Beyonce Tributes Michael Jackson

Published: Tuesday 26th Jun 2012 by Sam

For many, Beyonce serves as today’s most prolific performer. As such, it’s only fitting that her idol is the greatest to grace the stage, Michael Jackson.

Like millions the world over, the ‘Single Ladies’ singer has honoured the late, great superstar three years after his sudden death.

See what she had to say of the ever-reigning Pop royal after the jump…


When I was just starting out, my first producer used to make me listen to Michael Jackson’s live performance of ‘Who’s LovingYou’. He would have me watch that for hours back to back to back.

What he wanted me to learn was his soul. You could hear his soul. And he was this little kid who hadn’t experienced love but he was a vessel. For whatever reason he could evoke more emotion than an adult. It was so raw and so pure. It was these little things that he did that were just swag. It’s something that’s God given.

Michael taught me that sometimes you have to forget technique, forget what you have on. If you feel silly, you have to go from the gut just let it go.

Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist i am — thank you Michael.

Love always,


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  1. ThatGrapefruitJuice June 26, 2012

    Lmfao! MJ outbleach Beyonce, heh heh. RIP MJ.

  2. Alex Thomas June 26, 2012

    PAHAHAHA! Beyonce is no standard for MJ! She’s the Easter bunny compared to him! LOL!

    • ALONZO June 26, 2012


  3. JFREEEE June 26, 2012


  4. ALONZO June 26, 2012


    • ThatGrapefruitJuice June 26, 2012

      BLENCH HER SKIN ? : O . . . . . . . aNYBODY?

      • ALONZO June 26, 2012


      • ALONZO June 26, 2012


    • Beyonce’s Blog June 26, 2012

      Alonzo, stay in school boo boo…

      • ALONZO June 26, 2012

        no boo you go back to school

  5. ThatGrapefruitJuice June 26, 2012

    Beyonce : “Oh oh oh, oh Michael, u changed me, u taught me, . . . . his soul, . . oh” * Bey blushes, she’s beside herself, she’s overwhelmed, bats those eyes of false fake eyelashes*. And I want to die, *cough cough*

    • ALONZO June 26, 2012


  6. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 26, 2012

    OMG Beyonce shitted this morning in her private toilet. Let´s make a post about it and celebrate cos what Beyonce says/does is the only thing that deserves to be mentioned and praised ! yaaaaayyyyyyy
    Now seriously, Sam has issues with this girl, like if other artists, in fact true legends don´t do anything, never, they never speak, they never go to london, they never relax with their families, they never work… just Beyonce, the greatest LMAO

    • virtuoso intellect June 26, 2012

      i dont get it. Beyonce is praising one of your “true greats”, isnt that a good thing? kii

  7. Gilberto June 26, 2012

    The Queen praising the King.

  8. Benron June 26, 2012

    SMH can’t be unbaised has to praise her.

    First of all I wouldn’t want Beyonce listening to my songs, because she might change the hook and a few chords and call it her own like the theif she is. She is not an ever reigning Pop royal, Adele and Gaga trumph her with albums, Katy and Rihanna close the singles door right in Beyonces bleached faces. And she won no grammies last year, in fact she rarely gets awards in the past 4 years.

    What is she reigning? Its an honest question, Im not asking her fans to try to out-shade me and say stuff about Rihanna, or anyone else. Tell me what she is reigning? Most Bleach applied to skin!

    • ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ June 26, 2012

      How can you be asking an honest question and request that her fans try not to out-shade you, yet you end your comment with “Most Bleach applied to skin?”

      I was going to honestly answer the question, but you clearly cannot be taken seriously.

    • Ohreally June 26, 2012

      Here is a honest question for you: Do you read what you write? “in fact she rarely gets awards in the past 4 years” this is not a fact. This is 2012, 4 years ago is 2008, check the Grammy Record for number of awards won in one night, let me help you Beyonce! Billboard Millennium award recipient 2011, American Music awards, ASCAP, MTV and Soul train just to name a few…Adele or GAGA has not sold more albums than Beyonce, don’t be pressed that 21 alone has basically out sold Rihanna’s entire career. Katy who? This girl has been riding TD for 2 damn years.

      Beyonce is the reigning Queen of Entertaining and performing. There is else better at doing what she is doing

      P.S there is no such thing as “grammies” it is Grammy.

    • Ohreally June 26, 2012

      *There is no one else*

  9. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 26, 2012

    “Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist i am — thank you Michael.”

    Oh, FLOPonce. You are BARELY considered an artist when EVERYTHING that you do is “borrowed”, “inspired” or STOLEN from others 😕

    The H** LACKS creativity

    MJ died again when he heard her HORRIBLE, SCREECHING, SCREAMING version of I wanna be where you are


    Where’s Posion Ivy while thise H** is out and about partyin and whatnot?

