Hot Shot: Rihanna Strikes A Pose With MIA / Watches ‘Battleship’ Sink

Published: Monday 21st May 2012 by David

Peep this shot ‘Battleship’ star Rihanna, posing it up with original ‘Bad GirlMIA.

Both at last night’s ‘Watch The Throne‘ concert in London, the Pop pair caught up backstage to take the above snap, two nights after the ‘Do Ya Thing‘ singer struck a pose with ‘RIP’ beauty Rita Ora, at the same concert

More from their night below…


These snaps arrive hours after Fenty’s first movie ‘Battleship’ broke an astounding Box Office record.

For, as of this week, the flick debuted with $25.3 million. This makes it the worst domestic opening for a movie with a budget of at least $200 million.

Thus, much like all six of her albums, has seen Rihanna fail to land a US #1 and means Universal is unlikely to recoup its costs, despite high expectations for the movie.

Poor dat?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bey Fan May 21, 2012

    MIA looks like a stud….but cute pic.

    Battleship really wasnt that bad. I mean it was no Avengers….or Transformers, but it was cool.

    But I already knew it wasn’t gonna do good. Not Rihanna’s fault though…

    • ThéLourson May 21, 2012

      Yep the movie is ok, it’s not for everybody though.
      But TGJ obviously blames Rihanna for the lack of success of Battleship while she wasnt the director, she doesnt play the main character, I mean, we see her maybe 5 minutes in the whole movie.
      This blog really… smh

      • Anne May 21, 2012

        For some reeason the ads seemed to focus on Rihanna. Likewise even the other sites seem to be tagging the sinking ship to Rihanna. Guess if it would have done well she would have been displayed for all the glory. Anyway I think the focus on Rihanna took away credibility. They should have focused on the experienced actors and maybe people would have taken the movie seriously. Instead they mistakenly thought Rihanna woud fill seats. It didn’t work so yeah of course Rihanna would be associated with the movie’s shortcoming, at least in part.

  2. hajimay May 21, 2012

    disney didnt finance this movie hasbro it was universal

  3. Hmm May 21, 2012

    Sam the movie has made close to $300 million worldwide so it’s still considered a hit even though the sales in the U.S were low. Do better Sam.

    • uhh okaii May 21, 2012

      hmm..compared to avengers? its not even a drop in the bucket

      • JJFan1814 May 21, 2012

        Avengers and Battleship are two different platforms. Try again. 😉

    • James227 May 21, 2012

      WHAT!!! Even $300 million is a flop. There is so much involved when you make a movie. For this movie to be a success it will have to do at least $600 million or more./ The Avengers wemt om hard at $1.1 plus billions. Next week MIB3 will be out and the producers don’t think Battleship can do much better. Disney Exec Rich Ross lost his damn job because of all this money lost on Battleship. Think Like A Man made their money back triple times or more over because it did not cost that much to make. Now everyone can get paid very well.

    • JP May 21, 2012

      I hate to break the news to you, but $300 million for a $200 million dollar movie is considered disappointing. Especially considering US movies make most of the real money from the US box office.

      That means most of the money made internationally will not go to the studio.

      Also consider it’s a summer release and its starring a pop celebrity (Rihanna)…this has to be dreadfully disappointing no matter how you look at it. And I’m assuming the $200 million does even include the obnoxious marketing budget.

  4. moNSTERHIVE May 21, 2012

    Seriously, is Rihanna cursed? 6 attempts & no number 1 album, a movie that should have gone to number 1 landed at number 2. No shade but she is one of the biggest pop stars of our generation, who’s performing the voodoo?

    • JANELLE May 21, 2012

      I think its just because people HYPE her up too much.

      • truegirl May 21, 2012

        not against avengers it wont MIB3 will be have the same fate as battleship

      • moNSTERHIVE May 21, 2012

        Now what’s the excuse for the 6 albums?

    • Kimiloe May 21, 2012

      Lol, I’m sure its a voodoo performing u got that one right

      • James227 May 21, 2012

        If it’s voodoo she probably put it on someone else and it made a 360 back to her ass. You can’t lie or do something to someone and don’t expect it not to come to bite you.

    • Kingphoenix May 21, 2012

      Pretty sure its Tina Knowles.

      • johnb May 22, 2012

        i think its her lack of real talent….

      • moNSTERHIVE May 21, 2012

        @Kingphoenix Lmao it could be mama Tina, you probably watch “Got 2 Be Real” haha.

  5. SUZZZZ May 21, 2012

    Think like a man opened with 33million and had a production budget of around 20 million. How the hell did this open with 25.3 million and have a production budget of 200million. Like I am not even gonna make fun of the NAVY for this because its too EMBARRASSING!. i feel bad for all those people that invested in this movie and for all the other actors/actresses.

    • truegirl May 21, 2012

      it had been out a month already universal was hoping it could make some easy cash but on the lighter side rihanna got good reviews for her acting and got paid up front now on to the next movie role

      • James227 May 21, 2012

        Sorry I have been reading reviews saying that all the acting was awful including Rihanna which they said her part was very small and the acting was awful also

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      Don’t feel sorry for those people, because they have
      more money then this entire board will ever have in
      their hands for five lives, deery!
      Feel sorry for yo broke ass and the others whos worrying yourselves
      blind over it, Haaa , Haaa, Haaa!

    • RIH4LIFE May 21, 2012

      i like how yall blame rihanna for Battleship tanking… plz the chick had a minor role.. get off her dik

      • AalexisR May 22, 2012


        You read three reviews then cos the majority said she was cool and did a decent job. They also said they wished she had a larger part. Guess that’s a directorial error.

