Young Money: Birdman Brands Lil Kim A Liar Following ‘Sabotage’ Claim

Published: Thursday 24th May 2012 by David

Last week, two years after it kicked off, Lil Kim‘s ‘beef’ with Nicki Minaj reached all new heights during an interview with Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club‘.

In the interview, Kim claimed that after making plans to work with Minaj’s label ‘Young Money’, she was cut off by the group per Nicki’s request and was forced to watch its CEO Birdman fashion the MC after her, initially by way of look.

However, according to the ‘How Many Licks’ belle, the plagiarizing didn’t end there. For, in a truly sensational claim, she accused Birdman of feeding Minaj ideas Kim had created and shared with him before her ‘dismissal’.

Now he has hit back at her by way of MTV’s RapFix.

His comments below…

On the allegations:

Nah, ain’t no truth to that.

We based on creativity. If you know about YMCMB and you ever followed us and been a part of our music, biting and stealing that shit just ain’t for us. All [those] rap wars, we just grinding for the money, sun up, sun down. It’s Nicki Minaj all day everyday.

To be honest, as much as we’re tired of Kim’s antics, we’re not sure we completely believe either party.

For unless they’d have us believe Kim is completely loco, her story does make a lot of sense ,and would explain why she’s found it hard to move on from the two year old feud.

Of course, while this doesn’t excuse the perpetual stink that is Jones’ career, it is worth wondering why Minaj is yet to explain the ‘ins and out’ of the beef while Kim is able to do so in the way she did last week.

Not that it matters anyway, because as her burgeoning career is proving, Nicki was always going to come out on top regardless of Kim’s situation.

A situation, brought on by her short sighted nature and the deluded idea that her ‘Rap Queen’ title though once accurate, means absolutely nothing without the stats and work ethic to prove it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. jill May 24, 2012

    Nah, I believe Lil Kim

    • BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012

      Kim is lying trying to sabotage Nicki’s successful career. I think Nicki’s pepsi commercial made Kim jealous all over again. hehehe

      • Jasmine May 25, 2012

        OK so this whole thing started in 2009 with a song called “Grindin Makin Money” by Birdman feat. Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj. The song was supposed to make Kim down with Young Money and give Nicki some needed promo. Unfortunately, Young Money played Kim and Nicki jacked Kim’s style and some of Kim’s flow. Thus, they are both wrong because Kim should have never worked with them before checking their loyalty to her and Nicki should have been more original.

    • Student of the Biz May 29, 2012

      Ok, let’s go in. Kim is the Queen. Come on now, I know Nicki is Fresh and new, but come on, her stats, come from unoringinality, gimmick features fused with auto tune POP songs. Nicki is a mediorce artist who is over rated, and is fading fast. Proof, how many out of the umpteen pop tracks besides starships thanks to David Guetta has she released as singles. In other words she’s a leech. And before her, everyone was on Kim’s D$&@!!!! Including her, slim, Birdman

    • mz nikki nicole June 8, 2012

      omg y’all have to watch that playtime is over thing with kim and nicki on youtube..its such an eye opener then you should make your decision
      here is the link

  2. Cocoa May 24, 2012

    Yeh… I’ll believe Kim over shady ass YMCMB tbqh especially after watching ALL those videos I can’t believe a damn thing anybody on YMCMB says now.

  3. blackbunny May 24, 2012

    Kim isn’t lying…

  4. ImMadAsHell May 24, 2012

    I don’t know about her new sound, that she wanted ot come out with but she’s definitely telling the truth about Nicki being disrespectful not only to her but the other females.

    I love watching Playtime is over 5 parts series made by Aundot917. she told the same story over and over again. I guess now people are listening, now ya’ll want to come out & say she’s lying. When people wasn’t listening, ya’ll kept quite.

    • KnoYaFacts May 24, 2012

      go listen to press conference by nicki minaj on her itunes version of her album. she knows she was an ass back in the day and she said she had to change. we all know she was an ass but we’re in the now. kim said she was movin on and not worried bout nicki no more… who jus spent a whole 16 minute interview on nicki? nicki said she was done a few weeks ago and aint commented on her again. why cant both jus be great and become friends in the female mc buisness because at the end of the day its the fans that keep this beef goin

      • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

        1) Kim did not want to do that interview. If you actually see it, she asks Charlamagne why they always gotta ask her that but they never ask Nicki.
        2) You’re missing the whole point. Unless you grew up with Lil Kim you’ll never understand the degree and severity of what Nicki is doing. It’s beyond one issue. It’s beyond copying. It’s a whole bunch of disrespect and lies all wrapped up into one package you call Nicki Minaj.

  5. WhitneyTaughtMe May 24, 2012

    Lil Kim is telling the truth. Nicki is a straight up thief. Any true hip hop/rap fan will tell you that. I understand being inspired but Nicki is stealing her s*** and then trash talking her. Who does that?

