Michelle Obama: “If I Could Be Anybody Else,I’d Be Beyonce”

Published: Thursday 24th May 2012 by David

As the First Lady of the free world, Michelle Obama‘s time in the White House has been fruitful to say the very least.

From launching the ‘Let’s Move’ health initiative to her ongoing but oft overlooked support of military families, Mrs. Obama is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest role models.

Now, in an interview with People Magazine, she has expressed her admiration for fellow opinion leader Beyonce.

Details below…

When asked who she would be if given the chance to be anybody else, she confessed:

I’d be Beyonce. I’d be some great singer… It looks like musicians just have the most fun.

Her comments arrive after the ‘4‘ singer penned an open letter to the Harvard Graduate back in April, heralding her as role model and inspiration to both she and her daughter Blue Ivy:


Your thoughts?

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  1. Sterling Infinity May 24, 2012

    Wow Beyonce!!!!

    • beyhive May 24, 2012

      cant anyoneelse out there the first lady would of choose

  2. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 24, 2012

    take that bitter b****** 😆 😆 😆

    now let the haters do their job …….

    • shawna askew best May 24, 2012

      Who cares and who is bitter I’m sure rihanna don’t want to be a m*****

      • shawna askew best May 24, 2012

        Keep rihanna name out this its about beyonce leave ri alone get off her p**** ok

      • :) May 24, 2012

        Wow calling Michelle a m***** is low. That’s so racist & I hope you’re not black cause that’s even worst.

      • Ugh May 24, 2012

        that m***** comment was so racist and uncalled for. You do know that Rihanna is black right?

      • skintightjeans May 24, 2012

        how are you going to call the first lady a m***** you racist piece of s***.

  3. B. Hill May 24, 2012

    Notice how she said Beyonce and NOT Rihanna. 8)

    • ice May 24, 2012

      why would she say someone with no talent x

    • shawna askew best May 24, 2012

      Why the Hell rihanna name come into this you f****** ass

    • Stephen May 24, 2012

      Why can’t people like you grow the hell up? It’s an obvious fact that Beyonce is more vocally talented than Rihanna can ever dream of being, so what’s the basis for the constant comparism when they’re not even in the same genre and are not the same kind of artists?

      • shawna askew best May 25, 2012

        Why you dumb ass think beyonce is better than anyone because she did not graduate high school she speaks su illiterate and married to a known drug dealer her father has a baby out of wedlock so how is she better than Kim kardashian and rihanna I’m sick of you skinking fuckers acting like fake ass beyonce is anybody she don’t have a college degree she shake her p**** in stage like everybody else out there she is no better beyonce is fake like a plastic bag ps rihanna is not an American so why compare her to this plastic I’m sick of you people acting as if you better when all you. Are fake go uplift yourselves by getting a job and hide behind your computers bashing rihanna she works hard for her money. No intelligent person want to be beyonce ms Obama wants to shake her b*** on stage in another life I’m sure she would never want to trade her degree to be an illiterate fool

      • shawna askew best May 25, 2012

        Whining like a cat is not vocals anybody can get a coach and train to sing and that’s what beyonce did. Natural talent is miss adele ok clean your ears out with a cutip please wax is never good while listening to beyonce. Anybody can whine and jump around on stage do the moves she does so stop with your comparison no one cares I have to put you in your place beyonce is not better than Kim or rihanna and when people like beyonce act perfect she will fall hard that’s life don’t pretend you better than other people when your house dirty as F***

    • dezi May 24, 2012

      Damn, rihanna drive you people CRAZY … Jealous much?

  4. EnRanc May 24, 2012

    You know you a bad b**** when the first lady wants to be you.

    @Rihanna…shhhh….I wouldn’t be surprised if Barack and Michelle didn’t even let their daughters listen to that no-talent ho bag’s “music!”

    • shawna askew best May 24, 2012

      Shut the Hell up what rihanna have to do with this go suck beyonce dry p**** and leave rihanna alone side note get some ky jelly

      • beyhive May 24, 2012


    • Stephen May 24, 2012

      Why does it ALWAYS have to be a Rihanna vs Beyonce thing? It’s becoming childish to be comparing artists who don’t have the same talents and aren’t in the same genre

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 24, 2012

      you are messy ! 🙂

      • S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

        You know is true.

      • Aunt Jackie May 24, 2012

        Oh S****** Blonde, you are funny! She was just paying Latina’s a compliment, stop taking it out of context.

        “I’m just jealous that I wasn’t born Latina. I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful.”