  6. DareToDeal May 21, 2012

    Damn, those numbers are bad… especially considering it was an action film being released in the summer. I just love it how people are trying to go about saying “Oh it’s not her film” but prior to the film’s release her fans were going on and on about how she was going to have a huge film debut, now that it’s bombed they either want to distance her from it as much as possible or claim the international numbers….Nope, the Navy needs to face the music and accept that she flopped…and hope….just hope that movie producers give her another role or even consider her. This was her acting debut and she’s attached to a sinking ship… literally, not a good look if you’re trying to break into the acting scene.

    • truegirl May 21, 2012

      she has two upcoming movie roles

      • James227 May 22, 2012

        LMAO ROFL Guess they did not want her to play Whitney lol because she can’t act nor sing. Jordan or Jennifer would do much better. Who would want to take that chance on Rihanna with her first movie was such a loss

  7. Jessie May 21, 2012

    Wow, I really thought this movie was gonna be good considering the NAVY were hyping it up and saying she is gonna dominate the box office charts like she does on the billboard!

    • Benron May 21, 2012

      Of course the blame is put on her, she had LIKE THE EIGHT MOST IMPORTANT ROLE, But its here fault it sank, no, I know if it got like 100 million dollars ya’ll would throw that in everyones faces, The shade here is ridiculous!

      • James227 May 22, 2012

        I think they are blaming Rihanna because the NAVY was talking all kinds of s*** before the movie was even made. Also because it seem like Rihanna was the focus on the interviews when they did the promos

      • johnb May 22, 2012

        she was the main focus. her fan base should have support her movie but maybe she doesn’t have true fans like that.

  8. Jessie May 21, 2012

    How are the Navy’s saying its not her movie when she had numerous interview going all over the world and promoting it. The way she was promoting it, I thought she was the LEAD ACTRESS!

    • James227 May 21, 2012

      Someone was saying on another blog which makes sense, the producers used Rihanna thinking she would be the one to bring in the fans. to go see the movie. S*** they had her face everywhere more than the others who were in the movie. Yup they used Rihanna but their strategy failed

    • ThéLourson May 21, 2012

      Hmmm… maybe because Rihanna is famous all over the world, while most of the main characters are not.

      • johnb May 22, 2012

        she may be famous but she couldnt get people to come see it.

  9. ok! May 21, 2012

    Avengers are in the billion market now so it is bad! Why do people think Rihanna can save the day? She cant save herself.

  10. uhh okaii May 21, 2012

    smh *palm face* iknew it from get..especially when people were complaining that they could see Optimus Prime walking in the background with a cup of steaming hot oil to drink…smh…i rather re-watch all the Transformers instead of wasting money on a bootleg..chinese knock-off..of a movie

  11. Auntie_Jackie May 21, 2012

    They look cute! Battleship flopped because it was a bad movie, and it was stupid. Period. They tried to release it overseas so the flop wouldn’t look as bad–but it still crashed and burned pretty spectacularly. This won’t hurt her career, though.

    Box Office Report: ‘Battleship’ Capsizes With $25.3 Mil Launch, Universal Faces Big Loss

    That’s from ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ by way of Yahoo movies.

  12. MadameBey May 21, 2012


    “this is not rihanna’s movie”.

    PUH-LEEEEEEEEEEZE! If this had done well your asses would be all up in it talking about how well she did and what not. Battleship has an ensemble cast and the producers thought having big named singers/models and actors playing lead roles would make it pop when in reality it just flopped.

    Rihanna is a big ball of hype and the only time she succeeds is when she’s modelling or releasing $1 singles. Her Loud Tour did very well but we all know how bad the reviews were and how cheap those tickets were to buy.

    Now yes. 4 may be flopping around the world but at least the hive can say we gave Bey four box office number ones, four number one albums and numerous sell out tours.

    • ThéLourson May 21, 2012

      And if the movie had done good y’all be all up saying it’s not thanks to Rihanna cause we only see her 5 minutes in the whole movie.
      Y’all are blaming Rihanna for the flop of the movie, what the f*** does she have to do with that? You’re talking about Beyoncé, did anyone blame her when “obsessed” flopped?…
      And please, America is not the WORLD, the movie did very well in Europe and Asia.

      • Inec May 21, 2012


        I suggest you check your facts. Obsessed was anything but a flop. Not only did it top its opening weekend box office, it also spent its entire first week at #1. Additionally, it was the second-biggest opening weekend for a Screen Gems film and made back 3x its budget.

        I always have to laugh when Beyonce haters attempt to call Obsessed, a movie that she above the title star billing on a flop. No where near.

        True, it received mixed reviews…but it’s box office performance was stellar.

        Just like on the music side, Beyonce has the name value to take over the top spot…unlike Rihanna.

    • Anne May 22, 2012

      @MADAMEBEY, I was with until you called 4 a flop. For the gazillionth time, 4 is not a flop. It’s Beyonce’s least commercially sucessful album but that doesn’t make it a flop. Despite the fact that it did not have any major hit singles, its sales are comparable to recent albums of other major artists (except Adele of course, who is in a league of her own right now). 4 actually outsold plenty of albums that may have charted better on the singles front. Platinum in less than 6 months is just not a flop by today’s standards. May not be outstanding but still not a flop. I would call it decent. Anyway, just had to correct you on that.

      • HALF AMAZIN May 22, 2012

        I don’t understand why some of you can’t keep it real when it comes to your faves. The sugar coating that would be a savage attack on someone else is hilarious.
        “not a flop” but “least commercially successful”……
        Oh………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………OK o_0

      • johnb May 22, 2012

        to be honest i am not a big fan of beyonce. i think she is one of the best pop stars out right now because in no way is she r&b. but her album 4 was amazing it was her best r&b since destiny child and to go platinum in 6 months is amazing its hard for people to go gold in 6 months now. so to call 4 a flop is insane!

  13. christinastherealtalent May 21, 2012

    Just like the movie …where have you been is flopping hard in the us right now too.