    • Teacher May 24, 2012


      • HeavyHeavy May 24, 2012

        looooool beyonce

      • mark May 24, 2012

        Beyonce is beyonce…….She does her. who is rihanna trying to be?

  6. The Real B(randy) May 24, 2012

    You biased writers, kinda suck, when it comes to “journalism”. Stop being such minaj d*** suckers and just state the facts. How could you say that Minaj still would have come out on top? Now, you’re fortune tellers too? It’s sad.

    • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

      I know right? If you’ve noticed though, this site is rather poppy. Obviously they would stand on Nicki’s side, because they don’t understand the point at all. They don’t understand Kim at all. They don’t understand that it’s not just copying; it’s like an injustice that needs to be corrected. Nicki may come out on top, but she is not real. And honestly, I’d rather be real and living well (Kim is certainly richer than any of us here and that’s enough) than be excessively rich and be somebody’s dog *cough*CashMoney*cough*

    • right May 24, 2012

      I’m so glad yall got the guts to but the thumbs up and down feature on you can see how we really feel about your biased posts

  7. EBONY CLAWS May 24, 2012

    I really just can’t with that bunch of Young Money bullies. What has Kim EVER done to any of them?

    Birdman get your big black nose off the 40 year old WOMAN’s p**** and stop kissing a pinky-wig b**** from ass to feet just to keep yourself relevant.

    Man, shame on you.

    • Cocoa May 24, 2012

      Kim is 35 not 40.

      • EBONY CLAWS May 24, 2012

        A f*** supposted to be given now?

      • Cocoa May 24, 2012

        You said Kim was 40 and I corrected you…its not that serious.

      • EBONY CLAWS May 24, 2012

        I just meant that Kim >>>>> on these 18 year old b******. 40-year-old is just a silly joke.

      • :) May 24, 2012

        Kim is not 35, she’s 36 & will be 37 in July, oop.

      • Cocoa May 24, 2012

        lmaooo ok.

    • Cocoa May 24, 2012

      No…Kim is 35 and she is turning 36 this year.

      • BlanosBitch May 24, 2012

        You both are wrong, last year she celebrated her 37th. She said she was born on July of 74′ making her 37 & 38 in July. Even check Wiki'_Kim why would she lie about her age?

      • BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012

        NO….. Kim will be 38 this year she was born in 1974

      • Rihanna Navy May 24, 2012

        Kim was born in 1976. Her own MOTHER said so on MTV Driven.

    • EBONY CLAWS May 24, 2012


      • BLanCo May 24, 2012

        and Nicki is about to be 30 this year

  8. Amberussell May 24, 2012

    i can’t believe ANYTHING that comes out this man’s mouth, if i could understand it. he loves beef and acts like he is innocent. he claimed wayne had more money than jay z (REALLY 0.o) SAID HE WAS ABOUT THE PPL WHEN COMMON AND DRAKE WERE BEEFING, YET COMMON MAKES BOOKS FOR CHILDREN, HAS CHARITIES ETC, WHILE BIRDMANE BRAGS ABOUT HIS MONEY.
    kim may have been stretching how it sounds just like her song that nicki copied, but who knows. they have the rights to it. everything kim said has been true, why would she start now?
    we still have yet to hear nicki/ymcmb side of things, so im guessing she is telling the truth.
    AmbeRussell on youtube

    • EBONY CLAWS May 24, 2012

      W.H.O got more money than Jay-Z?????????

      That man needs to take a damn SEAT.

      Jay-Z is the KING OF RAP, married to the BADDEST b**** in the history, and anybody’s a FLOP compared to them.

      Birdman will #DEAL with that s***.

  9. poshhh May 24, 2012

    i believe kim… screw nicki

  10. were the f*** are you!!! May 24, 2012


    • BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012


      • truth May 24, 2012

        (throws my naked truth cd at yo neck and slice it off) f*** you. #kimmieallday

      • Hero May 24, 2012

        Kim was suppose to lie on the stand u snitch ass

      • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

        If Nicki is so honest there wouldn’t be so many contradictions with her. I noticed this before I even watched Playtime Is Over. And I can swear to you I used to love Nicki off; used to have a Team Minaj Twitter account and everything. But when you get too close to someone, when you spend hours upon hours researching them so much because you love them so much, you end up seeing discrepancies. Nicki has lied about so many thing from the beginning til now; who knows what else she’s hiding?

  11. MONSTERHIVE May 24, 2012

    As a Nicki stan I believe that there is more to the story. I also believe Lil’ Kim wasn’t lying about everything cause I’ve always said YMCMB is shady. But my question is, what does Kim expect to happen? Nicki has such a huge following that at this point the only thing that can end her success is herself. Even if Nicki is in the wrong, her fans will not stop buying her music or concerts. It won’t stop brands like Pepsi & MAC from signing deals with her. NOTHING especially a feud with Kimmy Blanco will change the fact that she is successful, it hurts but it’s the truth.

