Hot Shot: Lana Del Rey Covers French ‘Glamour’

Published: Saturday 7th Apr 2012 by David

Get into ‘National Anthem‘ star Lana Del Rey, gracing the latest  cover of French ‘Glamour’.

A far cry from the awkward girl we all met on ‘SNL’, the provocative maestra’s cover arrives months ahead of her new album, a re-release of her debut LP.

UK based fans can catch Rey live next Tuesday when she takes to London’s ‘Jazz Cafe’ for the very first time.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lax April 7, 2012

    Beautiful Cover and if Rihanna had her Ass up in the Air like that
    you’d have to get Bips for all of the little D**k people because they
    would be sloooooobing and calling her all kinds of S****, H** and dah
    dah, dahs, you or looking good Lana and i love your beautiful sassy Name!

  2. Lax April 7, 2012

    It’s great seeing and hearing all of the new and exciting music
    that is on the radios, mp3 players and television, it’s just something
    very special and relaxing about hearing great music. To me even Opera
    sounds great if you have got the one that Thrills you the most playing.!!!!!!

  3. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! April 7, 2012

    bam bam thankyou mam!

  4. KAT DELUNA FAN April 7, 2012

    The world is to small for those new pop girls
    Go Lama,you came to win

  5. Kyle April 7, 2012

    Something about her is very bland to me. I bought her album and tried to get into it and just couldn’t. And it’s says a lot if it’s only been out for 2 months and they’re already planning to a re-release. It tanked in the U.S. And that shot of her just isn’t good. What is she trying to show off?

  6. morgat April 7, 2012

    she’s beautiful ,

    big asses are so passe!!

  7. morgat April 7, 2012


  8. Girrrl April 7, 2012

    She better sell s** cause her stage presence is non existent. That.snl performance is still the worst one of all time. Lmao

  9. Saetana April 8, 2012

    Oh please, those horrible lips ruin her looks, I do love those shoes though. She is an indifferent live performer, no energy or real emotion in her voice, and I’m not talking about SNL as that was a total embarrassing abortion of a performance. I’ve seen other less horrible ones from her and she is flat, totally uninteresting, and that horrible drone is fake as f*** as I’ve seen footage of her singing as Lizzy and she sounds nothing like that. Manufactured to hell and back with the help of her rich daddy, we’ll see if she can stay the course – I very much doubt it.

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