    That Rihanna reign is letting up.

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      Yep it’s flopping and still making waves as long as
      a patient has a little sign of life in my line of work
      we keep the tubes hooked up.

    • RIH4LIFE May 21, 2012

      WHYB is still moving up the charts. STFU!!! in a couple weeks it will b in the top 10. now sit!

  14. JJFan1814 May 21, 2012


    After the “4” era; the world is asking whose Beyonce.

    That RIhanna Reign just wont let up. Rihanna did great…She’s still getting paiddddd!! Let’s do this Navy!

    • virtuoso intellect May 21, 2012

      Beyonce is the entertainer who can excel beyond the singles chart. that rihanna reign is a fail in every venture that costs more than 99cents per unit

    • DTG May 21, 2012

      The Rihanna era just won’t let up? LMAO! Have you been sleep for the past 6-7 months? TTT flopped. Her big budget film debut flopped. The Rihanna era IS letting up.

    • Anne May 22, 2012

      Kills me how Rihanna fans can call 4 a flop while conveniently forgetting it outperformed TTT. Where is Rihanna’s Loud Grammy’s or TTT Billboard awards?Oh yeah, it lost in the best R&b category to Bey’s 4 and to others in every other category except something about streaming. When is Rihanna gonna have her 5 or 6 award winning Grammy night? Never, if talent plays a factor.

      • johnb May 22, 2012

        true but neither of them should have got that award they are not r&b singers! so they should be under the pop catergory but of course because there black they must sing R&B

    • virtuoso intellect May 23, 2012


      4 is an RnB album and had RnB hits

  15. likeCAESAR May 21, 2012

    I swear y’all some crabs in a bucket…smh. They already recouped the production budget….

    SMH at y’all trying to position it like Rihanna isn’t successful in just about all her endeavors… DO BETTER YALL…DO BETTER!

    • JP May 21, 2012

      Actually, the production budget has not been recouped. The film has made $300 million but a lot of that will not go back to the studio.

      False statements won’t help this movie perform any better. Maybe you should go out and buy some movie tickets instead?

  16. Auntie_Jackie May 21, 2012

    Sorry @ JJFAN

    Battleship was a flop. Rihanna is only as good as her last single. How is ‘Where Have You Been’ doing, by the way?

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      @AUNTIE JACKIE It’s all still good because rihanna did make it to that all forbes list with
      53 million and on the forbes 100 list for right now theres over two dozen people who the grape features all the time that is no where to be found on the forbes 100 money maker, deery..

      • barbie May 21, 2012

        OK, finally made it on Forbes list, nearly killing herself with exhaustion to do so. While Lady G, sits back and makes about the same. Can you imagine if she were to sit back. She would become IRRELEVANT!!

    • Benron May 21, 2012

      Its at 18 after being released 2 weeks ago, u were saying?

      • Auntie_Jackie May 21, 2012

        That’s a far cry from #1.

      • Auntie_Jackie May 21, 2012

        ‘We Found Love’ was such a monster; but that was it for this album.

  17. MissImpartial May 21, 2012

    Sam why didn’t you put up the photo of Rihanna and Rita together?? I guess it won’t go with the fake rivalry that you are trying to create.

    • moNSTERHIVE May 21, 2012

      He actually posted it yesterday, oop.

    • Uhh Okaii May 21, 2012

      and rihanna only took a picture with an hidden agenda n dont want to come off bitter

  18. MissImpartial May 21, 2012

    OOPS!!!!!!!! My apologies you did post it. Didn’t see it as I didn’t visit the site for a few days.

  19. LIFE May 21, 2012

    I think the problem with this movie is that they were only promoting Rhianna. They thought she has big enough fan base to support the movie. I didn’t even know who the other actress/actor’s were. I was surprised when I saw the movie on how little of a role Rihanna had. I thought she was one of the main actress.

    I think people should know TWITTER FOLLOWERS does not EQUAL successful SALES!

  20. Ugh May 21, 2012

    So is this Rihanna’s “Glitter”?……………………………..

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      No shes not GLITTER but rihanna and all of the others movies that
      is listed under that number one movie is in the same boat as rihanna is in. Many of them or biggier in movies than she is right now. Rihanna or no other movie star can stand up to all of thr SUPER HEROES, who has been in people minds and made movies before avenger was combined to feature them all, but you all know that already, it’s just that yo FIXATION IS ON AND WITH rIHANNA. wE DID NOT SAY HOW MUCH THE MOVIE WAS GOING TO MAKE WE SAID ITS A BLOCKBUSTER AND RIAHANN WAS FEATURED, GET IT STRAIGHT, AND CARRY ON….

  21. Kingphoenix May 21, 2012

    Bye Rihanna

  22. virtuoso intellect May 21, 2012

    cant say im surprised, salvation army are stuck on cross roads when it involves anything that requires more than their weekly 99 cents

  23. JER May 21, 2012

    You BeYAWNce stans have been foaming at the mouth to call Battleship a flop.

    It’s already grossed $250,000,000 and will go on to gross a bit more. Rihanna is FORTH billing. This aint Dreamgirls b**** trying to get BIONCI to win an Oscar with top billing b****. BeYAWNce not only DIDN’T get an Oscar, she was upstaged by Jennifer Hudson and got her wig snatched in every way.

    NOT TO MENTION Dreamgirls barely made $150,000,000 WW with a special viewing, a commericla released, and a re-release all trying to hype up BeYAWNce but she 4lopped like she do. “Listen” bombed.”

    Rihanna aint have a song on Battleship so quit trying to act like this is Rihanna’s BIG BREAK on a kids action movie. PULEAZE..

    WE won’t even talk about your faves first movie. Carman A Hip-Hopera CHIL PLEAZE we won’t show you the receipts of that 4flop.Or the measly $8,000,000. EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS the FLOP Cadillac Records was, again trying to get BeYAWNce and OScar playing a legend. It didn’t work booboo BeYAWNce can’t emote to save her life.