    • RIHLUV May 24, 2012


      • MONSTERHIVE May 24, 2012

        Lmao I’m not trying to be rude but why do you type like that? It was like reading a foreign article. “Heralbum” haha wtf? She has 2 number 1 albums under her belt, it will go platinum. So what’s the excuse about her business ventures, they’re flops as well? Having a single that was released 5 weeks ago & has gone double platinum is a flop too right? The fact that ‘The Naked Truth’ has been out for over 6 years & hasn’t even sold 500K isn’t a flop right?

    • Justathought (Azealia Banks is here.) May 24, 2012

      The fact that you are calling Lil Kim’s what..4th album sales a flop to Nicki’s 2nd album flopping sales says enough right there. Nicki is already flopping on her 2nd album..Even with all of Nickis endorsement deals…

  12. melody May 24, 2012

    I watched that playtime is over series and showed it to my man and my bestfriend but even without its clear as day that nicki was a Kim clone clown come on anybody who was alive and kicking that seen Kim come up when KIM was the only chick out there pushing buttons and doing the wildest s*** you could imagine making songs about getting head and sucking d*** with pasties on her titties at he Mtv awards and the crazy wigs the barbie s*** if you was around to witness it then you would KNOW that nicki is nothing but a Kim clone..And nicki weird ass aint better than kim in no way shape or form. just like wayne aint better than Jay-z and that’s because wayne and nicki are two weirdo’s they goofy KIm and Jay are real they aint kids they be on they adult s*** no teeny bopper childs play s***. and that why those two legends with classics will always be better because their are much more respectable. f*** a clone I f*** with the Original Mr carter and the Original black barbie.

  13. baker May 24, 2012

    Looks like nobody’s on Nicki’s side, kii.

    • LOL May 24, 2012

      But the record and single sales are. KII.

      • Rihanna Navy May 24, 2012

        Not that flopping album though. #pow

      • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

        Those sales are from the same people that would buy her even if she released an album full of washroom noises. Care to tell me what correlation there is between talent and sales?

  14. -________- May 24, 2012

    In my honest opinion, there’s more to the story than what she’s claiming. I believe Lil Kim but I also don’t believe everything she says. We always give her the benefit of the doubt but forget that feuds have been a driving force behind her career. She’s had beef with Eve, Remy Ma, Foxy, Charlie Baltimore, Nicki, A. Banks, & even Big’s mom. We can’t sit here & say that Lil Kim is INNOCENT cause judging by her history she has had something to do with it. She is not a victim, period.

    • Mokka Mint May 24, 2012

      I wouldnt say Kimmy is innocent but i will say that she isnt just blatantly starting trouble … All her beef started cause people wanna come at her… Eve came at her in “Blow ya Mind” Kim responded and it was squashed cause eve was just at her show in the bx … Remy came at her, she responded and it got squashed cause there are pics of the two together and Papoose (Remy Husband) was at her show and said that him and remy both respected kim… Foxy started the s*** cause ive seen plenty of pics of them together and i seen clips of Kim on MTV in the 90’s Giving Foxy props…Charlie is mad that she f***** the same d*** as kim but her career didnt go that far… Biggies mom is disrespectful and has said numerous times that she watched Biggie Pistol whip kim and she wish he would have just shot her SMH… A.banks wasnt even a beef cause kim never even said a word to her…. she was just mad no one wanted to be on the song she sent….

      We already kno the nicki story soo that doesnt even matter… and if you dont kno the nicki story go on youtube and look up Auntdot917 and watch “Play time is Over 1-5”

      • -______- May 24, 2012

        You don’t get the point. If Nicki is wrong, that will NOT affect her career. What does Kim expect to happen? Are we suddenly suppose to shun Nicki? That won’t ever happen, she has 12 million Twitter followers, she can tour in Europe & Japan cause she has a cult following (& she is touring in Japan) so what does this change? If Nicki was some local act like Diamond or Trina this feud would have a massive affect on her career, but she’s Nicki Minaj, nothing will stop her success.

  15. S****** Blonde May 24, 2012

    I understand Lil Kim, i’m not a fan of her or Nicki but credit where credit is due, Lil Kim is the original, Nicki is the Copy, it must hurts when you work hard and a copycat steals your ideas, looks and sounds, is amost the same thing that is happen with Madonna and Lady Gaga, this is not Nicki paying tribute to Kim, so Reductive.

  16. Kc May 24, 2012

    This is the same man who can’t pay the producers who work on there albums. I don’t believe him. I believe lil kim. I don’t believe anything he says.

  17. OpD2 May 24, 2012

    so mbecause Nicki haven’t address this situation yet,don’t mean kim is telling the truth she is a lying b****,kim can talk all she wants playing the victim blaming nicki all she wants the bottom line is kim always bin f-cking up and then blames people for it,nicki is nothing like kim just some wigs thats it,so talking about nicki is a copy to try and put up that b**** kim is void.