        She was talking to a Latin Magazine and being nice. She also said:

        “I noticed a big difference between speaking to all of the Latino stations and speaking to the pop stations or the other stations. With the Latino stations, there was so much love and everyone is so genuine.”

        Stop being messy, and trying so hard to make her look bad. It’s wack.

    • -_______- May 24, 2012

      Who wouldn’t want to be Latina? They’re gorgeous & have such rich culture. Nothing self-hateful about it (if that’s what you’re trying to imply).

      • YUMADTHO May 24, 2012

        She was simply admiring their culture cause they’re so cheerful & always welcome her with open arms, stop being messy.

      • S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

        No, i love Latinos in general but i think she’s always wants to be someone else , i mean is ok if you wants to be Oprah or Bill Gates but for the money not for other things.

    • L21480 May 24, 2012

      The Rihanna shade some people threw in here must’ve KILLED you, hun S****** Blonde? LOL

      • S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

        L21480, don’t be mad because i always remember you, who really Beyonce is.

  5. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 24, 2012

    beyonce looks S**.COM in that pic for real !! i can lick this pic all night 🙂 ! perfect !!!!

    and those BOOBS !! f*** you JAY-Z , you’re sexing with ALL that !! F*** you 1000 times !!

  6. David May 24, 2012

    They just love one another!!!

  7. RITANATION May 24, 2012

    *sips tea* laughs at Rihanna

    • Kingphoenix May 24, 2012

      Love this name!

  8. NaTURALBEAUTY May 24, 2012

    Yes gawd Michelle! You betta stan for the Queen!

  9. FOREAL May 24, 2012

    Don’t be gullible folks.
    Jay & Bey’s contribution must have been HUGE! Tina’s also! HA…
    Mrs. Obama couldn’t have seen the picture floating around the web with her legs wide open, the infamous crotch shot, or then again maybe she did. HA!
    At least 20mil after the fund raiser they had a month ago.
    4 more years! LMAO

  10. S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

    Michelle has praised almost everybody in the Music Business even J.Lo so THIS SITE just want more hits, they know this would cause the end of the world at thatgrapejuice so it’s not a big deal C’mon.

    • :) May 24, 2012

      Why do you hate Beyonce so much? I’m not a huge fan of Madge but I would never insult her, you’re so bitter.

      • S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

        Oh yes! i hate her so much, haha please.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 24, 2012

      why you are doing the most tho ?

      calm down man 🙂

      • S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

        Calm down, I am relaxed, reading your comments.

    • beyhive May 24, 2012


    • angela May 26, 2012

      Wants more hits…reporting the news?

  11. RitasLipStick May 24, 2012

    Stan downe Michelle STAN DOWNE!

    Can I just say how happy I am that Ive joined this site, love my Hive fam!

    F*** the Navy!

  12. L21480 May 24, 2012

    Michelle has been stanning for Bey for years. It’s all love. Clearly she knows talent and grace when she sees it and so there you go.

  13. Aunt Jackie May 24, 2012

    Awesome. They’re clearly friends. It has nothing to do with RIhanna, Money or anything else. Her and Beyonce are closer in age and stature for that matter. The other day I was watching Beyonce’s old pepsi commercial with her, Britney and Pink–and I thought damn, she’s accomplished a s*** load and been around forever. It’s no wonder she and Michelle admire each other.

    Rihanna is a different breed. She’s younger, raunchier and hasn’t accomplished quite enough to be on that level. Maybe she can, if she grew up a little.

    • shawna askew best May 25, 2012

      Rihanna us twenty four years old and not friends with her so what’s your point and not even American so beyonce don’t wear skimpy clothes on stage and shake her ass Like a stripper what you call that talent or booty popping

  14. QueenOfTheNavy May 24, 2012

    Watch it Michelle, before you know it she’ll still be in the White House trying to steal your….oh.
    I was going to say your title as the First Lady but since Beyonce only just got her GED aged 30 I doubt she’s smart enough to do that.

    Too bad, I would like Beyonce as a president, FREE SONGS FOR EVERYONE!

    • Auto May 24, 2012

      Isn’t Rihanna the same girl that thought London was a country? Just a thought.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 24, 2012

      sorry , but that comment is one of the most retarded comments i have ever seen in TGJ.

      beyonce will be in the WH to steal what ?!

      Retarded much ?!

      • shawna askew best May 25, 2012

        Beyonce have people around her running her business beyonce have no taste in fashion house of derion is nothing but trash at least rihanna can design beyonce is the one being propped up by people around her she can’t speak much less write a letter I’m sure someone helped her with that letter

    • Virtuoso Intellect May 24, 2012


      Lmao , leave her. She must be really seething today. She left the same comment in the post where Nicki Minaj was praising Beyonce. If we have another one of these today, poor chile may commit s******, cant win for s*** BWAHAHAHAHA

  15. MISHKA May 24, 2012

    Well, POTUS better stan like the rest of the bees.