    SO IF YOU WANNA TALK FLOPS. We can talk flops.

    Aint nobody care more about Battleship than the BEY-sides desperately hoping it will flop up against the Avengers. Neaux1curr about Battleship or Rihanna’s FOURTH billing in the movie. Battleship is just another summer movie hyped up so kids will go see it. No one is trying to make or break Rihanna so get over it. It’s not a loss.

    • Kingphoenix May 21, 2012

      It flopped. Plain and simple.The Beyhive are not pressed because our fave not only has #1 films, but she has also has #1 albums, singles, perfumes, concert dvds, and so on and so forth. Acting is just a fun little hobby Bey does on the side, no Beyonce fan aspects Beyonce to win an oscar, but if she does we wont complain…. Why you are you so belligerent hun…making a Rihanna post about Beyonce? The Navi were the ones saying that this is her big break and that her five lines in the film would s*** on Beyonce’s whole acting career…and it back fired on them so now the Beyhive is sitting back and watching the chaos of it all. Its definitely a loss especially for Rihanna, lets see how fast home girl will be getting offers. Matter fact you should hold your breath will doing so.

      • JER May 21, 2012

        b**** nobody talked up Rihanna’s role in this movie but the BeYAWNce stans. YOU are the evil harpies saying “OH RIHANNA AN ACTRESS NOW LET’S SEE IF SHE’S AS GOOD AS BEYONCE” puleaze. It’s a movie based on a board game. It’s fun, it’s not serious.

        Your fave has been CLAWING her way to an Oscar time after time. Rihanna is dabbling. That’s the difference between BeYAWNce and Rihanna. BIONCI desperately wants to be taken seriously and isn’t. This past years Grammys prove that BeYAWNce has been caught too many times lying and cheating and manipulating the industries.

        Rihanna doesn’t give a f***. She’s having fun. She’s out to compete and beat your faves and has won OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Rihanna doesn’t need a #1 album because her albums are better than BeYAWNce’s. D-Day, I Am….Sucha Farce, and 4closed all SUCK. Deal with it

      • HALF AMAZIN May 22, 2012

        offers??? she has 2 more movies beginning production.

    • darren May 21, 2012

      How much did it cost to make Dreamgirls & Cadillac Records? Did those two movies cost $200 million plus 50 million to make?

      • harvey19PP May 21, 2012

        Like Takers it cost $25-$30 million to make and so far the move has grossed $100 plus millions. So they made their money back three times over $30 million. But Battleship is a $200 million plus $50 million for promo is a big budget action movie with very poor acting

    • virtuoso intellect May 21, 2012

      all that nonsense u are typing is irrelevant. dreamgirls was not a flop, battleship is a flop period!

      • JER May 21, 2012

        nope. You BEYsic b****** want to talk about flops then lets talk about flops. Battleship made $250,000,000. Deal with it. It’s not a blockbuster. It cost way too much to make so what. It’s still going to make $300 MILLION. The budgest doesn’t matter that’s the studios problem. The movie did what it needed to do. Again, on its way to grossing $300,000,000. et over the fact that Battleship neither flopped or was a hit. IT just is. You BEY-sides foaming at the mouth to call it a flop but too bad it didn’t. Did Rihanna forget to tip you? Neaux1curr.

      • R.I.P.NIPPY May 21, 2012

        @JER Sorry hun but Battleship is a flop, the budget is the most important part when it comes to paying back the revenue. The fact that it had a 200 million dollar budget is insane considering the fact that the film still hasn’t even made double. The movies you mention Beyonce was in had a very small budget yet brought in triple & more than it’s budget. The movie flopped, it’s in the numbers, even the reviews are horrible. I’m sure Rihanna will have another chance to be part of a successful film.

  24. Beyhiveyourself May 21, 2012

    jer you stupid b****. Carmen was a television movie so which receipts are you referring to dear?
    And when it comes to the kids. Why would they see Battleship when the avengers is on at the same time. GET REAL HOOKUH.

    Anyway, I can’t stay here too long. It’s on and popping in the chris brown thread.

  25. kimberly May 21, 2012

    Jer no booboo, a movies sucesss. Is based on its production cost and percentage of profits. Dont come for beyoce movies knowing that she has been paid 15 milli for a movie role.. Take your shame somewhere elsecomparing the outcome of an opera to an action movie with 200 mill budget. Your girl apparently does not have the power to save the ship. Where is lax is he beneath water now. Darling worry about your girl debut flopship and leave beyonce icinic movies alone.

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      @KIMBERLY,,,Rihanna crossing her legs equal
      to yo whole miserabe life.

    • HALF AMAZIN May 22, 2012

      Beyonce hasn’t been paid $15 million for ANY movie gurl BYE!

  26. nikkiischillin May 21, 2012

    I know that movie was gonna flop…Rihanna is a trip tho…

  27. MB92 May 21, 2012

    Why are yall acting like Battleships is rihanna’s Movie? she only stars in it

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      Because they or all Fukkkkked Up!

    • ohreally May 22, 2012

      Because between her and yall (the Navi) ya’ll made it her movie….Oh when the movie came out last month and it was #1 “in every country it released in” ya’ll were running around that “Rihanna reign won’t let up.”But now that the movie has flopped harder than RR it is no longer rihanna’s movie she just starred in it. She was the face of it, she was out doing heavy promo like she was the leading actress in it…Hell it is even in the headline’s Rihanna’s battleship sinks at box office. lol

  28. commanderofthedancefloor May 21, 2012

    hunny what did you expect with big releases like the avengers which made blockbuster history and men in black 3 this week!!

    dont act like your favs movies where all hits this is her first in a minor role not even a main character!! also riri loses nothing she spent no money on it! it already made back the cost of production! so its not a complete failure but its not a complete success either!