  18. sowhat May 24, 2012

    So let’s say Kim is telling the truth…now what?! Kim, is done in the rap game. She did that to herself when she went under the knife. Rap is about authenticity and she violated the first rule. Second, she should have made some money off of Nicki instead of coming off as bitter. She claims to be so smart….I would have swagger jacked the game…You can study my swag, as long as you pay me. Her expiration date has come and gone. She is finished!! She just comes off as a hater. The masses don’t care about what she has to say. There are only a few people who read blogs or listen at interviews. Nicki is international! You can’t sabotage her, it will back fire on you Kim….Somethings you have to just let go…
    Be smart KIm. You are a old, grown woman. Quit fighting with children.

    • Ethreal May 24, 2012

      They will only thumbs down your comment cause it’s the truth. Lil Kim is done, no more #1 albums (as if she ever had one to begin with) no more top 10 singles (as if she’s had one in the last 6 years) no more anything. Nicki has reached success that can only be tarnished by Nicki herself. You’re stating the truth & they can’t deal!!!!!!

      • sowhat May 24, 2012

        I know. I am a business person and I would have made some money off of Nicki Minaj, if I were Kim. A lot of these artist are dilusional. She may be able to make money off of concerts and hooks for other artist but she is done! Hip Hop Artist have their highs and lows. You have to get that coin while you are on top. When you are on the down slope, you have to figure out how you can make money off the game. She is just looking crazier right now. Yes, she has fans, hell I have 1 of her albums but the surgery and bitterness is a turn off. Like I said, now what Kim…Nicky just signed to do several PEPSI

      • sowhat May 24, 2012

        I know. I am a business person and I would have made some money off of Nicki Minaj, if I were Kim. A lot of these artist are dilusional. She may be able to make money off of concerts and hooks for other artist but she is done! Hip Hop Artist have their highs and lows. You have to get that coin while you are on top. When you are on the down slope, you have to figure out how you can make money off the game. She is just looking crazier right now. Yes, she has fans, hell I have 1 of her albums but the surgery and bitterness is a turn off. Like I said, now what Kim…Nicky just signed to do several PEPSI projects and you are talking on 105.1. If you still got it, put something out and shut everybody up or just shut up! Don’t talk about it, be about it!!!

      • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

        Homo Hush cosigning for yourself.

      • truth May 24, 2012

        f*** you b****

      • -_________- May 24, 2012

        Oh so your equivalent to selling units is adding up singles. In that case let’s do the math. Nicki has sold 2 million albums, Superbass is 5X platinum, Starships is 3x platinum, Your Love is platinum, Moment 4 Life is platinum as well. Add that up & Nicki has pushed 12 million in 2 years alone. As far as Eve & Missy goes, no comment being as though I love them & own all of there albums. But Kim is snatching wigs though? B**** puh f****** lease. You obviously didn’t see the post where her last single “Keys To The City” charted at #500 & something on the charts. Her singles only cost a dollar, yet she can’t even land a #200 on the charts & you want me to believe that she’s slaying? Kim is a legend but as far as her snatching peoples wigs in present time, that’s non existent. Again you failed to slay anyone with your delusions. (& BTW I’m a girl & I’m straight so you calling me a f** is another one of your fictional claims)

    • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

      Girl Boom. You Nicki STans have admitted that yo queen is a fraud. That makes you h*** frauds too; only a fraud would appreciate another fraud. As far as kim going under the knife, lets not start with that. Nicki ass has been inflated with fix-a-flat and her face has been pump with crazy glue like a Las Vegas t*****. Lets not. Nicki aint a child, the b**** is 30! Kim 37. That aint that big of a gap ho. Lets keep it real. NIcki’s album is flopping; she has finally been exposed for the fake d*** she is.

      • -______- May 24, 2012

        Nicki is 29 your girl is 37, just FYI. & please don’t compare Nicki to Lil Kim when it comes to surgery. Who got the short end of the stick? Obviously not Nicki considering she doesn’t look like LaToya Jackson’s bad seed. Nicki is gorgeous compared to Kim. Nicki’s album is flopping yet it went #1 for 2 weeks & has a top ten single that’s been at #5 on the charts since it’s release 5 weeks ago. & let’s not talk about flop when your girls last album hasn’t even sold 500K since it’s release 7 f****** years ago!

      • sowhat May 24, 2012

        It is amazing how a different opinion gets such hateful comments. My response was not about being a Nicki stan….I am indifferent to both of them but Kim looks crazy and Nicki does not. I really hate that you guys can’t see the big picture. As far as surgery goes, no one cares that Nicki has a big b*** now ( it is popular) but they do care that Lil Kim has a different face. She needs a new camp because apparently her current camp does not care how she looks or her image. Just sad, he swag game can be so dope right now but it is weak because she won’t let go of the past. Find another way to make money Kim

      • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

        @ -______-

        Ho first of all, get a respectable screen name. Next, kim been in the game 15 years, nicki just got here and her album sales aren’t up with Kims. Sorry. Is roman reloaded gold yet? It took weeks for Notorious KIM to go platinum. I mean… Like really. Plastic Surgery be damned, NIcki is a known fraud and liar and the public knows this now. You will not only deal, but you will have a seat. Thank you for your feed back.