    Haters, just move to another planet.

    • MISHKA May 24, 2012

      I meant FLOTUS but her husband better get in too lol

  16. divaonthereal May 24, 2012

    Thanks 1st lady Michelle for your inspire letter about Beyonce. Truly I believe the reason why she recieve so much hate is because so many so called haters are very jealous of Beyonce. I’m a woman of a particular age and have been a fan of Beyonce in DC and as a solo artist and for her to recieve all this unnecessary hate is so unreal. Beyonce is about her craft and she works very hard and now being a new mother I truly believe she will take all positive influence in her own life to raise her daughter to be a great person. Haters keep on hating because truly Beyonce is being loved and has support from who it matters.

  17. Dejae May 24, 2012

    Has a politician or politicians wife ever given props to Rihanna? lol


    I’m done.

    • Gilberto May 24, 2012

      Yes. I heard the CEO of Independent Cheap H*** praized Rihanna for being a big inspiration to basic b******.

      • truegirl May 24, 2012

        rihanna more like by white people than michelle is now thats saying something

  18. mobwife May 24, 2012

    Sourjourner Truth
    Harriet Tubman
    Dorothy Height
    Dr. Betty Shabazz
    Corette Scott-King
    Angela Davis
    Assata Shakur
    Rita Dove
    Nicki Giovanni

    Wow, this really is an election year and yes, I do like Beyonce

    BUT –>

    What in the FUDGESICLE? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Well she did say she wanted to have fun so there you have it 🙂 Ewww but then she would be married to that drug dealing, woman beater, stabber and all around creepy camel!…ewwww

  19. gees May 24, 2012

    shoootttt deep down inside being beyonce for a day..does not sound bad. She’s something special.

  20. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 24, 2012

    I don´t see it as a huge compliment, just some nice words. They obviously are close in a way and for different reasons and I suppose she is also supporting black people and Beyonce has been the biggest black female in music these last years. So it´s normal, nothing to scream about. I´m sure she´ll have nice words about absolutely everybody if u ask her. She was first row when they paid tribute to Mariah some months ago. I mean, ok who cares
    ps: I´m so glad for u Americans you finally got a president like Obama

    • Virtuoso Intellect May 24, 2012

      Funny u mentioned Mariah, i knew thats what u were driving at when i started reading your comment. Jealous she said Beyonce not Mariah huh. Too bad booboo. Cry me a river

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 24, 2012

        you two are doing the most as well ….

        but @john , you stan for mariah ” no more hiding please , it’s okay” !! if she was saying “mariah” you would have been giving us lectures on the ultimate four you love the most with more focus on mariah …. quit it man !!

        let the hive have fun and SCREAM about it 😛

  21. Auto May 24, 2012

    How fun would it be to be Beyonce for a day? You’d be worth 300 million dollars, you live in a beautiful apartment in New York, you have a fleet of Maybachs & millions of fans that will praise your ever limb not to mention genuine talent. Life’s good if you’re Beyonce 🙂

  22. YepYep May 24, 2012

    These two should stick to sucking each other’s d*cks in private. We don’t need to hear it.

    • CrazyShit May 24, 2012

      Jealous much? Your fave had the biggest drop in billboard history. Madonna’s antics is what kept her interesting all these years. I love madege i DO, but she is not doing it these days ok. Dont be a biter bum b****. Cause you a non motha f****** factor b****!

      • S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

        There are a few people you can’t shade in Music and one of them is Madonna, (Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson) ect, ect…the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry among others can kiss my ass, when one of them became part of that list, i give them credit.

    • Virtuoso Intellect May 24, 2012

      Omg get a grip. U r making a fool of yourself in this post & every Beyonce post. Beyonce will continue WINNING. You need to find a more productive way of dealing with your bitterness. Everytime Bey wins u are sour, it’s sad really. U r going to end up a very miserable old man. What’s more? Bey is not aware of your existence/ animosity and she gon keep WINNING 😛

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 24, 2012

      They don´t get there is a status in music to which 4 women belong and nobody else, a superior status. A Beyonce fan trying to come for Madonna status is laughable, I´m not even saying Beyonce is not big, but there is this highest status she´s not in. My favs are way above Beyonce status and I´d never dare to shade Madonna success, maybe I could shade some other things, but her status in music? or her success? or her career?… like really?