  10. Geees June 26, 2012

    She looks so cute in the photo! Man must be nice to honor the king. MJ the king!!! R.i.p’

  11. David June 26, 2012

    While Beyonce is living her life and turned her dreams into reality….yall are hating on a blog…lol…

  12. slimsexy June 26, 2012

    Some people are so dumb,even mj recognised her talent that’s why he bought a catalog of beyonce’s music.And invited her countless times to perform for what are you all hating for?

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 26, 2012

      LYIN’ H**!

      MJ is part owner of the ATV/Sony catalog which includes music from SEVERAL artists, most importantly the BEATLES(Which is why the catalog generates so much money)

      He didn’t EXCLUSIVELY purchase Beyonces GARBAGE music. Stop lyin to yourself

      and show me RECEIPTS where MJ asked Beyonce to perform for him.. Show me an interview from him H**

      • jill June 26, 2012


        Do you research boo!!!! Michael Jackson LOVED beyonce music.

      • Gilberto June 26, 2012

        I remember that P. Diddy (Sean Colombs) said that Michael had a crush on Beyoncé. They were on a party and Michael came to Diddy asking for Beyoncé.
        When Beyoncé announced that he won the Legend award on World Music Awards, he said that he loved her.
        He even invited Destiny’s Child to perform for him on a special concert.

  13. Suicide Blonde June 26, 2012

    June 25, 2009 my life changed forever, I can not describe in words what this Man meant to me, how his music touched me. I’ve been a fan since I have memory. There will never be anyone who can accomplish what this man achievement, the way he conquer the world with his music alone is worthy of a King, he was something unique, rare and extremely talented, his charisma on stage, the manner in which he expressed himself, he can tell you thousand words with his Body Language, he was a humble person, a King who didn’t know he was King, many Presidents, Kings, Princes and great figures in history have disappeared, but Michael Jackson will live for ever and ever, while the world is there, Michael Jackson will live forever.
    Long Live The king!

    I wrote this in another post, 1000 times better than what Beyonce say in that.

  14. TIMMI June 26, 2012

    Not to be shady but… Wow! I remember this Beyonce!

    The one that was still black.


  15. Lax June 26, 2012

    I don’t see anything wrong with what shes doing, real talk. Its clear
    she adored Mj and shes letting all of us know that she still appreciate
    what Michael meant to her, let her live her life…

  16. Lax June 26, 2012

    @SUCIDE BLONDE U R Writing really great comments here
    lately and i love reading you even more, i am going to have to
    let some of that rub off on me, great read.

    • Suicide Blonde June 26, 2012

      Thank you, lax.

  17. Quetta June 26, 2012

    Hum, beyonce has always been light skinned sooo and don’t you guys wer think that it’s not the artist who wants their color to’s Hollywood? Yeah, cause they feel they would be more accepted if they were lighter? Anywho, R.I.P Michael Jackson.

  18. honest June 26, 2012

    Everybody thinks Beyonce is bleaching. The only reason why she was ever darker was because of bronzer and spray tan. Just look at the pictures she always looks blotchy when she is darker. She has even mentioned using powders and sprays on Tyra’s show. The reason why she looked super white during her pregnancy is because spray tan chemicals are harmful for the baby.

  19. jill June 26, 2012

    Beyonce is light skin, always have been. She tans and during the summer like all black people you get dark and in the winter, you get your color back. Dumb ass. I’m getting tired of people saying celebs are bleaching, you can tell when someone bleaches their skin.

  20. soulmusiclover June 26, 2012

    beyonce is talented! she s our mj

  21. D June 26, 2012


    • soulmusiclover June 26, 2012

      how do u know she did’nt call jhud when her family died?? dammit! people need to stop!! beyonce is not perfect, she s not god!!! people just love to hate on her for no reason!! always finding something to say! she s fake, and we all know that! but we love beyonce because she s an amazing performer, when she s on stage, she gives everything like her life depends on it!! she s one of the hardest working artists in history! how about that!!

      • Gilberto June 26, 2012

        As far as I know, Jennnifer Hudson likes Beyoncé. J.Hud even went to one of Bey’s Revel concerts. Are you sure that she is angry? LOL. Because I don’t think going to Beyoncé’s concert is a great way of showing how you hate her. LMFAO. But I do think that YOU are the one who’s pissed. You can’t accept that Beyoncé is beautiful, praized by critcs and legendary singers, rich, a global star, talented and have a successful career in a group and solo. It is too much to deal in your basic head
        Do you know why are you mad? Because you stan for a basic b**** and you wish that her had the same privileges Beyoncé has.