      • -______- May 24, 2012

        Let’s not talk about flops dear considering the fact that your girl has never in her 15 years of having a career has had a number 1 album. Her sales are nothing to be bragging about. How does one release a highly rated album yet can’t even sell 500k in 6 years? Check Sound Scan, Lil Kim has sold 5 million albums world wide, that’s in 15 years. Nicki has sold 2 million in 2 years, do the math. Fake or not Nicki is winning ask Pepsi, MAC, OPI, Adidas, & her up & coming clothing line & fragrance. You shall deal at the fact that Lil Kim will never be the end of her career!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

        @ -_______________-
        Stop bring up the enodousment deals, cause Kim had Mac and Missy has addias. This s*** aint new. Kim has over 11 million units sold boo boo, that includes her MONSTER of a record “Lady Marmalde”. You know, the one with the grammy .Barbs will have to deal with that. At age 30, kim had 3 platinum albums, one that was actually double platinum. Nicki s*** will be lucky if it goes gold. And forget about that last Kim Album. It didnt do s*** because she was in jail. Explain why, after all this promotion and YMCB buying 200,000 albums also have roman reloaded only reached Styrofoam status?

        Now I’m trying to be ladylike and not slay you. But ho keep tempting me; every generation there is one slayer, and im that b****.

      • -___________- May 24, 2012

        11 million? B**** please in what planet? Show me the receipts cause I can prove everything that I said are facts. The Grammy you speak of she has to share with 4 other girls, trust she has never had one for her own work like Eve & Missy have. Your girl hasn’t even been nominated for a Grammy of her own work. Gag at the fact that Lil Kim has only pushed 5 mill in 15 f****** years! The fact that you’re trying to bring age into the equation is a f****** joke considering Lil Kim 8 years old than Nicki. Never did Kim have a global campaign *Pepsi*, so let’s not talk about endorsements. Never did your girl have a world tour that has sold out in Europe & Japan. So b**** you’re not slaying anyone with your fictional claims. You shall deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

        @ -__________________-
        Now f** you’re simply lying. Kim Has toured all over the world, she was JUST in austrailia like 7 months ago. You know this already, im confident you have watched the videos on youtube. Units don’t just reflect albums, it’s single sales too. She may have only sold 5+ million albums, but she has MULTIPLE single sales.

        Kim was nominated for a Grammy for “Came Back For You” in 2003. As far as giving you carfax reports, homo use google. The f*** i look like?

        Missy and Eve… Oh yeah, i remember them legends that was rocking out with kim last week. I remember them. I also remember them tweeting they already recorded some music. I think you really have a seat, you’re clearly mad that Kim is coming back and is snatching wigs. Starting with her clone.

        Nicki won’t have a 15 year career, its already almost over. It took that d*** since 1999 to get in the game, just to be here only 2 years. It was wack while it lasted.

        -Plays Keys to The City-

      • Get Em! May 30, 2012


    • Student of the Biz May 29, 2012

      If the masses didn’t care we would be posting about her would we……

  19. Bey Fan May 24, 2012

    Nicki was definitely influenced by Kim… no question about that..

    But Kim’s story…..well the whole story…..I dont know about. Maybe if I heard this song with her and nicki. And maybe if I heard the Automatic song kim said she recorded.

    I need more than a bias youtube video and stories by two feuding female rappers.

    As far as birdman…. he can have several seats…

    • umm May 24, 2012

      well you can hear the song on youtube. she said it was cut from the album but it was released as a bonus track.

  20. HATe dont equal $$$$$$$$$$ May 24, 2012

    @so what you are talking so negatively behind a computer

    • sowhat May 24, 2012

      @Hate Dont Equal $$$$$$$$$….and so are you…this is why it is called a blog….. Don’t be mad at the truth! I don’t make the rules, I just learn them and your girl Kim should as well. I am in different about both of them but Kim just looks crazy. I hate to see women look like that in public. Be about your business Kim!!!

  21. Lea May 24, 2012

    I’am on Kim’s side.Nicki has been proven a liar time and time again.Even lied about her age.

    • Bey Fan May 24, 2012

      when was it proven that Nicki lied about her age??? And when has it been proven that Nicki ever lied…

      • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

        F** HUSH when she came out she claimed to be 26 (in 2011) when the b**** was 29 almost. Girl boom. thats old tea.

      • BLanCo May 24, 2012

        and all i f****** know is that Nicki Is about to be 30 years old this year.

  22. antertain May 24, 2012

    We already know Nicki molded of Lil’ Kim but the job for Lil’ Kim is to bring out some hot music that puts focus on herself.

    Playtime is definately over if we dont get the music that we’ve been waiting for since she came out of jail.
    Now the Label issues in court are over its either STEP UP or STEP OUT.