      • virtuoso intellect May 24, 2012

        thing is nobody cares but both of u. U’re bringing up madonna and mariah carey in a Beyonce post because you’re trying to remind people that they exist and you feel like all the props Beyonce is getting should be going to them. tryna divert attention to them on a Beyonce post makes em look lke lessors whose relevance needs to be validated. that is something a Keri Hilson fan should be doing kiii. what’s funny is these women also praise Bey lol, dont u feel real stupid? yea that’s egg on your face

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 24, 2012

        You´re the one acting like a desperate stan. My first comment was my opinion and was nice. Then I made a comment when I saw a person trying to come for Madonna´s success, which is obviously a laughable action. Don´t be mad your fav is not in the superior league in music history. Just enjoy these little compliments many people give to her and act like no other artist ever received a compliment from any other famous person, you Beyonce stans love to do that (laughable too)

      • virtuoso intellect May 24, 2012


        what was nice aboutnyour comment? u were trying to downplay this ish and obviously these lil compliments are enough to get u riling else u wouldnt have brought up her presence at Mariah’s thing. lol why will i be mad? im not even thinking of those old folks, it is u always bringing em up. i mean no disrespect towards them; they did their thing n attained that status. Beyonce is my fav and im happy for her recognition n success. she’s done tremendously well for herself b4 the age of 30. u are very childish and petty and you never take responsiblity. all u do is blame Beyonce fans but it’s ok for u to be shady in ur comments …. please

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 24, 2012


      madonna is MADONNA !


      honestly , MEH.

      • S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

        Conclusion: the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry ect, ect, will never be in the same level of Madonna, Celine, Whitney or Mariah just to mention females singers, maybe Lady Gaga as a Pop Artist coz you know there is this category of Vocalist were Madonna and Gaga don’t fits in, anyway i still think Beyonce is very talented but she’s not that good or great as you all think she is.

      • virtuoso intellect May 24, 2012

        Conclusion: nobody currs

        i personally dont give a s*** about Madonna, she did everythign in the book to get famous, shock tactics, gimmicks. i have no respect for her and in my book she’s not any pedestal. im not pressed tho cus u wont see me goin on her post trying toadvertise Beyonce which is what u r doin here. Bey will continue to get her props day in day out. she’s said she’s not interested in anyone’ s throne. she’s perfectly happy with the one she’s created for herself. bringing up names of woment who were in their prime in Bey’s pre-t*** years does not take away from her. it re-inforces that she’s that much of a force

        i dont care about your damn levels.Beyonce has been receiving legend awards b4 the age of 30. she’s a course in 2 diff universities. she’s continues to solidify her status so i doubt she cares about your levels either. Im here for Beyonce & Beyonce only. Clearly nobody else does since u r the only one bringing up some washed up singers’ names

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 25, 2012

        Yes those were the 4 names I was thinking about

        Can u just please leave people say what they want. You know my first comment was not disrespectful. Just leave your comments like a grown up and learn some music history. Those are old b******? What the hell is going to be Beyonce soon then? Cos if you didn´t notice her selling power has dramatically fallen these last 2 years.
        Another invalid argument is the one about Beyonce doing all she has done (nothing artistically groundbreaking) b4 the age of 30. Epic fail. True great did their, more than enough b4 30 too. Just relax

  23. Sheesh May 24, 2012

    She better stan for the KING.

  24. truegirl May 24, 2012

    wow sombody has been Licking the box lol bey got her hooked

  25. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 24, 2012

    I wish I was Jay z because I would beat beyonce like how chris beat rihanna. Thumbs down please…………I know you want to..

    • NaturalBEAUTY May 24, 2012

      Mama Tina would woop your ass before you lay a finger on Bey. Them Louisiana Creoles don’t play that s***.

      • JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 24, 2012

        Lol So I heard…….but even tho i’m pretty neutral towards beyonce I’m glad she gets these compliments…….she must be doin something right…right?

  26. Kingphoenix May 24, 2012

    Beyonce has the best caliber of stans in the world. Haterz stay pressed.

  27. Annw May 24, 2012

    Wow! How open and honest of Michele to admit that. Yet another compliment to Beyonce from another highly respected person. Beyonce is constantly being admired or honored, good for her.

  28. I Judge Flops May 24, 2012

    Michelle Obama obviously has good taste






  29. Virtuoso Intellect May 24, 2012

    Im not surprised. Another day another high profile Beyhive member. Lonely ugly jealous losers cant take …. meh #StayMad

    Who’s going to Revel?

