bananas and I can tell she’s holding back sometimes. I’m just glad she’s getting the opportunity to win again, I’ll be supporting her every step of the way!


  29. gees April 24, 2012

    I am really excited to see this. brandy was my girl back in the day!…even though I didnt really like moesha ( except for the theme song) lol but her music is timeless ..* plays almost doesn’t count*

  30. The Real B(randy) April 24, 2012

    The young Queen has come back for her throne.

  31. BrandyStarNMoDove April 24, 2012

    I can’t wait for Brandy to do waht she does best!! #ASIPOFBRANDY is in full effect!! #TEAMVOCALBIBLE 4EVER

  32. Jay1 April 24, 2012

    We all shall see what happens with Brandy’s new CD. life has a way of keeping you in check. What is this thing about idolizing people. When you do that you let yourself down. I like Brandy but I wont be watching. Her life story has been told over and over, you can google her and get the same information.This behind the Music piece is an advertisement ploy to get folks hyped for her CD. I hope the CD will hold up to all the hype.

  33. Bran Star April 24, 2012

    @Jay1 I don’t understand how you found your way to this post just to spread your negativity and overall depressing spirit. And some of us don’t idolize celebritites. Brandy is one of which who many people have watched her mature, and grow up with. Why are you so serious? And YES, this Behind the Music special is in a way promotional vehicle for Brandy’s upcoming era. Some people haven’t been checking for Brandy since in a long time, so this is a good way for people to get to know her again, see what she’s up to.

    Also, Brandy has endured personal AND professional struggles throughout her career. It’s always been other people giving their opinions on what SHE went through. But this is Brandy’s chance to speak, so we’re finally getting HER side of the story for the things that have happened to her. This is a platform that she’s needed to get these things off her chest. If you’ll support her, fine. But if you don’t have anything positive to say, please take that somewhere else.

    As that one Whitney song says: “listen to the things you say…”

  34. 2/11 Songscribe April 25, 2012

    @Bran Star thanks for keeping fools in check!!

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