    Lil’ Kim can deliver on a track ghost-wriiten or not and she can go hard but this distraction needs to end.

    I’ve always said the lane was wide open for a female rapper and ymcmb with Nicki Minaj took that opportunity.

    • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

      How do you know her music is ghostwritten? I see Kimberly Jones on EVERY TRACK SHE HAS RELEASED. STOP THE MYTHS

  23. Lilkimisdone May 24, 2012


  24. KingBEY92 May 24, 2012

    I find it hard to BELIEVE BirdGirl because he lied to his self when she said Lil’ Wayne has more money than Jay-Z so I’m believing Kim she gave facts, receipts, money orders, and all in that interview.

  25. NaTURALBEAUTY May 24, 2012

    Lmao I’m gagging at the fact that these Kim stans think this will have any affect on Nicki’s career. Lil Kim should have stopped Nicki when she had a chance, when she was a local act . Nicki’s to big of a star to be forgotten. But the real gag is how is Kim gonna say she’s comfortable in her own skin yet the skin she has isn’t even hers! How you gonna be happy with yourself yet you running around cashing checks to plastic surgeons every chance you get?!

    • Lea May 24, 2012

      Have seen Nicki’s @ss and nose.Don’t even go there cause Nicki obviously aint comfortable in her own skin not to mention her album drop 70% decline this week.

      • NaturalBEAUTY May 24, 2012

        Look how ugly she looks with all that plastic surgery *lmao*,r:14,s:0,i:187

    • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

      Lol I’m glad Nicki is so successful now. I’m so glad Kim didn’t cut her off when she was a local artist. Because the higher you climb, the more painful the fall.

      If Kim ended her back then, only a few people would’ve known about it. I can’t wait until the whole world sees her and she had nowhere to hide because the whole world knows her.


  26. BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012

    What Birdman is saying is…Lil’Kim is not creative like Nicki so he picked the best one. The song Kim did with Birdman & Nicki was just a test to see who’s more creative and well…Anyway no one even knew about the song until Kim said something about it, which means it was a flop and thats why he did’nt make a video for it. Lil’Kim is just a sore loser and jealous of Nicki’s success. Kim needs to put the pipe down and get on with her delusional life. Yes Nicki took Kim’s colored wigs and rocked em better than Kim but thats all cus their rapping style is different. YMCMB would have had to pay off Kim’s lawsuit before she could record right? If they would have signed Kim they would have been in a lose lose situation because where is Kim’s hit song since the beef started? Nicki has several. Birdman is a businessman he ain’t got time for Kim and her b*******. Kim went against Nicki and she lost and now she’s a bitter b****.

    • Lisa May 24, 2012

      Lil Kim is not creative like Nicki?That statement you just made just confirm to me that Nicki fans are incredible dumb or retarded.

      • BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012


  27. David May 24, 2012

    One have to wonder at this point, KIM give details about her situation with Young Money. The story remains the same everytime. All Young Money can do is call names and personally attack.

    • BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012

      How long did Kim lie to her fans about putting out a new album? 2 years. still no album or Holiday EP

      • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

        So, Nicki lied about her album release date. And when her next single was coming out. And when her next video is coming out.
        These are industry variables that the artist him/herself cannot control.
        Nicki, however, has lied about many things she knows she can damn well control.

      • Rihanna Navy May 25, 2012

        But didn’t Nicki lie about getting hit with a suitcase, her sexual orientation and her age? These are personal matters, not some album release date which is control by the labels so save me with that BS

  28. TEAM ASHANTI May 24, 2012

    Nicki minaj does not have nice lyrics…beats maybe but lyric come on now…let be real with ourselves.

  29. Dlux May 24, 2012

    I think Kim is telling the truth. I mean why would she lie? Proof is all there! Nicki is swagger jacking left and right. The only thing thats original about her is her rapping style but her whole look went from Kim, to Gwen Stefani now to Gaga.

    • BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012

      You think Kim is telling the truth but she went to prison for lying. SHE WAS CONVICTED AND SENT TO PRISON FOR LYING UNDER OATH!!….I DON’T BELIEVE S*** LIL’KIM SAY…

      • BLanCo May 24, 2012

        b**** stfu and do your f****** research.lil kim is telling the truth and you dumb ass nicki minaj slaves can’t handle it.

  30. BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012


    • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

      Fill her shoes? girl Boom, she made the shoes Nicki’s wearing. Ho sit!

      • Nats May 24, 2012

        Sweetie if Nicki leaves the game, Kim becomes irrelevant once more. Kim needs Nicki to survve, where is her hit song?

      • TARBABY RANGER May 24, 2012

        @ Naps i mean Nats

        Bish boo. Without a charting single you nicki fans are still pressed by her. Why? Is it because she is the Architect and nicki is a clone?

    • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

      I rather have no female rapper than a big fake one.

