Hot Shots: Madonna Shoots ‘Turn Up The Radio’ Video

Published: Monday 18th Jun 2012 by Sam


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One could be forgiven for thinking that, much like the record-buying mass, Madonna had forgotten about her latest album ‘MDNA’.

However, it appears her Madgesty is making a bid to reverse the LP’s poor fortunes by shooting a video for fan-favourite ‘Turn Up The Radio’.

Still shooting as we type, the clip is being filmed in Italy – where the 53 year old is currently touring.

With stone cold silence greeting her recent efforts as of late, can ‘Turn Up The Radio’ make radio do just that? Take a listen to the cut and let us know below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ThatBoyLuke June 18, 2012

    I wouldn’t call being on course to rake in $500,000,000 on tour “Stone cold silence” tbh… She doesn’t care about the album, the video and album itself are just promo for the tour which is excelling.

  2. Jay June 18, 2012

    Love this track. If she was 25 it would be a massive hit. Her most 80’s, carefree and atill great song in years

  3. Allain June 18, 2012

    Summer Anthem 2012!

  4. Suicide Blonde June 18, 2012

    “Turn Up the Radio” is a good Dance-Pop song but is not fan favorite, “Gang Bang” is a fan favorite, anyway i get a 80’s vibe with these pictures. Her Madgesty looks flawless but i don’t think the song would help the album at leats not in the US, there is no chance for the album, sad because the album rocks, it combines the 80’s Madonna, the 90’s and the 00’s Madonna’s music, (see, “Give Me All Your Luvin'” and “Superstar” could be the “True Blue” and “Cherish” of our times, “Gang Bang” could be the “Thief of Hearts”, “Falling Free” could be “Mer Girl” and Girl Gone Wil” could be “Get Together”, just brilliant.

  5. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 18, 2012

    i don’t see “iT” for this track , if the Benny Penassi-produced Track “GGW’ with it’s shamelessly controversial type of music video couldn’t be a HIT then why this one will ?

    she should really focus on the tour and don’t bother about MDNA anymore , The tour is the real deal and it is what bring the $$$$$$ the most.

    i wanted “Gang Bang” as a single tho 🙁
    “Lovespent” could have been a BIG Hit this year as well 😡

  6. Mia June 18, 2012


  7. DJ TAJ June 18, 2012

    If this song would have been the first single… The MDNA era would have gone down a much different (more successful) road! This is THE BEST SINGLE on the album!

  8. Tbozfan10 June 19, 2012

    Radio won’t play the song. They really haven’t played her new materiel in years with a few exceptions. But there was a time last decade when she could still sell albums on her name alone without having many hit singles. Singles from “Confessions on a Dance Floor” and “Hard Candy” were ignored by U. S. radio airwaves yet both had a respectable run on the billboard 200 album charts, with ending U.S. sales of 1,700,000 copies of COADF sold and 740,000 of HC. MDNA is the least selling album of her entire career even more than American Life. MDNA has sold just little more than 469,000 so far.

    “Turn Up the Music” won’t get radio AirPlay but it will get its video played on VH1 and it’ll probably score low on the VH1 top 20 countdown for what it’s worth.

  9. Saetana June 19, 2012

    What has happened to her vocals on this album? They sound so thin and overproduced. I’m no Madonna fan but I’ve usually liked some of the singles from almost all her eras, this new album is not worth of her and certainly not good enough following a 4 year break from music. Madonna used to set trends rather than chase them, what a shame there aren’t more songs like Falling Free (an unusual song for Madonna and easily the best on the album). I don’t want to be ageist but singing all this girly stuff at 53 really doesn’t wash, a musically more mature Madonna is what her fans want to see now ;o)

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