    • YUMADTHO May 21, 2012

      My favs’ first blockbuster film was a success considering it broke a record for highest grossing comedy spoof ever & brought in 4 times more profit than it’s budget. Austin Powers in Goldmember daring. I’m sure Rihanna’s next film will do a lot better.

  29. fatu sankoh May 21, 2012

    KIMBERLY girl i love you always said it like it is keep the good work their is no one like our bey long live the queen

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      And long live beyonce’s main squeeze!

  30. Stephen May 21, 2012

    Seriously, most of the people that comment on the posts of this blog are childish or probably gay. Y’all are so fixated on who has the most album sales, #1s, etc etc. Grow the hell up for crissakes. If Rihanna’s film flopped, or Beyonce’s album flopped, so what? It’s not a big deal, there are more important things in the world. I can’t imagine straight people going on and on about “oh, my artist has sold more than your artist”, “my artist has more #1s than your artist”, et cetera. It’s childish, especially for pple to be rejoicing over someone’s failure. Get a life!

    • YUMADTHO May 21, 2012

      So you think all stans are gay? Hmmm.

      • Stephen May 21, 2012

        I don’t think all “stans” are gay, but I just think it’s gay people that’ll always want to be bringing up #1 singles, album sales, etc, to make themselves feel better about their lives. Many gay people just seem to have an immature aura. Just like the writers of this blog who can’t properly write a post without speaking negatively about an artist or bringing up sales comparisms, etc

      • Stephen May 21, 2012

        Added to the fact that gay people(especially the males) don’t seem to be interested in male acts. Even on this blog, the writers(who might be males) mostly post about females acts.

  31. christinastherealtalent May 21, 2012

    People quit making excuses for why this movie flopped in the US. Everytime Rihanna flops with something, you crazy ass stans want to give her every excuse there is. Y’all just need to accept the fact that Rihanna is not always going to win!

    Honestly, I think if it wasn’t for her erratic behavior lately, TTT sales would be better, All her TTT singles would’ve done better, and Battleship would’ve done better.

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      Screw yo self, we or not loosing any sleep over this movie
      there or many movies that has flopped you dirty bytch. This want be the first movie to not reach what they or looking for. This is not the ending haters its a new beginning, stay tuned.

      • christinastherealtalent May 21, 2012

        My point is you dumbass is that you crazy ass stans always hype her up and then when the results don’t meet expectations, y’all want to make up every excuse that exists.

  32. christinastherealtalent May 21, 2012

    who i am kidding….none of her album sales have never been anything to write home about, much less her songs!

    • Lax May 21, 2012

      Bytch no one is expecting a check from yo
      hating ass so why don’t you do yo self a favor
      and STFU..

      • Uhh Okaii May 21, 2012

        but why u mad though? anything you say make urself look bitter h**

  33. Gilberto May 21, 2012

    Battleshit flopped. Deal! Even FORBES said it so. I ain’t kidding, they used the word “flop” to describe Battleshit’s performance in US.
    First, according to Office Box Mojo, Battleshit barely grossed $240 million (WW+US). It’s already out of the top 10 almost everywhere. Second, its debut in US was shameful. Disney’s John Carter had the same budget as Battleshit and had the same profit, but they already stated they lost over $200 million on it and they even fired a CEO because of this. According to some insiders of Hollywood’s business, Battleshit has to gross at least $400 million to do not make Universal lose money. A 200-million-budget movie is expected to gross around a billion thesedays. Battheshit is doing a bit better than John Carter, but I don’t see any profit coming from this movie, they’ll most likely lose a bit of money. A sequell of Battleshit is out of question.
    One funny interesting thing is that Taylor Kitsch is the lead role of these two movies. I mean, he is the face of the biggest disasters of this year. Holy s***!!! He should quit.

    GURL, BYE! I’M TIRED OF TALKING ABOUT FLOP AND BASIC B******. Rihanna is cursed. Everything she touchs, it flops.

    P.S. RIhanna can’t get #1 albums and #1 movies. She is only good selling 99-cent products. I can’t.

    • Lax May 22, 2012

      @GILBERTO & ASS WIPE Take care of yo kaaaaang
      and tell her that shes going to have to shape up
      because there or many who or inspired by her!!

  34. B@tchplease May 21, 2012

    You people are pressed this b**** only stars in it you b****** hate so you give her to much credit just to slam her which is very sad.

    Get a life!! Good Day!!!

  35. JER May 21, 2012

    Time to renew your library cards BEY-sides you’ve been read for filth yet again. The only one caring about Battleship AT ALL is the BeYAWNce stans foaming at the mouth for it to flop. Meanwhile neaux1curr. So yal can log off the public library free internet, tak your burnt copies of all Rihannas albums with you, and take the bus back home to the projects and have all the seats.

    • ohreally May 22, 2012

      Oh poor @Jer you are delusional hun. Where did any Beystans get read??? You are right the no one is caring about that flop ass movie. Clearly the Navi is the bum b****** that can’t support the b**** in anything that is over $1.29…Shameful so you log off your Wifi from Mcdonalds because we know your basic ass can’t afford internet and run along.

      There go the Navi lying yet again first it was @Teacher saying that flop as album was certified plat last month LIE, now you have them saying this movie grossed 300 million, another LIE. This s*** grossed 240 million. Last weekend a spokesperson said the movie needed to gross $50million to break even with production cost, the s*** grossed $25million.

      I would like @lax to stop posting about how many twitter followers she has, and how many ppl on facebook she has because it all means nothing! Not a damn thing when not even 1/4 of them would spend $10 on the CD or $15 for a movie ticket.

  36. Nikkos Layton May 21, 2012

    WOW. I hope you know that is only the US Box office. With the international box office they have already made over $200 million. THANK YOU!