  31. just2rell May 24, 2012

    I’m not a fan of either party, but I think there is much truth to what Kim is saying. No one is just “mad” for no reason. Their is a REAL story behind the madness & Nicki was just fueling the fire & rubbing it in her face with all the “indirect” blows she was throwing at her in her songs. Smh.

  32. bash May 24, 2012

    she sounding like a ex DC member…lolz the others making it happen and she takin about the timing gotta be right

  33. Black Madonna May 24, 2012


    • Keisha May 24, 2012

      I guess you didn’t see that post whith Kim performing with Missy and Eve.Y’all Nicki fans are so tired.

  34. QueenSize May 24, 2012

    May I say that it is so fun to read the comments on this page as well as other blogs. The fans make the blogs hot. Our comments get busy.

  35. BEEZ IN DA TRAP May 24, 2012

    Wendy Williams said Lil’Kim is DONE and i agree. Kim needs to stop sucking on Nicki’s c*** and find herself a hobby. Nicki is too big in the game for Kim to snatch her down now so let it go. Nobody’s ending Nicki’s career but Nicki….THE END

    • Kia May 24, 2012

      Who do f*** is Wendy Willams?That t***** aint shitNicki album is flopping down the charts/The bytch is done.

  36. Nats May 24, 2012

    This woman went to jail for lying ‘under oath’ so I believe nothing she says. She then turned around and blamed her sentence on others. What’s new?

    • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

      This is something you pop kids will never understand. Kim’s a real G, and snitching is a no-no. Your highness Minaj, however, would snitch in less than a second to save that big selfish bum of hers. She and her fans can make themselves feel gangster all they want, but her materialistic success will never match up to the authenticity of Kim.

  37. MB92 May 24, 2012

    Kim has been right about everything she’s said up untill this point, with video to prove it, so i believe kim

  38. hi hater blah May 24, 2012

    just food for thought Kims sophmore did almost the same 1st week #s as Nicki but it went plat in two months…Nicki aint even gold in two months smh the b****** hype is already dying out

    • BLanCo May 24, 2012


  39. Dan May 24, 2012

    This Kim Vs. Nicki S*** is getting old. Seriously old…

    Nicki Reigns.. Kim, shut the f*** up, get doing what u say you are gonna do and COMEBACK WITH MUSIC AND NOT ENDLESS BEEF.

    If she’s better than Nicki, Prove it, get your ass on the billboard chart, get an album to #1 in it’s first week of release..

    • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

      Kim won’t be successful now due to the lax standards that have been introduced. Unless you’re crappy, you won’t get into #1. Poor Kim, she will never be crappy. I guess no materialistic success for her.

    • Blessed May 25, 2012

      Its funny how people say Kim needs to get on the Billboard chart but Kim was the first female rapper to ever go number one on a Billboard chart…Which was hard back in the 90’s because that was when most hardest female rappers was out…She went up against Missy, Brat, Foxy, etc…Its easy for Nicki to get on because no other female is out now! Truth Be Told if this was the 90’s Nicki wouldn’t have a career!!!

  40. Nope May 24, 2012

    Tell me, how many times this n**** and his brother got sued for stealing someone else’s songs?

  41. STERLING INFINITY May 24, 2012

    I hope they make a song together!!

  42. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 24, 2012

    “Not that it matters anyway, because as her burgeoning career is proving, Nicki was always going to come out on top regardless of Kim’s situation.”

    I’m not a Nicki hater, but it’ll be very funny to see how TGJ will flip the script if Nicki ends up flopping in 2-3 years time.

    Don’t shade Kim, because even if she’s struggling to come back now, she has proven herself already. Her career lasted a decade, so she had “stats” and the “work ethic” that you mentioned alongside with the bandwagon stans that Nicki has now.

    Anyway, I hope they find a way to resolve their differences. I’d love Kim and Missy to do great this year in the female rap genre and Nicki to stick to Hip-Pop, which is the lane she’s established for herself. No more beefs please 😎

  43. VFB May 24, 2012

    Here’s the thing Mr. Bird Face Man, if Lil Kim is lying, why do Nicki Swag similar Lil Kim’s? Another thing he is forgetting Lil Kim have always been a REAL CHICK from the days of Biggie:) Cash Money know darn well that they STOLE Lil Kim’s ideas, visual effects, swag, sound, and everything else.

    You see my friends it is easy to STEAL OR SLAP someone when their down or don’t have a voice. Yes Nicki is hot right now because she is the new clown in town. But let’s keep it real, NICKI music IS NOT HOT, THE ONLY REASON WHY SHE IS IN HIGH DEMAND IS BECAUSE THE CHILDREN LOVE HER BECAUSE SHE REMINDS THEM OF A CARTOON CHARACTER.


    Signed By
    Lil Kim Fan!

    • IDoKnowMyFacts May 24, 2012

      Yes! I don’t understand how you can say you are not pop when you have little white girls named Sophia Grace bumping to your music. That’s as pop as it gets.

