Hot Shots: Azealia Banks Beams At MET Gala 2012

For even the most renown name, attending the MET Gala is often an overwhelming experience. Hence, it’s little surprise that newcomer Azealia Banks was in relative awe as she arrived at one of fashion’s biggest nights.

Sporting a custom-made ensemble courtesy of Alexander Wang (who she poses with above), the ‘212’ rapper (and Lil Kim’s latest rival) told an interviewer on arrival that she was in “awe” and “just happy to be there”.

Peep another shot of Banks, who is slated to perform at the event, below…

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  1. therealhonesttruth May 7, 2012

    her weave = ratchet

  2. Woo May 7, 2012

    She looks like damn hooker w/ that dress.. that is NOT classy at all.

  3. beyonce fan May 7, 2012

    THIS B**** IS A DIRTY APE LOOK ALIKE B**** F***!!!

  4. kingphoenix May 7, 2012

    SOOOOO fuckinking gorgeous! and the haaare is ot f****** ratchet and I love it so much!


  5. skintightjeans May 7, 2012

    Not interested

  6. skintightjeans May 7, 2012

    And Miss Rachel Zoe looks like an 95 year old nursing home resident.

  7. Queen. May 7, 2012

    Her face is beautiful, but the dress is all wrong.

  8. sheshia May 7, 2012

    she’s very unattractive

  9. kingphoenix May 7, 2012

    @Beyonce Fan

    Beyonce would be so ashamed of you.

  10. latifa May 7, 2012

    yes work it girl. although that damn centre part bushy wig has got to go. no ma’am

  11. NT May 7, 2012

    NO shade , because i love Iggy Azalea but i thought that girl in the white was her for a second . But Azealia is always with the ratchet weave that’s her thing.

  12. Ain’t Playing Witchu May 7, 2012

    Told ya’ll homegirl needed 4 more people on that ‘glam squad’

    She should have slapped the taste out of the chick that put that weave on her head, smh. Can’t Kanye with his fruity self hook this girl up?

    And that dress is all wrong, why does it look like she’s about to work a corner?

  13. Auntie_Jackie May 7, 2012

    Banks is cute. I love her, but I don’t care for the weave. That girl is winning because she can rock a stage, she can rap, and she’s not interesting in changing to “cross over” the cross over audience is coming to HER and she’s going to have longevity and a smashing career that will outlast Nicki Minaj and outshine her.

    Not trying to shade Nicki or her fans, either. Just Sayin’!

  14. BLACK MADONNA May 7, 2012


  15. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here) May 7, 2012

    Go head girl

  16. MOBWIFE May 7, 2012

    Azealia Banks <– who is she again? I'm bored with her already!That dress would be cute for a strike stage perfromance or a club. I don't like it for a gala.

  17. Gaaglooo! May 7, 2012

    EuuuuuH I’m not here for this wacky/ghetto style, Wooow the hair, I really can’t!

  18. Tbozfan10 May 7, 2012

    What are y’all talking about? She actually looks very nice here!

  19. Deji May 8, 2012

    Listen to Afrodisiac by Teni! She’s the new Sade!! Hot!!

  20. Kim May 8, 2012

    Her her is terrible! If she want’s to go natural then go natural, if she want’s fake hair then do fkin fake hair, NOT a mixture of both! Her dress looks so cheap! Yes she is talented, but in the world we live today, talent in not enough, looks matter too!

  21. Christian May 8, 2012

    She looks like Foxy Brown in these photos

  22. boogie May 8, 2012

    A young foxy

  23. Fuego May 8, 2012

    Kim fans need not comment on anyone’s weave or class…

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