    • ohreally May 22, 2012

      You do release that it only grossed $25 million in the US and it will only go down from there…and you do release that even with the $200 million from overseas it still has not broke-even right? oh ok that’s what i thought. YOU ARE WELCOME! The movie is a flop, and that’s not just us saying it, look it up you have google or yahoo.

      • Nikkos May 22, 2012

        You seem to really dislike RIhanna, if that is so, PLEASE excuse yourself from a post about her. THANK YOU

      • ohreally May 22, 2012

        On the contrary, I do not dislike Rihanna. I am just not delusional like some of you.

  37. ohreally May 22, 2012


    You can try to divert the attention from that flop ass movie all you like with these other random ass “accomplishments” by her but it does not change the fact that the movie tanked! It is not anyones fault but her broke ass navi. Ya’ll don’t support her if it cost more than $1.29, that is pretty sad. well I will say the US Navi doesn’t support her, she gets a lil love overseas, which is the only reason she still able to hold on. SMH lol

  38. WHIPYPURA$$ May 22, 2012

    You cannot compare the avengers (that which has had movies before to support it, not to mention there is shirts, toys, comic books, cartoons, and all this crap) to something oppsite. Compare levels not news

  39. Lax May 22, 2012

    @OHREALLY ……..You and yo bully gang bangers or so Perditible!

  40. Lax May 22, 2012

    Yall tryr to talk each and everthing she does down.

  41. Lax May 22, 2012

    Rihanna will get her focus away from her parting and get real with it, shortyl!

  42. Lax May 22, 2012

    Rihanna being featured in a movie that cost over 200 million
    is driving the wasps, bees and her haters to the “Nutt House” in droves!!!!!!

  43. Lax May 22, 2012

    @The stupid b****** who says for me to stop posting her twitter followers and Fb followers why don’t you just knock yo self all the way out you ass wipe. When beyonce twitted back to yo dumb asses all of you ass wipes like to have flew the dam coop you was so excited that i know many of you crapped on yo self. You all or bitter and just so you’d know “Social Networking” Is the best thing going and know that while many do not play the small games yo asses plays on thie blogging site know that they or playing their part and i would way much have Rihanna with all of the people following her ass daily then beyonce’s ass. With Rihanna with so many people interested in her life that make it all the more exciting to me and navy!!

  44. Lax May 22, 2012

    Rihanna’s navy is Elated to have her be named the Face Book Queen,
    i am glad that it’s Rihanna and not bey, ha, ha, ha. We know that if it
    was beyonce you Ass Wipes would be dancing b*** naked in the streets!!
    But it the “Caribbean” and it Pains yo Hearts because you or green with

    • Smoke & mirrors May 23, 2012

      Rihanna’s label paid $10,000 for those Facebook “likes”.

  45. Lax May 22, 2012

    In her mind she is thinking that she will never mind what the haters say,
    She will ignore them till they all fade away!!

  46. Lax May 22, 2012

    She will keep on getting her paper and keep right on climbing to the top.
    Because shes sharp enough to know that she can not make any of you
    who hate her love her one way or the other. She know that it’s the nature
    of the game. She is so happy to have been featured in this movie and
    what many or calling a flop will not be the end of movies that will be made
    and flops. This is only the beginning bytches and the show must go on
    and it don’t matter a fukkkkk what you ass wipes type or say.
    None of us ever expected to many of you to be on her side in the first place you
    all of so good at trying to put nails in her coffing and when you work so hard to
    try and knock her down that just gives her the power and energy to excel and come
    back harder and stronger aganist what her doubters & naysayers or yapping about. Since she its dam if she do and dam if she don’t WE GET IT ASS WIPES

  47. shawna askew best May 22, 2012

    You people need Jesus in your lives plain and simple I never seen so much hatred on this site in my life disgusting what is your problem why compare a thirty year old woman to a twenty four year old get a f****** life worry about something that is going on in the world go out and help someone instead of spending energy hating you think karma is not coming for you haters who gets pleasure at someone else failure I’m convince its kids on hear doing this you need some soul and a life really only in a America this crap happens this is not freedom of speech but hate plain and simple an opinion is an intelligent thought not a feeling of pleasure when someone falls get a life

  48. shawna askew best May 22, 2012

    What is the meaning of behives? What does navy means? Stop fighting each other they are two black women do you see men doing this stuff I swear its some gay men fighting on here they are so drama I wish they did not get so much freedom they are the worst young girls love yourselves stop finding pleasure to hate others

  49. Lax May 22, 2012

    Rihanna is aware of what all the Hoopla is about, and when chris
    supposely trashed her notice how cool she handled it, she could
    care less folks, Read slowly!!***-shaming/
    Rihanna could give fewer dams, because she know that shes not the best at any
    of the tings that she do in her career, but she gives them a days work for a days pay
    and that is all she can do. However i can see that she gets counted out on these
    awards and thst do not mean jack shyt. We have RK, Jill, Mary j, Ledis and many
    who was not even looked at for an award and that is a dam shame. You don’t know what they look at to judge them on any more, and from now on the awards shows can fly a kite.

  50. Lax May 22, 2012

    And as far as “Battleship” goes many of you will be talking shyt
    until beyonce drops a star and then and only then will you ass
    wipes have something different to talk about!!!!

  51. Lax May 22, 2012

    @GILBERTO You or tired of talking about flop bytches,
    well why don’t you pack yo bags and tell yo other toliet
    dwelling gang of “Shyt Heads” to follow suit and get
    the hell out of dodge, then because this flop bytch you
    speak of made 53 Million Dollars this pass year you
    shyt head.