  22. t June 26, 2012

    Speak for yourself. Only idiots would call someone they dont know fake. Bey has been the same sweet down to earth person for 16 yrs. She didnt start out a good girl then go bad like rihanna did to sell. The rihwhorena stans on this site are too delusional. They hate bey because she has everything rihanna wishes she had. Stay mad and bitter rihtards.

    • Stans Make Me LOL June 27, 2012

      That’s the thing, Beyonce is just nice…… some people are just nice that doesn’t mean that they are fake because they don’t swear or get pissed off in public, it’s just their character.
      Beyonce has always claimed that off stage she is shy, and I defo know that being a shy person can come across as rude and then when you try to be confident it can come across as fake.

      The letter was nice and true to her feelings (whether it was written for publicity or not).

  23. DIGGER BEY June 26, 2012

    THE KING & QUEEEEEEEEN! @Benron Lies f***ot. Not one of those artist have yet to outsell KING B’s discography. Not one has achieved more, on an iconic scale, than her. Neither one cant f*ck with her on the stage! So f***ot u got ur answer. Shes still That Reigning Queen, without those generic #1s. Tell me who take Riri and Katy serious n the business. I want receipts. Gaga and Adele are stans and know WHO RUN THIS SH*T! Both have call KING G Legandary and one of the best. Facts booboo. Still that B****! Anyway THE KING AND QUEEN look great n that photo!

  24. Blackman June 26, 2012

    “MJ Who’s Loving You live” is the best ever go listen you will see

  25. LOLA June 26, 2012


    Michael Jackson loved Beyonce, if you want proof google it and you will receive.

    She is not bleaching her skin, there are different factors that can cause that. One the flash on camera, two how she matches her color of clothing, three bronzers. Because please explain why is she light one day, then caramel the next?

    And if Beyonce Knowles is a stupid non-talented b****, then you definitely contradicted your self posting here. Because other untalented b****** like Keri Hilson, and crew do not HAVE the amount of comments or recognition Beyonce is getting. WHY? Because no one cares about untalented b****** and have nothing to say to them. So stay mad she is here to stay, you thought she would be gone when DC broke up and she didnt, she blew up. You thought her career was over when she released Ring the Alarm, it got bigger with Irreplaceable. You thought she would never act again after obsessed, she stayed relevant with Cadillac Records. You think she will remain a flop for being pregnant during 4, she’ll come back for the 5th album just sit and watch you poor unweaved p******.

    • mccormick August 12, 2012

      Im a Photographer and Ive been a Photographer for years
      the lighting thing is WRONG!
      people who are originally light toned to begin with will appear light in cam,OBVIOUSLY!..Alek wek still looks dark in any bright lighting,so does wesley snipes and others.. the brighter the better when it comes to lighting because it brings out your true tones.Personal preference. WE HUMANS ALSO DONT TAKE PICS IN THE DARK! Ive seen pics where its a group photo and the light people appeared pale and darker toned people still appear darker toned. Its a basic concept.
      Dark skin will appear dark skkin regardless, light skin will appear light on cam regardless! Lighting doesnt change skintone, if that were the case wesley snipes and the rest of black celebrities would be looking caucasian. please dont say “lighting” it is not lighting! Pale people will appear pale on cam, dark skinned people will appear dark. lighting only brings out the true tones.

      White or Light skin shows out better in front of the camera then dark skin. It has to do with reflection of light. White or light skin reflect light 100 fold better then dark skin (which absorbs it). And if you know anything about cameras u know the object that is being captured by the camera has to reflect the light projected unto it in order to be caught by the camera lens.

      There are no rules to makeup.Nothing called “too”.I dislike trolls that try to tell folks how to wear their liner,foundation,blush,etc.Eve­­ryone has their own makeup style.Many light people tend to go light/lighter or mix it with a luminzer to make themselves brighter/radiant/porcelin like.An example of this would be dita von teese,who stays out the sun to maintain her light skintone and wears light foundation.Others prefer to be darker and darken in the sun/use bronzer all over their skintone.
      Beyonce does use BRONZERS,LIKE MOST CELEBS! and her/rhianna go out to barbados and sunny hot places that you darken!

  26. Fila back June 27, 2012

    haha beyonce is talkin about soul …..what a fake

  27. Marie June 27, 2012

    I have never been a big fan of Beyonce. But I am a lifetime (from birth) Michael Jackson fan. And with this note…she just won me over.

    Thank you Beyonce for paying tribute to my idol…that one who’s touched my soul since I was a tiny kid.

  28. Marie June 27, 2012

    I have never been a big fan of Beyonce. But I am a lifetime (from birth) Michael Jackson fan. And with this note…she just won me over.

    Thank you Beyonce for paying tribute to my idol…that one who’s touched my soul since I was a tiny kid.

  29. Marie June 27, 2012

    And I have to add….I never understood MJ’s crush on Beyonce. But now i do…She’s a class act.

    Long Live My King

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