    • umm May 25, 2012

      you just proved that she lied about the song not makin the album…real smart

      • bkbrom May 25, 2012

        No IDIOT she said he PULLED IT OFF ITUNES! and it didn’t MAKE the original album that is the DELUXE version SIMPLE SIMON!

  44. Black Barbie Doll May 24, 2012

    It’s nice to see people slowly waking up to the truth.
    Lil’ Kim loves seeing women WIN. The reason why Kim addessed it again is because the world HATES Lil’ Kim because they feel she is just a bitter hater and that affects her comeback and her business grind.
    I dont think its about ENDING nicki’s career but its about seeing where Lil’ Kim is coming from, respecting Lil’ Kim as the original barbie b**** and the Female Rap Queen/Icon.
    You all are giving nicki TOO MUCH credit. and you’re acting like she’s doing s*** that hasnt been done before. And these people that make the Kim/Nicki posts are very pathetic and are even more BITTER than you think Kim is.

  45. QueenSize May 24, 2012

    Despite her Pepsi commercial and a couple other business venture, Nicki is already on the decline. New album with all that major production and press has flopped like big titties in the 90 degrees and no wind. This is her 2 nd album. The sophmore jinx is alive boo boo. All that talking smack She failed. she was so pressed trying to diss lil’ Kim with Stupid H**. nicki got caught up and f***** up.rotfl.

  46. Bre May 24, 2012

    F*** Nicki Minaj she is a liar and a swagger jacker. The whole Young Money team are seen to be shady and for the people saying that Kim is old, she needs to sit down, and she just wants to stay relevant. That’s all you can say. Because you cloudy minded b****** don’t know what real rap is. Nicki has f****** mickey mouse lyrics these people got yall blind if you think THIS S*** IS RAP!!!!! And this is why no female rapper will ever get the chance to be what they want to be because yall dont know how to expand your REAL ARTIST.. THIS B**** SHOULDNT CALL HERSELF A RAPPER BECAUSE ALL OF HER SONGS ARE POP AND SINCE WHEN DID POP BECOME RAP? EXACTLY I THOUGHT SO! AND IM NOT TAKING ANYBODY’S SIDE. SO YOU LIL NICKI FANS LEARN THE HISTORY OF FEMALE RAP B4 YOU TALK S*** ABOUT THOSE WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR THIS WOMAN. If you were a big name rapper and someone came off as calling themselves original and they created something that the f****** world knows they did not create yall asses would be mad too.

  47. the Zolonski Trap May 24, 2012

    kims thing is shes very much upset thats she has no label And wants to be in YMCMB…so of course shes trinna make nicki look like a swagger jacker…nicki aint been thinkin bout Kim since the ass remix…cause i remember when kim went pop..or did dance traxs..nicki den gained too many upset b****** because of her usage of “old b******” And “broke b******”..everybody hate her mutha f***** hustle..yall trinna make a living And redeem yaselves and b******, we on TWO world tours this year…yall h*** heard Roman, im sure, “h*** so busted, h*** so crusty..these b****** is my sonz and i aint wont custody..”

  48. arie May 25, 2012

    I am not sure why ppl are still discussing this when they can see for themselves what went down, Birdman on the other hand is just an Idiot to even reply to this becoz he knows it is the truth. We all know what happens to clones eventually the fizzle and die i.e Ciara (Janet’s clone), Gaga (Madonna’s clone). There is only one clone that has managed to survive and that is Beyonce becoz she is smart enough to clone different ppl.

    • Ugh May 25, 2012

      Yaaaaaaasssss about Bey! Ms. Tina/Diana/MJ

  49. iamfreshflavor May 25, 2012


  50. Tbozfan10 May 25, 2012

    Wtf is wrong with you people??!! Kimberly HERSELF said that she couldn’t legally release music in 2009 and 2010, so of course Birdman couldn’t legally release a song featuring lil kim. That’s the same reason Kim also just recently wasn’t able to be featured on that song on Monica’s cd. So Kim is fibbing when she says this beef is over a song being pulled. Kimmie is a hater and always has been. Don’t be fooled because of “Ladies Nite”. She was more successful than most those other chicks in the song with her, that’s the only reason she was cool with them. If they woulda been selling like she was or more then they wouldn’t have been in her song bottom line.

    • Seriously May 26, 2012

      Then why did Birdman put the song on iTunes and then pull it off and not tell or even talk to Kim after it? Exactly. Kim’s a hater? Prove it, because I’m assuming you believe Nicki when she said Kim “picked” a fight with Foxy, Eve, and Remy. Foxy & Kim were friends until Foxy started trying to sound like Kim and talking s*** about her behind her back. Eve & Kim didn’t necessarily have a beef, they just didn’t speak, and now they’re friends. Remy was talking s*** about Kim when Kim was in jail. Funny how when Kim is defending her herself, everyone thinks she’s the bully. Playtime is Over, that is all.

  51. Matty May 26, 2012

    she sounds real hurt~! so i actually beleive her.

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