  52. Lax May 22, 2012

    Rihanna has a neat way of keeping you
    shyt heads chasing the wind, and clawing
    and pawing yo way to the hilt all of the time.
    If you don’t like her or what shes doing then
    why or you here? If you don’t like her then
    don’t click on her post. I mean you can read
    can’t you? it says rihanna at the top of this
    article, right? Oh i know you simply can’t help
    yo self. You will get worn down just like Kimberly
    with her/his deranges ass and others who fight
    so hard to try and muddy the water for her and she
    is fresh out of fukkkkks to give to you.
    Yes Bee Hive aka Ass Wipes this Rihanna Mega Star Made
    53 Million and while she had to work for her’s while beyonce took
    a vacay is still just fine because when rihanna can take time off and endorse
    water and open a clothing store in the uk, do Glastobury, be on every show that
    is big in and out off the country shoot commercials, sign new endorsements like a while back beyonce signed a three year 2o million dolla deal and RIHANNA is worlking on getting to learn all of the ends and outs to making that paper while sitting on her ass, its coming folks stay tuned. Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and considering rihanna’s age she has still got a ways to go before shes beyonces age of 30 .

  53. X,Y,”and Z” May 22, 2012


    (1.)Battleship had a production budget of OVER $200-Million: cited industry sources, and reported it’d cost Universal some $250-Million to make. That’s about as much it’d cost Disney to produce ‘John Carter’.

    (2.) $50-Million was recently added to the ‘Battleship’ (already existing) promotional budget.

    (3.) While the exact, said, “promotional budget” is not yet known, it can be safely estimated to be the size of another $250-Million film, the said ‘John Carter’: $100-Million (at least).

    (4.) So, the current “final”, “bring-to-theater” cost of/for ‘Battleship’: $250+100+50=$400-Million! And to be honest, this figure is a “low-ball” number!
    To date, ‘Battleship’ has made $240.8-Million World Wide. Of that figure, $215-Million was made from foreign screens, but ‘Battleship’ has now ended its overseas run! So now, any ‘theater run’ monies to be made, must come from the U.S. market, but given the $25-Million disappointment it returned its opening weekend, ‘Battleship’ now has a bleak and doubtful future. And that’s NOT including the coming competition from ‘MIB 3’, which is about to open soon; boxoffice mojo had stated: “with ‘Battleshp’ being sandwiched between ‘Avengers’ and ‘MIB-3’, it’s not a “good” place for ‘B’ship’ to be.”

    (5.) ..Added to the aggravation – given what ‘Battleship’ has done at box offices, it surely won’t sell/rent DVDs.

    ‘Battleship’, given its $400-Million “final, bring-to-theater” cost (low-ball number), had to make (at least) 1.4 X 400 = $560-Million in order for it NOT TO FAIL!! $560-Million was/is the “fail/not fail” threshold that ‘Battleship’ had to cross. Safe to say – it won’t, and barring some divine intervention, it’ll soon sink to the dark, cold, hull-crushing depths to find its eternal resting place beside other epic 2011/12 failures like ‘John Carter’, ‘Cowboys And Aliens”, “Mars Need Moms”, “Green Lantern”, and “Happy Feet Two”.

    And worse still?! Well, worse still is the undeniable fact that we ALL saw Rihanna’s face prominently placed in ‘Battleship’ billboards – on the side of buildings, and on the side of buses, in London, NYC..EVERYWHERE..!! LIke it or not, Camp-Fenty, Rihanna was/is THE FACE of ‘Battleship’!

    ..Rihanna is now the face of a $400/$450-Million disaster-at-sea. A FAILURE! Her “asking price” just went down. With ‘Battleship’ being the certain disaster it now is, Rihanna has now lost any leverage, for/in endorsement, movie, album deals she had BEFORE signing up for ‘B’ship’. If she gets another movie role, it’ll be smaller, and they’ll certainly offer her less money – THAT’S FOR SURE!

    Long-story short: The Rihanna Navy sank Rihanna’s Battleship..!!
    “Lick The Gun,” Camp-Fenty!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

    • Lax May 22, 2012

      @XYZ Soooooooooo fukkin what no one is expecting
      a dam check from yo broke Pathetic Ass!!!!

      • ohreally May 22, 2012

        LMAO I think they are mad. lol

    • James227 May 22, 2012


      I hear you loud and clear

    • Dee May 23, 2012

      Damn… Did you really just research all of that? I can’t stand C. Aguilara and a few others, therefore I couldn’t imagine taking time out of my life to research then write an entire book on someone else’s failures or successes. Unless I was getting paid for it of course. #GetALife..

  54. Kyria May 22, 2012


    A GIRL LIKE ME + 2 hits)=> FLOP ! 😀

    RATED-R + 3 smash-hits) => FLOP !!! 😆

    Talk That Talk+ Her biggest hit to date => FLOP 😆

    BATTESHIP + Her 500 Billions of “likes” on face = MAJOR FLOP 😆

    LMAO, I F****** CAN’T !!! 😀 THAT GIRL IS ICONIC 😆

    • Stephen May 22, 2012

      Why can’t people like you grow up?

      • Lax May 22, 2012

        @KYRA,,,,Why do you and the other ass wipes
        hate so hard when you learn how to stop hating
        then i will learn how to grow the fukkk up
        you piece of shty!!!

      • ohreally May 22, 2012

        Hate incorporates lies, everything @Kyra said was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Ya’ll Mad!?

    • Lax May 22, 2012

      @KYRIA,,,Yes you agrees woith kyria because you along with kyria is as full of s*** as a christmas Turkey, Ass Wips, stay forever bitter bum bytches….

  55. Lax May 22, 2012

    @KYRIA, Always good seeing you and the other ass wipes
    chimming in because the world know that beyonce can’t act
    her big foot ass off her toliet stool.
    Ps Rihanna keep the ass wipes asses tied up in knots, Effortless!!!