  30. Jay Scorpio May 24, 2012


    OBAMA & HIS DUMB 1ST LADY FOR 1 TERM PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • virtuoso intellect May 24, 2012

      and what has grammatical correctness fetched you? the misfortune of an impoverished jealous old b****. Not only is that “dumb b****” worth more than you’ll ever be, but she is also a better person making millions of people happy everyday. It’s sad slander is what you’ve chosen to do with your token education. what a waste. your parents shoulda adopted a kid from Malawi instead smdh

      • Jay Scorpio May 24, 2012

        WHO LOVES U BYTCH???? STFU!!!!!

      • virtuoso intellect May 24, 2012

        calm down booboo, give the caps a rest. it’s not the end of the world HAHA 😀

    • beyhive May 24, 2012


  31. coco May 24, 2012

    oprah…maya angelou..rosa parks…??? michelle just f’ed up, beyonce is a singer, and it’s not like i don’t like her but from first lady to b? uh michelle u funny

  32. Richnblack11(beyonce keep em mad) May 24, 2012

    Yass only the best Stan for BEYONCE she is the cream of the crop ….see you on Sunday honey

  33. nikkiischillin May 24, 2012

    Beyonce is cool, but this ass kissing gatta stop….Really.

  34. fatu sankoh May 24, 2012

    Michelle our first lady you have a good tast who dont want to be be our talented most beautiful most classicy bey only hatemongers say other wise thank god they are not god they dont matters long live queen bey

  35. Another Star May 24, 2012

    🙂 Baddest Rich Chic In The Game.BEYONCE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT.That’s why so many people love her.Can’t wait to see her get it at Revel Owwwwwwwww.”Bumping Best You’ve Ever Had By John Legend” Yassssss Ma’am.Michelle knows a strong woman with heart when she sees one.Jays working on that 150 million dollar nationwide tour for her as we speak.I shall be there too.:-) Haters Kill Yo Self Quick lmao

  36. DIGGER BEY May 24, 2012

    @ Jay F*****. A dumb Bish that’s worth over 300 million alone, that can buy and sell ur raddegy brokedown broke ass! lmao Boi boi boi. There are some pressed MFS on here lmao. Michelle doesnt say nice things about everyone. Im so tired of seeing that PRESSED DELUSIONAL FAN of Madonna’s and Mariah’s on KING BS POST! U too will make up all kind of lies, just to discredit THE QUEEN! Y’all mad cause KING B is getting all the accolades them bishes y’all stan for use to get lmao. Beyonce is a Pop Icon and Living Legend! Don’t like that do u. And please! Madonna isn’t on the same level as MJ and Elivis! GTFOHWTBS! They never pulled gimmick s*** to get notice. KING B WILL EAT THAT H** UP ON STAGE! KING B is here to stay! So u Delusional f****** might as well climb that tree wiith ur rope, u know the rest

  37. Songscribe May 24, 2012

    Did anybody get the part where she said, a great Singer. Lmao Michelle might b the First Lady but she know who’s the HBIC! She would’ve never mention those other raddegy h*** lmao. Jealous muthas mad that no one is paying homegrown or saying great things about there gave bwahahahahahaha # THAT BEYHIVE! WE RUN THIS SH*T!

  38. DIGGER BEY May 24, 2012

    I meant homage …….damn phone

  39. DIGGER BEY May 24, 2012

    Why the hell is my comment under someone else’s name? Get it togather @ TGJ

  40. Bey Fan May 24, 2012

    I love the Obama’s….. I love Beyonce…. and they love each other….

    Of course since its Bey, someone will try and find something negative to say….

  41. epicfail May 24, 2012

    and they wonder why they wont get a 2nd term

  42. Gaaglooo! May 24, 2012

    Daaaaamn!!! My gosh ALL This Negatives BS, toward a woman who don’t Give a F*** to ALL You of you MothersFuckerS Haters C****!:-)

  43. beyhive May 24, 2012


  44. Black Barbie Doll May 24, 2012

    Beyonce’ must feel like the BADDEST B**** !

  45. 100% REAL May 24, 2012

    Even some of the most “beautiful” people in the world sometimes wish that they were someone else. And, that includes Beyonce too. Just like Michelle wishes that she was Beyonce, I’m almost positive that Beyonce sometimes wishes that she was someone else too. Beautiful people don’t like EVERYTHING about themselves. Beyonce even said that she doesn’t like her ears, because there are too big. If she can switch places with someone from time to time, I bet that she would do it.

  46. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 24, 2012

    Lord have mercy!!! Soooo much hate..even so I agree with michelle….I would want to be beyonce just see what jay z packing other than that ugly face.

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