    • Lol May 22, 2012

      GURLL ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY RIHANNA CAN ACT BETTER THAN BEYONCE BWAHHHHHHAHAH EPIC FAIL GIRL… Beyonce can act 10x better than rihanna ever will and Bey isnt the best actresss but that does show how bad rihanna is

      • Lax May 22, 2012

        @Ass Wipes thats exactly what i said, beyonce can’t
        act her way out of her double “Spanks” she wears!!!

  56. jokerjojo May 22, 2012

    Lol at “navy cant buy anything over $1.29” ..mwhahahahaaaa. But foreal you stans are on something why can’t we all just enjoy everybody . I like both but I like one more

    • Lax May 22, 2012

      Noooooo all the navy can afford is 25 cent!!!

  57. WHERES THE LOVE? May 22, 2012

    This is part of the reason the world is in a mess
    a generation of young people growing up thinking like Rihanna “she doesnt give a f###”! yeah really? so cool Not!
    Cool would be GIVING A F###
    When do we see any of these people do something to make the world better? all that power and influence, but it’s used to promote crotch grabbing, and satanism
    why not using that influence to promote people being better to each other?
    Instead it’s now cool to call your friends “c##t” on twitter,
    no soul at all,
    But that’s not what the elite want, they get off watching people argue and fight on sites like this, spending the money they barely make making people in the elite rich, while the people who own the celebrities making a bundle.
    The jokes on the people as long as they support these things, and are prepared to settle for less.
    Sam, if your really that fixated with Rihanna, i think you should close the site and go and work for Rihanna daily. Smh

  58. Lax May 22, 2012

    @Wheres the love,,,one year she gave over 2 million back and the last couple of years she have given of her services such as they or. She gave of herself just
    last week in new york and they raised 57 million now how much did yo heal
    the world ass give. I don’t see you on other site saying what others should do.
    You bum bytches or just pissy because she do not let yo s*** get her down, you
    dirty bytches keep preaching to the choir and when it get to be to much (Rihanna)
    then cut yo wrists, take a dive off a tall cliff or just KNOCK YO HATING ASSES OUT!!

  59. Lax May 22, 2012

    Haters why do rihanna grabbing her croch bother yo asses so fukkkkin much??
    Why do you hate her yet you want her to be better than beyonce or just as good why?? You hate how she dress, act, perform and live her live yet you or on her post telling her what she need to do to better herself why?? You bum dirty ass wips, get a life and we love seeing yo asses as mad as RIHANNA can always make you….
    And why do you ass wips want to rewrite the rules with rihanna, to late ass wipse RIHANNA haas quietly REWROTE THE RULES AND SHE AND THE NEW MEGA STARS OR DOING THE DAM THING LOOK AT FORBES FOR THE TOP TEN AND YOU WILL FIND HER NAME RELAXING RIGHT THERE BETWEEN 3 AND 5 holding it down and we know you or as pissy and s***** as ever over it, relax to that tall glass of STFU,,,,Drink up Ass Wipes!!!!!!

  60. Lax May 22, 2012


    • Smoke & mirrors May 23, 2012

      Too bad all of your posts don’t translate to Rihanna’s album and/or movie ticket sales.

  61. RihannaFan89 May 22, 2012

    WHY is EVERYONE acting like this is Rihannas movie? She was only in it for ilke 10 minutes…lol..seriously?
    I mean, WE ACT like this WAS her ‘biggest role’ to date. Some movies do exceptionally well and some don’t. I knew this film was going to tank as seeing as though the FILMMAKER has made other floppy films with corny dialogue. I’m sure she will cast in some different films that will do better. Smh.

    • X,Y,”and Z” May 22, 2012

      @Rihannafan89 re 2:12 pm —

      Who’s face did we see plastered on ALL the billboards – on the side of buildings, buses, everywhere: Rihanna’s!

      Who was/is T-H-E most popular, by name and face, of ALL the actors in ‘Battleship’? Rihanna!

      Who did we see, all over the world, in front of every available camera, then promoting this movie? Rihanna!

      ‘Battleship’ BELONGS to Rihanna! Rihanna BELONGS to ‘Battleship’ – a “perfect” union wedded by Lucifer himself, cursed by the ‘Film Gods’, and one now plunging fast to the fathomless nether-regions of obscurity.

      LET THE RECORD SHOW: First Chris Brown, then Matt Kemp, and with the evil about her NOW perfected, she’s now cursed ‘Battleship’! Everyone who comes into close proximity with/to Rihanna suffers, and suffers badly! This is an unpleasant fact that is now well-documented and undeniable about Rihanna.

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

    • X,Y,”and Z” May 22, 2012

      “The Rihanna Effect”: Toxicity defined: the closer you get, the heavier the dose, and the harder you fall:

      1.) Chris Brown (thank God for talent and work ethic).
      2.) Matt Kemp – But wasn’t it only after publicly been seen with her that his career began to slump in 2010? Wasn’t it only AFTER distancing himself from her that he then began to regain his “Pre-Rihanna” form? YUP!
      3.) *Sigh..* And now ‘Battleship’ – Rihanna’s $400-$450-Million failure. “Hers” and ‘hers’ alone!

      Rihanna is cursed. She brings her bad luck where, whoever, whenever!

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  62. Jessie May 23, 2012

    Damn your the only one who’s backing RIhanna up. Like how many comment’s did you post, you clearly have no life. Im a fan of some of rihanna’s music and I must admit this is really disappointing.
    Like, it’s embarasing!

  63. virtuoso intellect May 23, 2012


    I admire your tenacity 🙂

  64. riri May 25, 2012

    If we be honest? battleship was a flop from the start! The preview sucked, big time.

  65. Horny For M.I.A. November 1, 2013

    M.I.A. is so s***! Someone knows if M.I.A. likes chantilly? Cuz I like chocolate with chantilly on top. Taste of M.I.A. with chantilly… Mmmmm…

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